Hey everyone, this extra page is for Harry Magical Focus that will be his main weapon outside of his gear and for most of his forms as Kamen Rider Evol. Now I think it needs a little more where it comes to cores and the design needs some work so if someone who has an eye for designing can help I would appreciate it. Harry will get his canon wand, but it burns out before Hogwarts, so he had to get a staff. The Phoenix feather from Fawkes goes into Harry's Staff. I do need help with how Ollivander would describe the wand woods and cores. I also need 4 more wand cores to complete the staff. Whoever helps me thanks.

Evol Staff:

Design: Has a cobra motif: The Staff is like one of those Staffs from Kid Icarus: Uprising:

Focus Gem: Sapphire:

Wand Wood: Wood from the tree from Norse Mythology Yggdrasil:

Wand Cores

1. Arachne's web:

2. Basilisk Venom: Freely given from the Salazar Slytherin's Basilisk: How Harry got it: The Basilisk gives him some of its venom as thanks to taking it to a safe place to live in peace:

3. Fenrir's fur:

4. Hati's fur:

5. Medusa's scales:

6. and 7. Nekomata Hair x2: Freely given from Blair and Leone: How Harry got it: Blair and Leone gave him some of their hair for the staff:

8. Nemean Lion's fur:

9. Phoenix Feather: Freely Given from Fawkes: How Harry got it: It was from his original wand after he outgrew the wand:

10. Sköll's fur.

11. Thestral Tail Hair:

12. Thunderbird Tail Feather: (The Thunder Bird will be Lightning's familiar. If anyone wants to help with design it, thanks for your help.) Freely Given: How Harry got it: The Thunder Bird gives a tail feather as thanks for saving Lightning:

13. Vampire Blood: Freely given from Evangeline A.K McDowell: How Harry got it: Evangeline gave him some of her blood for the staff:

14. and 15. Veela Hair x2: Freely given from Fleur Delacour and Samus Aran, transformed not out of angry: How Harry got it: He got them as thanks for saving them and their friend and giving them new strength:

16. World Serpent Jörmungandr's scales: