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"YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES!" She all but shrieked ecstatically. Susan knew that she had known Caspian hardly a month if you stretched it but in that month she got to know him more then he would know himself most likely. Laughing Caspian picked her up and spun her around again.

"I know I don't have a ring right now Susan, but will you accept this? My mother gave it to me with the intentions of giving it to my future bride." His hand slipped into his pocket and he pulled out a beautiful sapphire neckless with a small diamond and a teardrop pendant. She gasped softly, and then said even quieter,

"Of course Caspian, thank you so very much... they would be so proud of you." He smiled a bittersweet smile then clasped the neckless around her neck. She returned the smile and leaned up and kissed him again which he returned gladly. When they broke apart Susan rushed over to her family who was grinning at her,

"Well Su. Looks like thanks to you and lover boy over there we'll be staying!" Ed exclaimed, smirking at Peters green face.

"Yes, about that Susan. What were you thinking?! You have known him hardly over a month! How are we supposed to know what he's really like?" Then lowering his voice he added, "Susan, as kind as he seems he is a Telmarine! You know how they are!" He growled. In a second her mood changed. That was too far. Much too far. She grabbed Peters wrist and led him away.

"Peter! How the hell can you say that? You know practically nothing about him, in fact, every single time since the day we met you have been shoving him away from the lead role. And you know what? Every single time after that he came to me and I saw the real side of him. Not the side of him who is fighting in a war, not his kingly face he shows for his people." Then she added softly, "I saw the side of him that wanted to be loved. That wanted to be cared for. I saw what no one else saw. Peter he wants a family. He wants to feel loved and appreciated. And every single time I was the one to encourage him. Me, Ed, and Lucy. We all told him to keep fighting, and to not give up."

She whispered quietly, "He felt suicidal Pete. Because of you. He wanted to kill himself." She said. She had started out angry but now her gentle caring side was out. Peter also felt horrible for saying that about Caspian, he hung his head and sighed.

"I know Susan. I'm sorry, I reacted too quickly, I'm happy for you even if he was supposed to ask me first." He said smirking and lifting the mood. She smiled shaking her head then led them back to the others.

"I am so happy for you Su!" Lucy squealed loudly. "Can I see your neckless?" She picked up the small pendant in her hand and lifted the chain over her head,

"Here," She replied; laughing at her enthusiasm, then strong arms wrapped around her waist.

"Well love, everything is officially sorted out with the Telmarines and Aslan! I am officially a King of Narnia!" He exclaimed happily. He spun her around,

"Thank you my king, I have been dealing with your family... officially at last." Gesturing to Ed and Lu who were arguing,

"Is this what having siblings is like?" He laughed, "Like 2 peasant woman haggling over the price of fish?"

"Oh no love. It's worse. Much worse."

"How can it be worse! I've seen those women get into fist fights for those fish and trust me it is not pretty." At this Susan started laughing so hard she nearly fell over, in face the only reason she was able to stand was Caspian who was holding her upright and laughing nearly as much as she was.

"Alright you two, alright," She said breathlessly, breaking up their fight.

"Yeah says you!" Then a mischievous grin spread across his face, "If your tired of it, why don't you go snog lover boy some more?" This caused Lucy to howl like a hyena, while she blushed so red her shoulders were crimson.

"Yes about that Caspian, isn't there something you want to ask me?" Peter asked, a hint of a threat in his voice.

"Oh yeah..." Caspian laughed nervously, "Um about that... um, can I like um... marry your sister? Like.. umm obviously I already asked.. but ummmmmm..." Peter rolled his eyes,

"It's alright Caspian. I give you my permission. But keep in mind, if you hurt her; I will mince your flesh, feed it to the wolves and use your bones in the fire I have to cook my meal." Ed blinked.

"Wow Pete. That was... gory to saw the least." Then he burst out laughing.

"What Peter meant to say, is that we already consider you a part of the family and even though we know that you wouldn't ever hurt Susan you can keep that in mind as for what happens if you will!" Lu came in cheerfully. She hugged the engaged couple once again.

"Thanks Lu." Caspian said, touched. Then he turned to Susan, "Well love, I think we should head inside now. I have some matters to settle and I am sure that you will too." She sighed,

"Yes, as much as I would like this moment to last forever it won't. I suppose I will see you...?"

"How about after dinner at the gardens? I have something I would like to give you."

"That sounds perfect." He leaned down and placed a final soft kiss on her lips.

"See you then love."

After the horrendously long day of council meeting with the lords of Telmar, coming to an agreement about the court, settling several land disputes and property managements the day was finally over. And she finally got to see Caspian, she took a deep breath and walked out into the moonlit garden, heading straight over to the beautiful orchids. Susan loved many flowers yes, but Orchids had to be her favorites.

"I thought I'd find you here my lady." A deep voice said behind her, she jumped and quickly spun around,

"Caspian! You scared me!" She exclaimed pressing a hand to her heart,

"Yes well it is not always that I catch the Gentle queen of guard, do allow me humor." She rolled her eyes and muttered,

"Oh shut up..." Caspian laughed again.

"My deepest apologies, o Gentle queen." He said with a deep bow. Susan playfully slapped his shoulder before leaning into his chest as he was standing again. She wrapped her slender arms around his back and felt him put his head on top of hers.

"I love you." She whispered,

"I love you too." Then he reached into his pocket, "Here Susan, look. I was walking a bit outside the how the other day and I stumbled on this," His fingers traced the design, before handing the stone butterfly to Susan. "I wanted you to have this." She gasped softly and smiled, then pressed a kiss to his lips.

"Caspian it's beautiful! It looks so real!" She gazed into his deep chocolate brown orbs, "I love it!" She murmured. "And actually, I have something for you too." She slid the warm leather bracelet from her wrist to his. Engraved on it were the initials SP + CX he smiled warmly,

"Thank you Susan, I don't think I plan on taking this off any time soon." They smiled at each other and their lips crashed together, the couple stood blissfully under the moonlight, completely unaware of the dangerous red eyes watching them.

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