Chapter 3: High School, Flyer Deviliry, and a New Pact



"Stray Devil/ Angry Deity/monster talking and yelling"

"Stray Devil/ Angry Deity/monster thinking"

"Jutsu/Magic spells"

{Location and Time}

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{Arashi's apartment}

{the next day}


(Rrrrrinng!) The sound of an alarm clock going off rang throughout the bedroom area of Arashi's apartment. Pushing himself up from bed Arashi groans in discomfort. As he sits on the edge of his bed "(Hmmm) Man I knew, I used too many clones for studying up on how to read and write Japanese as well as learning the curriculum that I missed here." Arashi says to himself in a heavy daze before he thinks. "Thank Satan for the language ability. Otherwise I would have missed my first day of school in this reality from trying to learn how to actually speak the language."

Quickly turning off his alarm, Arashi then goes to the clothes drawer next to his bed and takes his Kuoh Academy Uniform while replacing the white undershirt with a black T-shirt with a green leaf design under his new uniforms blazer jacket

And swaps his dress shoes with his new red sneakers. Before placing it on his bed. Arashi then heads to the bathroom to the left of his living room, taking a quick yet thorough shower. Arashi soon exits the bathroom and puts on the clothes he laid out on his bed, before he goes to the kitchen area and begins making a balanced breakfast. After making his breakfast that consists of scrambled eggs, toast, a bowl of sliced pears and glass of apple juice. Arashi then eats it at the living room's dining table. Before he creates two clones with a third of his chakra to clean up the dirty dishes, and fix up his bed before he orders them to go into a secluded forested clearing Kuoh and begin practicing chakra control and to practice forming all the hand seals needed to use jutsu and to attempt and practice the Shinko Henge no jutsu, Kawarimi no jutsu and the Shunshin no jutsu that he memorised from the grimoire. "Make sure to be careful with dispelling your clones c1 and c2 otherwise our head will be in so much pain." Arashi says to his clones after explaining what they had to do.

Checking the time Arashi notices it was 7:45 am leaving him twenty five minutes to get to Kuoh Academy. Quickly grabbing his school bag, which contains his school supplies, his bento lunch, his chakra abilities grimoire and his keys. Arashi exits his apartment, making sure to lock it beforehand. Walking down the stairs that lead to the street. Arashi looks around and activates his sharingan, before he channels enough chakra to his feet and legs in order to run as fast as an Olympic athlete. Running through the streets with little people walking about this early. Arashi eventually makes it to the entrance gate of Kuoh Academy having turned off his dojutsu and stopping the flow of chakra being sent to his legs, a few feet away from the school.

Taking a deep breath Arashi mumbles to himself. "Here we go… my new life starts… now!" After hyping himself up Arashi walks past the gate not noticing the crowd of students he was attracting with the whisker marks on his face.

"Hey who's that?" A girl with pink slick backed hair says

"I don't know but his whiskers marks look so cute!" A girl with brown hair in ponytails says next to the pink hair girl.

"Just Great! another pretty boy taking all the chicks!" "Yup this sucks!" A boy with a shaved head says to a boy with flaxen black hair and glasses in frustration while rivers of tears were flowing down both their faces.

"Man what a weirdo!" A random teenage guy says.

"Right? what kind of person asks for three line tattoos on their cheeks?" Another random teen boy agrees in bafflement.

After entering the school building Arashi Walks to the plaza near the stairs. Arashi quickly spots a girl with messy brown hair in twin braids and purple glasses, a question not recognising who this girl is even with his limited future knowledge of this world. Arashi walks over to her to ask directions.

"Hello miss… do you know where I can get my class schedule from?"

Looking over at Arashi's before focusing on his crotch, the girl replies with a flash of light glinting off her glasses

"(Hmmm~) flaccid length 5 inches. Girth 2.5 inches. And full length 10 inches."

"My god! What's your name! You would please a lot of women with what's in your pants or men if you prefer.(hehehehe)" The girl says in shock, blushing heavily before giggling pervertedly, unnerving Arashi immensely.

Confused about what this girl is talking about, Arashi eloquently replies with "Huh?!" While tilting his head to the left

"Ah don't worry about it. Now is there anything you need from me Whiskers-kun?" The purple glasses wearing girl says to Arashi while giving him a nickname based on his whisker marks.

"Okay… I just need to know where I can get my class schedule Miss?" Arashi asks with a slightly strained smile and a large sweatdrop.

"Oh…the names Aika Kiryuu and well just go up to the second floor of the building and walk down the hall past 5 rooms and on the 6th door on your right is where the student council is. They will have your class schedule Whiskers-san."

"The name is Arashi Kazama! But thank you for the help Kiryuu-san" Arashi says with a small bow before he hastily walks up the stairs leading to the second floor.

After walking to the student council room Arashi knocks on the door hoping that Sona Sitri would be the one to answer since he is not in the mood to deal with Genshirou Saji as he already met one type of pervert for the day. And he doesn't need a second one that's more confrontational. Fortunately the person who opened the door was Sona Sitri herself.

"So you must be Rias's new pawn?" Sona asks the reincarnated devil with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes ma'am! The name is Arashi Kazama and I am here for my class schedule if you wouldn't mind." Arashi says while giving her a playful salute.

"Very well. Here is your class schedule." Sona says before handing Arashi a white sheet of paper detailing his classes and the time until the next class."

"Your home room is class 2-B on the first floor. It is on the 3rd door on the left Kazama-san. Now off you go as your home room class starts in 6 minutes"

"Thank You miss?" Arashi thanks her with a small bow while pretending to not know her name.

"Sona Sitri, but please call me Souna Shitori when we're in school Okay Kazama-san?" Sona says to Arashi with a semi-serious gaze.

"(Heh) Sure thing Souna-chan." Arashi agrees with a naruto-like Smile and a thumbs up. Before he turns around and begins walking towards the stairs.

Releasing a small smile of her own Sona closes the door to the student council room after watching Arashi leave.

{hallway outside Class 2-B}

{8:10 a.m}

Knocking on the door to enter the class Arashi is greeted with the teacher asking him to wait until he calls for him so that Arashi can introduce himself to the whole Class. Complying with the order Arashi leans on the wall waiting for the teacher to call him only for him to see his fellow Peerage member Kiba walking in his direction.

"Hey Kiba what's up. You uh… need something?" Arashi asks the knight with a raised hand in greeting

"(Ah) Arashi-san I just wanted to let you know I will be taking you to the O.R.C after school. So don't go home yet okay." Kiba says to Arashi before quickly walking back to his class. Unfortunately both Arashi and Kiba never noticed some of the latter's fanclub following him. "Why was Kiba-kun meeting with whiskers-san?" Fangirl #1 says.

"I don't know but maybe they are secretly dating?" Fangirl#2 questions irrationally.

"(Eeeeek)That would be so hot!" Yaoi Fangirl #1 declares with a small squee.

"We should make a manga of this(x3)." The three Fangirls declare simultaneously with their eyes glowing white.

(SHUDDER) Feeling a chill going down his back Arashi turned around towards where he felt this phantom chill from. Only for him to see no one was nearby.

"(Shiver) Ugh why do I feel like I'm going to be used in the worst way possible." Arashi thinks to himself while feeling dirty for some reason.

"You can come in now! Mr. Kazama." The teacher called out to his new student. Shaking his head as if to get rid of this unclean feeling. Arashi calmly walks to the door of the classroom before sliding it open. Walking to the center at the front of the classroom Arashi introduces himself in a traditional japanese fashion.

"Hello everyone my name is Arashi Kazama please take care of me." Arashi says before bowing at a low angle in front of his new classmates.

"Hey isn't that the new guy?"

"Yeah you're right. I can already tell with his bishounen looks that all the girls will want a piece of him!"

"What a lucky bastard!(2x)" were the jealous whispers and thoughts of the infamous now perverted duo, Motohama and Matsuda.

"I can't believe we got whiskers-san in our class." Aika Kiryuu whispers to the two girls next to her.

"Yeah/uh huh." Katase and Murayama agree in a slight daze, with a small blush at wanting to touch Arashi's whiskers so that they see if they were real.

"Okay Mr. Arashi you can have the seat next to Nishiki-san"

"Okay sensei." Arashi says calmly but internally he's thinking. "I hope Ikumatsu-chan isn't too busy. I need to ask her if she needs help rebuilding her restaurant throughout this week. I also have to know how she got a Holy sword."

Walking towards the middle of the classroom Arashi finally sees the empty chair and desk next to his first friend of this world.

"Hello again Ikumatsu-chan." Arashi says to the summer blonde ramen chef girl, with a large smile. Before he sat on his assigned chair putting his bag under his desk while taking out his grimoire. Before opening it to the Fuinjutsu section. Soon enough the teacher began droning on about mathematical equations after seeing everyone of his students seated. Arashi doesn't pay much attention as he and his clones went over the entirety of the school's academic textbooks learning enough educational teachings that he could graduate to and out of college if he wants to.

"Hello to you as well Kazama-kun." Ikumatsu greets back with a gentle smile on her face.

Frozen in shock the whole class looks on in confusion and wonder at seeing the resident ice queen of Kuoh academy smiling and talking with someone other than the tennis club manager Kiyome Abe.

"Do they know each other?!(x20)" was the general thought of most of the entire class

Unfortunately for Arashi who was reading about how to make storage and explosive seals the two perverted duo began yelling at him.

"Hey pretty boy! Why are you getting all buddy buddy with that babe Ikumatsu-sama!" Matsuda says pointing a finger at Arashi while waterfalls of tears fall down his face.

"Yeah! You should be ashamed of yourself for hogging all the attention of that cutie Ikumatsu!" Motohama scolds Arashi while pushing up his glasses while a small glint shines off them.

"(hmmhm) Motohama, Matsuda you just earned yourselves detention after school. Now everyone, pay attention to the lesson!" the teacher clears his throat before saying with a frown at having to waste more time dealing with brats that don't want to learn.

"Hai sensei (x22)" the entire class says in unison.

The teacher begins speaking about mathematical formulas once again. Seeing the teacher distracted, Arashi quickly writes a note before discretely handing it to Ikumatsu.

Opening the note Ikumatsu reads what it says. ~Hey Ikumatsu-chan, can we talk during lunch if you are free. There are some things I would like to discuss with you. And they are kind of Important.~

Turning her head towards Arashi, Ikumatsu gives him a slow nod with a neutral expression.

{12:30 pm}

{Secluded Clearing Near the old school building}

After having gone through four hours of learning things he already knows Arashi was grateful that the bell rang, signifying lunch had come. Walking out of the classroom with his bags and chakra ability grimoire, Arashi discretely signals Ikumatsu to follow him. After walking for five minutes while making sure they weren't followed, Arashi and Ikumatsu finally reach a secluded clearing near the Old school building. Sitting down in front of a tree Arashi takes out his bento box before he begins asking his questions.

"Ikumatsu-chan I wanted to ask if you need any help with rebuilding your ramen shop this week?" Arashi tells Ikumatsu before taking a bite out of a tempura shrimp.

"It's a kind of you to offer me help but I have it covered." Ikumatsu says with a melancholic smile.

"Okay, if you have it covered I won't ask again. But if you don't mind me asking. What do you mean it's covered?"

Arashi asks while taking out a thermos of mint green tea and two plastic cups.

"Well it's not something I like to talk about. So can we talk about that later?" Ikumatsu says while looking away from Arashi while nervously twirling her fingers.

"That's fine Ikumatsu-chan. No need to be nervous. Here have some tea." Arashi placates Ikumatsu before handing her a plastic cup of warm mint green tea.

Taking a whiff of the tea Ikumatsu seems to have calmed down.

" Anyway there is one more thing I wanted to know about Ikumatsu-chan. And that is, where you got that sword?" Arashi asks in between bites of sushi. Before he gulps down some tea.

"(Hmm~) My sword?" Ikumatsu repeats with a delicately raised eyebrow. While releasing a sigh of content at the tea she was drinking.

"Yeah that katana you had felt like a holy sword." Arashi points out while remembering the slight feeling of dread he had when he was too close to the sword.

"I don't know about holy swords. But this katana was passed down from my family throughout the years. It's name is Honjo masamune." Ikumatsu explains before revealing the name of the sword.

After hearing the name of the sword Arashi's eyes widen in surprise while saying somewhat loudly "Honjo Masamune! The Honjo Masamune! Isn't that sword one of Japan's greatest national treasures!"

"(Mufufufu)Yes that is it's name." Ikumatsu giggles in mirth after seeing Arashi's shocked face.

Shaking himself from his shock Arashi coughs to break the embarrassing atmosphere he brought upon himself only to realize Ikumatsu was still giggling at him. Blushing slightly at his situation Arashi just laughs it off nervously. "(ahehehe) Anyway Ikumatsu-chan we haven't properly introduced ourselves ever since our first meeting." Arashi says as he puts his finished bento and half full tea thermos back into his lunch bag.

"(Hmmm) I suppose we haven't." Ikumatsu hums in agreement.

"I'll go first so you know how we should introduce ourselves to each other." Arashi declares with a thumbs up.

"Hello Ikumatsu my name is Arashi Kazama and I'm a devil. My likes are writing, drawing,training, and Nagoya ramen. My dislikes are rapists, arrogant people, and traitors. And my dream for the future is to become one of the strongest beings in the world and promote peace for all creatures. Now it's your turn." Arashi introduces himself before urging Ikumatsu to go next.

"Very well I shall go next." Ikumatsu agrees before introducing herself.

"Hello Kazama-san my name is Ikumatsu Nishiki. I'm a human. My likes are cooking ramen, designing new clothing, and practicing kendo styles. My dislikes are rapists, perverts, slackers and soba. My dream for the future is to get married and make my restaurant the number one Ramen shop in Japan, maybe even the whole world."

Turning their heads towards each other. Arashi and Ikumatsu smile at each other before laughing at how corny their introductions were. Unknown to them Rias was listening to their private chat with a small smile at hearing her new pawn making a friend. After talking a bit more Arashi and Ikumatsu head back inside for their next class. Both wearing happy smiles at making a new friend.

{2 hours and 40 minutes later}


The sound of the final bell for the school day rings. Arashi waits by his desk for Kiba to bring him to the O.R.C while talking with Ikumatsu to pass the time.

"So you aren't scared that I'm a devil Ikumatsu-chan?" Arashi questions her quietly.

"No not really. You seem to have this aura that radiates positivity and trust." Ikumatsu says with a small blush remembering the feeling of Arashi protecting her from the fallen angel.

Letting out a small blush of his own Arashi replies with a quiet "Oh… okay."

"Anyway I'm going to pass out flyers regarding summoning me or any of my devil friends. If you want a flyer I can give you one so that you can summon me if you want to talk or need help with anything. And You don't have to pay me anything. Consider it part of my recompensation for your restaurant and house. Okay?" Arashi says to Ikumatsu, his face scrunched up into a Naruto-like smile.

"Sure Kazama-kun… I would really like that." Ikumatsu agrees with a gentle smile. After their touching moment passed the door to the class-room was slid open.


"Arashi-san, Rias-buchou wants to see you." Kiba says unknowingly interrupting the tender atmosphere before he walks outside the door waiting for Arashi by the outside entrance of the room

"Well I will see you later Ikumatsu-chan. I'll make sure to give you the flyer tomorrow morning." Arashi promises before waving goodbye to his new friend.

Walking out of the classroom Arashi says to Kiba "Lead the way Kiba-senpai."

While walking to the O.R.C building Kiba asks Arashi a question. "So how goes your chakra control training? Also do you know what else your energy is capable of?"

"My Training is going great Kiba-san! I was able to master the leaf sticking exercise and my clones should be done mastering my vertical surface walking exercise. I only have 8 more to go before I can have perfect and total control of my chakra. As to how and what I know what my chakra is capable of well it's a secret for now. I will tell you all later."

"(Heh) fair enough." Kiba says with a light hearted chuckle.

Once they reached the old school building Arashi discretely activated his Sharingan so that he could memorize the rest of the way to the club room seeing as he forgot to do so last night. Upon reaching the club room Arashi and Kiba are greeted to the sight of Koneko eating some chocolate. While Akeno was pouring some tea for her and Rias while their master was taking a shower in the back of the room. Blushing slightly in embarrassment, Arashi turns around not wanting to come off as a pervert to the others.

Akeno quickly spotting this teases her kouhai "Ara Ara~ it seems that Kazama-kun is quite the gentleman."

"Indeed." Kiba agrees with a small smile.

"It's good that senpai is not a pervert." Koneko adds dryly as she takes another bite of chocolate.

"Now, now that's enough teasing." Rias says before stepping out of the shower dressed in her school uniform while drying her damp crimson red hair.

"Anyway, since you are here Arashi-kun we can continue your indoctrination as a devil." Rias says while sitting on the desk in the back of the room

"Okay lay it on me Rias-chan." Arashi says while sitting on the couch across from Koneko.

"Since you are now my devil servant, some of your new duties include passing out these flyers with a summoning circle on them."

Not wanting to seem as if he knew this already. Arashi asks a question. "So what is the purpose of delivering these flyers?"

"The purpose of delivering these flyers is we grant power to humans who offer things of equal value in exchange for our power, forming what we call a pact. We used to have humans summon us with a magic circle but that became too complicated. Nowadays we make house calls and personal deliveries. Ordinarily we'd have a messenger demon do this but as a new servant I think it would benefit you to know what goes into this job." Rias explains to Arashi as he starts putting flyers in the bag on the table. Leaning in close to Arashi's ear and teasingly whispering. "And if you do well you might get a chance to have a few servants of your own that would help you in any way you like."

Arashi blushes lightly at the close proximity Rias had near his face.

"O-Okay I'm going to deliver these flyers" Arashi says nervously to Rias before grabbing the flyer bag and the mystical device that detects people with strong desires and quickly leaves the club room, by jumping out of the window and summoning his wings, using them to float down to the ground. After reaching the ground Arashi retracts his wings and pumps his legs with a large amount of Chakra dramatically increasing his speed before running off with a dust cloud forming behind him.

"There he goes…" Kiba says with a small sweatdrop while looking at the dust cloud getting further away from the O.R.C

"Yep…" Koneko says blankly in agreement with Kiba.

"Ara-ara~ it seems our new friend is quite determined and innocent." Akeno says to Rias with a smile.

"(Fufufu) it appears so." Rias agrees with a quiet giggle.

{3 hours later}

After finishing his flyer deliveries, Arashi makes his way to the O.R.C only to stop every 10 minutes to sort through the memories he received from his now dispelling clones.

"(Ugh) Note to self tell my clones to dispel in intervals of 30 minutes." Arashi groans to himself in discomfort

After finally making it to the door of the club room, Arashi's clone memory induced headache was soon gone.

Opening the door to the club room and making his way to stand in front of Rias' desk after noticing that Koneko was sitting on the couch on the left side of the club room and the shower was being turned off in the back of the room.

"I finished my deliveries Rias-chan." Arashi says to Rias only for him to see that she was draped in a bathroom towel having just gotten out of the shower behind the main area of the club room. Blushing heavily at the erotic scene Arashi quickly turns his head away from Rias.

"Nicely done. I now have just one more thing for you to do today. It looks like Koneko is double booked with two summon requests. Take one and get some practice in getting a pact." The towel clad Rias nonchalantly says to the still blushing Arashi.

Arashi turns his head towards Koneko who replies with "That would be super rad" in a monotone voice. Bowing his head towards Koneko in acceptance Arashi says "It's no problem Koneko-senpai."

"So how am I going to get to this client?" Arashi asks the now dressed Rias while tilting his head to the left with his face scrunched up in confusion. Blushing lightly at his cute facial expression, Rias tells Arashi "I'll show you when Kiba and Akeno arrive."

"Okay I can wait..." Arashi says to Rias before creating a shadow clone. "Hey C1 go and grab me some leaves from outside. I want to start training my nature transformation."

"Okay boss." Arashi clone #1 says to his creator before opening a window and flying off to the trees, grabbing a handful of leaves before returning back to his creator and dispelling himself.

"My,my I must say that cloning technique of yours seems useful to have." Rias says in praise of Arashi's ability.

"Yeah it is" Arashi replies back to Rias before grabbing a leaf and channeling his chakra into it trying to make it damp.

A few minutes had passed. As Kiba and Akeno teleported back into the club room just when Arashi was starting to get the hang of the first step in his water chakra nature transformation training.

After seeing Akeno and Kiba appear from a magical teleportation circle Rias looks up from her desk and the many reports she had to sign for her older brother Sirzechs.

"Ah good, you two have arrived." Rias says to her queen and knight.

"You called for us Rias/buchou?" Akeno and Kiba question in sync.

"Yes I called everyone here so that we can introduce Arashi to the magical transportation circle as well as help him start his first devil pact." Rias says to her entire peerage before motioning Akeno to set up the magic transportation circle.

"My, is it time already?" Kiba questions with some surprise.

"Yeah… whiskers finished delivering his flyer a few minutes ago." Koneko tells Kiba in a monotone voice.

"Ok Rias the magical transportation circle is set." Akeno says to her friend as she steps out of the crimson glowing magical circle.

"Wait would using this magical transportation circle hurt?" Arashi asks while nervously scratching the whisker marks on his face's right cheek.

"No it just teleports you to the location of the opposite summoning circle. Now show me your left hand if you would." Rias says before grabbing Arashi's left hand and swiping a glowing red finger on the palm of his left hand. After lifting her finger from Arashi's left hand there was a glowing symbol of the gremory clan on his hands palm.

"This is a seal. Its purpose is to show that you are now a member of the House of Gremory." The Gremory heiress explains.

"Okay now don't panic and remember to be polite with your potential client and don't do things that make you uncomfortable. Okay?" Rias tells Arashi to calm his nerves after noticing him shaking slightly.

"Okay I will Rias-chan." Arashi says to Rias before walking to the center of the magical transportation circle.

"Make us proud." Rias says to Arashi as he begins glowing crimson.

"Sure thing!" Was Arashi's reply before he vanished in a red flash of light.

{Morisawas apartment}

In a bright flash of crimson light Arashi opens his eyes. Only to find himself in an apartment room that has countless books, figures, models and posters of anime and doujinshi. Turning around Arashi finds a skinny man with medium length flat black hair and brown glasses wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

"Hello sir my name is Arashi Kazama and I'm the devil that is going to fill in for Koneko-senpai." Arashi greets the otaku with a bow.

"Well at least you're the genuine thing. Anyway, since you're going to fill in for Koneko-Chan, I need to know what cool devil tricks you got." Morisawa says to Arashi while gesturing for him to do something magical.

"Well... I can do this." Arashi says as he performs the

Hand seals for the henge with the clone hand sign at the end.

"Shinko henge no jutsu" after saying the name of his technique a Poof smoke erupts around Arashi hiding him from view until the smoke begins dispersing. Revealing a realistic copy of Cloud Strife complete with buster sword and mako infused eyes.

"I'm Cloud Strife… A First class soldier." Arashi transformed as Cloud says while brandishing his buster sword.

"Woah I don't know who this is, but that was incredible!" Morisawa says in awe at seeing an anime-like transformation.

(Poof) Arashi dispels his jutsu in a puff of smoke turning back into his original form.

"Really? It was just a basic skill…" Arashi says embarrassed.

"Can you turn into anything?" Morisawa asks with a strange glint reflecting off his glasses.

"Y-yeah…" Arashi answers with a sweatdrop.

Pulling open the curtain by his bed Morisawa reveals his collection of drag-boy Z the dragon ball z equivalent in this universe.

"Then can you turn into Bloom the main heroine?" Morisawa asks as he points to the manga cover that has a red braided hair elf girl, that's wearing a pink shirt under a gray tunic and a purple kirtle.

"Uh… sure." Arashi says a little unnerved at the man's excitement for seeing a 2D girl becoming 3D.


In another Poof of smoke Arashi was turned into the Bulma rip-off.

"Oooh it's even better in real life than I imagined." (FLASH) Morisawa says after taking a picture of Arashi's transformation.

"S-so... do you think you would want to form a pack with me Mr. Morisawa?" Arashi asks with a troubled smile after dispelling his transformation jutsu.

"Huh? Oh sure, but only if you can transform into other characters."

After agreeing to form a pact with him, Arashi exits the apartment before running down streets naruto style. Due to not knowing how to teleport back to the club room yet. Five minutes had passed as Arashi made it to a street that was 10 minutes away from Kuoh Academy, only for a yellow spear of light to impact the road in front of him. Jumping over the deadly light spear Arashi skids to a stop before quickly turning around to face his would-be attacker.

The attacker was a fallen angel woman with long navy blue hair dressed in a maroon trench coat-like top with a wide collar, a matching miniskirt, and black heeled shoes.

"So you're the one who injured Raynare and Eliminated Dohnaseek?"

"And what if I was Ms. Fallen Angel?" Arashi says back with a furrowed brow and clenched teeth.

"Where are my manners? The name is Kalawarna and I'm here to kill you before you cause anymore trouble for us." Kalawarna says before forming a lightspear and rushing Arashi at speed equivalent to a Jonin Ninja.

Activating his sharingan quickly Arashi dodges the rush barely, due not having the time to channel the necessary chakra to move faster. And receiving an "X" shape cut on his torso.

(Hissss) "Shit that burns." Arashi cries out in pain as he jumps back from the fallen angel Kalawarna.

"Alright no more Mr. Nice Guy!" Arashi thinks to himself in anger before crossing his fingers in a cross shape and shouting out the name of his technique. "Kage-Bunshin no jutsu".

Three puffs of smoke formed next to Arashi revealing three identical copies of himself.

"So you made illusionary copies of yourself huh? That's good! It just means I get to kill you even more!" Kalawarna says as she rushes to the clone closest to her not knowing that it wasn't actually Arashi before running her light spear through him only for her to hit a large rock instead.


"Kawarimi no jutsu success!" Arashi clone 1 says behind Kalawarna before punching the fallen angel into the street floor.

Before Kalawarna could even get up from the floor the two other clones rush over with chunin levels of speed and axe kick Kalawarna further into the ground.

The clones then dispel themselves as their creator summons his sacred gear in a flash of crimson and green light.

"I need a boost, Boosted Gear!" Arashi yells after noticing the fallen angel Kalawarner get up with blood falling down her face from her impromptu meeting with the street floor.

"I'll kill you you damn devil!" Kalwarna screams in pure rage before summoning seven spears of light behind her and making them fly straight at Arashi.

[Boost][Boost] hearing his sacred gear give off two boosts, Arashi quickly channels chakra into his legs before dodging the seven spears of light being thrown at him by side stepping the first three and barely jumping away from the explosion of light that erupted when they hit the ground and jumping back, then to right and left for the next three spears receiving small burns and cuts and finally ducking under the last one. After dodging the last spear of light Arashi launches himself towards Kalawarna with a burst of jonin level speeds thanks to the boost his sacred gear gave him and appears in front of Kalawarna and gives her a straight punch to the gut that sends her flying and crashing into the sidewalk's wall embedding her into it.

(GAaack) "Y-you bastard…(ugh)." Spitting out a glob of blood Kalawarna mutters a few words before losing consciousness.

(Phew) "Man she was stronger than Dohnaseek. I better get back to Rias and report what had happened." Arashi says to himself while releasing a shaky breath as his sacred gear's boosted power faded leaving him feeling a little weak.

Turning around Arashi then runs down the street at a quick chakra enhanced pace so that he can get back to his friends and have a healing session since his burns and cuts were causing him a large amount of pain.

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