The silence stretched ever on as Bulma clung to her unlikely flight method on the journey towards West City. She had much time to think while she gazed at the ground rushing beneath them. Though it was scarred by craters and blackened in some areas, the planet still sprouted sprigs of green and even wildflowers. Bulma was thankful that Vegeta had taken her on this trip; the blooming flowers brought her joy and reassurance.

Vegeta hadn't been as oblivious to his passenger's reactions as he'd like her to think, he glanced towards her many times when she made a happy sound or grinned, then other times when the sheer desolation and destruction made her take a sharp breath. He wasn't sure how to feel about Bulma's apparent adoration of this planet. He hadn't loved a planet in many years, not since the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and even then his short time on it did not give him vivid memories. So this love for a planet seemed alien to him, as well as Bulma's statements from earlier.

Does she truly think my only desire is to kill and destroy? … Is it true?

Vegeta chewed on her words like they were as tough as nails, attempting to find the falsity in her claim and questioning his own motivations. He knew what his original motivation was from the beginning when Nappa revealed the truth about Frieza's past and how he'd destroyed Planet Vegeta. He felt very strongly then, they would capture this Kakarot and stage their very own coup d'état.

And yet, distraction was a persistent bitch. Especially when a group of randy saiyans found themselves the master's of a den of sex slaves. Vegeta thought he'd done well to hold back the majority of his lust, though it was certainly there. He saved himself a little stress by ordering Bulma to wear plain clothes on the regular, ones that wouldn't show too much skin and make his eyes wander. Somehow in the drunken blur that was the night of the party, she'd managed to weasel her way into wearing the special outfit she'd sewn during her spare time. He couldn't lie, he didn't hate it at all. It was flattering to all of her assets and gave her an odd air of authority with her padded shoulders and military cap.

"Yes, Master Vegeta?" She prompted, having noticed his prolonged stare.

Vegeta gulped and looked away from her immediately, looking back at his flight path on the scouter and clearing his throat.

"I was just wondering why you're so fascinated with a partially dead planet. How would you feel about moving to a new one?" He asked, though he wasn't sure why he'd come up with this question.

Bulma instantaneously gasped and slapped him on the shoulder in a startling move that made his tail frizz.

"Earth is my home! You can't ask that! As for a new planet, well I suppose I wouldn't mind traveling to space…. but only to visit!"

Vegeta's shoulder was still tingling from the weak slap as he sucked his teeth in derision.

"Tch. Of course you'd say that. You'll have to learn how to let things go. Look at me, I have nothing from my home. I have no home. I am a nomad, a space pirate landing planet to planet and destroying each in my wake. How can you expect me to understand your feelings about this place when I haven't had any since I was a child?"

Bulma glared at him for a long moment then turned her head away as she thought about what he said, the last sentence standing out to her the most. She decided to 'let things go', as he said, but only for a moment since she had the rare opportunity to have a rarely talkative master and no one else around to hear.

"How can you possibly have no feelings? That doesn't make sense."

Vegeta let out a sharp, cruel laugh.

"You're right. It doesn't, but that's how it is."

"Surely you have feelings… Anger, sadness, joy, excitement… there's too many to list. Anger, for sure. You seem like you're always angry. Don't you get tired of that?"

He digested her statement a minute, and decided to veer off the scheduled path so that he could entertain this conversation slightly longer. Vegeta flew over Central City and Parsley City, towards a desolate forest where it seemed there was no life. West City was just below, and could be seen over the trees as he lowered slowly towards the ground.

"Where are we?" Bulma wondered aloud, looking around herself in confusion.

When Vegeta checked his scouter, it made a dissonant beep indicating an error to locate any nearby structures or settlements. He pressed the button on the side, and shut it off completely to give them the utmost privacy.

"We're nowhere. Alone." He remarked flatly, then landed in the grass. As he landed, he gradually released her until she found her footing.

"Why? I thought we needed to go to West City as s-soon as possible."

Vegeta smirked at this and walked towards her, her heart racing as reality set in – she was completely alone. Miles away from civilization or anyone who could hear her screams.

"I wanted to take a break. Didn't you?"

Bulma found her balance against a gnarled oak tree and attempted to remember her breathing. In, out, in out.

"Y-yes. Of course, My Prince." She answered with the grace of a well-trained pet who knew when to be obstinate and when to be obedient. Now was the time for obedience, or else her body would never be discovered after the scavengers scattered her bones throughout the woods, or the rocky outcrops that were barren and unforgiving.

"Prince Vegeta…? What do you require of me?"

Vegeta rolled his eyes at her trained response as he removed his scouter. Part of him was no longer entertained by this obedient act she put on. He knew it was fake and that the true Bulma would never lower herself this way. From those rare peeks when she lost her composure, he'd seen a fiery spirit that could not be tamed. What was he doing, then? Was he dimming that lovely flame? What a shame.

"Shut… UP! I'm not your Prince. I haven't been the Prince of Fuck all since my planet was destroyed!" He erupted in anger, accidentally crushing his scouter in his fist.

Bulma gasped, then managed to regain her bearings.


"Yes! Destroyed! By my own Master, isn't that just lovely? I'm a fucking slave, just as you are but instead of spreading my legs I spread terror and destruction!"

Bulma gasped so hard that her breath caught in her chest, her eyes widening as she took it all in. Vegeta stormed up to her until she could feel the heat of his breath on her face, and his hands slammed into the bark on either side of her head, breaking pieces off in the process.

"I'm tired of this game! Yell at me! Punch me! DO SOMETHING, YOU STUPID CUNT!" He roared in her face, Bulma's entire body trembling in response.

She wasn't sure where she found the strength. It must've been buried somewhere deep within, because once he released her metaphorical restraints and dared her to bite back, she let go of everything. Bulma couldn't even recall what she screamed at him as her voice grew shrill and her fists pounded into his face, his chest, her knees and high heels battering his legs and abdomen.


She screamed in such a high pitch that Vegeta's ears were ringing, and to his own surprise the sound disoriented him long enough for one of her punches to land on his nose and send him stumbling back to to ground, falling on his back as both hands cupped over it to stop the bleeding. But Bulma wasn't done yet. She lifted her high heel over his groin and prepared herself to ram the sharp stiletto into his manhood and render him impotent, so hopefully he couldn't father any more of his savage race. And yet, instead of stomping on his groin, she only stepped on it and ground her heel there just hard enough for him to grunt in discomfort.

Vegeta grunted as he gripped his broken nose with one hand, then used the flat of his palm to firmly set it back in place. The pain outweighed the feeling of her heel in his groin, and he was too full of adrenaline and endorphins at the moment to care. He laid both arms out harmlessly at his sides, stared up at the blue sky, and for the very first time in a long time, he laughed out of sheer amusement. Not derision, not sarcasm or cruelty. He truly felt at peace.

Bulma looked down at him in confusion as the saiyan seemed to have lost his marbles completely, laughing himself silly until he was clutching his stomach and gasping for air. Bulma relinquished her heel and knelt beside him, then the contagiousness of his laughter caught onto her and she began to laugh as well, deep belly laughs that made her abdomen hurt and her cheeks sore from smiling.

"Isn't this a quaint moment?" Vegeta finally managed to utter, wiping tears from his face with one bloodied glove.

"I haven't laughed like that in such a long time… Are you ok? I didn't punch you too hard and knock something loose in there?" She joked with a smile as she stroked his cheek with her own handkerchief to wipe away his blood, sweat and tears.

Now that Vegeta had calmed down, he turned his face towards her and gazed at her, his pupils growing large in his deep wine colored eyes.

"No, though that punch was rather powerful for a human, it didn't damage anything internal. Only my nose, which is already in the process of mending."

"I see…" She nodded, her smile fading as it seemed like he was back to his typical self. She stopped cleaning his face, and moved closer so he could rest his head on her thighs. Vegeta seemed to not complain, he rested his head on the comfortable lap and closed his eyes while she combed his hair with her fingers.

Now that all the yelling was over, birds began to chirp once again and the wind returned to the small forest oasis. A gentle breeze brought with it the fragrance of flowers and freshwater, the burbling sounds of a nearby creek indicating that water still flowed, and frogs croaked in harmony as if to express their own contented state. Beneath all of these sounds, Bulma's ears strained to hear something odd. It was something familiar, and yet she couldn't quite place its origin.

After a few moments of straining to hear the noise, she gave up her search and nudged Vegeta to make sure he was awake. He opened his eyes to gaze up at her again, and she released a shuddering sigh.

There's that look. Bulma thought, swallowing down a bubble of anxiety. She felt flustered by his penetrating gaze, and blushed as she looked away.

Vegeta was still reliving the moments she revealed her ferocity and rage, the strength and power behind her weak little fists that seemed to grow ten times in strength when she was enraged. He liked it. In fact, he didn't just like it. He loved it. But he wasn't sure if he should tell her that, or else be emasculated before his crew and all the occupants of Satan's Den.

He turned his face towards her body and took a deep breath and he enjoyed the scent of her sweat laced with remnants of anger. He couldn't imagine how delicious that would taste. Bulma's heart raced as his face grew nearer to her body, and the vibrations she felt became more pronounced along with that strange sound she heard before.

That's it! It's coming from Vegeta! He's… Purring? As she came to this revelation, she was startled by the sensation of her skirt rising as his hand snuck its way beneath. He felt around for the source of her warmth and tucked his fingers between the cushy labia covered by her silky panties. Bulma made a startled sound and the muscles in her pussy clenched around his fingers, then quivered as he gently pushed her onto her back and wedged his face between her thighs. They slipped together with sweat and were easily parted by his bloody gloves as his eager face dove in between.

Bulma shivered with excitement, watching his next move as he pulled her panties away with his teeth. They clung to her body with moisture, and the scent coming from within was divine. The nectar inside made his mouth water, and he tore the panties with his teeth so that he could taste it right away. Bulma squealed as his hot tongue parted her lips and slid along the interior, lapping away the nectars she had produced in his presence. Her legs trembled as his exploring tongue licked her every crevice, then began gently nursing on her clit, the vibrations of his purr making heat flood her groin as blood pulsed through the pink nub.

She tried to close her legs as she whimpered in pleasure, but they were wrenched open by his hands once more as he dove into dining on her. Her panties surrounded his face as the muscles in his tongue and jaw worked to pleasure her, his dark eyes gazing up into hers as it seemed like Bulma was unable to look away. The sensations almost became too much before he drew away to lick the moisture from his face with a predatory rasp. She swore his eyes glinted crimson once again as he blew a gentle breeze on her clit and made the blue hairs surrounding it nearly stand on end. With the break in tension, now she was aching for his attention. Bulma rocked her hips against his chin and Vegeta smiled deviously before kissing her pussy up and down, then removing his glove with his teeth so he could search for the entrance to her body with his bloodied fingers, using the blood still slowly dripping from his nose as lubrication.

Bulma cried out as he slid one finger inside, then began flicking his tongue against her clit as he observed her every reaction and acted in accordance. After a moment of thrusting with one finger, he added another and began sucking her swollen clit in between his teeth. Bulma's toes curled in ecstasy and she cried out to the heavens as the contractions in her walls grew to an incredible height before her climax crashed upon her, his thrusting fingers and face splashed with her arousal as Vegeta worked to prolong her climax for as long as possible, keeping the same rhythm while gradually increasing pressure.

Bulma's back arched off the ground as a third finger joined and a lavender glow formed around his mouth, his tongue moving so quickly she was unable to see it as he gave her more pleasure than her rabbit at home or Yamcha could ever wish to. Before she could even comment on her pleasure, her body reacted to his stimulation enthusiastically and she came so hard that her walls clamped around his fingers with a vice grip as she rocked onto his knuckles so that they'd graze her cervix. Bulma wanted nothing more than his filthy savage cock inside of her right now, but her pride would not allow her to utter it aloud. Instead she rejoiced in the lasting throbs of her orgasm until her walls released his fingers, and Vegeta knelt on his knees, panting.

She could see the hard formation of his cock tenting his dark blue pants, and it made her squirm to see how aroused he was by her cumming.

"Tell me you want my cock inside and I'll gladly give it to you, Bulma," He panted, then leaned over her body just close enough to graze her still aching pussy with the head. Bulma gulped hard, and squeezed her eyes shut as she grit her teeth. She wanted him so bad, she wanted him more than her freedom right now and she hated that fact.

"No… Not until you agree to save my planet and free the slaves. Maybe then…Vegeta."

That deep purr she had been so accustomed to hearing changed abruptly into a sharp growl, and she flinched slightly as Vegeta pushed off the ground with both hands and freed himself from the confines of his spandex. She squeezed her legs shut and groaned as she gazed at the majesty that was his princely saiyan cock, bobbing in mid air because it was so engorged with blood that veins were standing out and the head was a rosy shade, with a white streak of his precum leaking onto the ground.

"I accept. But first, let me admire your body a little while longer." He said in a gruff tone, and Bulma blushed as he began stroking himself to the appearance of her partially nude body. She unbuttoned her top and freed her breasts from the constricting jacket, and Vegeta was quick to admire her breasts with his teeth and tongue as his hand feverishly worked his cock, drops of his hot cum landing on her trembling stomach as she felt his tongue lathing and sucking her nipple.

She couldn't help herself, her hand crept down between her thighs and her fingers circled the smoothness of her engorged clit as his hot breaths heated her face, and they shared in a deep kiss as they reached their climax. Bulma clenched her thighs around her hand to further encourage the throbbing of her walls as he groaned into her mouth while the tip of his cock wedged into her navel and filled it with his heat until overflowing, the pressing sensation above her womb making a flood rush out of her once again as they both collapsed in exhaustion.


Bulma sighed as she burst out of the surface of the water, her wet hair like a curtain down her back as she enjoyed the cool water on her aching breasts peppered with small nicks and hickies from Vegeta's fervent admiration of them. Vegeta had offered her the use of the creek to clean herself off after he made a mess on her, and she graciously accepted. She was glad she always carried a capsule with her wherever she went, full with everything she needed to bathe and clean clothes. Vegeta even took a dip, but refused to use her flowery smelling soap.

He had already scrubbed the blood and sweat from his body, and now reclined on a rock in the nude as the warm sun bathed his pale skin. His scarred, muscular body had rarely felt the touch of a sun, let alone nude, and he was greatly enjoying this new sensation.

"There's tanning oil with SPF 30 in my bag," Bulma offered while she lathered all her hair into a pile atop her head, making him snort.

"I didn't want flowery soap, what makes you think I want to slather myself in your girly grease?"

"It smells like bananas and coconuts!" She exclaimed as if this would change his mind, then huffed as she continued to wash her hair.

"Suit yourself. That sunburn won't feel good on your white little butt!"

Vegeta held back a small chuckle at her comment, then decided to entertain her girlish wishes. He stretched his body out like a cat, complete with his long tail straightening out. Then, he hopped off the rock and rummaged through her bag for the bottle that smelled like bananas and coconuts. Bulma's head was under water again while she rinsed the shampoo out, but once she surfaced it was to the sight of him pouring the lotion onto his chest and rubbing it around. She blushed and hid her face under the water besides her eyes as she watched him lather his body with lotion slowly and sensually. Bubbles formed in the water as she made a frustrated sound, then popped up to finish her shower– well, creek routine.

Once her conditioning and shaving routine was complete, Bulma copied Vegeta's lotioning technique but amplified it a bit by bending over in front of him, giggling as she saw him glance away with reddened ears. Once she finished, her hand found his, and their fingers instinctively entwined as they looked at one another in silence. Both nude and clean as driven snow. With the forest surrounding them, they resembled a Renaissance painting of Adam and Eve in the garden, minus the snake. Vegeta swallowed, gazing down her body and seeing how her rosy pink nipples erected from the caress of the breeze, which dried her long curly hair as it brushed along the sumptuous mounds of her backside.

Before his nudity could reveal his arousal in response to her, he turned away and picked up his uniform, which he'd washed in the creek.

"We should hurry up and get dressed before the others come looking for us."

Bulma nodded, and walked back to her capsule wardrobe, taking out a white shirt that read Capsule Corp along with a pair of her favorite daisy dukes. She completed the comfy summer look with a pair of sneakers, then threw the capsule on the pile and all the items disappeared. Vegeta witnessed this with a puzzled look, wondering how she fit everything into the tiny pill.

"Let me see that." He ordered, and Bulma relinquished it with a frown. He weighed it in his hand, and was impressed by how light it was.

"You've had this all along, Pet?" He questioned sharply, and Bulma nodded as a jolt of surprise went through her.

"I'll be hanging onto this for now."

Vegeta tucked the capsule into his armor, then looked on in exasperation as he heard a lighter flick and smelled burning tobacco. Bulma sucked on the little white stick with an ember at the end, then blew out a repugnant smelling smoke cloud in his direction.

"What is that foul odor?" He scowled, watching as she put it to her cherry red lips once again and puffed it with a look of pleasure. Bulma exhaled more smoke with a relaxed giggle.

"You've never smoked a cigarette?"

His stern gaze with a brisk shake of his head indicated he hadn't, and she extended her hand to him, offering the strange object.

Vegeta took it and placed it between his lips like she had, then drew inwards until he felt the sting of the smoke entering his lungs and leaving remnants on his tongue. He exhaled part of it with a small cough, then unexpectedly pulled her in by her waist, locking lips with her. Bulma made a surprised sound then parted her mouth as he filled it with his own smoke. She wasn't sure why the sensation felt erotic, but it did. Sharing their breath, as one being locked by the lips. She exhaled through her nose, lashes fluttering.

She hadn't noticed his motion while lost in the kiss, but Vegeta had pinched out the cigarette with one hand and tossed it while she was distracted. He pulled away with another cough, then spat on the grass.

"That will destroy your lungs. You should throw them out."

Instead of outrage, Bulma snickered.

"Silly! I only smoke after sex. And only if it was really good…"

Vegeta's brows pricked up as he heard this. "Oh? And what we did was really good?" He remarked with a smug grin.

Bulma put her hands on her hips and looked at him as if he were being ridiculous. She was hesitant to admit to him how good it was, it would inflate his ego even more if he knew it was the best of her life, and that was without even penetration besides his fingers.

"It was good enough…"

"Well, as long as it's only after sex with me, you can smoke your putrid cigarettes."

"Oh, thank you 'Master', but remember… only if it's good enough." She teased with a wink, and he pulled her close once again.

"Once I finally sink my cock in you to the hilt, you'll want to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes." He remarked as he nipped at her throat and wrapped his tail around her possessively. Bulma smiled as she sunk into his embrace and trembled as he pressed his hardness into her thigh.

"Yes, Master."

They landed on the street with a crunch as the blacktop crumbled beneath Vegeta's boots. What was once a bustling highway, with floating railways above was now broken and dilapidated. The railway was split in half and had crashed into one of the large dome homes that West City was populated by. Bulma gasped as she looked on at the state of her hometown, a pain bursting in her chest as one hand clutched her shirt in agony.

"Kami! It's nothing like I remember…" She finally managed to utter, her eyes filling with tears. Vegeta scoffed. This city was no different than any of the others they had purged. Burned buildings were crumbling, and the ripe, sickly sweet scent of death clung to the air. Vegeta took it all in with an apathetic gaze as Bulma sobbed into his chest armor. Memories of her capture suddenly hit her all at once.

It was an almost typical day at Capsule Corps. Bulma had been inside, sitting at the kitchen table while she and her father were discussing the recent sight of a comet in the sky. Meteorologists were baffled by its sudden appearance, and though the news could be typically trusted, the two scientists at the table doubted what they heard.

"The tail isn't made of ice. The orbit is irregular. It's not affected by the sun. It's

NOT a comet!" Bulma shouted at the television as her father nodded in agreement from behind his newspaper.

"Good observation, Pumpkin. And I'm sure we won't find out what it is if NASA has their way."

"It's not fair! We should just buy NASA! That way, at least we'd know the truth!"

The newspaper shook at this statement, and both her father and his cat Scratch looked up over the paper.

"Now, you know that's not possible. We couldn't afford to buy out NASA, and to pay all its employees, at that."


As Bulma's anger spiked, she was interrupted by a tutting sound from her mother.

"Now, Bulma dear. Is this proper breakfast etiquette?" Panchy said in a soothing, yet stern tone.

"I don't GIVE A FUCK about etiquette!" Bulma shouted, then stormed out of the kitchen, ignoring the sounds of her mother's tears.

Later that day, without her mother and father's knowledge Bulma took her yellow hovercraft to the coordinates where she thought the object would land. She left a note saying she was staying over at Yamcha's house for a few days so they wouldn't worry, and packed a capsule with some essentials just in case she stayed overnight to stake out the scene.

She landed the plane and set up a camouflaged capsule home within the dense foliage just at the base of the mountains bordering East City. She was miles away from home, but she had all the amenities she could need, and decided to wait for the 'comet' by laying out a towel and sunbathing by the river. Her telescope was set up so she could check on it once in a while, and a frosty alcoholic drink sat beside a tray of strawberries and whipped cream.

Spoiled as she was, Bulma didn't stop to think that this display would draw unnecessary attention to herself when she should be staying undercover. Only an hour later, the atmosphere was pierced by the mysterious object and Bulma was ready with her camera to capture as many photos as possible when it landed. What she hadn't expected was for it to crash into the ground and create a massive crater that sent her careening in the air, along with all of her items besides the capsule tucked into her bikini top.

When she landed, it was hard and the back of the river stung her back as she plunged underwater and it knocked her unconscious. When Bulma awoke, she was tied to a tree. She screamed immediately upon observing a dead panther beside her, along with the cores of calabash fruit. Something was here, it had tied her up, and it had a voracious appetite!

She could only imagine what kind of lovecraftian horror had exited the space pod she now observed sitting in the crater.

Bulma looked around herself in a panic, searching for something she could use to free herself. Then, the idea hit her, the panther's claw was just close enough for her to use to cut her ropes. Before Raditz could return and most likely take her by force, she'd escaped in the time he had left to look for Goku, heading back to Kame Island to warn everyone of the impending danger. What she'd forgotten was that today was their big reunion, and everyone was going to be there.

Bulma held back her panic about nearly being assaulted by an alien and attempted to act normal. It wasn't long before Raditz had followed her scent to the beach and committed the atrocities that would lead to her capture and the enslavement of her closest friends.

She kept this all to herself for so long. Perhaps part of her was ashamed of her behavior. Part of her wished it was she who Raditz decided to use as his sex doll instead of Launch, so at least her friend wouldn't have her heart broken. The worst of it was how she'd talked to her parents before leaving. She'd been such an entitled brat that she never even got the chance to kiss and hug them goodbye. And now, Dr. Briefs is… Dead. Her father, mentor and best friend.

Tears poured out of her eyes as Vegeta finished observing his surroundings and gripped her hand roughly, dragging her along with him.

"I've wasted enough time. I have a job to do here."

"Of course you don't care if I'm upset!" Bulma cried out, and attempted to pull away from him. Vegeta shook her off. He wasn't surprised when she took off running, and for some odd reason he decided to let her run. There was nothing out here for her. He scowled and decided to go complete his mission before returning to pick her up. Hopefully by that time she'd be done crying and ready to go back home.

As she surveyed her surroundings, Bulma attempted to envision the way West City looked before it was in ruins. She was walking down the same sidewalk where she'd learned how to ride her bicycle and play hopscotch, yet now it was uneven and had grass growing out of the massive cracks. Every house on the block was flattened to pieces, as if a giant had stomped through and destroyed all in its wake.

Goosebumps made the hair on her arms tingle as a cold chill swept past her upon reaching her own house. Nothing could've prepared her for what she saw. Where Capsule Corporations– the star home of West City had proudly stood, stood nothing but piles of brick and the broken shell of the yellow dome. Bulma shivered as she passed by the one pristine thing left, the mailbox reading 'Briefs Residence/CC Lab'.

In fact, there was still the burnt end of a newspaper still partially in its pink wrapper. Bulma attempted to push away the pain as she proceeded down the walk way, and through a valley in the crumbling brick walls. She felt along the inner wall where a banister still partially hung until reaching the end of where the stairs had once stood. Upon reaching the door to the lab, she gulped hard once seeing how it was filled in with stone and the door frame was bent.

She fell to her knees on the carpet and cried, long, hoarse wails that echoed through the dead city. Her hands gripped the browned blue fabric and she pulled until the threads were audibly snapping. She didn't stop sobbing until the tears were intersecting at her chin and nose, then falling.

"Everything is gone… There's nothing left! Daddy… Scratch… Gone!"

Storm clouds gradually began rolling in, and the pale blue sky darkened to an ominous dusky gray. There was no shelter for her to shield herself from the pelting cold rain, and lightning lit up the sky followed by a thunderous boom. Bulma clambered to her feet and hid behind a tall pillar, looking into the sky in hopes now for a familiar silhouette.

"Oh… you certainly are some kind of Prince, Vegeta! The Prince of All Assholes! Not to mention, rude, mean and overly-dramatic!" She screamed with all her might, stomping one foot in a mud puddle for extra emphasis.

It wasn't until then that she heard a high pitched cry that her sobs were abruptly cut off.

"Mew. Mrrrrow?"

Bulma blinked as she saw a black cat run up to her, then leap into her arms.

"Scratch! You're alive!"

The little cat purred and bonked its head against hers as it kneaded her chest happily. Bulma hugged her and smiled in relief. "Oh, I'm so happy!"

"That's good." A baritone voice came from behind, and Bulma turned to see Vegeta standing there with a strange object under his arm. It was a white drone, shaped something like a Nerf football with one open end that dripped out a caustic yellow fluid.

"I found the poison drone that spread the blight in the west river. This blight is a planet-killing blight. They want us to starve to death so when they attack we'll be weak and desperate to survive… I'm…"

Vegeta took a deep breath, then stepped closer to look her eye to eye by kneeling on one knee.

"I'm aware now that you and I are survivors, Bulma. We lost everything yet managed to keep going. You even believe that there's hope for the future of Earth. I suppose I admire that, because I haven't been very hopeful lately. I have confidence that whatever ideas you have to save this planet will be worth trying."

Bulma's smile remained on her face as Vegeta mustered through his apologies in that strange, saiyan way of his.

"Thank you, Vegeta. Also… I have good news!" She lifted Scratch up and the cat placed its paws on his face and meowed.

"Scratch is alive! She must've kept going by hunting for mice drinking water from rain puddles!"

"This little feline is able to hunt and kill?"

"Of course! She's a wonderful mouser."

"Interesting. Is that all?" He said while taking Scratch's paw and retracting her claws to see how sharp they were.

"Well… She's a cat. She was my daddy's pet… But, I don't think he's… here anymore."

Her smile fell with this statement, as did Vegeta's inquisitive look. He knew without her spelling it out that her father was most assuredly dead.

"Let's go home." He remarked softly, and extended one hand towards her. Bulma took hand, and with Scratch in tow they made their way back to Satan's Den, all the while unaware that the little feline was wearing a collar that had a bell on it– which had a red light blinking from inside.

On the way back, Bulma glanced up at Vegeta after a few moments of silence and decided to get what she had been holding back all day out in the open.

"Master, I have something important to tell you."

His eye darted towards her then back on the sky, and he nodded, "Proceed."

"Well, it's something that's been happening for a while now, but the last time was the worst of all. It's my dreams, they seem to be trying to tell me something. In every dream, you and I are enslaved by someone and we live in cages along with other people we know. In the last one, you were killed by some kind of monster. It was so real that I woke up shaking."

Vegeta took this all in silently, deciding whether or not to consider a dream worth talking about. "This monster… What did it look like?"

"He was white and purple but mostly white…. With a long tail."

Vegeta's eyes widened and he looked visibly anxious for a split second.

"It killed me, how?"

"By breaking your neck with one hand."

Vegeta growled, "He wishes."

"Do you know this… person?"

"I worked for him before. His name is Frieza, and he's the enemy that we're up against. I don't know how you're seeing someone you've never met in your dreams, but the same happened to me the other night when I saw who I would assume is Kakarot."

"But… how?"

Vegeta looked over to Bulma and his gaze softened on her as he stroked the thigh he was holding as he carried her.

"By way of our connection. The closer we become, the deeper our mental bond will become. With each intimate encounter, you see a little bit more into the other's mind. It's not something we can prevent or control."

Bulma blushed and turned her face the other way so he wouldn't see her reddened cheeks. Like… Chi-Chi and Raditz? Will we become mates now…?

As she thought this, the grip on her body grew suddenly tighter as Vegeta held her and took a deep breath of her scent. He was getting addicted to the smell of her, of detecting her arousal and acting upon his primal instincts. Vegeta never thought he would be in this position but he for once was doing what felt natural and it was freeing compared to the past where he had to take orders to do anything.

"I don't think either of us can resist it now, can you?" He said gruffly, and Bulma turned her face only to be met with his kiss. He held her hair and deepened the kiss, his curious tongue searching for hers as they tangled and twisted in passion. Bulma felt a heat pool in her belly and whimpered into his mouth as he kept his steady pace flying. I can't help it… I want more of him. And even then, I don't think I could stop… This is really bad!

Vegeta nipped her lip and purred at her, his eyes dilating as he sensed her lustful thoughts. Soon. He intoned seriously, and she accepted his promise by brushing her lips against his once more and sighing, "We aren't going to die, no matter what. But maybe she should live as if we are."

Vegeta nodded, then held her close as he picked up his speed, becoming nothing but a white streak across the sky.