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Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon Academy, was sitting in his office as he wrote down a stack of paperwork on his desk.

A couple of days after the Breach, Team RWBY was sent to Mountain Glenn to investigate White Fang activity. He never realized that their discovery would lead the terrorists in the guidance of Roman Torchwick would cause a small invasion of Grimm inside Vale.

Though the damage was dealt with thanks to Vale's Huntsmen and Huntresses, both Professors and students alike, along with James' robotic army.

Despite the tragedy happening only for a couple of hours that day, this brought a lot of concern from Vale's Council, blaming the lack of security on Ozpin. The nerve of them. In the process, they shifted all the security to James and his army. Ozpin frowned at the thought, but he didn't voice his complaints. He knows that James is a good man and would do anything for the people of Remnant, but what he was concerned about is how he does it.

After the entire ordeal out of the way, he has given the students the month off from their studies to relax or train for the upcoming Vytal Festival.

"Hopefully, this year's festivities will not get too complicated," Ozpin muttered to himself as he finished the last of sheets of paper and took a sip from his mug. Oh, poor Ozpin has no idea what the future holds.

The doors from his elevator opened, showing the Headmistress of Beacon, Glynda Goodwitch, coming out of the doors.

"Ah, Glynda." Ozpin smiled as he placed his mug down on his desk. "I trust everything is in order?"

Glynda nodded. "Yes, Ozpin. All the preparations for next month are ready for the Vytal Festival as soon as the students return."

"Very good." Ozpin nodded as he smiled.

"Oh, yes, there's is one thing I should inform you," Glynda mentioned catching Ozpin's interest. "Early this morning, we received an unusual number of packages this morning."

"Packages?" The Headmaster tilted his head in confusion.

Glynda nodded. "We have not opened any of them, but we have confirmed that they are not dangerous what's so ever."

"Who sent these packages?" Ozpin curiously asked.

The Headmistress shook her head. "We don't know, sir. Not even the delivery services know. The only thing they know is they were given specific instructions and were paid with fair price" She then reaches for her pocket and pulled out a sealed letter. "We did also receive this."

Ozpin reached out and took the letter from her. The letter seemed old, perhaps a few decades, but the words are written can still be seen clearly. It was written, 'To Ozpin', handwriting he somewhat recognized.

He unseals the letter and slowly reads the contents. His eyes gradually widen in both shock and disbelief. This was not gone unnoticed by Glynda making her concern.

"Ozpin, what's–" Before Glynda could ask, Ozpin looked up to her with a calm look after finishing the letter.

"Glynda, would you be so kind as to do the following?" Glynda could only blink a couple of times and slowly nod.

A couple of hours later…

Ozpin waited in his office as he stood up, hands behind his back, watching the view of the city from his location. He was out of his musing as he heard the doors of his elevator opening. He turned around and was greeted by Glynda again as she escorted his fellow Professors/Doctor, Bartholomew Oobleck and Peter Port. Behind them were his students, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, and Lie Ren.

"They're all here just as you requested," Glynda said as she walked up to the Headmaster.

"Thank you, Glynda." Ozpin nodded. "Are the packages on their way?"

The blond nodded. "They will be here, momentarily."

"Um… Professor Ozpin?" Ruby voiced, getting the two's attention. "Why are we here? I hope it's nothing series."

"Not to worry, Ms. Rose, I assure you it's not what you think." The Headmaster says.

"Then what is it, Ozpin?" Glynda said, finally having enough of the suspense as she narrowed her eyes towards the Headmaster. "Ever since you read that letter, you have only instructed me to gather the ones you requested and instructed one of James soldiers to bring the packages up to your office. I believe it's time for you to explain yourself."

Ozpin sighs, knowing he can't hide his unusual actions any longer. He walks up to the group and explains himself.

"A few hours ago, we received several packages from an unknown sender to this Academy." This got a few blinks and looks of confusion from everyone.

"You mean those boxes that we passed by the halls?" Jaune asked.

"The very same," Glynda answered.

"Curious." Peter rubbed his mustache as he thinks. "I was under the assumption that it was for the upcoming Vytal Festival."

"Have you opened any of the packages? Have they considered a threat?" Bart questioned, concerned for both the academy and the student's safety.

Ozpin simply smiled. "Not to worry, Doctor. I assure you these packages are not threatening in any way. I believe they will serve as some amusement for us."

"Amusement?" Blake said in confusion, along with everyone else.

In response, the Headmaster pulls out the letter he received and begins to read it out.

'Dear Ozpin,

If you have received this message, then it would appear that I am no longer among your staff members. But worry not, knowing the friendships we had, I am sure it was on a good note.

But enough with the drama! I am sure you are curious about the bizarre packages you are receiving at Beacon Academy. I promise you they are nothing harmful, but they are, how you say… entertainment and equal knowledge.

To put it to better terms, the packages contain information. Information that you may find hard to believe in the beginning, in all honesty, even I found it unbelievable during my… accidental discovery. Still, after learning more, I was finally convinced that what I learned is legit and trustworthy, well, not actual per se, just a possibility.

I have seen all that I have already seen. I believe that what I have learned can be used in your hands and to be viewed by you and specific individuals such as Glynda Goodwitch, Peter Port, and Bartholomew Oobleck, as well as two student teams, RWBY and JNPR, how I know these children will be explained as soon as you open the packages, there will be more letters in each one, I kindly ask that you will open them in order, for they are each marked with numbers.

Your good friend and fellow professor,

Elvin Gadd, aka, Dr. E. Gadd.'

The students were curious and shocked by whoever this Elvin Gadd they've never heard off mentioned their team names on the letter that their Headmaster had read out but not as shocked as their professors when they learned who was the one who sent the letter and packages.

"Doctor E. Gadd…?" Bart lightly gasped as his eyes widen in the name.

"My… I haven't heard that name in a long time." Peter whispered.

The student looked around, seeing the shocked expressions of their professors.

"What's going on?" Yang was the first to ask. "Who is Doctor E. Gadd?"

Glynda was the first to snap out from her stutter and composed herself. "Professor Elvin Gadd or Doctor E. Gadd, which he likes to be called, was once a staff member of Beacon Academy before your time."

"A staff member?" Weiss asked. "Did he retire?"

Ozpin nodded. "Yes, he retired a decade ago. A brilliant man who helped teaches many students before you, and also, he was the one who discovered the Spector Theory."

The students' eyes widen in shock at what they just heard, well, except for Jaune.

"The Spector Theory?" Jaune tilted his head in confusion. Weiss snapped her neck and turned to the blond instantly.

"You dolt! How can you not know about the Spector Theory?!" Weiss shouted, startling Jaune. "It was thanks to that theory we grasped a better understanding when any Huntsman faced against a Geist Grimm!"

"As well as the possibility of the existence of ghosts or spirits," Ren added while Nora and Ruby slightly shivered at the thought.

"Wow… really?" Jaune sheepishly said, feeling both embarrassed and amazed at theory. "I guess I must have missed that topic."

"Don't worry, Jaune." Pyrrha places her hand on his shoulder. "I can teach you when we have the time."

"But wait, an anonymous researcher discovered the theory." Blake points out. "How come this is the first time we've heard of this?"

The professors chuckled at the question.

"Apologies, Ms. Belladonna." Peter chuckled. "The good Doctor E. Gadd never did care for wealth or recognition. All he ever cared about was the thrill of discovery! His fascination over the supernatural was all he enjoyed doing."

"So what? He's an occult hunter?" Yang smirked but flinched when her half-sister's elbow slightly jabbed her.

"Yang!" Ruby muttered, feeling that what she said was rude.

"Oh, it's quite alright, you two," Bart chuckled as he pushed his glasses back. "He never did care for any of those rubbish rumors. He was straight to the point, honest and good to his fellow people, and a remarkable Huntsman during his time."

"Wow! He sounds amazing!" Nora cheered while her friends all nodded in agreement.

"Indeed… he was," Bart said with a sad smile on his face along with his fellow instructors.

It only took a few seconds for the students to realize what the Doctor meant when he said that past tense.

Nora gasped as she covered her mouth, realizing what she said. "I-I'm so sorry! I didn't…"

"Not to worry, Ms. Valkyrie," Glynda spoke with a reassuring smile. "We all moved on during Elvin's passing, and we will never forget the kindness he has ever done for all of us."

Nora gave a small smile and nodded while being held by her partner.

Before anyone could say anything, the elevator doors open again. This time, it was the General's men bringing in all the packages.

As soon as they left, the students volunteered to help open the packages with Ozpin's permission. On one of them, they see a number one on it. They remembered in the letter that they have to open the ones first in order. The first one they opened was a sizeable portable television, which was one of the old-fashioned equipment much to everyone's confusion but attached to it was another letter from E. Gadd.

The letter says that they have to use the television to watch it to understand what is happening. Ozpin requested more seats in his office which Glynda complied. Next, they are opening another one which Contained videos for the television, and this time this one had two letters in it.

The first letter said to first play the first video and warns them that they will be confused and slightly alarmed but mentions that they have to finish the video first before opening the second letter, which has all the answers.

The students were a bit suspicious of the letter but the professors knowing E. Gadd trusted what was written and decides to follow it.

After finishing preparing the television in Ozpin's office, they all settled themselves as the Headmaster began installing the video to the television.

"Is everyone comfortable?" He asked, and everyone nodded in response.

"We are ready, professor!" Ruby cheered, making the old wizard smile as he starts the video and sits back on his seat.

[No Signal Detected...]

[Searching for signal...]

[Unidentified signal received]


"Whoa!" Jaune blinked in confusion. "What's happening?"

"It would seem the video is loading," Bart answered.

Ruby Rose, leader of team RWBY, and youngest student to be in Beacon Academy, was not exactly happy at the moment.

Everyone blinked at seeing the familiar red-themed girl on the television.

"It's… it's me!" Ruby squeaked in shock.

"The heck? Why is my sister in this video?" Yang raised a brow, being both shocked and somewhat angered that someone has filmed her sister without her knowing.

"Language Ms. Xiao Long." Glynda lectures her student but was also concerned about why one of her students was in the video.

"Man... why did I forget to turn in the library book." Ruby groaned, "Now because I held onto it so long I gotta stay behind and help Miss Paige organize the books."

"I remembered this!" Ruby blinked. "This happened just a few hours ago before we were called up here!"

Everyone began to be slightly disturbed by this revelation.

"Everyone, please calm down," Ozpin said, getting everyone's attention. "I understand how odd this may be, but let us first please finish this video. Remember, the second letter holds the answers after this viewing."

Ruby was a 15-year-old girl with black hair that turned red at the tips with eyes a shining silver. She was known across the school for her red hood, which covered a black corset, and she also wore a red combat skirt and black boots.

Everyone blinked, not expecting a description being shown in the video.

"I was not expecting a description here," Pyrrha comments while Ruby slightly blushed.

"I told you that you should have made a reminder." Weiss Schnee, Ruby's Partner, scolded.

Weiss was 17 years old, with snow-white hair, tied in an off-center ponytail, and had blue eyes, most of the time, she is seen wearing a light blue bolero jacket and a white combat skirt with white, high heeled boots.

"I remembered this happening, as well," Weiss comments, remembering every word and action in her memory.

"Hey, don't blame Ruby Weiss." Yang Xiao Long, Ruby's older half-sister, defended, "After all, Blake was the one who put it among her books."

Yang was 17 as well, with long, slightly wild, golden yellow hair and lilac eyes that turned red when she was angered. Her brown jacket seemed to accentuate her sizable breasts, and she also wears black shorts and brown boots.

"Yup! Just like how it happened." Yang comments but was still a bit freaked out about her team being filmed.

"Look, I'm sorry okay?" Blake Belladonna, the team's resident, and hidden, Faunus said, "I've already promised I'd give Ruby whatever she wants when she finishes with the job."

Blake was known for her long black hair that had a ribbon tied up in it that hid her Faunus ears and had amber eyes, her white top was slightly covered by a black twin-tailed coat, and she too wore a short skirt, as well as black heels.

The viewing Blake flinched when her description was announced. She trusts her team and sister team her secret but the professors… She has an idea that Ozpin might know, but the others…

"Not to worry, Ms. Belladonna," Ozpin said, breaking her train of thought as she looked at him with a bit of worry. "If it could give some form of peace, the entire staff of Beacon already knows that you're a Faunus."

"WHAT?!" The now revealed Faunus shouted as she stood up, much to her friend's shock, but the professors did not take any offense in her outburst. "When? How could've you have known!?"

"The moment you submitted your transcripts." The Headmaster is merely making the Blake blink. "It's not difficult to piece together who you are when you use your real name."

Blake slightly blushed at the mistake she made but quickly shook it off. "Why…?"

"Why not reveal who you are?" The Headmaster finished the question, then answered. "To begin with, as your Headmaster, it is my responsibility for the safety of both my staff and my students. Secondly, it is not my right to reveal such personal secrets to others."

"And yet, they know." Blake slightly narrowed her eyes, making her friends and teammates worry about what she would say next.

"To be fair, Ms. Belladonna, we figured it out ourselves who you are." Glynda cuts in. "And just as the Headmaster said, it's not our place to reveal who you are, and we will respect that."

The cat Faunus stared at the professors for a whole minute before sighs and sitting down back on her seat. "Fine… I'm sorry for my outburst."

"Quite alright, my dear! It was only a natural reaction." Peter chuckled.

"Indeed." Bart nodded with a smile. "You have not to fear, as your instructors of Beacon Academy, the safety of our students is our highest priority!"

This made all the students smile and felt touch by how much they cared for them. Even Blake mentally admitted that it felt nice and that she felt safe.

"Listen team, there isn't use blaming anyone anymore." Ruby said as she got off her bunk, "We've got a whole month off to do whatever we want after what happened yesterday. So while everyone's going around making sure no Grimm are hiding around after the Breach, we've got a whole month off, and I say-"

Ruby was interrupted when there was a knock on the door, silencing everyone in the room, followed by a letter sliding under the door.

The viewing RWBY blinked at this scene.

"Wait. What?" Ruby said, not remembering this scene at all.

"What? What's wrong?" Jaune asked her fellow team leader.

"This never happened before."

"It's true," Weiss added. "In this particular scene, it was when Miss. Goodwitch called us and JNPR to come to Professor Ozpin's office."

This made everyone looked at one another, wondering what this all meant. The Headmaster rubbed his chin and studied the scene. 'Curious.'

Ruby picked up the letter and opened the door to see whoever knocked on it, only to find the hallways unnaturally quiet.

"Weird." Ruby said, closing the door and opening the letter.

"What's it say, sis?" Yang asked.

Ruby cleared her throat to read the letter aloud, "Dear Ruby Rose, as thanks for your assistance in the Breach of Vale, we have decided to award you with the deed to a mansion on the small island of Patch, enclosed is a map to the location of the mansion, as well as the actual deed, keys to the mansion, will be waiting for you at the mansion."

"WHAT?!" The girls of Team RWBY shouting in complete shock at what they heard.

"Whoa! Seriously?! You got a mansion?" Nora shouts both in awe and shock.

"I didn't get anything!" The viewing Ruby squeaked. "She–, I–, Just what is going on here?!"

"And one student out of everyone getting mansion as a reward?" Ren skeptically said. "As tempting as that is, that is way too good to be true."

"Indeed, Ms. Ren." Bart agreed. "What's even more suspicious is how that letter was delivered in Team RWBY's dorm room. We have an organized mailing system in our Academy, any student receiving any mail should pick it up in the delivery room."

"Just like how I got Zwei," Yang whispered to her teams, remembering the corgi they left behind in their dorm room.

"Why would someone give Ruby a whole mansion just for assisting at the breach?" Blake asked, sitting up from her bed.

"That's what we want to know." The viewing Blake comments.

"Who cares?" Yang asked, taking the letter and pulling out the map and the legitimate deed to a mansion, "It all looks pretty legal to me anyway, so why turn it down?"

"Really, Yang?" Blake raises a brow at her partner.

Yang raises her hands in defense. "I'll admit that would be cool if that happened, but after hearing what everyone said here, I'm just as suspicious as all of you are."

Weiss took the deed herself and examined it. To her, everything checked out as well. Even Blake couldn't find anything wrong with the deed, "Well, at least we'll have a nice place to stay in for our month-long break." Blake said.

"You were saying, Blakey?" Now Yang was raising a brow at her parent with a smirk.

Blake slightly blushed and looked away. "Shut up." Yang laughed at her mistake.

With a close look at the deed, the professors and students familiar with this case saw no foul play in it.

"It looks legit," Pyrrha commented.

"Indeed, Mis. Nikos." Ozpin agreed. "I see no foul play in this deed whatsoever."

"It looks a bit roomy, though..." Weiss said.

"Well, we can invite Dad to move in once he's done with his mission, same with Uncle Qrow." Yang said as she picked up her and Ruby's Pet Corgi, Zwei, "Heck, while Ruby's here, we can go check the place out ourselves, get a feel for the place, and maybe find a map to it."

"Isn't it suspicious that the mansion is in Patch?" Ruby asked.

"It is, isn't it?" Yang said, can't help but feel nervous and worry about what's to come.

"Yang, we can't just leave Ruby behind!" Weiss shouted.

"No, no, it's fine." Ruby said, holding up her hands, "You guys go on ahead. You can show me around when I finish up here and head there myself."

"I don't know why, but I feel like something crazy is going to happen when they reach this mansion," Jaune comments, making everyone nod in agreement while RWBY felt nervous.

Weiss looked at Ruby uneasily, "Are you sure, Ruby?" Weiss asked.

"Yep, go on ahead." Ruby said, waving her hands, "I can find it myself."

"I hope not." The viewing Ruby said. "I do live in Patch, after all."

Blake took the map from Ruby and took a picture of it on her Scroll before giving the map back to Ruby, "If we find anything suspicious about the place, we'll call you, and if that happens, don't come near the place, we'll sort it out." Blake said.

"I honestly hope that doesn't happen." The viewing Blake comments.

"Don't worry, Blake! I'm sure your… your others, can handle it." Her team leader says with confidence making the Faunus smile at her.

"Okay, just get going." Ruby said, waving her teammates along.

Zwei was carried by Yang out of the room as Weiss walked next to Yang and Blake behind them, Ruby following close after with a small book in her hands, turning the lights in the room off as she shut the door.

"At least we bright Zwei along," Weiss comments but then felt a bit worried. "I hope nothing bad happens to him."

Glynda slightly frowned about having pets inside the academy but after the events of Mountain Glenn and Doctor Oobleck's long speech of how the small corgi could assist them in their mission. She reluctantly agreed to allow the dog in RWBY's care. Just this once.

What Ruby didn't know, was that her punishment had saved not only her from a ghastly fate, but that of her teammates as well.

Nor could anyone hear the high-pitched laughter that emanated from the room as the door was shut, cutting out all light into the room.

That night would be a night that Ruby would never be able to forget.

As the video ended, none of the viewers said a word after seeing that last part. Either it was fear, shock, or curiosity that was preventing them from speaking.

But what they didn't know was that seeing this video had made them see things they will never forget.

To be continued…

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