Hi my screen name is Draco and I am a young adult. I am going to attempt to write a sonic/ranma crossover while also having it be a self insert. This is the first chapter. I am very new to writing so please bear with me. Also if anyone wants to continue it or use the concept I don't care if you do if you acknowledge me.

Disclaimer: all different elements belong to their own respective owners.




narration/out of universe exposition

(D) Draco thoughts

(S) Shadow thoughts

R) Rouge thoughts

T) All of them connected aka ranma

Yaawn* "Time to go take a shower. "

Fshhhhhhh* I hope when I finally write that story I do well. Nonononono, THUNK!

In a different part of the multiverse:

"Rouge please don't leave me!" "I am sorry shadow but it's time for me to go. Not everyone can be ageless like you.

Goodbye." "Why do I have to outlive everyone I care about! You know what! I am going to make sure this never happens again! I am going to release the virus G.U.N made to target the black arms' dna! If I die, I die." "CHAOS CONTROL!" Fwoosh* "Shadow what are you doing here?" "Not now jerry! Hey commander junior, release the anti-black arms virus! Or else I will shoot you and me in the head, in that order!" "Fine, shadow. Anything to help you cope so you don't snap. But you are getting triple mission duty one you have mourned." Fshhhhhhh* "Goodbye." "What do you mean?" " I can feel it, I guess I have enough of the dna to affect me." " Shadow!"

In a different part of the multiverse:

Nermia, japan 2002

"You are almost there nodoka!" "Shut it Gemma!" "Yes, dear." "Hrugha" "Wahh wahh" "Congratulations, it's a boy!" "Let me hold him! I will name him Ranma" "(d) What is going on?" "(S) I don't know!" "R) Shadow?" "(S) Rouge?" "(D) shadow? Rouge? As in rival of sonic and the ultimate lifeform and the jewel thief bat of the sonic the hedgehog franchise?" "(S) Franchise?" "(D) I will take that as a yes. So… multiverse theory is a thing." "R) as in every fictional thing in one universe is real in another?" "(D) Yep, where I am from your universe is a videogame franchise with spin-offs in comics and animation."