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Galadriel was on the grand porch gazing East as the sun rose above the mountains; the air was pleasantly warm, and the scent of flowers filled the air though she was not alone as her daughter had thought to accompany her this morning and was preparing tea.

It was rather queer to Celebrian her mother had gained a taste for tea, or rather a particular blend that was unknown to her, but she was adamant about discerning the proper mixture.

"It's set, mother," said Celebrian smiling, offering a cup of hot tea to her mother, who took it with a smile.

"Thank you, daughter," Galadriel said before taking a sip of her tea, all the while her daughter looked at her expectantly.

"It's delightful," Galadriel said with a smile.

And it was; the tea brewed by her daughter was much pleasanter than hers but not as good as the one Jon had prepared for her once she had yet to ask him how he brewed it, but she would today.

Mother and daughter chatted happily, letting go of their sorrows as Celeborn's death was ever on their minds, and they knew that many centuries would pass before they could speak of him without weeping.

However, Galadriel heart was filled with joy for the love she felt for Jon had helped her cope with the bitter loss of Celeborn.

However, her thoughts had strayed now to the night of passion that Jon had shared with her beloved aunt before the eyes of gods and men they were bonded.

And though she felt joy knowing her aunt had found such love, some portion of her spirit felt fierce jealousy as she yearned to lay with Jon as her husband to be in the arms of her beloved wolf, but now she faced a rather cruel hardship.

Her daughter Celebrian stared at her eyes filled with love but also faintest suspicion.

The Lady of Light knew that her daughter was much wiser than she appeared, as even Elrond heeded her counsel when she gave it. Celebrian would notice the joy in her heart and wrongfully assume that she felt no sadness at the loss of Celeborn, but that was a mere lie, Galadriel mourned the death of Celeborn deeply, and the annulment of her marriage was the bitterest of poisons, but Galadriel knew she had found love again though she feared her daughters' ire.

That is why Galadriel had kept her oblivious about her feelings for Jon, but she had begun to suspect that Celebrian knew of the love they shared still if her daughter had known she had said nothing on the matter, and that disheartened Galadriel.

Galadriel was terrified of the resentment that her daughter could have when knowing that her mother was smitten with the wild wolf, and if Celebrian behaved as Feanor had done, her heart would surely break; she could not bear losing her beloved daughter and prayed to the Valar Celebrian would not be parted from them.

In addition, he had not yet informed him that the Valar had annulled his marriage to Celeborn at his request. Her father's death was still very fresh in her soul, and Celebrian still did not know the circumstances of his death; if she discovered her father would not leave those Halls until the breaking of Arda, it would be a wound that few could bear.

But Galadriel knew that she should tell the truth to her daughter soon; Celebrian deserved to see the truth in her mother's heart, only she had no inkling how to best handle the quandary, how would she tell her beloved daughter that although her father would ever be in her heart, she had fallen for another.

Unknown to the Lady of Light, her daughter Celebrian already knew her affection for the young wolf, having known for some time though she dared not speak of it, for the valley of Imladris had many wandering eyes and ears, not all of them pleasant.

Knowing that her mother's heart turned to the young mortal caused her no end of sadness and grief.


One morning a message came to Imladris informing them of another visit from the Westerosi who desired to see the Valley again. At the same time, a note arrived from Jon Snow saying that he wanted to get away from the fires of Khazad-dûm for a while to be with their family and companions; upon learning that their wild wolf was visiting both elf elves, Írimë and Galadriel were elated, each day that both remain away from their beloved was agony for the two elves.

However, in their happiness to receive that message, neither Írimë nor Galadriel knew they were being spied upon by Celebrian.

That was when Elrond's wife belatedly hoped to discover the truth of her mother's heart.

Her heart told her that there was more to her mother's newfound happiness than she appeared, and it seemed that Jon Snow was the source. However, the mere thought seemed absurd; her mother was married and would never lower herself to being an adulteress; it was against the very spirit of their people.

So why was her heart so unsettled? Celebrian has long sensed that something was happening between her mother and that young mortal she perceived the link between them, which worried her greatly.

Celebrian must know if there was love blossoming between her mother and that young mortal and come to understand it.

She was not as wrothful and arrogant as Fëanor, but that did not mean that she was joyful about her mother being courted so soon after her father's death; she must know why.

Celebrian could not live consumed up by uncertainty, if her mother truly desired that young man, she must know as sad and painful as the answer may be, and if she is mistaken, she will beg her mother's forgiveness for having doubted her love for her father and she will hope that she will grant it to her.

But first, she needed to know more about Jon Snow; Celebrian knew little of Jon save for what her mother and Elrond had told her she hadn't deemed it fruitful to know him more keenly and to her shame that indifference had worked against her.

She knew that Jon Snow had a laborious childhood in Westeros because of his upbringing as a bastard to hide it from Robert Baratheon after the Rebellion that was the ruin of his family, but she couldn't consult her mother or Lady Írimë as it would be rather queer if she took such a keen interest in him.

However, the opportunity came sooner than Celebrian had hoped; Elrond received a letter from Annuminas the Westerosi would visit Imladris again.

She began to hatch a plan to discover more about Jon Snow's life without raising suspicions from her mother or Lady Írimë, or so she hoped as her mother was the wisest among their people.

Fortunately, Jon Snow's grandmother, Rhaella, travelled with them. Of course, she could hardly ask his lovers or brothers in arms about him as it would arouse curiosity, but perhaps she could get the knowledge from his grandmother, knowing that way that the Lady Írimë would relish the opportunity to hear tales of her beloved, but it was rather queer knowing her mother might be one of Jons lovers.

Celebrian didn't know how to deal with it.

So ordering her servants to prepare a jug of Arnorian wine and some sweets, the Lady of Imladris led the three to a private box, and after a few moments, her mother and Lady Írimë began to ply Rhaella with questions about Jon's life in Westeros as he seldom spoke about it with any save those closest to him even then it was merely tales of his time in the South.

Celebrian and the other knew little of Jon's childhood save that his uncle Eddard Stark's wife openly loathed him thinking that he was a baseborn son of her husband, and so Catelyn Stark refused to acknowledge his presence and mistreated him when he grew wiser and mightier than his cousin Robb seeing Jon as a threat to their inheritance.

She felt indignation when hearing about the wicked manner with which Catelyn treated a child only out of jealousy and fear, reaffirming her desire to never go to know the lands beyond the eastern seas.

Celebrian also noticed that Lady Írimë clenched her fists in anger as she heard Queen Rhaella speak of Jon being mistreated by that horrible Her wise and reserved mother did not show her emotions. Still, Celebrian discerned it quickly, and she was sure that Lady Írimë and Rhaella had seen it too that her mother Galadriel was furious when she learned of the misery that woman caused Jon.

Then after drinking some more wine, Queen Rhaella began to explain how the life of a bastard works in the distant land of Westeros.

"It is not unexpected for noblemen to have bastard children, though it is considered rude to pry into the origins of a man's bastards. While it is not typical for a noble to bring his bastards home and raise them with his own children, it is usually expected that he will see to the child's well-being to some degree. Some might choose to have their bastards fostered at the home of another lord, while others might decide to raise their bastard at their own home, in the position of a servant. A noble-born wife can take insult at her husband's bastards being introduced into her household and being commensurate in rank with her legally-born children." Rhaella explained before taking another sip of wine.

"But why?" Lady Írimë asked, dismayed to hear such a form of mistreatment of children.

"Because this is the Westerosi culture, my Lady, the men and women there are crooked, wicked and feeble; there is no law in Westeros that punishes men or women of high birth for having bastard children, but instead, they are seen as a sin before all" Rhaella said solemnly.

"That's very cruel," Celebrian said with sadness and disbelief at how unfair the Westerosi culture was in pitying Jon.

"Indeed", her mother seconded, trying to quell her fury, but Celebrian could perceive the wroth of her mother as surely as the clouds above.

"Jon has always said that it is largely thanks to that woman that he never accepted Winterfell as his home, that he often felt like a stranger," Lady Írimë said, shedding tears.

"I have no doubt, bearing a bastard name while living among so many trueborn children can be a great hurt as it reminds them that they are somehow lesser to their siblings," Rhaella said compassionately for her grandson.

"Speak plainly, Rhaella?" Celebrian said, taking a sweet from the table.

"There is a certain disgrace that comes from being born as a bastard. They are said to be born from lust, lies, and weakness, and as such, they are said to be wanton and treacherous by nature. Moreover, because of the stigma bastards have to deal with, they are said to grow up faster than trueborn children. Therefore, even after being legitimised, bastards will usually have much difficulty in removing the shame of having been bastard-born. "Rhaella said sadly as the three elves expressions became ones of ire and fury.

"Do they seek to shackle them with the guilt of their fathers'?" Lady Írimë asked, now incensed and furious with the customs of Westeros as Queen Rhaella nodded.

"Because of the stigma bastards have to deal with, they are said to grow quicker than trueborn children. Therefore, even after being legitimised, bastards will usually have considerable difficulty in removing the stigma of having been bastard-born," The ancient Queen said with a certain bitterness in her voice.

The former Queen of Westeros too felt an aversion to bastards and saw them as inferior to her, she was a Targaryen Princess, and the Septa who instructed her was a prejudiced and fanatical old woman who took it upon herself to instil those biases in her, and they had festered in her heart for many years. Still, after learning that one of her own grandchildren was raised as a bastard and hearing from his own mouth everything he had to endure because he carried the name snow," Rhaella understood how ignorant and cruel she had been; those poor children took on a burden unwillingly.

The guilt of proving her own ignorance made her wine bitter.

"Are you well, Rhaella?" Celebrian asked, noticing the solemn look upon the Targaryens face.

"Yes, it's just that I remember and regret my own youthful behaviour. But, I have to confess that until I discovered that my own grandson was raised as a bastard, I also shared the belief that they were evil and vile by nature," Rhaella said remorsefully.

"The culture of your homeland is rather", Lady Írimë began to say, but Rhaella cut her off.

"Degrading, unjust and hypocritical? It must be my Lady, now we understand that our people unknowingly serve the perversions of Morgoth, and if I may speak plainly, those bastards poor of noble houses are sometimes treated far cruller than some peasants, "Rhaella said bitterly.

"What?" Galadriel said, her tone laced with wroth, obviously horrified at the thought of her beloved wolf suffering such indignities.

"Bastards do not have the right to use the arms of the highborn families from which they descend. Recognised bastards who take up arms often, but not always, take the coat of arms of their fathers with the colours reversed. But if a recognised bastard born into the nobility openly wore the true colours of his fathers' house, he would be unjustly proffering himself as a legitimate son and not as a bastard, and this would disgrace them, and thus they would be punished whether by flogging or losing a hand, "Rhaella said, shocking the three elves who were horrified by the cruelty and injustice in Westeros.

"In Middle Earth, it is the father, noble or commoner who must act with restraint, and although there is a certain prejudice for the children of men born of baser lusts, we are not so savage as to treat them like animals," Galadriel said, her tone as cold as winters chill.

"However, there are several ways this can change; some may be knighted, others join the Citadel, fewer still join the Night's Watch, and a few fortunate ones are legitimised," Rhaella said, hoping to calm the elven maidens.

"Legitimate?" Lady Írimë asked curiously, and Celebrian was also interested as she had never heard that term while Galadriel searched Rhaella's mind to find out more.

"Besides acknowledging bastards, they can also be legitimised. This power is reserved for monarchs alone. Once a bastard is legitimised, this cannot be undone."Rhaella said

"But what does being 'legitimised' consist of?" Asked Celebrian interested.

"A bastard may inherit if the father has no other trueborn children nor any other direct heirs to follow him. However, in order to inherit or be installed as an heir, the bastard-born child will first have to be legitimised by a royal decree." Queen Rhaella said wistfully as she thought of the life Jon might have had if he was raised alongside Aegon.

"This was caused by the rebellion of Daemon Blackfyre, this hatred of bastards," Galadriel said, recalling the tale of the black dragon causing Celebrian and Lady Írimë to remember the story.

A story that the Kings of Middle-Earth had heard many times from the Westerosi as it was a rather famous tale.

Shiera's father, King Aegon IV Targaryen last decree before his death, was bitter poison that would lay the seeds to generations of war, bloodshed, death, and woe to the realm. Aegon legitimised all his bastard children, causing five generations of strife as the Blackfyre Pretenders tried to claim the Iron Throne.

His eldest bastard son, Daemon Blackfyre, later claimed the Iron Throne and led a bloody civil war known as the First Blackfyre Rebellion. His sons and descendants, aided by another of the Great Bastards and his Father's half brother, Aegor Rivers, led four more wars to seize the Iron Throne before their final claimant, Maelys the Monstrous, was finally killed by an acclaimed Westerosi warrior many years later.

The actions of Daemon Blackfyre and his kin are shown as an example that bastards are sinful by nature and will seek to rise higher than they deserve.

"But even after being legitimised, bastards often have considerable difficulty removing the stigma of having been the sons of bastards, that and the improbability of obtaining legitimation from a monarch have made them choose to do whatever they can to become knights". Rhaella said happily, hoping to not discuss this horrid topic further.

"Become knights?" Lady Írimë asked with curiosity in her voice.

"Yes, that is one of the few rights that bastards in Westeros have; a bastard might rise high. Male bastards may study at the Citadel and become a maester or loremasters as you would know them. Female bastards are allowed to join the Faith of the Seven and become septas. Potentially, this might mean that male bastards could become septons, although male bastards often choose to become knights, "Rhaella said with a sigh.

"But it's not that easy," said Celebrian, totally sure of the answer, which Rhaella Targaryen confirmed with a nod.

"Truly no, the life of a knight is fraught with heartache and woe, but those bastards who show merit may join the Kingsguard perhaps become lord Commander," Rhaella said, surprising the three beautiful elves.

The Royal Guard of Westeros, Jon, Loras and Robar, and the Ladies Ashara and Shiera had told them of the knights known poetically as the White Swords or the White Cloaks, the royal bodyguards of the Iron Throne. Regarded as the finest knights in the Seven Kingdoms, they are sworn to protect their king and the royal family with their own lives, to obey his commands, and to keep his secrets. The Kingsguard are sworn for life and are forbidden from owning land, taking a wife, or fathering children.

Celebrian knew from what she had learned from her husband that being a Kingsguard is considered the highest honour a Westerosi knight can attain and, in theory, they are destined to be the living examples of the pinnacle of chivalric virtues, albeit according to Jon and his companions the Kingsguard is a mob of thugs and killers who serve the whims of House Lannister.

The most famous among them was a man known as Jaime Lannister, whom Loras Tyrell refers to disparagingly as The Kingslayer for having murdered Jon and Rhaenys' grandfather, King Aerys the mad neither she nor her husband said anything as they had no desire to offend the Westerosi.

But upon hearing the atrocities committed by "The Mad King", Celebrian thought little of his demise; it was justice but rather justice of barbarity, less a breaking of oaths more akin to mercy for the mad dragon and those who suffered.

"So Jon had always dreamt of being a knight?" said Celebrian's mother pulling her out of her thoughts.

"No, or rather I cannot say as we haven't talked at length, but his upbringing no doubt inspired him. House Tyrell welcomed Jon into their halls, and The Reach is considered the home of chivalry in Westeros. It is the place where knighthood is looked upon with the greatest reverence and esteemed the most. It is also where the rules for tourneys are the most stringent and managed, and it was no great shock my grandson was seduced by the ideas of Chivalry", said Rhaella pouring one more glass of wine.

"That is why my Nin Mel is so gallant," Lady Írimë said with a smile.

"Yes, it seems my grandson made a name for himself in those regions growing up they know him there as 'The Wolf of the South' ", Rhaella said with a smile that soon faded.

"It seems Jon snow was forced to carry burdens many that should have never been his to bear, and yet the shadow has not consumed his heart", Celebrian thought her regard for the young knight rising.

"And the third choice?" Lady Írimë asked.

"The third choice is the cruellest to join the Night's Watch, " Queen Rhaella said with a sigh.

"The Night's Watch ..." whispered Celebrian remembering that Westerosi had briefly spoken of that organisation when they met King Gil-Galad ... But only briefly as if talking about it displeased them.

"You will have to excuse us, Queen Rhaella, but we know little of that order save that it belongs to the North," Lady Írimë said.

But to their surprise, Queen Rhaella only laughed a little.

"I'm not surprised; the Black Brothers have a sinister reputation despite being some eight thousand years old."

That surprised the elven maidens as there were few things in this world so ancient as this Night's watch.

"Could you share your knowledge with us?" Her mother asked, eager to learn more about Westerosi culture, and Queen Rhaella nodded.

"I think Lord Elrond would have liked to be here. We have learned more about Westeros in this conversation than we have in years," Lady Írimë said with a smile that Celebrian, her mother Galadriel and Queen Rhaella shared, knowing that Lord Elrond had a great love for lore and particularly of the Elder days.

"I have no doubt ... Let's see, the Night's Watch is a military order dedicated to holding the Wall, the immense wall on the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms, defending the realms of men from what lies beyond the Wall. The order's foundation dates back to the Age of Heroes, at the time when the Others were pushed back. The men of Night's Watch wear only black, and they are known as black brothers and Recruits who join the Watch are said to take the black. " Rhaella said, recalling all she knew of the Brotherhood.

At that moment, Írimë and Galadriel remembered Morgoth striding forth clad in black armour, his shield sable and unblazoned though they had doubts these watchmen served the Great Enemy it made them wary.

"It seems a noble calling," Celebrian said, confused as to why that sworn brotherhood has such a bad reputation.

Though the sour expression of her mother told Celebrian that was far from the truth.

"Alas, it seems that the watch is but a shadow of its former glory," Her mother said, and the Rhaella nodded.

"Yes, I am afraid that so most of Westeros neglects the Wall. Only the North remembers the old days, but even they believe the Others are no more than vague figures in stories told to frighten children. Only a few of the houses south of the Neck have members in the Night's Watch, and most serve because they fell afoul of political machinations or fought on the wrong side of a war. However, there have been fewer wars since my ancestors' conquest. Northmen such as the Starks and Norreys are more likely to hold the Watch in high regard than southrons, " Queen Rhaella said pensively.

"And the quality and character of those among the black brothers have fallen as well," Galadriel said with disgust as she read Rhaella's mind.

"Yes, Once serving on the Wall was an honour and a sign of selfless devotion to duty, with many knights, honourable men, and nobles taking the black voluntarily. The Night's Watch is now often seen only as a way to avoid punishment, suitable less for knights than for the dregs of Westeros. These men are salvaged from dungeons by travelling recruiters known as wandering crows. Dishonoured nobles, bastards, and the unwanted legitimate offspring of nobles are encouraged to take the black, making many of today's Watch a surly and dissatisfied lot." Rhaella said, growing weary of the conversation.

"So joining the Night's Watch is a punishment?" Lady Írimë asked.

"Most of the time, yes, Those who come voluntarily are free to leave during any time of their training, but no man may leave after he has said vows. Any deserters are sentenced to death. After taking the vows, the men of the Watch cannot own any land, marry, or father children. Men are also encouraged to sever any ties left with their families if they are lucky enough to have one, as did Ser Robar's younger brother, "Rhaella said, recalling a faraway conversation with her son's brother-in-arms; apparently, his oafish brother had joined the watch hoping for glory.

Galadriel and Írimë were dismayed what would have happened to their beloved dragon if he joined that pack of cutthroats.

"And why do the bastards in Westeros join an order such as that?" Celebrian asked, doubtful that anyone would truly wish to go willingly.

"Because in the Night's Watch, any man can take command and hold honourable positions, regardless of the circumstances of his birth many of the Lord Commanders have been bastards and second sons though I'm afraid that is all I know as I never took a keen interest in the Watch, "Rhaella said weary of the conversation and drunk on wone.

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, Queen Rhaella", Galadriel said with a gentle bow.

"It is no trouble, my lady", Jon's grandmother said with a smile.

"I shudder to think what Jon's life would have been like among those foul brothers praise the Valar that he came to Middle-Earth," Lady Írimë said happily.

A feeling Celebrian shared it seemed the life of Jon Snow before going south was cruel and miserable betrayed by those who loved him for a crown and shunned by those who shared his blood all for the ruthless aims of a woman so blinded by her cruelty she could not see beyond her own desires.

And yet Jon's essence remained he was not spiteful, cruel, envious, nor evil, he was just a man whose life was marked by hardship and treachery from birth, yet he has sworn to not be consumed by the grief of his life.

Jon Snow was a sullen young man, reserved, severe, aggressive with strangers but warm, honourable, kind and gentle with his loved ones.

Now Celebrian could understand why he was loved by so many even her own mother.

Celebrian had noted that her mother's face was impassive during their conversation, but she knows her too well. Celebrian is certain that when her mother heard that Jon was mistreated, belittled and denigrated for being considered a bastard, Celebrian perceived the fury of her mother at that moment, she prayed to the Valar this Catelyn Stark never met her mother.

But, Celebrian was dismayed because now she saw that her mother had grown accustomed to her fathers' absence for the love of the wild wolf burned as bright as the evening star, and her beloved father was still trapped in those accursed halls, unable to defend his love for her.

What will happen when he finds out that his wife fell in love with someone else? Envisioning her mother with Jon Snow ... Celebrian knew she should be furious and outraged at her mothers' betrayal, but she had peered into his soul upon his resurrection and saw the death of her father consumed him with guilt.

That moved her, and now she respects him even more, knowing the cruel life he lived before being called to Middle Earth by the Elder King and having such a noble spirit that he does not allow himself to be influenced by the Great Enemy's perversions.

All this has her very confused; she knew not what to do; it was a queer happening that her mother should love another, but she must speak of this when the time is right lest she causes them anguish.

Unknown to Celebrian, her mother had read her thoughts and although it pleased her to know that her daughter would not be consumed by rage as Feanor had been.

Thank you, my daughter, I swear that we shall speak of this; thank you for not condemning Jon, laying the blame of Celeborns demise upon him; she was joyful to know her daughter would listen to her but only when the time was right.

Furthermore, she had yet to speak to her daughter of the annulment, and that would be a bitter poison for both to swallow, but Galadriel knew she must.

That has been more than a year, and Celebrian still has not spoken with her mother, but she knew she must soon she wished to grasp the truth for good or ill Celebrian would confront her mother.

Thought Celebrian sighing as she knitted in her lot as she gazed at the beautiful valley below her.

Soon Jon awoke as the sun crept through the silken drapes and flooded the chamber with light; for a few moments, he thought of drifting back to sleep, but it seems the sun would defeat him, and so he opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of golden curls on his chest.

At that moment, the memories of the night before came back to Jon; he and Lalwen had plighted their troth and were now truly bonded.

To see his beloved so full of life filled him with joy beyond measure, Jon wished that both of them would remain like this forever so that he could enjoy the beauty of Lalwen until the world ended, without fear or shadows to cloud their lives.

Unfortunately, fate was ever cruel, and he knew he must part from her soon, so Jon tried to stir her from her slumber.

"Lalwen, we must rise; the sun has risen," Jon said gently, bringing his love's body closer to the point where their cheeks touched, and Jon began to kiss her gently and then tickle her neck.

"No beloved let us Longue in bed today," Said the beautiful elf, laughing softly.

"Would it that we could, but I have dealings with the Dorwinions and a long road ahead," Jon said with some irritation before drawing her closer to his chest.

The beautiful elf merely smiled and embraced him again, and soon their tongues were duelling in passion.

They both lost themselves in the passion of their union, devouring the other as if parting would be the ending of the world though Lalwen had to part for air.

"Last night was", the noble elf began to say.

"Wonderful Lalwen beyond any pleasure I have felt in my life," Jon said, kissing his beloved again.

And that was true, for obvious reasons he would never tell his other loves, but sharing the bed with one of Ilúvatar's first-born daughters, it was as if the fire of creation had filled his soul the world held no shadow for he had bathed in her radiance.

Jon began to wonder if elves had any kind of alluring power as it seemed to be affecting his mind, but he knew to be silent when it came to his lady loves if they discovered his time with her was far more wondrous, they would make him far more akin to a woman that he hoped.

Jon loved them all the same, but only a fool wouldn't realise that they were all territorial, possessive and bellicose.

Although he would not begrudge them that he loved them all fiercely and would instead be wed to proud maidens rather than sycophantic fools.

"What are you thinking about Nin Mel?" Írimë asked, lying comfortably on Jon's chest, delighting in the aroma and softness of his warm skin.

"Merely gazing at the beauty who rivals the rising sun," Jon said, kissing his sweet elf again to the delight of the one who returned the kiss.

"It was meriting the wait ... I can't believe that all those millennia I was denied the chance to find such love," Írimë thought happily.

"Lalwen…" Jon said earnestly, and the Princess of the Noldor sighed before smiling; she knew what her dearest dragon desired to say.

"Yes, beloved?" Írimë asked, staring at him.

"What happened last night."

"I don't regret anything, Nin Mel; I sought you and seduced you; it was beautiful," Írimë said with a smile remembering the intense night of passion she had last night.

"But you are no longer a Maiden according to the laws of our peoples," Jon said passionately.

"We are wed, Aemond, yes, and I couldn't be happier because we Eldar give ourselves to those we truly love, and I love you my dragon with all my heart," Said the beautiful elf with a smile, kissing her beloved with all the passion she could muster.

"Arianne, Rhaenys, Daenerys and you, I never dared to believe I would be loved by maidens of such admirable and notable houses. But, unfortunately, those in Westeros saw me as lesser for the sin of my birth," Jon said with anger and merriment, remembering Lady Catelyn, Olenna, those Redwyne bastards and of course that loathsome fucking Lannister.

A life in which he not only did not know who he really was, but it was a life in which he had no right to aspire to anything, and he had no freedom either.

Seeing Jon's expression, Írimë looked into the heart of her dragon and knew that the shadow of Westeros still haunted him, it filled her with anguish, after fifty years knowing Westerosi and learning of their customs, Írimë knew well the indignities suffered by her beloved for the crime of his birth, and it filled her with a wroth and spite.

"Lalwen, what are you thinking about?" Jon asked curiously as he saw the bitter expression of his elf princess without being aware of the dark thoughts that run through his mind.

Hearing Jon, Írimë smiled and kissed him again.

"Nin Mel, I see that the misery of Westeros is ever in your heart. But, do not let these bitter memories consume; you shall never see those woeful realms again if I can help it," Írimë said, caressing the face of Jon tenderly.

Jon smiled and embraced her again.

"Aye, you're right, beloved, it is the land where all of us were born and raised; I indeed have no desire to return to those barbaric lands so far from the light of the Valar, and though we were chased from our homes like thieves and scoundrels there are also good memories of our life there I would be a liar if I told you otherwise," Jon said with a solemn smile.

"I know the pain of leaving behind a home you cherished filled with bitterness and spite, but time mends all wounds, and soon Westeros will be a distant memory", Írimë said, starting to get up, covering her nakedness with the covers, but alas, her legs were sore from their lovemaking.

"Aaagh," Said the beautiful elf falling to the bed again.

"Is something wrong, Lalwen?" Jon asked, concerned but saw that his lover was blushing deeply.

"My legs ..." Írimë said as her face turned a shade of scarlet.

At that moment, Jon smiled; it was rather pleasant to see such a noble and fair elf behave as a blushing maiden.

"Ah, poor thing," Jon said, throwing aside the covers and helping her to stand.

"Jon!" Írimë said, ashamed.

"Don't worry, Nin Mel, no shall know of your shame though it's not remarkable considering the previous night?" Jon said with a wolfish smile while Írimë buried her head in his shoulder, suppressing a groan of shame.

"This is your doing", Írimë grunted.

"It's your fault too, Nin Mel. I remind you sought me out," Jon said with a smirk as he saw his beloved Lalwen bury her face in his chest again as she was carried by him.

He left Lalwen on a divan and went to fetch her dress though it seemed it was ruined by his tender touch.

Seeing the sorry state in which one of her favourite dresses, Írimë looked at her love with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sorry," Jon said though he cared little.

"She truly is a goddess in female form," Jon thought as he admired Lalwen's nakedness, her alabaster skin and golden hair, those strong legs and firm breast she was fairer than all the gems of this eath.

There was no doubt that Lalwen's erstwhile fiancé, Vaethalas of the Teleri, was a fool for ending his engagement with her, although Jon should thank that foolish lord for Lawlen was now his.

And in those moments Jon was about to give in to his instinct, something that his beloved elf knew, desired and provoked with delight, Írimë loved to see the power she had over Jon, since childhood she was always deemed remarkably beautiful, the only ones in the House of Finwë who could equal her were her older sister Findis and their niece Artanis.

And now that she had finally accepted her beloved dragon into her bed, the beautiful elf could only revel in amusement at the influence she had on him.

"This will be fun", Írimë thought in amusement.

"Is something amiss ... Nin Mel?" Írimë asked with false naiveté.

Jon just swallowed his saliva, and to Írimë's surprise, he gave a low growl and grabbed her hips so fast and moved so swiftly that the Noldorian Princess couldn't act in time and uttered a surprised groan.

"JON!" Irimë cried, annoyed by the sudden rudeness of her love.

"I'm ... sorry ... Lalwen," The young Targaryen said with a broken voice.

And before she noticed it, she was back in Jon's bed feeling the emotion, desire and excitement running through her entire body; a look into the eyes of her love showed Írimë the love he felt for her but something else as well.

But it was not only the desire and love that Jon felt for her; in his eyes, there was something else, something more primitive and bestial, and that was when Írimë's emerald eyes widened at understanding.

Jon's wild side was showing; for a few moments, she felt fear, but that vanished when Jon began to assault her lips fiercely and then her neck, drawing moans of glee from her throat, and her beloved dragon consumed her.

She loved every kiss, every rough caress; she loved to see the eyes of her love changing incessantly from a wild beast to a nobleman.

She was overcome by her lust and sought to tame Jon's savage heart, for she was the daughter of Finwe, and none could compare to the love she held for this noble dragon.

With that in mind, Írimë straddled Jon and kissed him again, her eyes flashing in mischief.

"We'll see who tames whom, Nin Mel", Írimë thought haughtily as she rode her beloved dragon with newfound vigour, and soon their chambers were filled with the sounds of lovemaking.

After a few more hours, Jon and Írimë already sated arrived in the dining room in the presence of Elrond, Celebrian and Galadriel, who were enjoying a second breakfast while they seemed surprised by the appearance of the newcomers.

Jon was dressed in a fine leather jerkin while Írimë chose a dress of green silk with a tracery of snapdragons upon the bodice and sleeves; their expressions were of mirth and merriment. Seeing them in such high spirits was rather odd, and so Galadriel gazed into their minds and perceived that her dearest aunt and wolf had made love before coming here.

"A meeting that I could not witness nor enjoy," Galadriel thought angrily.

"Are you both well?" Elrond asked with a raised eyebrow which made Jon and Írimë turn scarlet.

"Perfectly, Lord Elrond," Jon said; his beloved Lawlen had exhausted him; it seemed that his newfound vigour was a trifle compared to a haughty Noldorian princess.

"If I were an ordinary man, Lalwen would have broken me like a branch, "Jon thought, surprised by how passionate his beloved elf could be even though yesterday she was still a maiden.

"We're well, Lord Elrond," Írimë said with a delicate bow, and the Lord of Imladris only looked at them for a few more moments before sighing and nodding.

However, Írimë discerned that her niece Galadriel was staring at her and instantly looked away in shame since surely she already discovered the reason for her tousled appearance.

Meanwhile, Celebrian remained stoic though she had undoubtedly guessed why Jon and her Great aunt were so disbelieved.

At that moment, the servants began to serve them breakfast, and the distraction helped to temporarily ease the embarrassment of the newcomers; they ate in silence until Elrond chose to question Jon about his time among the dwarves.

"Tell me, Jon, how have your lessons continued in the forges of Khazad-dum?" Elrond asks with curiosity since Jon's knowledge of Durin's folk reasonably exceeds his own and even Galadriel's, as he had lived among them far longer than many would have thought wise.

Although the results were remarkable as even Imladris's own smiths hold Jon in highest esteem, for he had learned much from the Longbeards, many a Noldor had questioned if he was indeed born of the races of man.

"Oh, I have studied a great deal of the lore given to me though I fear that I have learned all I can from them. Now I spend my days in the forge or debating with Racknuff on the queerness of certain metals and the value of various stones, "Jon said with some irritation.

"It seems that the Dwarves know of your prowess in battle as well," Galadriel said with a smile.

"Yes, my Lady though it grieves me to depart those halls, it seems the dwarves are happy to see me go; my japes and barbs are rather cruel to them," Jon said with some bitterness.

"Well, I can see why," said the Lord of Imladris in a stern tone, but Jon scorned him.

"Well, Lord Elrond, regarding your query, I have learned several of the old forging techniques, but I'm compelled by oath to say nothing more though I can forge weapons that shall never rust nor lose their edge, "Jon said with satisfaction much to the astonishment of the elves.

"Is that true, Jon?" Galadriel asked, surprised that her lover had become such a splendid smith.

"In metalwork, I cannot rival my Noldorian kin, many of whose secrets are lost. I can forge good armour and keen swords though I shall never equal those blessed smiths in Gondolin who wove magic into metal and threaded the stars upon silver thread." "said Jon biting a piece of fruit.

And it was true, Jon desired to forge weapons as mighty as Glamdring and Gurthang, but the arts yet alluded him.

"Yes, those arts may be lost nevertheless, though it does little to diminish from your merit," Elrond said, fascinated with Jon's progress in Khazad-dûm only those of his closest kin could forge weapons of such beauty, and there were too few that remained in Middle-Earth for the war with Sauron had claimed the lives of many a noble artisan and smith.

His people will never acknowledge it, but the remaining elven smiths in Middle-earth lack the skill of their Western kin and cannot match the Longbeards in the fashioning of metals.

And to know that this young mortal had achieved such a deed it was unimaginable, at that moment Elrond sensed the servant's bewilderment and the Lord of Imladris felt foolish for not speaking in his study soon word would spread through the Valley, and the smiths of Imladris would be eager to learn from Jon.

Yet he was bound by oaths of honour to guard the secrets of the dwarves, the elves, much like the dwarves could be fast in friendship and in enmity though Jon had become fast friends with many an elvish prince, his people were not above pride nor jealousy.

Many already knew that Lady Írimë was Jon's consort, which caused untold elves to be jealous that the young dragon had claimed a maiden of such high lineage.

That is another matter of deliberation among the Eldar since the Westerosi arrived in Middle Earth, many among the wise had become intrigued by this dragon's blood that shielded Jon and Daenarys from fire, but many more were enchanted by Jon's magics as a skin-changer.

Among Elves and Dwarves, it was held that men possessed little in the ways of magic, and those that did were often great heroes such as their Great-grandfather Huor or his son Tuor or even his brother Elros who was gifted at reading the hearts of men.

But never had they met a group of men that possessed magics the Noldor did not; it seemed Westeros was a queer and wondrous place despite being so far from the light of the Valar.

And now, finding out that Jon could do this could further provoke the jealousy of his people. A glance at the Lady of Belfalas told Elrond that she, too, was of the same opinion.

"That's wondrous, Nin Mel", Írimë said before kissing him again.

"Thank you, Lalwen; however, I would like to show you the great gift King Durin gave me in thanks for my services," Jon said with a haughty smile that aroused the curiosity of the elves.

"A gift?" Said the Lady Celebrian intrigued.

Jon smiled again and opened his tunic, revealing the glittering treasure beneath.

Mithril's mail gleamed a beautiful pearl silver hue and nearly blinded the gathered elves.

"Mithril…" Said the Lady of Light, amazed but pleased that her beloved now wore the most well-made protection in all of Arda.

"Nin Mel is wonderful ..." Írimë said, gazing upon the silvery mail in delight.

"Silvered steel light as a feather hard as dragon scales", Celebrian whispered with a smile.

"You have been presented a gift of such beauty and magnificence that a King would give half of his Kingdom for it, even I must confess that I feel some jealousy, Jon," Elrond said with a smile.

"Well, you will not feel it only for my gift, my brothers Loras and Robar too received a Mithril chainmail, and like mine, they were shaped by the hands of King Durin himself," Jon said with satisfaction.

"Did Durin himself forge this Mithril mail?" asked the Lord of Imladris, impressed.

"Indeed, he also proffered Rhaenys the Mithril Axe she desired for so many years, although I must toil in the forges for half a year as payment for such a kingly gift. "Jon lamented.

"It seems King Durin has lost none of his vigour nor covetous nature," said the Lord of Imladris with a smile.

"Aye, he is bitter as cheap ale but still noble of heart," Jon said, knowing he shall toil long in those forges all for beloved Rhaenys it was then Jon sensed something was awry and looked at his dear Lawlen, and though her expression was joyous, her eyes were like smouldering flames.

"Is something wrong, Lalwen?" Jon asked tensely.

"Nothing Nin Mel, though I can't help wonder shall Rhaneys be the sole recipient of gifts?" Írimë asked with barely checked anger.

At that moment, Jon felt he was standing before the Great Enemy; his beloved sister and Lawlen came to an accord though they held little love for each other, always competing for his affections, and now he had given a gift to Rhaenys but nothing for his dear Lawlen.

"Don't worry, Lalwen, I shall find you a gift as well", Jon said, knowing his love's desire for such finery may be the death of him.

"Thank you, Nin Mel ... I've always desired a necklace the shade of my eyes," Lalwen said, laughing like a little girl.

"Of course, Lalwen, you shall have whatever you desire," Jon said with a resigned smile but happy to be able to cheer up his love ... Until he felt the presence of his other beloved at the table giving him an expectant look.

"Do not worry, my fair Lady, I have not forgotten about you; I will likewise bring you a gift from Khazad-Dûm, you have my word", Jon thought, hoping to appease Galadriel.

To his relief, he could hear in his mind a beautiful melodious laugh.

"I thank you, Jon, it was not my intention to frighten you, yet I welcome your gesture if it is not too much trouble. I greatly desire a Tiara of Mithril or perhaps a sword," Galadriel said with levity.

"As my Lady orders, "Jon thought cheerfully.

"But I would for my gift to be wrought by your hands, my beloved wolf. I will call nothing fair unless it be your gift to me," Galadriel said as her face turning a shade of scarlet.

Jon only closed his eyes in surprise as he did not expect that; he simply thought of claiming a jewel for both of them from King Durin's plunder, but his dear Galadriel wished for him to forge her a gift.

Of all the skills that Jon had learned in Khazad-Dûm, the fashioning of jewellery was of little concern to him; he was more concerned with the forging of weapons and stoneworks though he had not shirked from his studies and could fashion pieces of quality.

Though he had never thought Galadriel would ask this of him, truthfully, he assumed Sansa and Shiera would.

Soon, a fierce love filled his heart, a desire to mesh the light of moon and sun to capture dragons fire upon silvered wire and to fashion things of great beauty as the Lords of Eregion had done.

But above all, he aspired to be a skilful as Celebrimbor to forge something of such beauty that it would be worthy of the fairest maiden of the Noldor.

Jon nodded, smiling to his beloved Galadriel, who blushed upon hearing Jon's thoughts and then smiled tenderly.

"I eagerly await my gift, my love, but now I'm afraid I must ask you for something more," The Lady of Belfalas said in Jon's mind, intriguing him.

"What do you wish of me, my Star of the West? " Jon thought, enjoying Galadriel's look of surprise at being called in such a way.

But Galadriel no longer answered him and only gave him a malicious smile, one that Jon knew well his beloved wished to embarrass him.

"Jon, I understand your task shall take to those East, but I know very little of those distant lands save for what I have read in tomes though that does little good save to enflame one's wanderlust," Galadriel said softly.

"My Lady name your desire," Jon said with a slight frown.

"I wish to accompany you on your sortie to Dorwinion," Galadriel said with power in her voice to the surprise of everyone in the dining room.

"Have I heard correctly? or have my ears deceived me? you wish you accompany me, my lady?" Jon asked, bewildered, and Galadriel smiled in amusement.

"Neither your ears have deceived you nor have you heard wrong, A desire has grown in my heart to see those wide unguarded lands, and I have to confess that despite all the centuries that I have dwelt in Middle-earth, I have never seen Dorwinion nor the Sea of Rhun with my own eyes," Galadriel said in her melodious voice hoping to enchant Jon.

"Lady Galadriel, this is unexpected," Elrond said in surprise.

"Naneth ..." Celebrian said, surprised by her mother's decision, further confirming her hunch about her and Jon Snow.

At that moment, Galadriel caught her aunt's penetrating gaze.

"What is your purpose, Artanis?" Írimë said though she thought it best to speak through their wills rather than aloud lest Celebrian grew angry.

Írimë only heard a melodious giggle from Galadriel as if she were a girl plotting mischief.

"My dear aunt ... You and I accept our love for our wild wolf," Galadriel said.

"Your wild wolf, for me, he is my dragon," Írimë said haughtily.

"That is all well and good. I understand that the rest of his time here will be spent with you; I will not meddle in your plans, but it doesn't seem fair to me, I too have yearned for Jon's companionship, and so I shall go East with him," Galadriel said in a melodious tone as if she was planning a simple outing out into the country while her shocked aunt could hardly believe her niece's impudence.

"Artanis, never in all my days have I known you to be so free and untamed," Írimë replied, stunned.

"Love shapes us all, dear aunt. I will honour your time with our beloved Jon, so I ask you to honour mine," Galadriel said, her gaze hardening.

Seeing that look of purpose in Galadriel's eyes, Írimë had memories of times past under the light of the Two Trees when a little Artanis constantly challenged her parents by participating in athletic contests and duels.

"You are insolent for speaking to me in that manner, Artanis, but very well, I will respect your judgment to accompany Jon to the East; my heart says that something awaits him, and he will have need of your wisdom," Írimë said with a resigned sigh.

"Thank you, aunt", Galadriel said, pleased that her aunt did not object; she had felt in her heart that this would be a splendid journey, and a great many things awaited them in those far-flung lands.

"But you know very much what it means that you have asked to accompany Jon; now Elrond and Celebrian will suspect you if they haven't previously this shall strengthen their misgivings," Írimë said her countenance turning gloomy as she perceived the pain of Celebrian.

Galadriel knew her aunt spoke truly as Celebrians heart was filled with doubt and anger; it caused her no sparse anguish to know her daughter was in such a mood because of her.

Galadriel knew she must speak to Celebrian had to grasp the truth about her father's death, the annulment of her marriage, and the love that her mother now felt for Jon Snow.

"Celebrian, my daughter, " Galadriel said with her mind, and at that moment, her progeny raised her head and looked into her eyes, and Galadriel could see the misery in her gaze.

"Yes, mother?" Even the voice in her mind sounded like a faint whisper ... As if holding back crying.

The Daughter of Finarfin did not reply for a few moments and only looked at her daughter gloomily.

"It seems to me that you already know what I am going to ask you. I know that you suspect my reasons behind my request, but I want to speak to you because I know that you know that I have a love for Jon in my heart," Galadriel said with a sad smile.

"I know, I've known for some time; I had hoped you would tell me", Celebrian said sadly.

"Yes, I already presumed that you knew the truth; go now to my chambers and wait for me; we have much to discuss," Galadriel said in a solemn voice, and Celebrian nodded.

"Yes, mother," Celebrian said sadly.

"My Daughter, I love you," Galadriel said; Celebrian looked into her eyes and saw in her mother's eyes sadness, pain, guilt and love.

"This is unexpected," Elrond said.

"Indeed ... My Lady Galadriel, I have no doubt that I would enjoy the company of the wisest and most powerful of the Noldor in my journey, but this journey is not for the faint of heart," Jon said, concerned for his beloved, but this after a few moments of silence Galadriel laughed sweetly.

"I appreciate your worry though I'm no meek maiden. I have seen much of war seeing both great victories and crushing defeats though I know no harm shall come to me in your company," Galadriel said with a smile, looking with delight at Jon blushing.

Even after seventy-two years of life, Jon was still a fiery young man, and though he became mighty, the young wolf could still be flustered, which Galadriel knew very well and enjoyed immensely.

The Lady of Light was pleased to see her beloved wild wolf look away embarrassed but at the same time flushed by her flattery.

"The Lady of Light honours me with the confidence she has in my talents; even so, I ask you to reconsider," Jon said pleadingly.

Jon could not even imagine that something terrible could happen to any of his loved ones; they were his companions, those with whom he would spend the rest of his stay in Arda and of them, Galadriel was undoubtedly the most powerful in body, mind and spirit.

Although that does not mean that he didn't care for her, the sinful desire he had felt for her had given way to love as pure as Tuor and Idril.

The wild wolf knows very well that one day the love he feels for Lalwen and Galadriel will be immortalised in tale and song and hopes it shall be a tale of such worthiness that none shall forget.

He was sure that the elves would remember him with respect and reverence for his accomplishments and power but not much fondness.

"I must concur with Jon, my lady, the lands to the East are strange and perilous," Elrond said.

"Also, Jon cannot be accompanied by our guards, or Elendil shall know he came here first and will punish him for tarrying for so long you said it yourself, Naneth," Said Celebrian in a voice of steel without glancing at Jon.

However, her anger towards him was apparent to all.

"In that case, if Lady Galadriel insists on accompanying Jon, I counsel that you visit the Kingdom of the Great Greenwood King Oropher frequently has dealings with those lands, perhaps if fate is on your side, I'm certain if they know Galadriel accompanies him, they will feel honour bound to aid them, "Elrond said hurriedly striving to soothe the sudden tension that grew between his wife and Jon Snow.

"That's is a splendid idea, Elrond," Galadriel said gently but still looking at her daughter.

For his part, Jon did not care for Celebrian's arrogance nor her spite towards him, so taking a sip of his drink, he drew a dagger from his belt.

"Nin Mel?" Írimë asked nervously, feeling the great unhappiness that was suddenly between Jon and Celebrian.

Without saying words, Jon stabbed the dagger into his own hand to the shock of all present, and after withdrawing it and as soon as the blade was gone, the wound visibly began to heal.

"By the Valar…" Celebrian said, blinking in surprise.

"I'm sorry for my rudeness, my lady", Jon said, rising from the table before gazing at Galadriel with joy and sorrow.

"I cannot order you, my Lady, if you insist on coming, my journey will be much more joyful and illuminated with your light and beauty, and I will gladly protect you with my life I swear on my honour," Said Jon kneeling before Galadriel and kissing her hand to the delight of the beautiful elf.

And then he got up and turned to Elrond, who was giving Westerosi an apologetic look.

"With your permission, Lord Elrond, I'm retiring to my chambers. I have grown weary of your wife glowering at me, though I do not beg your pardon for it seems I am not welcome here," Jon said before kissing Írimë on the forehead and giving Celebrian a look of pity and anger.

"Celebrian…" Galadriel said with sadness in her voice.

And Celebrian looked into her mothers' eyes and saw sorrow and regret in them.


After Celebrians blunder, no one had seen Jon in Imladris for several hours; some even thought he had departed for the Greenwood as Lord Elrond proposed, but those who knew him knew Jon wouldn't leave without Galadriel.

Although no one was concerned that any harm would come to him, only a fool would challenge Jon.

Lady Írimë had disappeared as well; apparently, she had managed to discover Jon Snow's whereabouts; it settled the matter of the wild wolf and the sister of Fingolfin being bonded.

But at the moment, Galadriel and her daughter had much to discuss; it was painful yet joyous, and whether for good or ill, none could rightly say save Galadriel herself.

After Celebrians outburst, Galadriel escorted her to her chambers, and there they say in silence as if all mirth had been taken from the world neither desired to speak first for fear of offending the other.

"Daughter", Galadriel began.

"Just tell me, why, mother, why are you betraying my father like this?" Celebrian asked, her tone bitter and filled with rage, and Galadriel wept freely.

"Is that what you believe, daughter? That I would betray your father in such a way?" Galadriel asked sadly.

"So why do you spend your days with Jon? are you lovers?" Celebrian asked angrily.

Galadriel looked at her daughter and merely nodded.

"I will not deny that, yes, he and I are lovers, but it is not as you assume", Galadriel answered.

"In the eyes of the Valar, you and my father are still married; you tainted the bonds of marriage! YOU! the most learned of our people!" Celebrian snarled.

For a few moments, the room was silent as no one said anything else, but while Celebrian hoped that her mother would beg her forgiveness, Galadriel sat there, her glittering eyes stained with tears.

At another time, Celebrian would admire her mother's strength of will, but nevermore her mother would answer for this betrayal.

"It's not true; I didn't betray him; I loved your Father," Galadriel said, her eyes alight with indignation.

"But you're still married, Naneth," Celebrian said painfully, and Galadriel laid a kiss upon her brow.

"So daughter, it is time for me to tell you the tale of my romance with Jon and of the demise of your father is the bitterest of poison for me, but I shall speak no falsehoods, and if you desire to leave my side, I shall not begrudge you that, "Galadriel said with a bitter smile shedding tears.

"Oh Naneth, I could never ask you to leave my side," said Celebrian hugging her mother fiercely.

"Thank you, Yelde, but listen to my tale now," Galadriel said, her voice laced with grief.

For a few moments, the Lady of Light was silent, trying to collect her thoughts.

"As you will remember, upon meeting Jon, I peered into his mind, and it caused me great strain and misery," Galadriel said as she remembered that particular moment when her mind was assaulted by Jons memories.

"Yes, I remember," said Celebrian, recalling how her mother had crumpled to the floor in pain.

"At that moment, a bond was formed between Jon and myself, a bond of mind and soul, but I didn't realise it until he returned from Tol Morwen; with that connection, I could enter his mind and felt his presence wherever he may have been, and though your father and I tried to sever this bond it was fruitless, "Galadriel said with some shame.

"Why could it not be broken?" Celebrian asked in shock

"I wish I knew, daughter, but I'm afraid that is a question to which we cannot find an answer, and so I thought to use my bond to watch over Jon and his companions though it seemed it was more than a mere melding of souls," The Lady of Light said with sad nostalgia.

"And something happened," Celebrian said totally confidently.

"Yes ... Daughter, you know I am learned in many things, and when I discover something unique, I seek to learn all I can, and soon I saw all Jon and my aunt Írimë had done," Galadriel said laughing sadly when remembering his own hypocrisy.

"What are you talking about, mother?" Celebrian asked with worry.

"I used our bond to learn all I could of his life, a life chronicled by war, bloodshed, tragedies and betrayal; I saw many a spiteful fool treat him as lesser for the crime of his birth," Galadriel said grimly as she thought of that loathsome Trout and Tyrell.

"I know mother, the life of a bastard in those distant lands it's frightful; I know that Jon Snow life was one of sadness though his spirit was ever free of the shadow why mother how has he come to entice you so he might have many notable and famous forebears, but he was a mere man," Celebrian said, disappointed in Jon.

And upon hearing this, Galadriel groaned.

"I felt sympathy and love for him; how could I not? After seeing everything all he had done and suffered, I thought we would become fast friends, and perhaps we would have had events not been so dire," Galadriel said.

"What happened?" Her daughter asked.

"He fought against the Worm of Morgoth; I was resting in Belfalas when the images of the battle assailed me, at first I thought they were visions of things to come, but then I perceived the pain of Jon's wounds and the anguish in his soul as the taint of the Worm consumed him wholly, and so I acted, "Galadriel said with her heart thundering.

"What happened, mother? I sense your fear," Celebrian said, scared.

"I bestowed my spirit unto him; I shared my soul," Galadriel said, crying, waiting for her daughter's reaction.

Celebrian suddenly separated from her mother, recoiling in horror when to share one spirit with another was most sacred among the Noldor reserved for closest kindred and lovers.

It was something so ... intimate that doing that magic with someone else while married is undoubtedly adultery.

"Mother ..." Celebrian said in horror.

"Please, my daughter, do not condemn me yet, wait until I settle my tale; I know to share our spirits is to hold someone in highest regard but know my intentions were pure this I swear I only wished to free him of the madness that consumed Túrin, but it was a grievous mistake I let the heart rule the head, and soon it was too late" Galadriel acknowledged through tears.

"What do you mean, mother?" Celebrian asked, her face marred by sadness.

"I consoled him as if he were my lover much to my shame, and when he was healed, I thought the affair decided, but you must know dearest I'm the mightiest among our kin, and my spirit has lost none of its potency it changed Jon in ways beyond my control," Galadriel said now completely blushing.

"What happened to Jon mother?" Celebrian asked, shocked by her mothers' admission though Galadriel was pleased her daughter hadn't blamed Jon for her choices.

"He, Jon, was fascinated with me, no, he was enthralled by his mysterious saviour from that henceforth I became his secret passion, his greatest desire, a desire that he was denied for Jon knew nothing of me save for my beauty he even penned a book of sonnets that set my heart aflutter, "Galadriel said with a slight smile when remembering Jon's gift.

"What else happened, mother?" Celebrian asked now in an ice-cold voice.

"We both continue with our lives ... I next to your father and him as a Knight in Elendils service though I realised many things concerning your father and I chiefly the fire of our youth was exhausted, and our romance ended; the love that united us became unyielding based upon trust rather than true love and to see how Jon treated his lovers reignited my passions he loved them all and never saw that as mere trinkets," Galadriel said sadly.

"Mother ..." Celebrian said, not wholly surprised by her declaration though her parents loved each other, it was more akin to respect rather than true love.

"As you know, daughter, our people forsake such pleasure after bearing children, but this bond with Jon had birthed a new fire in my heart, and I had hoped to share it with your father though he had little care for such things had Jon not come along I would have paid little mind to these feelings, but I bear your father no will he was ever the scholar never the lover," Galadriel said, shedding new tears.

"Have you shared the bed since before my Father went to the" Rooms of Commands? " Celebrian asked, terrified, and luckily her mother shook her head.

"In Belfalas, we met on the beach under the light of stars and kissed, and it was as if all the weariness of the world had fallen from me, and I embraced him as my lover, "Galadriel said, heedless of the pain this may cause her daughter.

"By the Valar," Celebrian said in horror.

"When I regained my reason, I regretted my actions, I had betrayed your father, I had dishonoured myself and my father's house, I was the first in all the history of our peoples to betray my intended, "Galadriel said, lowering her gaze, but her daughter noticed the tears that fell on the ground.

"And Jon Snow?" Celebrian asked, furious with Jon for betraying her Father's trust in him that whoremongering dragon had seduced his wife.

"His mind was in chaos, and I hoped to destroy the memories, but it did little save cause him more agony, and when he recovered, Jon told my aunt of his betrayal though he wouldn't sully my honour and took the brunt of Írimë's ire, "Galadriel said with the shadow of a smile adorning her beautiful face.

Hearing that, Celebrian calmed down, and she could feel the anger towards Jon beginning to subside, but she was still furious with him.

"And what of Lady Írimë? I can imagine she was rather displeased," Celebrian said scathingly.

"She was furious, but she forgave us though something changed in me that day, and I knew in my heart that I loved Jon snow. I fell for a man just as Idril those many centuries ago," Galadriel said with some melancholy.

"Now you desire Jon Snow, yet you are still wed to my father," Celebrian said in a fury.

"I did it, it was my weakness, my perversion, my daughter, however on our way to Isengard, I began to treat Jon cruelly, I refused to acknowledge his existence, hurting him deeply as I acted as coward treating him as those cruel lords of Westeros did though I spoke with your great aunt and she agreed to let me speak to him before the battle," Galadriel said smiling sadly.

"And what else happened?" Celebrian asked more calmly.

"We both accepted that we felt love for each other, but that our love was sinful and that it was better to wither and die so that none we loved would be heart, my aunt Írimë, your father and you," Galadriel said, looking at her daughter with affection.

"Did you stop loving my Father and lingered out of duty to him?" Celebrian asked, shedding tears as Galadriel suddenly backed away as if she had been threatened with a whip.

"By the Valar no, Celebrian never speak such falsehoods, I loved your father, our love was a pure love, full of trust," Galadriel said

"But no romance nor passion," Celebrian said with a sad smile, and Galadriel lowered her head.

"In my heart, there will always be a place for Celeborn, always and a part of me will always be in love with him and will love him until the end of my existence ... It's just that now there is another part that loves Jon in the same way, no I know how or why but I shall not deny my feelings, "Said the Lady of Light, hugging her daughter again.

"So you wish to stay with Jon Snow until the bitterness of mortality separates you both?" Celebrian asked.

"The love between Jon and I will be as bright as the love between Beren and Lúthien, "Galadriel said with hope for her future with her Wild Wolf.

"Will you linger on these shores till the end of days waiting for Jon? even if father should return?" Celebrian asked in surprise.

"Yes, my daughter, but I swear to you on my honour as Noldor, on the honour of the House of your grandfather Finarfin that I never desired any of this; nothing would make me happier if your father was here with us, But that is not so," Said the Lady of Light, preparing to tell the most horrible part of her story.

"But we will see him again one day In the Blessed Kingdom when the time comes to leave Middle Earth he will understand that you did not want to be alone, but it shall grieve him that you have come to love another," said Celebrian returning to take your mother's hands.

But to her surprise, her mother burst into tears and hugged her tightly, and Celebrian knew something was amiss.

"Mother?" Celebrian asked fearfully.

"I've already told you how I came to fall deeply in love with Jon, but now I must confess the truth about your father's death," Galadriel said with her beautiful face ruined by tears.

"The truth? .. What truth?" Celebrian asked, concerned.

"On our journey to that miserable battle, Lord Aulë appeared before Jon in a dream and revealed that Sauron wanted to slay him and that the battle was just a snare," Galadriel said, speaking with bitterness towards the Lord of Mordor.

"What happened there?" Celebrian asked.

"You already know that Jon was cornered by one of the Nazgûl, Khamul" The Black Easterling and your father fell defending him. I could sense the battle raging between them, but the enemies were too many, so to my great regret, I decided to fix my gaze upon Jon because I knew that your father was undoubtedly the mightiest among the Elves save Glorfindel, yet the choice haunts my waking and sleep, "Said Galadriel breaking down in tears being consoled by her daughter.

"Mamil, I do not blame you nor Jon Snow," Said the Celebrian accepting that Jon never sought her fathers' death nor did he cruelly bewitch her mother; they were in love, a love born of sadness but still as pure as summers rain.

"Oh my sweet daughter, you still haven't heard the most painful part of the tale," Galadriel said through tears.

"What are you talking about, mother?" Celebrian asked, alarmed.

"To ensure that Jon fell, Sauron forged a monstrous weapon, a dark spear of fearful power, though the power was not his own; the Lord of Mordor drew upon the fell magics of The Great Enemy," Galadriel said sadly, permitting Celebrian to unravel the truth for herself.

"You mean my father?" Celebrian asked in horror, and Galadriel embraced her daughter.

"I am afraid my daughter, days before the battle I felt a shadow nearing, even fouler than that of Sauron himself, now we grasp that that evil came from of that dreaded spear, the one that claimed the life of your father and corrupted his Fëa in such a way that he became as one of the nine though the magics were halted by the Valar," Galadriel said with great pain.

"My father, my beloved father," Celebrian said, breaking into tears.

"Be strong, my little one, be strong because there is yet more foul news?" Galadriel said, trying to maintain her composure while her daughter looked at her in horror.

"What more pain will I have to endure?" Celebrian said, his face cracked with pain.

"Your father will heal in time, but until he does, he cannot leave the Room of Command for the evil of The Great Enemy is terrible indeed, and your father shall not be rid of it until all the ages of this world have come to an end," Galadriel said through bitter tears.

"No, mother tell me it isn't true?" Celebrian asked, crying in horror as she understood the shocking and terrible truth.

"I'm sorry, my daughter, your father shall not return to these lands until the breaking of the world", Galadriel said, breaking into tears with her daughter, and they hugged each other, seeking comfort.

"Why did this happened?" Celebrian asked, broken in pain at the knowledge that she would never see her father again.

"The evil of Sauron, my little one, for his hatred and desire to make us suffer, I have not forgotten my vow to your daughter, your father will be avenged I swear it", Galadriel replied, her eyes burning with a fierce hatred.

"That's why you accepted your love for Jon Snow," Celebrian said sadly, and her mother lamented.

"It is far more than that; the Valar summoned me before the Throne of Manwë in a dream," Galadriel said, smiling at the sudden glee in Celebrians eyes.

"They summoned you? can you go return to the Blessed Realm?" She asked excitedly.

"No, but I still hope that the Valar will forgive my arrogance and youthful pride; the reason they summoned me to their halls was to inform me that your father evoked the Statute of Finwë," Galadriel said sadly.

Celebrian just covered her mouth in horror, and her eyes watered.

"He annulled your marriage?" Celebrian sobbed in a rage.

"He did it for my sake so that I would not face the ages of this world alone; he freed me from our bond so that I would love again, although I suspect he never foresaw that I would fall in love with a mortal," Galadriel said regretfully.

Celebrian lowered her head in sorrow; she had judged her mother and Jon Snow harshly; indeed, they committed sinful acts, but their intentions were pure, they had even sought to let this love die, yet fate was keen to intervene.

"Mother, I beg your pardon and forgiveness. I was quick to judge and quicker to condemn you for something I know little off," Celebrian said remorsefully.

"No, daughter, I need not an apology from you, but now you know of the love I hold for Jon," Galadriel said smiling.

"Yes, but ... are you sure? ... Elrond, who has studied much in the ways of lore and it seems the Dragon Lords of old Valyria take many wives, so you and Irime shall be beholden to their customs," Celebrian said, concerned for her mother's honour.

. "I know, but I care little for the grumblings of a few Noldorian nobles, daughter; I will defend our love with my life if needed," Galadriel said with fury befitting her lineage.

"And I will aid you," said Celebrian smiling sadly but hugging his mother.

"Oh, Celebrian, thank you so much for enduring my love for Jon," Galadriel said, kissing her daughter's forehead.

"I suspected it mother, he gazes at you as if you are a precious gem and how your mood was joyous whenever he came here, but I merely hoped he would be worthy of your love, "Celebrian said.

"I thought as my dear just as I knew you hoped to get his grandmother drunk in hopes she would reveal some damning secret," Galadriel said beaming mischievously when she saw the bewildered face of Celebrian.

"You knew?" Celebrian said, astonished.

"Of course, I aided you in your plot," Galadriel said, stroking her daughter's hair.

"What are you talking about, Mother?" Celebrian said, nervous like a girl caught up in some mischief.

"Oh my sweet Celebrian, you are wise beyond your years, my daughter, but when it comes to plots and secrecy, you are very naive. The wine you chose for that afternoon was an elven wine that our people seldom drink as it can addle our minds; if Rhaella had drunk a half chalice, she would have lost mindfulness, so I asked the servants to change it," Galadriel said, holding back her laughter when she saw her daughter's deeply flushed face.

"Mother!" Said Celebrian, embarrassed, burying her face in her mother's lap.

"Peace, daughter, you must practice," Galadriel said, amused by her daughters' embarrassment.

"I mistreated Jon in the dining room," Celebrian said after a moment.

"He bears you no ill will, I know him Jon can be rather fickle and rough as unhewed stone, but his heart is pure and good," Galadriel said, stroking her daughter's hair.

"And from what we've heard here in Imladris, your new love seems like he's hot-blooded, and his tongue is sharp as steel," Celebrian said.

"Yes, though he is as kind as spring and would march through the fires of Gorgoroth for those whom he loves," Galadriel said, though she was worried for she saw the beast.

"He's a good man despite what he may think of himself beasts know little of love, and he loves you fiercely", Said Celebrian knowing Jon's gift of love.

"He is rather gloomy; Jon is neither cruel nor wicked, though he is as fierce as a dragon and hot-blooded as a wolf," Galadriel said, her face flushing scarlet.

"I never thought you would fall in love with someone like that mother," said Celebrian with some sadness.

"Nor did I for all my might and beauty I was seduced by his charms," Galadriel said with some levity, but Celebrian knew she wished to say more.

"Yes, mother?"

"Daughter, I know that all this is rather challenging for you though you must know Jon shall never replace your father though I hope you shall not behave as Fëanor," Galadriel said, shedding tears.

"I shall not forget mother, and I could never call Jon father. I'm far older than him," Said Celebrian with a smile as her mother tittered.

1 day later

His time in Imladris had come to an end, Jon was ready to leave for the Great Green Forest following Lord Elrond's Council, Jon thought to dress as a true lord of Westernesse; he wore the armour gifted to him by King Durin and about his shoulders was the cloak of dragon scales held by a silvered broach set with rubies.

As if that were not enough, Jon wore his new Mithril chainmail under his plate armour and a fair belt, as it were of linked golden leaves, about his waist and on a baldric, he wore the horn of Herenlókë. His locks were shorn about his shoulders, for he knew the heat of the East was sweltering.

He was at that moment bidding farewell to Lalwen, Lord Elrond's retinue and behind him was Lord Manwë's gryphon now; all the remained was Galadriel, who would be joining him for the journey East.

"I admit that you look dashing, Nin Mel, although I prefer you with long hair," Írimë said, frowning.

"I beg your pardon, beloved though I enjoy wearing my hair long, the heat of Rhûn would hinder me," Jon said, before kissing his beloved who was pleased by his showing of affection.

"Nin Mel," Said blushing and pained Írimë.

"I wish to keep the memory of you ever in my mind, beloved we shall be parted for a time," Jon said, laying a kiss upon her brow.

But finally feeling that the time had come to leave Jon separated from his beloved Lalwen, who chose to stay in Imladris because she had no desire to see Rhûn, but she was somewhat bitter being parted from her dragon then Jon approached Lord Elrond.

"Thank you for your hospitality Lord Elrond," Jon said, bowing.

"You should never thank me, for you are my kindred and shall always have a place in these halls now; which route shall you take?" The Lord of Imladris asked sternly.

"Yes, we shall cross the Misty Mountains and go on foot to Mirkwood, and if fate is kind, Oropher shall provide us horses that we may ride to the Vinter Court," Jon said.

"The journey on foot would take some sixth months though with the Gryphon perhaps half of that time", Lord Elrond began.

"If we shall consider camping and rest two months at the least four at the months if we march as if the hounds of Oromë were on our heels," Jon said, and Lord Elrond nodded.

"Yes, and while you may desire to fly, none in the East have laid eyes upon a Gryphon, so perhaps it's better that he shall remain in Orophers halls," Elrond counselled.

"Indeed, it would do little good to frighten the Lords of Dorwinion, nor do we wish to arouse the suspicions of the Easterlings," said Jon.

"You are wise, Jon", Elrond said.

"Thank you, my Lord, now only Lady Galadriel is missing", Jon began, but he was silenced when she appeared.

His beloved Galadriel a goddess among mortals.

She was clad in glittering silvery-blue plate; her rondels resembled the wings of a sea-birds wrought of steel and gold, all her fastenings were silvered, and the steel was burnished to such a high sheen that it shone like the light of the twin trees. While large couter's protected her elbow and arm, these were also silvered; a skirt of fine mail covered her from waist to midthigh; under this, Galadriel wore a tunic of black silk, overlaid with traceries of flowers and upon her brow was a tiara of silver while her golden locks were tied in an elegant braid that fell to her chest.

Beside her was Celebrian, who smiled at Jon and behind them followed servants carrying provisions.

"My Lady Galadriel ... Lady Celebrian" Bowing formally to mother and daughter.

"Jon, I beg forgiveness for my lateness but dawing this armour unaided it rather difficult, still all the arrangements have been made; we can depart now if you wish," Said the Lady of Light with a smile.

"I wish not, but I must for Elendil demands it of me," Jon said solemnly.

"Then let us not tarry any longer," Galadriel said, extending an arm for Jon to be her escort, something he gladly accepted.

"Be well, mother and you as well, Jon", Celebrian said apologetically, surprising Jon, but he quickly nodded.

Jon guided the Lady of Light to the gryphon, and the beautiful elf was honoured to be near the most mysterious servants of Manwe.

"Take care that you shall not come back with a babe in arms," Írimë said, knowing how hot-blooded her beloved could be.

"We shan't, dearest aunt," Galadriel said.

At that moment, Jon noticed that one of the elves carried a harp, and he gestured to the young elf, who gave it to him gladly.

"Before I depart these lands, I shall sing a song in thankfulness for the generosity of such admirable and honourable elves", Jon said, surprising everyone.

"Please, Jon sing," Elrond said, surprised it had been many a year since Jon had sung in these lands.

"Yes, Nin Mel sing please," Írimë said, surprised.

Jon began to play the harp softly.

The dragon is withered,

His bones are now crumbled;

His armour is shivered,

His splendour is humbled!

Though sword shall be rusted,

And throne and crown perish

With strength that men trusted

And wealth that they cherish,

Here grass is still growing,

And leaves are yet swinging,

The white water flowing,

And elves are yet singing

The stars are far brighter

Than gems without measure,

The moon is far whiter

Than silver in treasure:

The fire is more shining

On hearth in the gloaming

Than gold won by mining,

So why go a-roaming?

O! Where are you going,

So late in returning?

The river is flowing,

The stars are all burning!

O! Whither so laden,

So sad and so dreary?

Here elf and elf-maiden

Now welcome the weary

When the song ended, the elves wept freely, for its beauty was like the stars above and clear as a mountain stream.

"That was beautiful, Nin Mel", Írimë said before kissing him again.

"I agree, Jon; it seems your talents haven't faded," Elrond said.

"It is a pleasure now. But, I am afraid this is our farewell," Jon said sadly.

"For now perhaps, though not forever, take care of yourself and my mother, Jon," Said Celebrian smiling, looking at Jon and her mother Galadriel, who remained silent.

At that moment, the Lady of Imladris did the most unexpected thing; she bowed low it seemed that Celebrian had forgotten her grudge.

"I shall, my lady, of that you have my word," Jon said before mounting the Gryphon with Galadriel as his back.

"Both of you return safely, and may the Valar guide your steps," Írimë said though her voice betrayed jealousy.

Then Jon raised his horn and blew. Loud the challenge rang and bellowed, like the shout of many throats throughout the valley, and the Gryphon unfurled his wings and soared into the air.

That same night they camped several leagues from Rivendell in the lands of Hollin, they decided to camp on a low ridge crowned with ancient holly-trees whose grey-green trunks seemed to have been built out of the very stone of the hills in these wildlands, Jon did all he could to make his lady love feel at ease.

But this proved unnecessary.

Galadriel, despite her lineage, grasped wherewith to survive upon the road as ever she marched with the armies of the Noldor ere the world was young.

They had hoped to cover more ground, but the Gryphon was not eternal, and soon, the great beast needed a rest, or rather he desired to rest, so they stopped. Away in the south, Jon could see the dim shapes of lofty mountains that seemed now to stand across the path that they were taking. At the left of this high range rose three peaks; the tallest and nearest stood up like a tooth tipped with snow; its great, bare, northern precipice was still largely in the shadow, but where the sunlight slanted upon it, it glowed red.

Sensing those thoughts, Jon sighed and agreed as Galadriel arched an eyebrow and giggled melodiously at the animal.

"This gryphon is rather haughty, Jon", Galadriel said, looking at her love reproachfully.

"Do not look at me, my love, this animal has always been haughty and proud, ask Lalwen when we return if you do not believe me if he grows weary of the hunt he thinks I shall feed him, and if I have nothing, the beast steals my food" He said gazing at the Gryphon while Galadriel merely laughed.

"It's good ... to know," Galadriel said with a shrug.

"Well, I'm going to look for firewood to make a fire while you should rest, my sweet Galadriel; when I return, we shall make camp though I wouldn't bother the beast as he expects food or to be fed," Jon said before kissing her with a passion that made her knee buckle.

"What was that for?" The beautiful elf asked, her voice full of mirth.

"We could not be together in Imladris ... So now I plan to take advantage of our long journey, my love," Jon said, ravishing Galadriel's again, much to her joy.

They kissed again without pause until the desire for breath drove them apart.

"I think that was enough; you said you would go for firewood," She said, smiling when Jon looked akin to a pouting child.

"Yes, Then I'll be back in a few minutes, my beautiful Queen" Jon got up from the grass and helped Galadriel up as well, and after stealing another kiss from the beautiful elf, the young Westerosi went to look for firewood.

When she saw Jon had disappeared, Galadriel cautiously neared the Gryphon though the animal wasn't displeased by her presence, and she understood that he would give her no trouble, so Galadriel began to unpack their luggage, hoping to find something in particular.

And she found it, Jon tent one that, despite being clearly woven by expert hands, was patchworked and weathered stained.

Her face was scarlet as she enacted her plot; Galadriel quickly threw her lovers' tent into the brush while the Gryphon eyed her warily.

"Say nothing to Jon, and you will be rewarded with lamb when we return to Imladris", The Lady of Light negotiated, and to her surprise, the gryphon immediately accepted.

"Well, now to leave everything as it was and to break camp," Galadriel then raised her own tent, a marvellous tent woven from sky blue silk and decorated with the heraldry of the House of Finarfin it was a splendid sight that would enchant any traveller.

And so it was, when Jon returned, he clearly believed that he would have to raise the tent, but to his wonderment, his beloved Galadriel had already established the entire camp, and her tent was a thing of beauty.

"By the Valar," Jon said in amazement as Galadriel merely chuckled.

"Jon, I remind you that I have fought in many wars and roamed the wilds for many long years as well," Said the beautiful elf with a bit of annoyance.

"Aye, it seems the legends did you little justice," Jon said, still in awe of Galadriel's wisdom.

"I have seen little that compares to the beauty of this tent; the fabric is rough as leather but supple as silk", Jon said, unable to resist reaching out to touch the fabric.

"It was a gift from Celebrian. Did you think I would be content to rutting in hedges, beloved?" Galadriel asked, raising one of her eyebrows as Jon looked away.

"Of course not beloved, I was merely enraptured by the tent," Jon said, before striking the flint, and soon a roaring fire was born.

"I shall tend the fire, and you should find us some supper," Galadriel said while Jon merely smiled.

Jon decided to fish in the stream but before he left embraced Galadriel, much to her shock, and kissed her with such a passion that the Lady Belfalas nearly succumbed to her lust.

"As ordered, my Lady," said Jon caressing the face of his beloved, who was deeply flushed and fought to catch her breath.

"Jon ..." Galadriel said, smiling as she blushed.

After this, Jon kissed her again, his heart filled with joy to know they shall spend a great many days like this filled with love and hope.

Despite being in humble conditions, the dinner was delicious, a considerable quantity of seasoned fish for them and the tap prepared by Jon as he wanted to surprise his Lady with his limited cooking skills.

He failed, but it was still a lively dinner with a decent conversation after which they chose to bathe in the stream. To Jon's disappointment, Galadriel asked him to avert his gaze and tend the camp though she was happy to know Jon held her in such regard.

After tossing the scraps in the river and stowing their plates, Jon searched for his tent though it did little good as it seemed to have disappeared.

"By Ulmo, I thought the tent was among my belongings," Jon thought, clearly bewildered though his confusion was stifled when a familiar scent filled his being.

Galadriel finished her bath and was now dressed in a fine pearl white nightgown; her divinely beautiful hair was loose and glittering like golden thread, and the light of the moon shone coldly upon her as if she descended from the heavens.

She was a goddess-given mortal flesh even fair Varda could scarcely compare to his beloved.

"Thank you very much for your praise, dearest", Galadriel said, her face turning a pleasing shade of scarlet.

However, Jon could not utter a word because he was still lost in the beauty of Galadriel and the noble elf; knowing this, thought to tease him.

"What troubles you, my love? It seems you have lost your voice?" Said the beautiful elf in a sensual tone while Jon just gulped, unable to move.

"Never tempt a dragon woman," Jon said, finally coming out of his reverie.

"Ah ... You finally speak, but you are not kind," Galadriel said, caressing Jon's cheek making him smile until suddenly Jon rose to his feet and went to the stream.

"Forgive me, my love, I'm not so easily fooled now; it's my turn to take a bath," Jon said with satisfaction while Galadriel's expression turned sour.

"We shall see Jon," She said before entering her tent; she had one last scheme to enact.

Galadriel waited patiently for Jon to return and realize that his sleeping bag was missing until finally a growl of frustration was heard, and the noble elf smiled with satisfaction as she saw her scheme come to fruition.

Jon may not be as shy with women as before, but the noble elf knew that if possible if that decision was up to him, they would sleep in separate tents.

Well, she would have none of it from this night onward; they would sleep in the same tent as husband and wife.

Jon wore little to bed save breeches, and about his neck was the amulet her dear aunt had given him; Galadriel blushed when she gazed at his broad frame.

"Is something wrong, dearest?" Galadriel feigning worry.

"Yes, it seems I had mislaid my tent, which is rather queer as I knew it was among my things when we departed Rivendell", Jon said, putting a hand to his head.

Galadriel hiding her satisfaction as best she could approached Jon and place her hands upon his shoulders, hoping to soothe him.

"That was an oversight on your part Jon, but don't despair my tent is rather large, and it is rather sad to sleep alone; you may stay here if you so wish," Galadriel whispered in his ear, causing a flame of desire to erupt in Jon.

"truly?" Jon asked, enjoying the sudden massage immensely.

"Of course, even my own tent is too large for one elf; come now, beloved, it's getting cold," Galadriel said, helping Jon to his feet and beckoning him inside the tent.

Jon was in awe of it; inside were beautiful woven ornaments and rugs of bearskin in the corner lay a bed of blackened mahogany with silken sheets, and several small tables were scattered around the room.

Now that they were comfortable inside their tent, Galadriel continued to massage Jon's shoulders and swiftly removed several large knots.

While Galadriel loved pampering her beloved wolf, she knew he would fall asleep if she continued her ministrations, and so she stopped.

After all, she still had a gift to give to her lover.

"I hope you enjoyed that, my love, my love," Galadriel said smiling, and Jon sighed.

"Thank you very much, my Lady, that was wonderfully unique". Jon said with a smile.

"Okay, now my love, though it has been a long journey and we must retire soon, I have a gift for you," Galadriel said, whispering in his ear and then kissing his cheek.

That got Jon's attentiveness.

"A gift?" He asked, turning to see Galadriel smiling in her hands; she bore the silver box that he had brought from Khazad-dûm, and soon she opened it, and he saw what lay inside.

Two medallions forged from Mithril, one set with an amber gem and whose chains were made of the same material, and inside lay five golden hair plucked from her head.

"Lockets ..." Jon said excitedly while Galadriel was joyful that her wolf cherished the gift.

"Yes, so that you remember me wherever you are, my love, the other is for me, although I am afraid you will have to give me some of your hair," Galadriel said, smiling with love when she saw Jon shed tears.

"The descendants of Finwë have given me beautiful gifts that I do not deserve the image of my beloved Lalwen and your golden hair which surpasses the gold of the earth as the stars surpass the gems of the mine I know not what I have done to earn your love or such gifts, but I thank you all the same" Jon said, kissing Galadriel not only with passion but also with sweetness and love to the delight of the beautiful elf.

"You have earned our love because you are the only one among the Atani who are worthy of both my aunt and me", Galadriel said, placing the locket around Jon's neck.

After that, taking a small dagger from his pants, Jon cut some of his hair, and Galadriel placed it in her own locket, after which Jon placed it around her neck before kissing her again.

Finally, after several minutes already being overcome by sleep, they went to Galadriel's bed lying under the warm furs content with life, and ever so slowly, Galadriel was lulled to sleep by the beating heart of her wild wolf.

"Good night ... My beloved Galadriel," Jon said before laying a kiss upon her head.

"Good night, Jon", Galadriel said, returning his kiss with one of her own.

The first part of her task was fulfilled; now, she would charm Jon into reading the sonnets he had made for her.

Before long, Jon shall claim her as his own, and they shall be wed just as Beren and Lúthien.