Chapter 1: A different pawn



"Stray Devil/ Angry Deity/monster talking and yelling"

"Stray Devil/ Angry Deity/monster thinking"

"Jutsu/Magic spells"

{Location and Time}

Disclaimer: I do not own Highschool DxD! It is instead created and owned by Ichiei Ishibumi, Miyama Zero, and Fujimi Shobo.

Have you ever been in a situation that is most likely impossible to happen to any other normal person…. Well I… Arashi Kazama seem to be in kind of an improbable scenario given that I am currently on a bench in a secluded part of a random park with a water fountain that seems vaguely familiar, even though I was just in my bedroom writing fanfiction on my computer not even one minute ago. Pinching himself on the arm, Arashi lets out a quick "ouch" before saying in bewilderment "Okay so this isn't a dream… good to know…." Looking around to gauge his surroundings and to find a clue as to how he got here. Arashi quickly notices a note next to him on the bench he's sitting on. Picking up the note Arashi reads what is written on the note.

"Dear Mr. Kazama Congratulations you have been chosen by your original reality's God of the Bible to be reborn in the world of Highschool DxD. However We sincerely apologize, since your body was not able to survive the trip. We have instead created a new body for you. And as an apology for not informing you in advance, you have been given three gifts of your choosing to help you survive this world and a temporary one time use ability that will activate when the appropriate condition is met."

"While I am grateful for the three gifts… DID I SERIOUSLY DIE AND LOSE MY BODY ON THE ISEKAI TRIP HERE?!" Arashi begins to say quietly before he starts yelling out in righteous Anger. Calming himself down by counting down from ten to zero for three minutes, Arashi then hesitantly reaches down to pat his crotch area to make sure he is still male. Whistling in relief and slight amazement once he feels his somewhat above average penis confined by his pants "(phew)Thank GOD i'm still a guy." " Now, WHY!— just why did I have to be thrown into the Highschool DxD Universe?! I mean I know this park was familiar but for God's sake! But it just had to be a universe where a perverts love of breasts equals an untold power boost! And that humans are on the bottom of the totem-pole when it comes to importance and power! Not to mention the fact almost nobody trains for their power anymore since they are practically born strong, doesn't help me much either!" Arashi scares away any birds within a 10 feet radius due to his "completely understandable and valid" rage.

Taking a few deep breaths and rubbing his hands through his spiky "brown" colored hair in order to calm himself from his "little" rant, Arashi then looks back to the note hoping to find out how he can get his gifts so he can survive in this dangerous religious, anime world much more easier.

Now in-order to receive your three gifts just think of them. And with that said I wish you the best of luck future harem king (hehehehehehe).

Signed your pal GOD.

Arashi's left eyebrow twitches madly in annoyance when reading that last bit since he can tell his version of God was most likely a shameless pervert. Not even bothering to try and dig further into the future harem king shtick since it could happen and would be pointless to stop, especially since he is now in a ecchi-shounen, harem anime world.

"P.S this note will disintegrate when you are done reading it."

(sigh) "Okay…" Arashi exhales in tiredness after watching the note turn into ash in his hands, with the ash then fluttering into the air, being carried away by a breeze of wind that's passing near him. "So… I just have to think about what gifts I want and then I will receive it… sounds simple enough." Arashi quietly said aloud before he closed his sky blue eyes and crossed his arms in thought.

"Ok the first gift I want is the ability to use the Naruto series version of Chakra and Senjutsualong with the knowledge on how to allow my body to channel it. The second gift I want is a version of the Rinne-Sharingan that uses both magic and chakra in order to use its abilities, within both of my eyes that I can turn off and on at will, but I have to train it up from a regular sharingan because what's the point of having godlike power at the start of a adventure, it would be just too easy if that were to happen. And now, the final gift I want is an indestructible pocket sized grimoire that only I or my descendants can read and open that shows us how to use all the forms of jutsu from the naruto multiverse… Oh and it will return to our possession when We will it to" The immediate second after having those thoughts, Arashi notices a dim ethereal sky blue glow flash next to him on the bench before a black grimoire with a cyan Uzumaki clan swirl appears. But just before Arashi could comment on how cool that was, he immediately felt as if his body was on fire and that his eyes and brain would melt. (AAARGGH!) "IT BURRRNSss!" Arashi cried out in pain, hissing out some words. All while writhingin total agony on the park bench for five minutes before the pain slowly started to die down.

When the pain finally subsided Arashi could feel his new chakra network. He also has the knowledge on how to channel his Chakra to every part of his body and how to check the amount of chakra he has. Which seems to be at High Chunin level.

"Man GOD never said it would be that painful… I thought I was gonna die…(Uuugggghhhh)." Arashi mumbled to himself quietly before groaning as he got up from the bench he was laying on earlier in utter agony. Arashi then stumbles his way to the fountain where Issei will be killed, after finally getting away from the bench while thinking "I swear this whole incident has put me off benches and parks for like a year!".

"Oh well..., at least I can survive easier in this world now." Arashi says while turning his single tomoe sharingan on, it activated when he felt the deadly and agonizing pain of his chakra network forming. Arashi stared at his reflection in the fountain while carrying his grimoire in hand, Arashi notices he looks like a teenage Naruto Uzumaki, whisker marks included but with a young Madara Uchiha's hairstyle. His new body's hair color is now mostly a raven black but it has mustard yellow color colored bangs and he seems to be wearing a red t-shirt with a yellow swirl design,under a white long sleeved haori that has Juubito's back magatama design, black jeans, and dark brown steel toed boots. But what mesmerizes him the most was his sharingan, what with it's swirling crimson red glow. However, It wasn't long until Arashi heard two voices coming closer to the fountain with one of them being Issei and the other was the overly sweet acting voice of Raynare or as she is now Yuuma Amano. Quickly realizing that he was in the start of the anime Arashi snaps out of his self-appraising and puts his grimoire in his back pocket, he then quickly hides behind a tree somewhat close to the park water fountain, making sure to stay hidden for now.

When Issei Hyoudou and Yuuma Amano, or should he say Issei and Raynare, walked up to the water fountain hand in hand. Issei was definitely thinking perverted thoughts about getting lucky enough to touch her oppai after this date given the blushing and overly excited expression on his stupid face. Arashi sends some chakra to his ears in order to listen to the conversation easier, grateful that he had the foresight to also ask for the knowledge on how to use his new chakra reserves without damaging his body in the process.

"Issei-kun I sure had fun today." The disguised Raynare begins sweetly

"Yeah I did too." Agreed Issei excitedly

"Hey Issei, can I ask you a question? Because in-honor of our first date, there's something I would like to do, in order to commemorate this special moment." Raynare asked while turning away from the fountain in order to face her "date".

"Sure you can ask me for anything at all Yuuma-chan." Issei agrees with a blush and dopey look on his face thinking he was going to get a kiss.

Arashi, knowing that Raynare was about to ask Issei to die for her, readies himself up by channeling some chakra to his legs while waiting for the moment when she would attempt to skewer him with a Hikari no Yari.

"Issei would you… die… for me." Raynare asks Issei quietly while inching herself closer to the clueless pervert.

"Huh what'd you say? Could you maybe repeat that one more time?There must be something wrong with my ears." Issei asks a little uneasily while rubbing the back of his head, before Raynare gets closer to Issei's ear and says it again more clearly.

"I said would you die for me!"(Ahahaha) Raynare says darkly before laughing maniacally, while magically disintegrating her date clothes except for the bracelet Issei bought her. Before she finally changes into her battle clothes that make her look like a Mad Max Dominatrix. "Bo-boobs! Those are her oppai! My virgin eyes have finally seen real boobs. And it's from a hot chick too. What a sight for sore eyes… wait no it's not! She looks like a demon! Wait are those wings?!" Issei is standing there thinking about her breasts while frozen In shock over her magical transformation.

"I have to admit I did have some fun with you today, considering how naive and childish you are, things could have been much, much worse. Thanks a lot for the gift, it was very sweet. Now it's time to D—?!" "Dynamic Entry!" Raynare began to say while forming a jagged red spear of what appears to be light before she was cut off from finishing her spear thrust into Issei by Arashi running out of his cover screaming an attack name while sending a flying kick to her face sending Raynare spiraling with great force into the fountain breaking the stone statue and sending water flying in the air. A cloud of dust covers the area where Raynare landed.

Arashi, seeing the rapidly fading dust cloud, thinks it's his time to leave, and quickly grabs the stunned Issei in a fireman carry and infuses his legs with his chakra while running into the forested area of the park. Only to run into the barrier five minutes later. Seeing that they were safe for now Arashi puts down the struggling Issei.

"Wait! Take me back! You have to bring me back to Yuuma-chan! I need to know if she meant what she said! Yuuma-chan! Yuuma-chan please answer me! Yuumaaaa!" Issei begs Arashi before screaming for his would-be killer like a love struck idiot.

Feeling extremely annoyed by Issei's naive stupidity, Arashi yells"Be quiet! Do you even realize how close to death you were! If I hadn't interfered you would be dying on the floor near the fountain! "

"You don't know that, pretty boy! I know Yuuma would never kill me willingly this must be all your fault!" The hysterical Issei screams in denial, blaming this situation onto Arashi.

Issei then throws a punch with his left hand aimed at Arashi's face, only for Arashi to catch his fist with his right hand. (Crunch) Squeezing down onto the fist thrown at him until it broke. Issei screams in agony (Aaaarrrgh!,) Arashi was just about to knock out Issei, until a bright green light with black electrical arcs erupted around the two.

"H-hey what's h-happening?! What did you do, you freak?!" Issei yells in a panic.

"I didn't do anything dumbass! This is new to me too!" Arashi yells back in frustration. While looking at the dome of light surrounding them nervously.

The light soon began to intensify when suddenly Issei started screaming in pain. "Aaaaaaagggggh! It hurts! It hurts so much! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" Issei kept screaming for another two minutes before his screaming finally stopped and his body dropped to the ground in a heap, with the green light fading a second later. Arashi feels as if something has been shoved into his body, specifically his right arm. Quickly realizing what that green light has done Arashi rushes over to Issei's body praying that the Pervert was still among the living

"Hey! Hey Idiot! Wake up! Issei you dumbass answer!" Arashi screams at the other boy's body. Only for him to receive no answer even after two minutes of non-stop shaking and slapping the pervert in the face. Not wanting this to happen Arashi lets out a few tears before he sends a quick mental prayer to this universe's god of the Bible not knowing God won't be answering anytime soon or at all.

"May God have mercy on me…. And welcome this

Perverted boy into heaven."

After giving his prayer Arashi then takes the O.R.C summoning flyer from the dead bodies right pocket and begins walking to the fountain, before he quickly notices a red spear of light rushing towards him. Arashi instinctively activates his sharingan and channels chakra into his legs before leaping to the right of the park clearing narrowly avoiding the spear of light. Turning towards the direction of where the spear was thrown from. Arashi sees it was from Raynare who had a big ugly purple bruise on her face's right cheek.

"You didn't think you could get away! You Filthy human!" Raynare screams in rage while forming another jagged red spear of light in her right hand

"I completely forgot you were still around. You fallen bitch!" Arashi says impassively at first before cursing her, all while dodging another light spear only to hear an explosion behind him, before hastily thinking "Shit! I hope that wasn't near Issei's body!"

Hesitantly turning his head towards where he left Issei's body. All Arashi sees is a blood splatter with a pile of ashes on the ground where the pervert's body was.

"(Ahahhahhaaah) Ohh~ I'm sorry~ Was he your friend. It's too bad if he wasn't born with a sacred Gear then maybe he would have lived longer." Raynare laughs in malicious enjoyment. Not noticing, Arashi pull out the O.R.C flyer and started the summoning process by biting his thumb and placing a drop of blood onto the front page while thinking about Rias Gremory, and her beautiful crimson red hair, and how he needs her help.

"Anyway it's time for you to join him in death!" Raynare yells before rushing towards Arashi at speeds equivalent to that of a Jōnin. Unable to keep track of her movements Arashi braces himself for the pain he will soon feel. But no amount of bracing oneself could prepare him for the searing hot pain emanating from his chest.

"(GAaaaccccckke)" coughing out a copious amount of blood Arashi then falls to the clearing floor while clutching the area of his chest where a gaping stab wound was.

Raynare, feeling satisfied with her revenge and having completed her mission, decides to leave but not before saying a few more words leaving Arashi to stew in anger and regret in his final moments. "You know~ if you had just left well enough alone… you might have lived longer. Ja ne~ Baka stranger-kun"

With her piece said Raynare teleports away in a burst of black feathers, with the barrier blocking the area dissipating leaving the glowing sunset to highlight over the dying Arashi.

"I failed. I-I couldn't save Issei. What kind of hero am I? If only Rias came here quicker then maybe Issei would still be alive and i wouldn't be dying" Arashi despondently thinks while a pool of his blood forms underneath him, not noticing that the flyer in his right hand was glowing bright red before it flew from his hand and formed a glowing crimson magical circle.

In a flash of crimson light Rias Gremory, heiress to the gremory clan of devils and younger sister of the current Lucifer Sirzechs appears in front of the dying Arashi. "So you were the one to—" Rias began to say with her turquoise blue colored eyes closed before opening them slightly, expecting to see the super pervert known as Issei Hyoudou, only to be confused as the dying person who summoned her, wasn't the pervert she was expecting. Focusing her senses on the dying teenage boy in front of her, Rias notices that this human has a powerful sacred gear along with having a strange source of energy. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Rias decides to reincarnate this mysterious person who summoned her, since she can now sense that Issei Hyoudou has been killed and his body disintegrated given the pile of ashes surrounding a blood splatter a few feet away from the dying boy.

"Since death is upon you. I shall gladly take you in, from this moment forward you shall live your life for my sake. However, know that I expect an explanation later." with that said Rias Gremory places all 8 of her evil piece pawns on top of the chest of the dying teenage boy while summoning a magical circle that has the gremory clan crest to begin the evil piece assimilation only for the evil pieces to stop halfway through and a burst of blue energy flares from the boy's body before changing the nine pawn pieces into mutation pieces before resuming their assimilation process. Noticing this Rias smirks while saying. "(hmmm) You just keep getting interesting my new servant."

In a flash of light Rias and our protagonist Arashi are teleported away from the park clearing.

Kuoh Academy: O.R.C infirmary

{The following morning}

~Arashi's P.O.V~

"You know almost dying for the second time and then being revived is really painful and tiring to the body." Were the thoughts of Arashi as he found himself waking up on an infirmary bed cot in what seems to be a European designed old school building. Quickly realizing that he was in the Kuoh towns academy old school building. Arashi lifts himself up from the bed into a sitting position, while patting the area of his chest where his wound is, only to feel the gaping wound hole gone leaving only his bare skinned chest.

"I guess Rias reincarnated me, especially since I now have Issei's sacred gear and a mysterious energy signature."

"Ara Ara~ you're up already? My, my what youthful energy."

Freezing at the voice coming from the door behind him before shivering at the thought of Akeno dressed as Might Guy. Arashi turns his head around slowly only to come face to face with a slightly blushing Akeno Himejima. Confused as to why she was blushing if only slightly. Arashi follows where her eyes are looking only to trace it back to his lower body's morning wood.

Covering his not so little Kazama jr. Arashi blushes heavily before saying. "Pervert!"

"Ufufu no need to be shy. Mister…?"

"My name is Arashi… Arashi Kazama."

"Yes… there is no need to be shy Kazama-san, I don't bite. It's only natural for you to be this excited this early. And given what happened yesterday you must've really been pent up~ what with all the excitement going on."

"Speaking of yesterday. Do you know where my clothes and book are?" Arashi asked calmly while ignoring the somewhat sadistic teasing thrown at him by the Gremory's resident masochistic sadist.

"Ara Ara~ so serious. They are on top of the counter next to you Kazama-san" Akeno says while pointing to the small table on the left of the sick bed.

"Thank you miss…?" Arashi thanks Akeno while pretending to not know her name so he doesn't come off as knowing too much when they just met.

"Oh~ silly me I forgot to introduce myself. Hello Kazama-san my name is Akeno Himejima."

"Right. Thank you "

"(Ufufufu~) Just call me Akeno. I'm not old enough to be called miss. Well anyway once you've changed. I need you to follow me. Buchou is waiting to meet you with the others by the main area." With that said Akeno turns around and leaves the room waiting outside the door.

Making sure Akeno was outside, Arashi quickly dresses up in his repaired and clean clothes from yesterday grabbing his chakra abilities grimoire and begins reading about some beginning chakra control exercises. While walking out the door of the infirmary, Arashi thinks "Ever since i was reincarnated my chakra reserves feel as if they have been tripled. (sigh) Just great, this means I need more chakra control training sessions."

"Oh goodie~ you're ready. Now if you would please follow me." Akeno said while leading Arashi down the hallway. Putting away his book into his back pocket while walking behind Akeno. Arashi discreetly activates his sharingan making sure to memorise the way from the infirmary to the main area. Arashi also notices a door barricaded by yellow tape with the words "keep out" written on it confused as to why that was there.

It wasn't long until Arashi and Akeno made it to the main area of the Occult Research Club. Arashi deactivated his sharingan before quickly noticing that Rias Gremory was sitting behind the desk that was in front of two Victorian style couches. Sitting on one of the couches was Koneko Toujou with Kiba Yuuto on her right.

"Ah you've brought our newest member thank you Akeno. You may take a—" Rias begins to say before Arashi cut her off.

"Ah Excuse me, sorry to interrupt. But I'd like to know where I am? Because I thought I was dying in that park clearing? Also who or what are you people?" Arashi says while playing dumb for now.

"My, my~ My newest servant sure is inquisitive." Rias said with a small smirk

"Your Newest… servant?"

"Yes you Arashi Kazama, are my newest and only pawn. But you need not worry, for I see all my servants as members of my own family."

"What do you mean by your Pawn?" Arashi asks while tilting his head to the right in false confusion.

"It means you are the latest piece of my devil peerage."

"And what do you mean by your devil peerage?"

"Oh silly me~ I forgot to mention that I and everyone else in this room is a devil and that includes you as well." Rias says before displaying her bat-like devil wings in front of Arashi. Not long after, did Akeno, Kiba, and Koneko's wings sprout from the middle of their backs. Rias then waves her hand at Arashi.

Feeling a rippling sensation on his back Arashi turns to look at the sides of his back only for him to see that there were the same leathery bat-like devil wings as the others, except he had blue swirling flame markings on his devil wings.

"Woah~ that's gonna take some getting used too." Arashi says amazed by his new appendages and their cool design. Flapping his new wings a few times to get used to the sensation of having them, before he focuses his attention back towards Rias after hearing her snap her fingers, looking at her turquoise colored eyes."

"Now that I have your attention. There are some things I would like to ask you before we can continue with your introduction into your new life. First of which is why you were in the park dying and how you got one of our flyers."

"Damn! I forgot she could be inquisitive." Arashi thinks in a small panic before calming himself internally."W-well to be perfectly honest with you, I wasn't in that park by choice." Arashi begins with a truth.

"What do you mean by that?" Rias asks with a raised delicate eyebrow.

"Well one minute I was home working on a Manga and the next minute I was on a park bench in completely different clothes. Looking around I noticed I was near a fountain with a sign written in japanese. I then decided to walk away from the fountain to see if anyone was nearby. But just before I could, I heard a teenage boy and girl speaking japanese, talking as if they were on a date on the other side of the fountain. But just before I could ask one of them if they knew where I was, the girl started this weird magical transformation and changed herself to look older while wearing what could only be described as a Mad-Max dominatrix outfit, before she grew black feathery wings. Turning to the boy I was expecting him to run away but he was just staring at her tits the whole time. The girl then said something I couldn't understand before summoning what looked to be a spear of light but just before she could stab the poor guy I jump-kicked her away from the guy." Arashi explains while mostly telling the truth.

"But ordinary humans shouldn't have the power to hurt fallen angels. So how did you hurt this Fallen Angel?" Rias questions while everyone else looks at Arashi in confusion. Seeing their confusion Arashi explains.

"First off, I'm not just an ordinary human, because ever since I was born I have been able to manipulate this weird energy that comes from my body, I decided to call this energy Chakra as it seems to take energy from my physical body, mind and spirit." After saying this, everyone in the room besides Arashi widens their eyes in surprise. Continuing his story, Arashi then says "As to how I hurt that Bitch well… I channeled some of my chakra to my legs in order to increase my speed massively before sending her flying into the fountain with a flying jump kick."

"And what happened to the boy you tried to save?"Rias asks Arashi with sparkling eyes as his scenario sounds like one of her Isekai manga, not realizing how close to the truth she was.

"Well I grabbed him and took him to a forested clearing in the park to keep him out of danger but that fallen angel bitch followed us. Everything after that is a blur." "Sorry if I couldn't say more." Arashi says with a small frown at the lie he had to give at the end not enjoying having to do so.

"It's quite alright Arashi I think I can piece together the rest of the events." Rias says while waving away any tension.

Rubbing the back of his head Arashi asks "So what's going to happen with me now."

"Well now we have to find you a new place to live that's here in Kuoh. Seeing as how you are my newest servant you also will need to attend Kuoh academy with us as well. Oh~ but where are my manners? I haven't introduced myself." "Hello Arashi Kazama, my name is Rias Gremory, your new master." "And the other devils on the couch are my knight Kiba Yuuto, my rook Koneko Toujou, and you have already met Akeno Himejima, my queen." Rias says before introducing herself with a smile before pointing her hand to each of her other servants. "Hello there." "Hey…." "(Ufufu~) Hello again Kazama-kun." Kiba, Koneko And Akeno speak respectively.

"Hello everyone." "And Thank you Rias-san I promise to repay you for all the kindness and things you have done for me!" Arashi greets before declaring with a sharp bow towards the young group of kind devils.

"It's fine we're friends now after all." Rias replies with a bright smile. "It's all good man." Kiba replies with a small smile. "(Ufufu~) No need to be so formal." Akeno said with a closed eye smile. "What they said… Whiskers." Replies Koneko monotonously.

"Now that introductions have been done there are a couple of things we have to go over regarding your new life as a devil." "First of which, is the faction you are now a part of, which is the devil faction of the three factions belonging to the Judeo-Christian religion." Rias begins to explain.

"Ok I think I understand. So that means that bitch with the black feathered wings was a part of the fallen angel faction?" Arashi asks

"(mmmhm) That's correct. Fallen angels are Angels who fell from heaven's grace due to falling prey to their negative emotions and were cast to the underworld. But in their pursuit to please God they misguide humans. Their goal is to wipe out us devils and gain supremacy over hell. And of course there are the angels, the children of God, who seek to wipe out both devils and fallen angels."

"Ok I understand. But I have a request, if you wouldn't mind Rias-san ." Arashi says before closing his eyes in hopefulness

"Oh~ and what does my cute little pawn need." Rias inquires with a slight blush as Arashi's face looks like a foxes when it's scrunched up.

"Do you think we could cut this meeting short? Because ever since you brought me back from death my chakra reserves and control is out of whack. So I need to train and get them back under my control. Specifically in a place with lots of trees and a somewhat large body of water." Arashi says sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head.

"Oh alright. Kiba-kun please take Arashi-kun to the forested area near the school's pool." Rias says with a pout at not getting to talk more with her newest peerage member. "Okay buchou." Kiba says before walking with Arashi to the exit. "Hey Kiba-san isn't this school open today? How am I gonna train if there are witnesses around?" Arashi questions Kiba who replies with "No not really it is Sunday after all. Meaning you can train to your Heart's content for the rest of today." But just before they could leave. Rias asks one final question to Arashi.

"Arashi-kun I forgot to ask, but can you imagine the strongest thing that relates to you before focusing it on your right hand."

"I forgot I have the boosted gear now!" Arashi thinks while mentally face palming himself. Quickly shaking himself out his thoughts Arashi says "Okay… I guess it wouldn't hurt." Raising his right arm in the air while laying his right hand open while in the pose of creating a RasenShuriken. Arashi thinks "I need power…(flashhh)" a small flash of green light shines on his right hand as Arashi thinks back to his terrible orphaned childhood. "Power that helps destroy threats against myself…(Fflllassh)" a brighter flash of light shines as he thinks back to how he died at the hands of a Fallen angel. "A power that can help me protect those I care for! (FFFFLLLAAAASSH)"

A bright flash of green and red light flares throughout the Occult research club's main area as Arashi thinks of the new family he has gained just now, making Rias, Akeno, Kiba, and Koneko close their eyes in pain from the light. When the lights finally subsided it revealed Arashi with a spiky red gauntlet with gold accents and a green circular jewel embedded on the top of his right hand. Sniffing the air a few times, Koneko then whispers to Rias after they all regained their eyesight while pointing towards Arashi's gauntlet covered right hand. "Dragon. It smells like a dragon."

Rias in total shock mentally screams in joy "Yes! I think I just hit the jackpot for reincarnating a new servant."

"Arashi-kun! Do you know what you have on your right hand?" Rias says while she rushes over to Arashi and leans into face.

"A… r-red gauntlet?" Arashi says with a sweatdrop while pushing Rias away from him.

"No silly~ it's one of the thirteen Longinus sacred gears." Rias says with a happy smile.

"Woah that sounds amazing!" Arashi says excitedly, before he asks Rias with sparkling eyes "So which of the thirteen is it?"

"It's the strongest level of the Red Dragon otherwise known as the Boosted Gear!" Rias says with a smirk

"That sounds powerful!" Arashi says in quiet amazement

"Indeed. It is said that your sacred gear has the power to kill a god and that it will boost your power every ten seconds however the one downside is that it requires a decent amount of time to acquire the necessary power needed to use its boost ability." Rias lectures while smirking.

"Wow. That sounds… ridiculously overpowered." Arashi says with a large sweatdrop.

"(EHehe)Well what did you expect from a Longinus class sacred gear?" Kiba says with a small chuckle.

"Ara Ara~ Kazama-kun is a little slow on the uptake huh?" Akeno says with a sweet smile.

"Idiot." Koneko says with a slight twitch of a smile.

After hearing this Arashi's shoulder droop and in a comedic fashion he sits in the corner of the room closest to the door with blue lines of depression hovering over his head.

"You guys are so… mean." Arashi says despondently while drawing circles in the floor with his gauntlet covered right hand. Everyone soon lets out a laugh before rias speaks.

"Anyway that was all I had to say Arashi-kun. You may go train now." Rias says while patting Arashi on the head.

"Alright! Thank you Rias-chan!" "Lets go Kiba-san!" Arashi says excitedly before he gives Rias a quick and unexpected hug before grabbing Kiba and running out the door a big grin on his face while thinking. "Finally! I can train and get stronger! Soon things will turn out better for me and the others than they were before."

Arashi didn't realize that his hug with Rias left her blushing in embarrassment as his Chakra was leaking out of him from his excitement, letting Rias sense his pure joy and innocence which largely flustered her.

"Ara Ara~ is buchou developing an interest in our whiskered faced red dragon." Akeno says with a teasing smirk placed on her face.

"You work fast buchou." Koneko adds.

Rias only blushes harder in response before cutely pouting at their jabs.

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{Kuoh park}

"DID I SERIOUSLY DIE AND LOSE MY BODY ON THE ISEKAI TRIP HERE?!" Arashi yells out scaring people within a five mile radius.

"Eeeeeh M-maybe we shouldn't go to the park today? Ne~ Yuuma-chan?" The perverted harem protagonist says while looking around for that voice before he begins dragging his "Date" back to his house all while wearing a pedo bear grin.

"Thank you almighty voice you might have just made me get lucky! I will be singing your praises forever!" Issei thinks with a manly river of tears falling from his eyes.

" I swear on God's name! I will kill whatever random schmuck that caused that scream!" Raynare thinks in pure rage

"(Aa-ACHOOO!) Man someone must be talking about me! Arashi says blankly while rubbing his nose.

Anyway till next time readers~