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"What… happened?!" Ruby shouted in a panicky sort of way.

"You got sucked in a mouse hole." Blake answered nonchalantly but still had a shocked expression on her face.

"I know what I saw!"

"Sweet Mother of Oum, it's my every nightmare come true…" Peter muttered as he shivered in fright while Oobleck simply comforts his friend by placing his hand on his shoulder.

"Can we please continue?" Yang said, slightly desperate in what happened to her sister's counterpart. "I want to know what happens next."

With that, Glynda prepares the next viewing.


"This one says, 'Our Treasure'." Weiss did her new routine.

"What treasure are they talking about?" Jaune wondered.

"Maybe more Lien?" Ruby wondered that her counterpart has been collecting a heck lot of it during her other's Ghost/Lien Hunting adventure in the mansion.

"Wha!" Ruby cried out as she was launched out of the mousehole into another room, this one not having any actual doors. A Hidden Room with several treasure chests and golden walls.

"Oh… my… Oum!" Yang's jaw dropped in the sight of treasure chests in the room. Everyone reacted the same way as her.

"Your filthy rich, Ruby." Nora gasped as her eyes sparkled at the number of treasures in the room.

"I'm so jealous of my other!" Ruby pouted.

Ruby tumbled through the room until the Poltergust stopped her against the side of one of the chests. Ruby shook her head clear of the dizziness and looked around the room, "Whoa…" Ruby said, looking at the treasures in the room.

Ruby stood up and immediately heard the flapping of wings, "YAAAH!" Ruby cried out and threw herself forward. Turning to where she once stood, she saw a number of yellow ghost bats swarming her previous position, to which Ruby quickly vacuumed up.

"Even ghost bats?" Blake says.

"At least it's not rats…" Peter muttered in relief.

"Phew." Ruby said as she pulled out the Dustboy Horror and looked around the room for a light switch, only to find none, "Oh no." Ruby groaned as she looked through the room.

"Looks like this room does not have a light switch." Ozpin comments.

"That's not good. The ghosts now have an advantage." Glynda says as she worries for the Ruby counterpart.

Ruby looked to her right and saw a large chest sitting next to the mousehole she popped out of and opened that one first.

"Oh, this is going to be good." Yang grinned, knowing full well that it's not Lien that's inside the chest.

"Thanks for the heads up, Yang." Ruby sarcastically said while preparing herself for the apparent jump scare.

The chest lid swung open, and Ruby's light touch and-

"BWAGAW!" A white ghost cried out, and through Ruby's fear, she noticed it sounded and was shaped exactly like the pink ones that surprised her.

"I'm so glad I was ready for that!" Ruby squeaked even though she jumped in her seat in fear.

"That ghost is similar to the pink one from before." Blake comments.

Ruby aimed her flashlight at the spirit, but to her shock, the ghost simply laughed as it looked headlong into the light.

"What!?" Ruby cried in shock. "Why didn't it work?"

"Look! Its heart is frozen!" Jaune points out in surprise.

"That must be why the light isn't working!" Ren said.

"What!?" Ruby cried out in fear as she stared at the ghost- Then she noticed something about the ghost- Its heart was frozen, literally.

'I think I know why King Boo brought those medals here.' Ruby thought as she unleashed a stream of fire at the Ghost- Which surprisingly cried out in despair.

With its heart melted, Ruby captured the ghost easily.

"So that's why King Boo has the medals." Oobleck theorized. "It's so that no one could use them against certain ghosts."

"Real shame my sister found them and is using them." Yang grinned while Zwei happily barked on Weiss's lap.

"Okay." Ruby said as she went to the next chest, the one that had stopped her tumble through the room- Which held inside of it another ghost with a frozen heart. Ruby was quick to repeat the process.

Ruby continued to search the chests in the room. Two more contained Ghost's, two of the chests contained plenty of Lien… And one was large and completely empty. After Ruby had caught the fourth ghost, the lights in the room turned themselves on.

"Aww, treasure hunting is over." Ruby pouted.

"At least the lights are back on." Pyrrha says.

And one last chest appeared this one colored green.

"And one chest to spare." Jaune adds.

Inside, Ruby found several gold bars, piles of Lien, a large blue sapphire, a large ruby, and a large emerald.

Ruby gasped as her eyes turned into Lien signs, and everyone's jaw dropped at the sight of the goldmine the alternate Ruby has discovered.

"Oum! We are rich!" Yang shouts.

"We?" Blake questions.

"Yeah! You, me, Weiss, and Ruby. The whole team!"

"That's right! Go, Team RWBY!" Ruby cheered as she snapped out from her daze.

"That's… really sweet of you." Weiss slowly said with a smile while Zwei barked happily. Simultaneously, she was beginning to wonder just how much more Lien, the counterpart Ruby was getting.

Ruby pupils were briefly replaced by Lien signs as she vacuumed up the treasure inside- Then stopped the moment she heard a Boo's cackle.

"Looks like there's on Boo in the room too." Ren points out.

"So there was one hiding in here too." Ruby muttered, and she aimed her Dustboy around the room to track the ghost.

She found the ghost ironically hiding in the chest that was empty when she opened it.

"When did the ghost get in there?" Weiss raised a brow while no one could answer her.

The Boo cackled as it introduced itself, "It's my own self, GumBoo!" I cheered. Ruby was not amused and immediately began her assault on the ghost.

Yang chuckled while the others are not amused.

It took only a minute, but the Boo was captured.

"All cleared." Ruby said as she looked around the room, "Now then… I should probably get Blake's bow to Clairvoya." Ruby said to herself as she walked back over to the mousehole, "I'm not gonna like this." Ruby muttered.

The viewing Ruby whined, not liking the idea either. "Why?"

"Why indeed?" Peter shuddered.


"Madame Clairvoya." Ruby said as she stood opposite of the fortune teller's crystal ball.

"Oh, thank goodness… they cut the scene." Peter sighed in relief.

The ghost appeared in front of Ruby with a glint of amusement in her eye, "Hello again, child, have you found something?"

"Oh, she does." Blake rolled her eyes.

Ruby nodded and held out Blake's bow, which Clairvoya reached out and picked up from Ruby's hands, "If it isn't the young Faunus girl's bow. Why it's so clean, as if… SOMEONE JUST WASHED IT!" Clairvoya shouted, causing Ruby to jump, "Sorry, sometimes I just like to add a little drama, you understand?"

Even the audience jumped from the sudden shouting.

"What the heck was that?!" Yang blinked.

"She did say she did it for drama." Ozpin points out.

"Rather eccentric, isn't she." Glynda points out.

"Y-Yeah." Ruby said as Clairvoya handed Blake's bow back.

"Oh-Ohh! They come!" Clairvoya announced as the room shook, making Ruby nervous, "Now the spirits come! Come, spirits of power, come spirits of sight! Show me the awful things occurring here tonight!"

"Whoa… that's freaky but kinda cool." Nora says in slight nervousness and awe.

The temperature of the room dropped as a pink glow surrounded Clairvoya's hands, "Crystal orb, symbol of my clan, use your darkling powers to show us all you could! I mean CAN! Show us all you can!" That caused Ruby's panic to lessen, "Show us this… Blake!"

"She knows my name?" Blake blinked, surprised that the ghost knows.

"She is a fortune-teller." Ren reminded her.

Ruby blinked, surprised at how Clairvoya knew Blake's name.

"The light of the Spirits come, show us what we seek!" Clairvoya announced as the glow faded from her hands, "Ohhhh… Harummm… I see that the imprisoned still live. Well, they are not in the spirit world… But one cannot say they are still alive… Haaaackth ha ha hork. Sorry, I don't laugh much." Clairvoya apologized, "But where are they? Where do they now? Ah… The spirits fall silent." Ruby wilted at that as Clairvoya patted Ruby on the shoulder, "I'm sorry that this is all I can bring you. For now, bring me another clue, and I will show you more of the imprisoned. This one no longer speaks to me."

"That… was something." Pyrrha slowly said.

"Do all fortune-tellers do that?" Nora asked.

"No. Well, maybe not all of them." Ren answered.

"I see… Well, thank you, Madame Clairvoya." Ruby said.

"You are welcome." Clairvoya said, "Before you go, however, I see that you have the key to the Conservatory. Melody is in there, and she loves music, make what you will of that."

"So we are finally going to see who is playing that music." Weiss comments, remembering the music behind the locked door.

"I hope they don't play horror music." Ruby shuddered.

Ruby nodded and left the room, and made her way to the conservatory, and slowly unlocked the door.

"That's a lot of instruments." Ruby noted as she looked around the room, spotting a saxophone, a harp, a cello, a xylophone, and a trio of drums as well as a piano- Which had a ghost sitting at the seat of it, though only visible to the Dustboy Ruby was looking though, much to Ruby's surprise.

"Look at that, Weiss. This must be your kind of room." Yang grinned towards the white-themed girl.

"Hush, you brute." Weiss huffed, but inwardly she was impressed at the variety of musical instruments in the room.

The Ghost was of a woman. She had long blonde hair and was wearing a long red dress, and from the top of her head was a pair of fox ears.

"A fox Faunus?" Blake perked up slightly, surprised that it was Faunus responsible for the music, but she narrowed her eyes the Faunus. "Why does she seem familiar?"

"Didn't Clairvoya mentioned that she, Melody, loves playing music?" Jaune points out.

'A Faunus ghost?' Ruby thought, looking at Melody, who seemed to look at Ruby as if she were expecting something.

Ruby wasn't sure what to do until she accidentally bumped into the cello, which began to play itself.

"Wha!" Ruby cried out. Then she remembered what Clairvoya said and smirked. Using her Semblance, Ruby rushed around the room and tapped all the instruments except the piano, and paused for a moment when she heard what they were playing.

"Wait… is that video game music?" Ruby questioned.

"Yeah… I recognize the music." Jaune says as he tries to remember where he heard it from. "I think it's a theme from Super Maria Sisters."

"Super what?" Weiss raised a brow.

"Super Maria Sisters." Pyrrha answered. "It's a really popular game franchise."

"How do you know that?" Nora innocently asks, which made the Invincible Girl slightly blush.

"I'm a fan of the game."

"Wait… is that video game music?" Ruby muttered, "Why are all these playing the Super Maria Sisters theme?"

"And why not? It's a good classic theme!" The ghost of Melody Pianissima asked, causing Ruby to jump in surprise, "My name is Melody, people call me the Spectral Beauty of the ivory keys… At least the Faunus do." Melody's face was dour for a moment, "Still, it has been a long time since I heard such a stirring performance! I haven't been so charmed by a piece for ages."

"Now I remember!" Blake shouts as everyone looked at her. "Melody Pianissima, the Spectral Beauty of the ivory keys. She's a well-renowned musician."

"How come I never heard of her." Ruby innocently asks.

Blake frowns. "It's because she's a Faunus that only my people know about her, and humans would not allow her to perform in any of the kingdoms except for Menagerie."

"That's dreadful, truly dreadful." Oobleck shook his head in disappointment. "I too know of the name and truly sorry that she could not perform outside of Menagerie."

'Might be the time in the painting most likely.' Ruby thought.

"Now that would suck." Yang comments, not wanting to think about being stuck in a painting doing nothing at all.

"You must have a delicate ear for music. Would you like to listen to my piano sonata?" Melody asked.

"I-I mean Weiss was more musically attuned than me, but… Sure." Ruby said, trying to figure out how to catch Melody.

"Yes. I would like to hear her sonata." Weiss nodded as she sits straight.

"You don't mind?" Blake asks in slight surprise.

"I don't have anything against innocent Faunus with a lovey career as this." Weiss says with a soft smile. "You should know this by now, Blake."

The Faunus in hiding blinks in surprise but smiles happily to see that friend is nothing like she was in their first meeting.

"Well, here I go." Melody said as she, somehow, popped her fingers and began playing her piano.

What Ruby heard was… Not what she expected… It was one of the stage themes for Super Maria sisters 3. Ruby grinned as Melody continued to play. This would be easy for her to admire. At least until Melody stopped.

"Oh, I know that song!" Pyrrha smiled. "It's from the current game in the franchise."

"Yeah! I love that theme song." Ruby smiled.

"Despite the song coming from a game. I can tell she put a lot of effort to play it." Weiss smiled pleasantly at the music the ghosts Faunus played even she liked hearing it.

"By the way, that song was featured in a rather famous game. Do you know what game that was?" Melody asked.

"Super Maria Sisters 3." Ruby, Yang, Jaune, Pyrrha, and Nora answered simultaneously.

"Are you kidding? Super Maria Sisters 3, my sister and I kept trying to beat that game for years." Ruby said with a grin.

Melody laughed as she covered her mouth with one hand and clapped by slapped her hand on her leg… Or at least where her leg was.

"Exactly right! You got it!" Melody cheered before stopping and looking back at Ruby. This time her smile seemed much less innocent, which made Ruby very nervous, "Very impressive. I guess I needn't hold back with you." Melody's grin turned completely sinister, "Would you care to do battle with my lovely music sheets?"

"Do I even have a choice?" Ruby asked.

"If it's to catch her, then you don't have a choice." Glynda comments.

Ruby stepped back as Melody began playing a rather intimidating song on her piano, and the music sheets on the stand shot into the air and began spinning toward Ruby.

"Ah! She's attacking with music sheets." Ruby panicked.

"Really, Ruby?" Weiss says while giving a deadpanned look.

"Whoa!" Ruby cried out as she stumbled backward away from the music sheet before quickly pulling out the Poltergust and began sucking the music sheets up.

Seeing as they were paper, they couldn't put up any form of resistance against the Poltergust and were easily sucked in. Which Ruby quickly took note of Melody's sudden halting of her playing when the last sheet was gone.

"Why did she stopped playing?" Jaune said as he noticed that the ghost stopped playing.

"She doesn't, remember the song by heart." Ruby realized. "Why is that?"

"She did say that this was her first time hearing this song, so she must be still memorizing it." Blake answered.

"She can use that as an advantage against Melody." Peter points out.

'She doesn't remember what she was playing.' Ruby realized, 'She doesn't know it by heart.'

Taking advantage of Melody's distress, Ruby quickly turned the Poltergust on her, and though the ghost put up a struggle, it was clearly not in her favor.

"Why must you humans always ruin my performances!?" Melody cried out as she was captured in the Poltergust.

Everyone hearing Melody's final words can only feel sad for the poor ghosts.

"Poor Melody… all she ever wanted was to play what she loves." Ruby says sadly.

"It's not fair… she deserves better." Weiss agreed as she hugged Zwei as the said dog sadly whined.

Blake didn't say anything, but she gave a sad frown, and if you look closer, you can tell that her bow bends downward, showing her cat hers folded down.

As the lights turned on, Ruby looked at the Poltergust in sadness, 'I… I should ask E. Gadd about her next time I head to the lab.' Ruby thought as a blue chest appeared in the room.

"I hope we can learn about her as well." Oobleck said.

Opening the chest, Ruby found a key inside of it that led to the dining room, 'Oh boy.' Ruby thought, remembering clearly the sound of loud and ravenous eating coming from the dining room.

Most of the viewers shuddered at the memory as well.

"I'm betting it's a fat ghost." Yang said, making the others shudder even more.

Knowing a Boo would be hiding in the room, Ruby quickly went to work looking around the room for the Boo. And soon found it inside the piano.

"Wherefore am I Boomeo?" The Boo dramatically said… Moments before Ruby caught it.

"Really?" Blake's eye twitched in annoyance. "A reference of that story."

"This keeps getting better and better!" The blond brawler laughed while the others groaned in annoyance.

"Why do all of them have puns for names?" Ruby cried as she left the room

"Why do they?" The viewing Ruby agreed with her counterpart.

Avoiding the ghost mice, Ruby made her way to the Dining room and unlocked the door inside. She found a large table was surprisingly lacking in food, and oddly there was an empty space dead center in the table. As well as a pair of candelabra that only had one lit candle each.

"Now, where's that ghost?" Nora said as she crossed her arms. "It couldn't have finished its meal and walked, err, float off, would it?"

"We're about to find out." Ren said.

"Okay, time to- WHOA!" Ruby cried out as she stepped forward and slipped on a banana peel, and slammed onto her back.

"Owie." Ruby grumbled as she sat up in slight pain and glared at the ground, which had several banana peels on the floor.

All except Ruby laughed at the alternate Ruby's predicament.

"It's not funny!" Ruby pouted as she crossed her arms.

"It's not…" Weiss chucked as she calmed down. "It's repulsive to litter."

So naturally, cleaning up the banana peels was Ruby's first part of clearing the room.

"Another good thing with having a vacuum cleaner with you." Glynda admits although the said equipment is designed for catching ghosts.

After the floor was cleared of Bananas Ruby, then lit the candles, which caused the ghost in the room to reveal itself along with its meal, a massively fat man with a mouth more fit for a frog wearing a stained red shirt, blue hair that was more a toupee, and a bib around his neck that was far too small. On the plate in front of the ghost was… some kind of yellow blob that Ruby could not identify… Nor did she want to.

"Ugh! What is that?!" Yang aged at the blob-like ghost.

"It's a fat Portrait Ghost." Blake bluntly answers while also gagging at the ghost's appearance.

"It's no wonder this guy's a ghost! He clearly overate to death!" Jaune shouted while everyone gagged at the idea of dying that way.

Ruby figured the only way for the ghost to become vulnerable would be from him having nothing to 'eat', so she went to sucking the food up with the Poltergust, pausing momentarily to capture a pair of waiter ghosts that quickly came in to try and refill the plate.

"How can these ghosts keep feeding him?" Weiss covered her mouth to hold herself from gagging.

"They're dead, Miss Schnee." Peter reminded her. "I doubt consequences aren't a thing to worry about."

Within moments the plate was empty, and that caused a reaction as the ghost looked at his plate in surprise and confusion, then he noticed Ruby and glared at her.

"Hey! My baby sister is doing you a favor, lardo!" Yang glared at the ghost.

The Ghost, Mister Luggs, began to huff heavily in anger before taking a deep breath and spitting out a ball of fire at Ruby, causing her to dive out of the way before freezing up in surprise.

"How is he firing fireballs?!" Ruby panickily shouts.

"Bad idea!" Ruby cried out as Luggs began to heave more fireballs at her.

Pretty soon, Luggs slumped over on the table in exhaustion, in which Ruby took advantage of and began vacuuming the massively obese ghost up.

"That's what you get for overeating!" Yang laughed.

"I'm surprised he lasted that long." Pyrrha pointed out.

Despite his size, the Ghost was actually rather quick in the air, but it did not help him too long as he couldn't resist the power of the Poltergust.

The fat ghost was sucked into the Poltergust with surprising ease, which was followed by the lights coming on and a green chest appearing in the room.

"Another ghost for a portrait shot." Peter laughed.

"I'm honestly surprised at the ghost's speed." Glynda comments, seeing how the ghost tried to resist the Poltergust.

Ruby zeroed in on the chest and opened it to find more Lien and gold bars and a diamond sitting inside.

"I'm gonna be richer than Weiss at the end of this." Ruby said to herself, grinning.

"As much as I want to deny it, with the amount of Lien she's collecting, she might get rich." Weiss admitted.

"Does that mean my other will get that rich?!" Ruby's eyes sparkled hopefully.

"Please, you dolt, you may be getting rich, but you're a long way to be even richer than the SDC." Weiss rolled her eyes.

After clearing out the chest, Ruby then began to go through the room searching for the Boo and soon found it hiding inside one of the cabinets.

"Name's Boodacious! Got it?" The Boo taunted.

Yang laughed while the others were unamused.

"NO!" Ruby shouted as she began to capture the Boo, which Ruby noticed that the Boo's were actually starting to get more formidable as she explored further into the mansion.

After capturing Boodacious, Ruby went through the door to the Kitchen and held the Dustboy Horror up to the light switch, getting nothing.

"No lights in the Kitchen." Ozpin points out.

"Meaning there are ghosts about." Glynda adds.

"Rats." Ruby muttered as she looked at the running sink and walked up to it with the intention to turn it off. Only for a pan to fly at her.

"Whoa!" Almost everyone shouts.

Ruby ducked under the pan and quickly vacuumed it up, and when a pot flew at her, Ruby felt the need to suck up all the pots and pans before exploring the room.

"How much stuff can that vacuum get?" Jaune questioned, seeing that the Poltergust can even suck up cookware.

With the flying cookware gone, Ruby attempted to turn the sink faucet off, only for the handle that controlled it to pop off in her hands, "Well, that's great." Ruby muttered as she looked around.

"Faulty equipment." Blake comments.

She soon noticed there was a door that led outside that was covered in flames, to which the suction of the Poltergust did nothing for.

"Those flames might be of supernatural origin." Oobleck said as he marveled at the phenomenon.

"But how will my other get through now?" Ruby questioned.

"There's nowhere else I can go, so the answer has got to be in here." Ruby muttered as she looked around the room.

"Smart move, double-checking for anything valuable." Ren says, complementing the red-themed girl.

First, Ruby opened the over, finding a large pot inside it. As a joke, Ruby unleashed some flames from her Poltergust to 'cook' the pot inside the over… Only for a Ruby to be launched at her for her joke.

Yang laughed while others are surprised at what just happened, and Ruby blushed a storm at the luck. "I can't believe you actually did that, and somehow it worked!"

Ruby had to do a double-take at what had happened, "Maybe I should do some of these joke things more often?" Ruby muttered.

"Not when there are people around!" Ruby cried out in embarrassment.

It was then Ruby's stomach grumbled, "Great, well, at least I'm in the kitchen." Ruby said as she walked up to the refrigerator. However, when she touched the door, it swung open with enough force to actually hurt Ruby and knock her backward.

"BWA- Ahahahahah!" A ghost with a frozen heart laughed out when it noticed what had happened to Ruby.

"Another ghost with a frozen heart!" Nora cried out.

"That's was so not nice!" Ruby growled.

"You little…" Ruby growled as she unleashed flames at the ghost, melting its heart, but even then, she didn't let up on the flames- And the spiritual nature of the flames (Powered by an Elemental Ghost) eventually caused the Ghost's body to fade away, followed by the lights turning on… and the Poltergust stopped praying flames and went back to spraying out dust.

"Whoa! What happened?" Jaune says in shock.

"Did my other just destroyed a ghost?" Ruby asked, also surprised.

"It looks like it." Yang says as she slowly nods.

"It may have been due to overuse of the Fire Elemental's supernatural properties." Ozpin theorized.

"Huh?" Ruby asked, looking at the lights in the Room. Come on, "Did… did I destroy a ghost?"

Ruby then saw a large blue chest that appeared in the room and figured she would find something she could use inside, and upon opening the chest, a small blue medal popped out.

Ruby caught it and looked at the water drop on the medal, "Another Elemental Medal." Ruby said as she quickly called E. Gadd."

"A Water Elemental Medal! With that, she can know wash down the lit door." Jaune points out.

[Luigi's Mansion OST: Gameboy Horror]

"Hey now, Ruby, what've you stumbled across now?" E. Gadd asked.

"I… I think it's a Water Element Medal." Ruby said.

"Ohohoho!" E. Gadd said with a chuckle, "With that, you can find Water Elemental Ghost like you can find Fire Elemental Ghosts. Just look for places with running or leaking water. Water Elemental Ghosts don't like still water too much. Actually, water is said to have purifying properties, so it might be effective against ghosts as a weapon."

"So true! Water is mainly considered to have that trait. There has been a recorded document regarding a Semblance with Aquakinesis that can amplify that trait in healing injuries." Doctor Oobleck says, leaving the students in awe of such an ability.

"Got it, oh, and I figured out why King Boo went to gather these." Ruby said.

"Oh? Please do tell." E. Gadd asked.

"Is there an Ice Elemental Medal?" Ruby asked.

"I believe so, yes." E. Gadd said, nodding.

"So there's also one for ice." Weiss muttered in interest.

"Well, I've come across a few ghosts that had their hearts frozen." Ruby said, "And I even burned one out of existence."

"Hope the good doctor might explain that part." Peter said, hoping for an explanation.

"I see. King Boo is using the Medals to give the Ghost immunity to the Poltergust." E. Gadd deduced, "As for burning a Ghost out of existence, not quite, a real ghost you can destroy, scatter its particles yes, but not destroy- I have reason to believe that outside of the Portrait Ghost's, all you have been catching are more akin to ectoplasmic entities created by one of the portrait ghosts, Vincent Van Gore- A painter whose art, quite literally, comes to life."

"I see…" Glynda hummed in understanding. "So the ghost the Ruby destroyed was not truly a ghost but an artificial creation made by one of the escaped Portrait Ghosts."

"And the reason that there are so many ghosts is because of Vincent Van Gore." Ozpin finishes.

Ruby nodded, "Alright… How's Weiss doing?" Ruby asked.

"She's walking." E. Gadd said, "Not very steadily, but she's walking."

"That's good to hear." Weiss sighed in relief that her other is recovering well.

"Okay." Ruby said, sounding relieved, "I'll check in on you later then."

"Good luck Ruby." E. Gadd said, "And don't forget to water the plants with your new squirt gun."

[OST end]

"That doesn't sound so bad." Ren comments liking the idea that the Poltergust can shoot out water and be used to watering plants.

"But why would Ruby need to water plants." Jaune asked. "Don't get me wrong, it's nice to water some plants but is that really a good time?"

"Maybe it was a joke?" Pyrrha says unsurely.

Ruby raised an eyebrow as she looked to the oven, "That might not be a bad idea." Ruby muttered before she began looking for the Boo, finding him hiding in the fridge.

"Boy, howdy. I'm Booligan!" The Boo announced, right before Ruby made quick work of capturing the Boo.

Again, Yang laughed, and the other just groaned in annoyance.

"I swear I dunno was going to drive me mad first, the ghosts or the pun." Ruby said, slumping against the counter, which was followed by an Elemental Water Ghost floating out of the running faucet, looking like a little blue ball with yellow eyes, "I really don't like doing this to you guys." Ruby admitted as she sucked in the Elemental Ghost, then walked over to the flaming door and unleashed a surprisingly large amount of water from the Poltergust, dousing the flames in an instant.

"I'm sorry cute little Water Elemental Ghost." Ruby cries as her sister chuckles as she comforts her.

Ruby stood there a little longer, spraying the door down with water just to cool it off before stepping through it.

Ruby looked around the outside of the house, however, confined it was, and spotted four things.

A Doghouse, a signpost, another leaking faucet, and a green seed.

Blake shudders to see the Doghouse making her dread at the idea of a ghost dog.

"Hey, there's a seed." Nora points out. "You think that what E. Gadd is talking about?"

"Looks like it." Blake said.

"Aww…" Ruby said as she looked at the seed, "Here you go." Ruby said as she let some water pour free from the Poltergust onto the seed, which, much to her surprise, resulted in a small sprout popping out from under the seed.

"What the–, no way a seed can grow that fast!" Weiss says in disbelief.

"Perhaps it was due to the Elemental Ghost's influence." Ozpin theorized.

"Wow. You really liked that, huh?" Ruby said as she approached the doghouse, after seeing the Dustboy reveal there was a bulldog ghost in the doghouse, "Maybe he'll like some water too?"

"Why would you do that?" Blake raised a brow.

"What? I love dogs." Ruby defended while Zwei just whined.

"I know you do, but you do realize that there is a possibility that the dog may be a ghost?" Ruby paused for a moment before realization hit her.

"Oh." That was all she said.

"Grrrrrr" Ruby was already filling the dog bowl with water and turned to look at the Ghost dog, Spooky, as it began to bark at her.

Blake shivered in fear seeing the dog ghost before her eyes. Thankfully the dog was nowhere near her, so she didn't need to worry about running away.

"That is one big dog." Jaune comments while slightly afraid at its appearance.

"I've never been so afraid of a ghost dog before." Weiss shuddered in fear as she held Zwei while the said dog growled at the ghost dog.

"Uh oh." Ruby muttered before Spooky lunged at her.

"YAAAAAH!" Ruby cried out as Spooky kept barking at her.

"YAAAAAH!" Ruby screamed as she quickly hugged Weiss and Zwei. "Please protect me!"

"Ruby! Ghah! Let go!" Weiss cried out while Zwei was still growling at the ghost dog.

"AAGH!" Ruby cried out as Spooky managed to latch onto her leg, her Aura keeping her leg safe thankfully, "OFF, OFF, OFF!" Ruby cried out.

"Get off of her!" Yang shouted in rage.

"That is one disobedient dog!" Nora shouted.

It was then a collection of ghostly skeletal bones rose up from the ground, "Fer the luvva dirt, will you and that dog be QUIET!" The skeleton ghost shouted as Ruby shook Spooky off of her.

"Now there are talking skeleton ghosts!" Blake shouts in disbelief.

"Is there anything in that mansion that doesn't have ghosts!" Ruby shouts.

"I'm sorry, I had a dog chasing and biting me!" Ruby shouted as she turned her flashlight onto the ghost, which stunned it long enough for Ruby to suck the skeleton in, which treated her to a rather comical show with the ghost trying to run from the Poltergust's suction while holding onto its head.

This got a few chuckles from everyone.

"Okay… that was kinda fun to watch." Jaune chuckled.

When the ghost was pulled into the Poltergust, a single bone flew out of its hand and landed in the ground, which caught Spooky's attention.

"That bone can be used against the dog." Ren points out at the cliché heck even Zwei was interested in the bone.

The ghost dog barked twice and ran straight at Ruby.

"Wait, why is it coming for me?!" Ruby panicked. "It should be chasing the bone!"

"Oh noooo." Ruby cried as she covered her eyes… Only to pause when she stopped hearing the ghost dog growl and instead heard a loud licking sound.

Ruby uncovered her eyes and was baffled as she saw the dog licking the bone the previous ghost had left behind.

"Oh. It still went for the bone." Ruby calmed down while everyone chuckled while Zwei just growled that the bone was taken.

Weiss noticed this and cuddled the Corgi to comfort him.

"Okay… That'll work, I guess." Ruby muttered as she took advantage of Spooky's distraction and powered the Poltergust's vacuum on.

Spooky didn't last too long against the Poltergust, but Ruby did not like hearing the dog whine as she did so.

"Good riddance." Blake narrowed her eyes as she was pleased that the ghost dog is gone.

When the ghost was caught, the single light outside lit up, and the door of the Doghouse began to sparkle.

"Another area filled with light." Pyrrha comments, pleased at the results.

Ruby was quick to check her Dustboy, only to see a blue light on it, "No Boo's." Ruby said, "They must be staying specifically inside the mansion." Seeing as she didn't need to check for Boo's, Ruby walked over to the doghouse and looked inside to see what was sparkling in there…

"No Boo's, huh?" Ruby shrugged, seeing that there was no need to comment about it.

Only to feel a familiar suction.

"Oh, not again!" Ruby cried out as she was sucked into the doghouse.

"Seriously?" Ruby whined.

"Not to worry, Miss Rose, be grateful that it was not a mice hole." Peter says, earning an eye-roll from everyone.

To be continued…

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