A bunch of people meet Percabeth. I know this prompt is overused but I really like it so yeah... Also I might add a few meeting the 7 in. I just love them.

Annie will you please tell the peeps what they need to know

Annabeth: Don't call me Annie!

Fine Annabeth please tell the people what they need to know

Annabeth: That you are a person with no life and that you have cried during books?

I think whoever reads this has no life just like me

Annabeth: You're right. Now imma go so, see ya

Annabeth Chase come back here right now or I will take your books and blueprints!

Annabeth: Liar! I'm calling your bluff

*takes books and blueprints*

Annabeth: Alright I will

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Katie Bifit POV

I am the most popular girl at Goode High. All the boys practically beg me to go out with them. I however only have eyes for one boy. Percy Jackson. He is captain of the swim team and . He has raven black hair and eyes that look like hurricanes and the ocean. He always says no when someone asks him out, insisting that he has a girlfriend. I know he just says that because he's waiting for me to ask him out. He and I are both popular and super hot. The perfect couple! Anyway being a 'good student' or whatever, I had to help some nerdy exchange program student from San Francisco. I head down to the office to pick the girl up. When I see her she totally looks like the total opposite of me. She has natural blonde hair, while mine is dyed. She has hard killer gray eyes, while I have warm, welcoming brown eyes. She has a tan you would get from a lot of time outside and scars littering her body, while I have a fake spray tan and no scars anywhere on me. " Hi," I say in a fake cheerful voice. " I'm Katie. I'll be showing you around school today." She looks me over with those calculating eyes. " I'm Annabeth." is all she says. Rude much? " Well," I say, " Follow me." We walk to reading class. " So, do you know anyone here?" I ask. " Yeah, my boyfriend goes here actually." I wonder who her boyfriend is. Based on the classes she takes I'm going to go with a super nerd like her. A lot of boys start staring at us. Me because I'm popular and super pretty, her because she is new and is kinda pretty. She gives them all death glares and they look away. Having her around might be good. Maybe we could become friends. When we get to class we sit down in seats next to each other. The bell rings and starts talking. About 15 minutes later Percy Jackson bursts into the room. Late for class, again. " Thank you for interrupting our class," says in a sarcastic tone. I think I hear Annabeth mumble, " Gods what am I going to do with that boy?" while putting her head in her hands. Percy blushes and sits down in the back of the class. Once class is over I watch Percy hurry out of class. Me and Annabeth follow him out. When Percy opens his locker Annabeth walks up to him and puts him in a choke hold. " What are you doing?!" I scream at her. She's trying to kill him! Percy doesn't look scared. He just looks surprised. Once the surprise fades he takes the arm out from around his neck and says, " Hey Wise Girl." He knew Annabeth? " Took you long enough Seaweed Brain," is all she gets out before Percy kisses her. That's when Jason and Piper show up. " OMG!" Piper screams. " PERCABETH FOREVER! Also I didn't know you would be here Annie," at the same time Jason says, " Percy, Annabeth, no PDA in the hall please." At this Annabeth and Percy pull apart. I was wrong earlier when I said that maybe me and Annabeth could be friends. She can't be with Percy! Percy can't have a girlfriend! Him and I were meant to be, not him and her! I walk up and scream, " How can you be with her Percy?! She is an ugly bitch and a slut! She is nothing but a dumb blonde (A/N I do NOT think blondes are dumb. This just proves how dumb she is being. BTW I'm a blonde and I am quite smart if I do say so myself.) You and I were meant to be! I would be a much better girlfriend than her!" Percy's eyes weren't happy like they were when they saw Annabeth anymore. Percy opened his mouth to say something, but didn't even get to say it because Piper shrieked, " WHAT!" At this my best friend, Rachel Elizebeth Dare ran down the hall. " Piper what's wrong? Why did you-" her voice trailed off once she saw Annabeth. " EEEEEEEEEEEEK! What are you doing here? Why did Piper scream? How long did it take Perce to realize you were here?" Wait- Rachel knew Annabeth?! Piper explained what happened and when she was done Rachel bitch slapped me. " Annabeth is not dumb, nor is she a bitch or slut. Next time you say anything like that to her or one of my friends again you are dead." Then she turns and walks away. That's how I learned to NEVER mess with Percabeth.

Hope you liked that. I will try to update soon. Love you guys lots.

-Wise Girl