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Great Green Forest

After some nights of hard forging and little rest, Jon lastly felt ready to show the fruits of his labour to the Greenwood Court.

A fair necklace of white gems that seem to have captured the splendour of the autumn moon and shone so fiercely the halls of Oropher was filled with a silvery glow so much so that many thought Tilion had graced their halls with his fair presence.

"They are beautiful," King Oropher said, regarding the gems with keen interest.

Jon smiled, pleased that his talents were praised by one such as Oropher.

"I have never seen such fair work wrought by the hands of men," Prince Thranduil said, glancing at the white gems with fierce longing.

"To receive such praise from one who had seen the beauties of Doriath that is high praise indeed Prince Thranduil," Jon said humbly.

Upon seeing the necklace, there was much debate among the nobles of the court as to whether he was indeed a common man or perhaps one of the Maia given a mannish shape.

The latter amused him greatly, for he was nought but an evil thing in his homeland, a creature of lust and shame whose crime was not committed for himself, yet here he was a mighty lord of men and well-loved by many of worthy countenance.

"Fear not beloved; you have shown your worth many times over," Galadriel said, gazing at him with fierce pride.

"Thank you, my "Star of the West" those lands hold many bitter memories, and I fear it shall be many more years till all is forgotten," Jon said grimly.

Galadriel merely smiled. "Of that, we're certain, my beloved, but you're stronger, and soon you shall forget the bitterness of those memories".

Yet a shadow clouded her heart and feared Jon would never be wholly free of those cursed lands.

"Oh, in my heart, I feel that the day will come when my aunt and I will be the first of our people to see those lands ... Those lands in which our love suffered so much at the hands of those petty lords," Galadriel thought in melancholy.

"It seems tales of your talents spoke truly Aemond Targaryen," Oropher said before handing the necklace back to Jon.

"Thank you, King Oropher .." Jon said before placing it into a wooden strongbox gifted to him by the King.

"Now, what shall you do, Jon?" Thranduil asked curiously.

"I will return to Imladris and remain there for a time, then I will journey to Khazad-dûm and learn all I can from Enerdhil writings," Jon replied.

Thranduil stared at him queerly before speaking again. "Your choice seems strange do you not desire to return to the northern realm after so many years away?"

Aye, my heart yearns to see the silvered spires of Annúminas to watch the sunrise upon the shores of the Evendim, alas I shall scarcely learn what I desire in Arnor so I fear I must delay my return a while longer and learn all I may from these tomes," Jon replied grimly.

"And you've no fear of arousing Elendils ire?" King Oropher asked with an amused smile.

"I've no doubt Elendil will be wroth with me I fear shall clean the stables for several moons upon my return," Jon said without humour.

"Though I fear little from my King, my Lady loves shall be vexed by my choice, but perhaps I can win their forgiveness with hard-won gifts," Jon thought in fear.

Galadriel felt the fear of her beloved and smiled, plotting how best to mock him later.

"If that is all, I bid you leave my Kingdom and go with the blessing of my kin. My guards shall guide you to the edge of the forest," King Oropher said with a nod.

"That's is kind of you, King Oropher," Galadriel said before bowing.

Oropher nodded and smiled. "Think nothing of it, my Lady",

"I thank you, King Oropher, but there is still a matter to resolve," Jon said before handing the strongbox to Thranduil.

"How can you give me this?" Asked the prince in surprise.

"I give it to you in thanks for the aid you have given Galadriel and me," Jon said with a grateful smile.

"I did not offer the courtesy of my halls expecting compensation Jon Snow," King Oropher said with a frown.

"Indeed, it is not payment but rather a gift, a pledge of goodwill between the House of the Greenwood and House Targaryen", Jon said solemnly.

For a few moments, the entire Court was silent at Jon's words save Galadriel, who smiled at the gesture of goodwill.

Prince Thranduil took the box with great care and gazed at the gems with ardent desire.

And it seemed as if the ages of the world fell away from the Woodland Prince, and he smiled.

"I shall treasure this gift, and it gladdens my heart to be counted among as a friend among the folk of Valyria, " Thranduil said, bowing low.

And in that moment, all the trumpets were blown, and the many nobles of Orophers court clapped uproariously gladdened by the alliance between the Dragonlords of Valyria and the Great Greenwood.

"It seems such a waste to relinquish those jewels so soon after their forging beloved, especially to Oropher," Galadriel said jealously.

"Is the Lady of the Galadhrim wroth that she did not receive them?" Jon asked.

"I warn you, my wolf, I shall not be toyed with", Galadriel intoned wrothfully.

"Fear not, my love. I have yet to make your gift, but it shall be far greater than those gems," Jon replied, hoping to appease Galadriel.

However, in his heart, he knew that perhaps he would not be able to forge something like that again since he had not forgotten the pain that came with using his Fëa to create that necklace ... This perhaps was the proof that mastering the techniques of Enerdhil was something that was beyond the powers of any mortal, even him.

"Then I eagerly await the fruits of your labour, my dear wolf though I ask you not try and master feats beyond your kin I've no desire to see you hurt for some pretty bauble, and if I perceive that it is beyond your capacity, I will stop you in the way I see fit," Galadriel said forcefully.

"Thank you, beloved, your concern for me warms my heart, and I know you're wroth that I gave the necklace to the Silvan, but it shall foster good relations between our peoples, and that is worth far more than all the gold of the Earth and Stars of the Heavens", He replied cheerfully.

"Indeed, my love, my kin of the Woods are fast in enmity as they are in friendship, but they have begun to accept you, and that is no mean feat," Galadriel said joyfully though she was still rather cross as she had greatly desired those fair gems.

"Aye, My Star though I fear there are many among the Silvan who shall not ally themselves with the Noldor and with Sauron arming himself for war I feel it best that we should foster good relations among the free peoples least the Dark Lord divide us wholly," Jon said grimly.

"Yes, and I dread that those days of war shall come far sooner than we should like," Galadriel lamented, knowing these days of peace and plenty would soon give way to the flames of war.

"Your gift is much appreciated, Lord Aemond," Prince Thranduil said, still gazing at the fair necklace eagerly.

"Think nothing of it, Prince Thranduil. I know your kin have a great love of treasure, especially white gems and diamonds," Jon said.

At that moment, the hall fell silent as King Oropher rose from his throne.

"In that case, it seems to me that we have nothing more to discuss. I advise you rest many leagues you have journeyed from the East, and many more yet lay before you," Said Oropher with a pearl of keen wisdom, and neither she nor Jon had the thought to challenge it.

Indeed they knew their journey across the Anduin would be wearying more so than the journey; hence as they were ladened with many chests of gold and gems and even several dozen barrels of stout wine, fortunately, the Elven King gave them hardy horses and provisions to ease their travel as Jon's Gryphon couldn't bear so great a burden, and Vhagar was away in the South no doubt hunting Oliphaunts.

And though they greatly enjoyed the hospitality of the Greenwood, they longed to return to the hidden valley though not all was troubles and strife since they could share a bed again without the prying eyes of their Silvan kin or the grim stares of the Dwarves.

The months after leaving the Greenwood, they were inseparable, expressing their love without shame or fear, often sleeping under the stars with little to keep them warm save a blanket of fur and their passion, and on those wonderful nights, Jon happily sang and recited poems for his Lady.

Unfortunately, those days would soon grow dim as Galadriel yearned to see Celebrian again, and he had his dealings with the Dwarves, and he could scarcely beg her to live among the Longbeards as he had.

It seems that none save he enjoyed living among the children of Mahal, and none could aid him in the forging of this metal save King Durin though he feared the strain on his Fëa would be too great, and he would perish just as Fëanor before him.

Though he cared little for the arts of forging as his mind was drawn to thoughts of his beloved Galadriel, and the wager they had made ere they departed the Halls of Durin, to claim her as a wolf would his prey now knew his pride would scarcely permit him to concede especially when the prize was so great his beloved Galadriel mightiest of the Noldor at his beck and call.

The thought of them in the throes of passion filled him with a great fire that seemed to well inside his chest; he knew Galadriel yearned for him as he did her, but his beloved was no weak willed maiden and would perceive his intentions, so he must be subtle in his temptation.

Yet, there was another matter of great importance.

The Silmaril, Jon knew well the misery that would befall those who sought to claim this gem, and for a moment, he had thought to cast it into the Anduin and hope the swift waters would carry it to the Great Ocean, but this was folly if he had found this gem others may as well.

It was then an idea sprang into his head that should put an end to his two problems, firstly the seduction of his beloved Galadriel and the fate of the Silmaril. It was rather simple, but he would need the aid of King Durin, but it seems fate would aid him in this endeavour, for he had an excellent bargaining chip knowledge.

Soon his mind was drawn to Magni and his band of Dwarves venturing through the golden woods of Lorien; their path was one fraught with dangers and far longer than his own; they were ladened with much treasure and shouldn't arrive in Khazad-dûm till many months after themselves if all was well. However, he knew they would be welcomed gladly by King Durin. Still, there was another thought on his mind the words his beloved had spoken to Magni ere they set out to recover the treasure that his desire shall lay in the East rather than West.

He had desired to know the meaning of Galadriel's words that the destiny of Magni and his colony was in the East, not the West, but his beloved said nothing more on the matter, and he hadn't thought to question her further.

"Well, best not mention it if she sees fit to tell me, then she will," Jon thought.

Though he would have to contend with the displeasure of his King and his lady loves, merely thinking of their soured expressions and blackened hearts filled him with great dread, and he feared they would demand many concessions for making them worry so.

"Well, it does little good to dwell on what maybe this is the path that I chose, and there is no turning back now though perhaps I can soothe their anger gifts from Durin's treasuries," Jon thought worriedly.

"Oh, my beloved fool, it seems your life is wholly dominated by those fickle women," Galadriel thought in amusement.

With that in mind, She and Jon continued towards the realm of the Longbeards, eager for stout spirits, warm hearths and of course, the excellent feasts of the Dwarves.

Finally, after many months of travel, they neared the mouth of the Dale and looked about them. Northward the Dale ran up into a glen of shadows between two great arms of the mountains, above which three white peaks were shining: Celebdil, Fanuidhol, Caradhras, At the head of the glen a torrent flowed like a white lace over an endless ladder of shortfalls, and a mist of foam hung in the air about the mountains' feet.

Jon filled with great happiness when he gazed upon the Mirromere again, for Khazad-dûm was as lovely a home to him as the Grey Havens. "We've arrived, my beloved star."

"At last, now we can do away with this cursed wine. I've grown weary of smelling of spirits for many months," Galadriel said without humour, happy to get rid of the wine while he laughed.

"What do you care of carrying the wine, beloved? I drove the carriage, and you seemed eager to imbibe on several occasions I daresay we drained two barrels on our own," Jon said replied while Galadriel scolded him for his cheek.

"We shall speak no more of this matter, Jon", Galadriel replied coldly.

"Now, let us make haste to the Eastern gate; it wouldn't do us well to roam these lands after dark, and I yearn for a soft bed and hot food."

After many hours of riding, the sun was cresting the hills and gave way to the glittering stars, but at last, they saw the Great Eastern Gate. It seems Durin had expected their arrival, for there was a great throng of Dwarves awaiting them though all was not well as Galadriel had seen fit to torment his mind with foul magics for some perceived slight and his appearance was rather shabby made even worse as King Durin, and his counsellors stood front and centre.

For a few moments, no one said anything but the Dwarf King, seeing him arrive in such a state, smiled maliciously.

"Welcome, Jon ... I see you returned well and whole, well done," King Durin said, satisfied.

Jon merely grunted as he saw Galadriel sipping a glass of wine while some Dwarves howled and jeered at him.

"It will not work, Galadriel ... I will not forget this, my beloved star you can be certain ... I shall avenge this slight I swear it", Jon promised, but she merely laughed and sipped her wine with ardour.

"We'll see my savage wolf," Galadriel said carelessly before refilling her glass.

"Well met, King Durin. I have journeyed over range and river bringing many gifts from the Vinter court," Jon said without humour.

Upon seeing the many barrels, Durin roared in approval, clearly pleased with his investment.

"Oh, how wonderful, it has been many long years since the brew of Dorwinion has graced my cellars, and now we have enough to slake the thirst of many kingdoms," King Durin said as his kin nodded happily.

"Indeed, you have emptied the cellars of Dorwinion for many long months, and Oropher was rather cross that you had purchased so much," Jon said with a smile, and all the Dwarves began to laugh with glee.

"That will make this wine taste even better ... But come on ... Come in ... Leave this wine in the hands of my servants, tell me about your adventures in the Eastern Lands," King Dúrin said and instantly, the old King knew something queer was afoot when he saw their countenance grow dark.

"It seems something went awry during your journies," Durin said grimly.

"Yes, I'm afraid our trip was not without its perils, and though there was friendship and danger in equal measure, we also bring many gifts from the Eastern lands chief among them a treasure of such wonder I daresay none among your kin have seen such fine craftsmanship," Jon said with a slight smile as he saw the curious face on the King's face as well as a brief glint of greed in his eyes.

"Bold claims manling I hope you shall share the tale of how you came upon such riches," Durin mirthfully replied.

"Aye ... But I shall speak no more of it here; let us adjourn to your halls as many unfriendly eyes might be watching," Jon said, gazing southward where he spied flocks of birds, flying at great speed, were wheeling and circling, and traversing all the land as if they were searching for something; and they were steadily drawing nearer.

"Aye, it seems you're right; well, we shall prepare a feast in celebration of your safe return as well as give you lodgings. I suspect you're weary from your travels. Don't bother with the wine; I shall have my servants tend to that," King Durin said, eyeing the flock warily.

"We must be wary my wolf before us lay many perils, and chief among them is that jewel let us hope that the Dwarves shall be nobler than their kin those many centuries ago," Galadriel said seriously, but this disappeared when her beloved wolf simply kissed her on the lips bringing great happiness to the beautiful elf.

"Indeed all of this is rather queer especially the discovery of this jewel though I have known Durin for many years and he values food and cheer and song above hoarded gold; still it does my heart good to know I shall have your counsel and wisdom, my beloved star", Jon said lovingly, and this filled her with a fierce pride knowing her beloved wolf held her in such high regard.

And so they followed the Dwarvish king arm in arm while his servants tended to the many barrels of wine and, of course, the iron chest that he had brought from the Great Sea.

After reaching his room, Jon was surprised that his Mithril chainmail was there since he remembered leaving it with Elrond in Imladris but resolved to question the King later as the servants bustled in ladened with the various chests he had brought from Rhûn. However, he cared little as weariness claimed his heart, and after washing away the road's grime in a basin, Jon laid beside his beloved Galadriel; soon, his being was filled with the scent of lilies, and he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

After some hours, Jon was awoken by Galadriel, who in turn had been awoken by the banging on the door; he quickly rose from the bed and strolled across the chamber and threw open the door it was a dwarf with a red beard tucked into a golden belt.

'King Durin has sent me to inform you the festivities are about to begin, young master and that he is eager to hear tales of your treasures!' he said with a low bow.

"Very well, when we depart, have some of the servants come and deliver the chest to the feasting hall and replace the linens if you would be so kind," Jon replied jovially.

The young dwarf bowed low again and nodded before hurrying off no doubt to fetch the fresh linens and several stout compatriots as the chest he had brought back were neither small nor light. When the dwarf had left, he turned his gaze upon Galadriel, who had fallen asleep once more.

"It seems even my beloved it weary tis a shame as well I had hoped to rest more, but there is little to be done King Durin has gone to a great deal of trouble, and I haven't the heart to disappoint him," Jon thought sadly, waking Galadriel again.

When they entered the halls arm in arm, Jon and Galadriel were greeted by a familiar sight of countless dwarves feasting and drinking, even a few among them smoking; they were hurridly rushed to the Kings side, and then the festivities truly began, Jon, in particular, enjoyed the roasted boar and honeyed cakes while the wine of the Vinter court flowed like water.

But many of the dwarves were eyeing the large iron chest with an eagerness expected of the Mountain Fathers.

The feast continued well into the night, and after many hours of merriment, the King thought it prudent to hear their tale.

"Very well, we had feasted and drank. However, I think it best you tell me of what you found in those Eastern lands as it seems to be of great importance," King Durin said cheerfully.

Jon and Galadriel barely stifled their laughter, but as the beautiful elf sipped from her glass of wine, Jon sighed and nodded.

"I speak truly King Durin now I shall tell you all that I know as you shall soon be greeted by a throng of your kin from the East," Jon said before the curious gaze of the King.

"What do you mean?" The King asked warily while a servant swiftly refilled his flagon.

The young Targaryen told his friend everything that had happened since they departed the halls of Amon Lanc, even the discovery that he could summon Vhagar with merely a thought.

"It seemed strange to us that your dragon suddenly disappeared, but we thought that it only went south to hunt Oliphants; I had never heard of anything like this truly your bond with the beast is queer and wondrous," Said the King amazed by the bond his friend shared with the dragon.

"Indeed, it was quite surprising for me as well, but please, my friend, let me finish my tale, or we shall be here till the end of days," Jon replied before draining another cup of wine.

He then spoke of the battle before the Gates of Caras Sant and their meeting with Regent Hawain and resolved that the Lord of Mordor was guiding the Easterlings to make war upon the Vinter Court; he then spoke of Magni and his kin fleeing from the terror in the East.

Upon learning the enemy was gathering his strength, the Great Hall again swelled with booming voices and chants of war, but Durin silenced them and bid he continue.

"Aye, it seems you speak truly though I suspect you must tell the others as well," Durin said after taking a bite of roasted boar.

"I shall write Elendil and tell him of all we have learned in the East, but I fear I shall also tell him I cannot return to Annúminas just yet as I've no reason for Galadriel to accompany me", Jon replied.

"Are you certain that is wise? Elendil's anger will be terrible… "King Durin said grimly while Jon merely nodded.

"Aye foolhardy it maybe to arouse the wrath of my king I intend to summon a council of the Kings of the West and share these grim tidings," Jon said, noting that the Dwarves eyes seem to glimmer.

"The treasure you mentioned? ..." The King asked excitedly, and Jon smiled at the old dwarf's love of treasure.

"Thank you, my king", said Jon, who then informed them of Magni and how the Ironfist had sought his aid in recovering the treasure of Rhûn taken from the ruins of Gondolin and Nargothrond ere Beleriand fell beneath the waves.

Upon hearing that the kin of Ulfang had looted Nogrod and Belegost, the hall was filled with howls of fury and oaths of vengeance with many dwarves cursing the Easterlings, and the old dwarven king crushed his mithril goblet in a fury.

"Damn thieves ..." He mumbled with hatred.

"I'm of a mind with you, Lord Durin," Galadriel said, remembering how the pirates had looted both the treasures of her brother Finrod and the tomb of her cousin Turgon.

"Of course, my Lady ... You more than us must bear a grudge against those evil men who looted the treasures of your kin, please Jon finish your tale," King Durin said.

And Jon did so, recounting to the old king how his kin among the Stiffbeards had forged a suit to resist the darkness of the abyss, and this caused many of the Dwarves to stare at him queerly indeed he knew it was a somewhat fantastical tale and upon hearing that he had braved the depths to secure this treason the dwarves looked at him in pride.

"By Mahal Jon, I've never known a treasure to be so trying to obtain," King Durin said, finishing his goblet.

"It was worth it, my friend, especially when I was called to the abyss by the Ulumúri," Jon said, recounting the final part of his journey to the bottom of the Sea of Rhûn, and the discovery of the pearl of Ulmo and those strong boxes.

He then reached into his satchel and brought forth the pearl of Ulmo, and it filled the vast halls with a silvery glow mesmerizing the throng of dwarves.

"By Mahal, in all my long years, I've never seen a gem of such beauty," Said the King looking at the pearl in wonder.

"Indeed ... However, it is not the only possession I brought from those far Eastern Lands," Jon said, opening one of his chests revealing the vast quantities of gems and silver to the marvelling dwarves.

"These gems are of immeasurable quality," said Racknuff as he held up one of the diamonds.

"Indeed, I have no doubt these were taken from the horde of Finrod," Jon said proudly.

"A prize fit for a King ..." King Durin said, handing the pearl back to Jon.

"Indeed, but I found something far greater in those depths," Jon said before opening the chest, and Durin's expression turned to one of bewilderment when he saw a few blankets.

"What trickery is this?" Asked the disappointed King, thinking this was some jest.

Jon removed the covers revealing the Dragon Helm of Dor-lómin to the stunned monarch who dropped his goblet spilling wine on the stone floor.

"By my beard unless my eyes deceive me that Helm ..."

"It is the Helm of Hador forged by Telchar, returned from the deeps of time and from the depths of the sea by the grace of Lord Ulmo ..." Jon said happily.

The dwarves were joyous, stamping their feet and pounding on the table, all the while offering praise to Mahal in their tongue of Khuzdul.

"Hold your praises, my fellows; we have much to show you," Galadriel said amusedly while many of the dwarves grumbled excitedly.

At that moment, Jon revealed Anguirel and handed it to Durin, who swung the blade with effortless grace.

"Magnificent work and splendid balance, by her fierce glow and black blade I know her as Anguirel, Anglachel's sister who was later reforged as Gurthang and carried by Túrin Turambar until his death," King Durin said, returning the sword to Jon with an expression satisfied.

"Indeed it is the flaming star forged by Eöl when the world was young," Jon said solemnly.

"Splendid gifts, boy, there's no question… Do you have anything else?" The King asked excitedly, his gaze landing on the other chest.

Jon grimaced but knew he had little choice to show Durin the jewel.

"Aye, I have two further treasures whose worth is greater than the value of the value of this kingdom and everything within," Jon said sadly; it was then he felt the warmth of Galadriel's hands on his own.

The effect was instantaneous; Jon felt hope grow in his mind, and it was kindled as a flame, and he felt at peace.

"Are you bewitching my mind, beloved? or is it merely your love for me that soothes my heart so?" Jon said, enraptured by the beauty of Galadriel and the love she begot for him.

"Oh, my foolish wolf think nothing of it, but I am afraid that now you must give an answer," Galadriel replied, laying a kiss upon his brow.

He turned from Galadriel and saw that Durin was staring keenly at the second chest, clearly eager to see what great gift he had brought them.

And so he removed the blanket, revealing the tomes of Enerdhil the disappointment of the king and his kin was unmistakable as they had anticipated some estimable ore or perhaps another relic of their kindred from Nogrod or Belegost.

"Books?" King Durin asked, looking at the contents of the chest with disappointment.

"Yes, these books were written by Enerdhil the legendary blacksmith of Gondolin and contain ancient forging techniques that were forgotten after the sinking of Beleriand among them is a technique to forge Mithril and gold without the former losing its lustre and strength," Jon said with satisfaction when he saw King Durin drop his goblet on the ground.

"Is this true?" Racknuff asked, glancing at the books as if they were a boundless mound of Mithril.

"Aye, I practised one of Enerdhil's techniques myself to fashion a silvered necklace that reflected the light of the moon and gifted it to Prince Thranduil as a token of goodwill," Jon said, smiling at the expression of dissatisfaction on the Dwarves' faces along with their grievances of not being able to see such work.

"I hope you shall share those secrets with us, Jon", Durin said, narrowing his eyes.

"Of course, I have read the books many times over. I just need to practice the techniques properly, and only in Khazad-dûm could I achieve such feats of forging," Jon said with a smile while King Durin laughed.

"You have become a daring trader, very well; let's see what we can achieve with those books. I'm keen to put hammer to anvil now," King Durin said, eager to forge this new metal.

"Aye, I share your keen love for metals, old friend, but I have one more treasure I must reveal, and this is the greatest among them," said Jon grimly.

That look was enough for the King to stare and him queerly, and so he brought forth the other strongbox and opened it, filling the vast hall with a dazzling light.

Many dwarves shielded their eyes, but those who didn't saw what lay before them a gem of unsurpassed brilliance it was something that defied everything they had known; the youngest among them stared at the gem with keen interest, but the older ones recoiled in shock knowing what lay before them.

One that they heard hereof in legends, stories marked by betrayal and tragedy in their struggle to obtain them.

"By the hammer of Mahal… Is it what I think it is?" Durin asked.

"Yes ... This is one of the Silmarils of Fëanor ... Recovered from the sea before time ..." Jon said swiftly, closing the box darkening the room once more.

When they were deprived of the light, a feeling of melancholy ran through the entire room, for that light shone in the Blessed Kingdom long before Ithil and Anar shone in the sky, and its brightness filled hearts with love and good cheer.

One of the legendary Silmarils resided Khazad-Dûm, one of the sacred jewels that shall not be found until the end of Arda, was in possession of Jon Snow.

For a few moments, no dared to utter a word until, at last, Durin spoke in a kindly voice.

"What will you do with such a treasure Jon?" Asked the King softly.

"I have laboured long on the fate of this jewel, but I know what I must do," Jon said humbly.

"But you won't keep it?" King Durin declared and snorted when Jon nodded.

"What do you intend to do with the jewel of my uncle, beloved?" Galadriel asked, intrigued as to what he could do with such a prize, and he merely smiled, arousing suspicion in her.

"Aemond, tell me of your intentions," Galadriel said threateningly.

"Calm yourself, my dearest star, soon you will know", Jon replied happily.

"For your sake, I hope so," Galadriel replied, vexed that Jon would keep things from her.

"So… will you stay here instead of going back to Annúminas?" Asked King Durin.

"Yes, I give this knowledge freely, my oldest friend, and once my affairs are in order, I fear I must but you farewell," Jon said sadly.

"You will return to Annúminas then?" The King asked sadly.

"A piece of my heart shall ever reside in these Halls, my dear friend just as the Gray Havens, but the days are growing darker, and I yearn to see my family for we have been parted for many count of years, and I fear my King shall have need of me ere this age ends, "Jon said sadly.

Durin merely sighed, "Yes ... I foresaw this, Elrond has suspected it too, that's why he took the trouble to bring your things from Imladris, he sensed that after arriving here you would leave for Annúminas,".

"So that is why my possessions were brought here", Jon thought.

"So, did your journey meet its end?" Asked the King.

"We retrieved the treasure, and once our affairs were in order, we returned here; Magni and his dwarves shall come here seeking refuge, but they took a detour south through Lorien rather than risk the dark paths of the Greenwood", Jon said grimly.

"Aye, that was a cunning ploy on their part tis no secret that the Woodland King and his heir have a fierce love of jewels," King Durin grunted before taking another goblet of wine.

"That's true," Jon thought, amused as he remembered how greatly Thranduil loved riches, especially white gems and silver.

"It shall be an honour to receive guests from the Houses of other fathers", King Durin said in good cheer.

"Quite wealthy guests as well", Jon said, mocking the King when he saw the glint of greed in his eyes.

Durin grumbled curses in Khuzdul while his compatriots laughed heartily; even his beloved chortled in amusement.

"I just hope that Magni and the others honour their oath to Vhagar, or I fear her wrath will be terrible," Jon said, remembering the character of his dragon.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that ..." King Durin said nervously.

"Well, in that case ... I think it best we begin preparations tomorrow, the metal cannot be forged save for when the Moon is high above, according to the preparations, we must heat the gold and Mithril for two days, the gold when the sun rises upon the Eastern Sky and the Mithril when the Moon follows after, both must capture the light of their respective star, so we must forge under the stars. Then we must mix the two and carve upon the metal great runes to bind them though if we fail, we cannot try until the moon rises high once more," Jon said while the king merely nodded.

"We shall see to it, but what is this metal called?" The King asked, intrigued, but Jon shook his head.

"I've no inkling as Enerdhil never thought to name it; perhaps we shall if we succeed," Jon said humbly.

"It is the most appropriate ... though I must know you have learned to forge using runes, correct?" King Durin said, his piercing gaze boring into his own.

"King Durin cunning as always," Jon thought dryly.

"I knew it truly you're an exceptional smith if I ever did see one, but I must ask, did the forging harm you?" Said the King sternly.

Jon only grimaced at the memory of the suffering he went through in forging the necklace, and that did not go unnoticed by the King nor Galadriel.

"It seems I was proven right men with an unusual talent for the forge are a rare breed now and getting rarer, and though many can hammer steel as well as any elf when it comes time to learn to use the runes, some are stricken with a terrible madness or far worse I cannot in good faith allow you to attempt the forging in spite of your gifts the strain of it shall kill you," The King said in a sharp tone.

"But ..." Jon tried to say but felt Galadriel's hands on his.

"Please, Jon, I Beg you not risk yourself for such folly," Galadriel said pleadingly.

Seeing Galadriel weeping in worry, he couldn't bear it, and with a heavy heart, he agreed.

"Aye, I know the risk is great, and though my need is dire, I have no wish to cause anguish, so I shall merely ask you watch the forging", Jon said in a tone of supplication.

"Very well you may watch, but you shall not be given an anvil not while there is strength in my body," Durin growled, showing the old dwarf wouldn't be cowed nor condoled.

"By Mahal, it seems misfortune has befallen men again", Jon grunted angrily though his dark thoughts were turned to joy as Galadriel filled his mind with a pleasant warmth.

"Well now… when will our visitors from the East arrive?" Asked King Durin.

"I'm not sure, at most a week or two ... Depending on how swiftly they can travel with such treasures," Jon said sagely.

"I'm eager to meet this Magni fellow. I do hope the Ironfist are as hardy as the legends say. I haven't ventured to the Eastern Mansion since my youth, and it would do us good to reconnect with our distant kin," Durin said cheerily.

At that moment, Jon and Galadriel remembered the latter's words, the destiny of Magni and his colony is in the East, not in the West.

"Well then, let's get started. Someone go prepare three forges outside the Western Gate we shall begin at first light," King Durin ordered his servants, and who bowed before rushing off to complete their task.

"I hope it works ... And if not, we just have to try again," Jon thought, still bitter at King Durin's refusal to allow him to forge with runes.

"When we have acquired all the ancient knowledge of those books ... What will you do with them? Will you take them with you to Annúminas?" King Durin asked curiously.

"I shall leave them in the keeping of Lord Elrond, his grandmother is Idril Celembridar, the daughter of King Turgon, and these books were written in the Gondolin the right thing to do would be for them to remain with their rightful owner, Lord Elrond will be delighted to have a memento of his father's home and family, "Jon said solemnly.

As soon as Jon said this, many Dwarves expressions turned sour, grumbling that these books were found by their kin and should rightfully remain with them.

"I was expecting that", Jon grumbled.

"Fret not, my beloved wolf; it is truly a kindness that you should gift those books to Elrond as he has little to remind him of his father," Galadriel said joyfully.

"Thank you for your words, my beloved star", Jon answered.

At that moment, King Durin raised his hand, and the hall fell silent.

"That is very wise of you, Jon, vexatious but wise, I've no desire to bring war upon my people chiefly over a few scraps of people, so let us learn we can from these tomes and then send them to Rivendell as a token of goodwill," Durin said sourly.

"He's vexed about the loss of the books, yet he will still part with them let none say again that Dwarves are grasping and ungracious," Jon thought.

"You are right, my beloved wolf, it is an honour to have King Durin as an ally and friend", Galadriel said happily.

"Yes, it is an honour to count him as both", Jon said happily.

For many hours the Dwarves prepared the forges necessary for the manufacture of the golden metal, as expected of the Dwarves of Khazad-Dûm; they did so with eagerness and haste.

He had thought he might see Ghost prowling the woods yonder, but the Dwarves had told him that his wolf had departed West as Vhagar flew south.

"Surely Ghost went in search of Lady, perhaps looking to sire another litter of pups... I'm not surprised, Ghost must yearn for his mate, and Lady doesn't let her cubs get away from her, nor would she be parted from Sansa" Jon grimly as he would not see his faithful companion until he returned to Annúminas.

"It does little good to dwell on matters such as these; there is work to do," Jon said, gazing at the vessels brought by the Dwarves for the forges they had created in the open air.

They were two great iron pots scored by many runes; in the first, he poured the gold just as the sky had crested the mountain peaks, then in the second was poured Mithril.

He tended the forges for the remainder of the day, stopping only for food and drink; this was the simplest measure, melting the metals, but alas, the forges filled the air with great plumes of heat and smoke that few could withstand save Durin and himself and many dwarves returned to their labours.

The young Targaryen remained bitter as the skill to forge such metal was beyond his desire merely because he was not of the Firstborn. Galadriel had tried to console him, and although the devotion of his beloved had soothed his heart, he was still bitter that the arts of Enderhil alluded him.

"It seems those of the Secondborn were not meant to surpass the Elves in skill," Jon said with a resigned sigh and thought to have a quick rest when a familiar rush of wind filled his ears.

As he glanced up at the sky, he could see her approaching ... Vhagar had finally returned from Far Harad with a great Oliphaunt in her jaws.

Seeing Vhagar, the nearby Dwarves fell back, still distrusting the dragon.

Vhagar landed in front of the Western gate and began to greedily devour her hardwon prize all the while; he stroked her neck affectionately.

"Welcome ..." Jon said, caressing her and although his dragon did not show signs of noticing, Jon could perceive that she enjoyed his affection.

"Did you have a pleasant trip?" Jon asked as Vhagar merely grunted and continued feasting upon the Oliphaunt.

Jon snorted when he saw how jealously she guarded her food; it seemed his dragon had a particular greed about her as was common among her forebears, but rather than gold or jewels, it was food.

At that moment, Vhagar gazed at the pots of molten metal with keen interest; clearly, she had wondered what he was doing.

"I'm melting ore to wrought a new metal alas I do not possess the skills to forge it myself," Jon said sadly, and at that moment, Vhagar did something entirely unexpected.

She growled in amusement as if she was laughing or as close to a laugh as could be expected of a dragon.

"What's wrong with you damned lizard? .. Does my misery cause you amusement?" Jon asked, bothered by Vhagar's sudden mockery of him, but his dragon did not answer this time but leaving his food aside for the moment, she stared into his eyes, clearly annoyed by his cheek.

And for a few moments, Vhagar stared at him unblinking, and he entered her mind with uncertainty.

What Jon saw in Vhagar's mind were the queerest imaginings he could have ever thought of.

He saw a great city of blackened stone with high walls topless towers rose toward the heavens where dragons soared, stone sphinxes gazed down through eyes of garnet it was indeed a grand city though it was no equal of those founded by the Noldor nor the Lords of Westernesse, and then the image shifted to numerous silvered haired men in great forges though there were no kindling nor fuel rather many dragons heating the kilns and forges.

Jon saw those people forging weapons, armour, sculpturing the rock into fantastic shapes, and then the vision changed, and he saw wisened men shaping glass candles and other strange objects such as large horns, drinking cups and other oddities he had never seen before.

Then the vision ended, and Jon fell to his knees, struggling to grasp the knowledge he had gained.

"That City was Valyria in its glory days ... I'm sure, it was the ancestral home of House Targaryen, the home of my father's family, my ancestors," Jon thought joyfully.

The ancient Valyrians, their ancestors, used magic, venerable magic from the vision shown to him Jon knew the Valyrians were mighty sorcerers; his grandmother Rhaella and Dany had told him a long time ago. that the ancient legends about Valyria said that The people of Valyria were potent sorcerers, and they would use their mighty wizards and their dragons in union with their armies to capture most of Essos west of the Bone Mountains. And the dragons were controlled by whips, magic horns, and sorcery.

Sorcery that was nurtured by the dragons themselves ... At that moment, Jon knew what his dragon wished to tell him.

"You can give me the magic that I need to learn the arts of Enerdhil ..." Jon whispered excitedly, and Vhagar nodded.

Jon could hear the murmurs of the Dwarves behind him, startling him.

"I had forgotten they were even here", Jon thought sadly, remembering that the Dwarves had beheld his quarrel with Vhagar.

He could scarcely contain his enthusiasm and looked at Vhagar with happiness.

"How can we bring your magic to bear in the forging Vhagar?" Jon asked excitedly; however, the dragon paid him little mind and busied herself with devouring the Oliphaunt.

"Vhagar, I care little for this foolish games by the Valar. Will you cease your foolish ways," Jon yelled; and Vhagar eyed him evilly before spitting a jet of fire into one of the forges.

The Dwarves fell back in fear and returned to the mines while Jon saw Vhagar staring at him and then to the forge.

Jon just stared at Vhagar and understood that the dragon would do little more than light the forge.

Jon sighed and looked at the green flames snaking through the forge turning the metal white-hot.

Not knowing what to do, Jon approached the flames that twirled and danced, spreading through the ruined forge, and entered.

He shuddered; the air itself seemed to deliquesce in the heat, and he heard the crackling of the flames as it snaked over wood and metal.

And the flames came to him and engulfed him. His clothes caught fire, and for an instant, Jon was wrapped in threads of ash and smoke that filled him with a fierce warmth, not unlike the heat of a pleasant hearth.

Jon parted his lips, found he was holding his breath; a part of him was somewhat vexed as the blazing heat had ruined the garments Lawlen had made for him. But something inside him demanded silence, and soon the smell of burning wood filled his lunges.

The ruined forge roared with life, and many tongues of flame were licking the bottom of the cauldron.

The smoke thickened, darkening everything, and he could hear many voices, some of agony, others of joy; it seemed as if the flame was alive, but Jon would not be denied and remained in the flames.

He remembered his grandmother's words he is of the blood of the dragon; the fire was inside him.

Dany had said it too, dragons are fire made flesh.

The motto of House Targaryen is "Fire and Blood".

And in that moment of clarity, Jon finally understood it all.

Jon laughed as he discovered what he had yearned to know how to forge as one of Ilúvatar's firstborns without harming himself. He took a step and realized that he had known the truth for a good while, but he hadn't the knowledge to understand it, the brazier had not ceased burning, and he allowed himself to delight in the colour and heat of the flames.

The green flames danced before him like fair maidens of some far land; they spun, sang, swayed with streaks of bronze and blue.

"They are very fearsome flames but fairer than many gems of the Earth, " Jon thought with fierce pride.

Sweat ran down his brow, and his hair was singed. He could hear the voices of his beloved Galadriel and King Durin shouting behind him, but he cared nought all that mattered was the flame of the dragon.

The flames were beautiful; they were the fairest in Arda and filled him with a kindly warmth, each one looking like a sorceress in a yellow and green robe, veiled in a cloak of smoke.

He saw many wondrous shapes dancing through the flames, fair maidens fierce of countenance and fairer than the seas, great dragons of many shades and hues.

He fell to his knees and began tracing the runes upon the earth, mastering his Fëa; it felt as if the fire welled inside him though it did no harm upon him, and thus the magic of the runes began.

The heat and the power ... swelling his spirit, giving him air as if he were someone who was drowning, for the first time in his many long years knew the strength of fire, the element of death and ruin, yes, but also the element of life, of power, of healing and of creation, with fire it is cured, and with fire, the darkness is illuminated.

And mayhaps that's why Erú gave Vhagar to him to grasp the knowledge of his Valyrian forebears might and magic in equal measure he was the Blood of Westernesse and Old Valyria.

The fire, the bones, the blood, even the hide of the dragon was abundant in magic, and he merely had to seize the power for himself.

"I am a dragon, not merely and wolf nor a Dúnedain but fire made flesh, and it shall ever be my ally," Jon thought, and he could perceive her great joy for sharing this secret with him.

The flames burned for what seemed many ages, but in truth, it was only a few moments, and when the last rolling embers died, he could discern the state of the forge the first one had been rendered useless, and the second stained black.

Jon could hear footsteps approaching, and as he turned, he could see the surprised and sullen faces of King Durin and Galadriel.

When she saw him, his beloved approached him and extended one of her hands as if she desired to touch him, but she did not dare for fear of the heat permeating his body.

"You look horrid, my dearest wolf, and you burned your tresses. I fear you shall have to cut them now," Galadriel said.

At that moment, he started laughing.

"If my Lady says so, I must heed her wisdom," Jon said with a smile, but Galadriel looked at him curiously.

"Why did you and your dragon do this? ... Your clothes are ruined, and you're covered in soot," Galadriel asked.

"Yes, I'm eager to know as well as you have ruined an excellent forge", growled King Durin angrily upon seeing the state of the forge.

Seeing them like this, Jon smirked.

"I shall not beg your pardon, King Durin, for Vhagar has taught me many things, chief among them a most valuable lesson," Jon said, glancing at Vhagar with pride.

"A lesson?" Asked King Durin, still angered.

"Yes, I shall explain everything in due time but come, my friend, we must prepare another forge," Jon said confidently to the incredulous King as Galadriel gazed at him with wide eyes as she perceived what he had learned.

Yes, Jon already knew that his beloved would see in his mind and would be astounded to learn the knowledge that Vhagar entrusted to him, then Jon would finally speak with Galadriel, and he would ultimately obtain his prize from the incomparably beautiful elf as he had not forgotten his bet.

That thought filled him with satisfaction.

But for now, he should be ready to complete his task.

The Dwarves hastily built another forge double the strength of the last, all the while grumbling curses in their mysterious tongue, no doubt about his dragon and her daring.

And he was weary of this and desired to start the forging, so while the dwarves busied themselves with inscribing the necessary runes, he told King Durin of how the ancient Valyrians used the magic of their dragons to create enchanting wonders that were mightier than any craft of the secondborn.

Naturally, this shocked the old king, but there was little time for inquests, for the time to melt the metals was long over; now comes the most laborious task to couple the two metals.

A mix of both gold and silvered steel."

"Dracarys", Jon said.

With those words, Vhagar shot a great jet of green fire into the forge to the amazement of the dwarves gathered.

"I never thought I would see this, a forge of Khazad-Dûm kindled by dragon fire," King Durin said solemnly.

"Indeed, it is a fabulous sight", Jon said with a smile.

After the forge was ready and the properly melted metals were poured into a third pot, the final step occurred.

Jon cleared his mind and approached the roaring flames, and it filled him with such fervour he nearly lost himself.

"Master yourself, for you are the blood of Valyria", Jon chided himself.

Using rods of iron, he and Durin scored the pots with many different runes, the union, the night, the sun and the power and with each rune, Jon felt a portion of the vigour that enveloped his spirit fade.

"It shall finally come to pass than the hand of men equals that of the Noldor," Jon thought excitedly.

Finally, after emptying both metals and filling the pot in which both were fused with runes, Enerdhil's instructions ordered that the metal be shielded from all forms of light, allowing them to cool in utter darkness, and if the metal was formed rightly, would glow with the splendour of the sun imperishable.

Both Jon and King Durin covered the cauldron in a blanket, sighing wearily, decided to wait.

"I hope this metal is as fair as they say," King Durin said, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Aye, I do as well, old friend," Jon said.

"Aren't you feeling exhausted or sick?" The Dwarf King asked, regarding Jon meticulously, but he paid it no mind.

"My muscles ached, and I feel a little weary, but I'm also eager to have some wine," Jon said with a smile, and the King laughed.

"That's good ... I must confess that when I offered to come here ... I never believed that you would become a blacksmith of such talent, you do not seem of the race of men and now with the power of your dragon ..." Durin said.

"I know my friend, I have also thought about it, in this land so far from my home I have found love, glory, fame, wealth, power and knowledge… As well as the truth of my origin. .. "Jon began.

"I sensed there is more you wish to say," the King guessed.

"I feel that all this power, this knowledge ... It was given to me for a reason, not only to achieve great things but also for more humble ends, my heart tells me that a time will come to pass this knowledge on to others, I am sure, and perhaps that is why it seems that I have a gift for lore ... To be able to pass the knowledge on when the time comes, "said Jon, feeling his future.

"A noble end ..." King Durin said with a nod.

"Thank you ..." Jon said, taking a flask of water brought by one of the Dwarves.

"I know you very well, Jon, and I know that if you want to create this metal, it is because you have planned to do something with it ..." The King said, arching an eyebrow.

"It seems the king truly knows my mind before I do", Jon acknowledged with annoyance, yet he was amused by the King's ingenuity.

"Yes, it's true, I already have in mind some things that I want to do with that metal ..." Jon said, thinking of gifts for his loved ones Lalwen and Galadriel as well as doing something with Lord Ulmo's pearl.

"And the Gem is needed?" King Durin asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Maybe ... But first, we must make sure we got it right," Jon said smiling.

Finally, Night came again; it was time to reveal the work, everyone was waiting expectantly for the result until the last blanket was removed and they could see a metal that at first glance looked like gold, but it glowed pleasantly and dimly as if it were illuminated by torches filling the darkness with light and it filled them with joy.

They had succeeded ... They had successfully combined gold and Mithril to form a hard metal, soft, moldable and lustrous like the sun.

"By Mahal... The books didn't lie... It's beautiful .." King Durin said, admiring the glimmering metal.

"It is .. but it needs a name .." Jon said with a hand on his chin.

"You're right, so name it Jon; you have earned it," King Durin said, looking at Jon with reverence.

"Truly?" Asked the young Targaryen.

"You suffered enormously to recover this knowledge from the Sea of Rhûn Jon, and you have chosen to share it with us," Said the King, and he pondered it for a few moments.

"Maltagil ... Star gold," Jon said.

"A fitting name.. very well done, now ... Let's take this marvel inside and tomorrow we shall forge something of it tomorrow, and you may take all that you need for your works," King Durin said satisfied, and Jon he bowed low.

"Thank you, Your Highness truly, you're the wisest of the Dwarven Lords," Jon said as he watched a group of Dwarves work unitedly to take away the newly created metal.

That night Jon returned to his room and saw his beloved sleeping peacefully.

Seeing her like that, Jon smiled with love ... and desire.

"Soon, my beloved, soon you will be wholly mine," Jon thought, laying next to his beloved careful that she did not wake as he laid a kiss upon her brow before falling into a pleasant sleep.

For days he laboured in the forges of Khazad-Dûm the metal that King Durin and himself had created, it was a marvel, like forging the Mithril but of gold, for lack of a better expression, Jon never took such care to forge something He had already wrought gifts for his loves many times, but this time it was different.

This time he wanted to improve himself ... And he did so ... That is why Jon managed to take a part of Vhagar's fire into the mines, and he needed little else, neither wood nor oils, for the fire of his dragon was strong as steel and equally as potent, and with the strength of those flames, he created three jewels of extraordinary beauty using the new golden metal.

The first gift was for Lalwen ... Remembering what she asked of him ere he left for Dorwinion.

A necklace of such beauty shaped to resemble two rearing dragons at its heart sat a remarkable stone of a clear green that flashed like the sun shining through the leaves of spring.

"I hope you're happy, Lawlen; it seems the dragon's fire had endowed the emerald with a life of its own", Jon thought, satisfied.

The second gift was something that Jon wrought for himself a simple band of gold set with the pearl of Ulmo.

To be honest, in the forging of this diadem, Jon was inspired by the Star of Elendil, a precious gem that his King wore in place of a crown.

The history of the beautiful jewel dated back to the first centuries of Númenor and belonged to Silmariën, the daughter of King Tar-Elendil. From her passed to her descendants, the Lords of Andúnië which his last Lord was Amandil, the father of his king and when he escaped from the Fall of Númenor and became the Great King of the Dúnedain, He wore the Star on his brow in place of a crown".

"Loras will die of envy", Jon thought with satisfaction.

But the last gift ... It was the most beautiful without a doubt.

It was a Carcanet, and in it, he embedded many gems. There were twin wolves whose eyes were emeralds and seemed to shine with an inner flame, and their fangs were of diamond, an exquisite piece that any King would want to give to his Queen, and in the centre Carcanet held in the maw of the wolves sat the Silmaril.

That was his wedding gift to Galadriel, one of the most beautiful gems of creation, the same price that his ancestor Beren paid to marry Lúthien and now he shall plight his troth much as his forebear had, though he hoped for a happier union.

However, there was another reason for giving the Silmaril to Galadriel ... And that is that with the death of Lord Celeborn, she was the wisest of all the elves left in Middle-earth, even more so than Lord Elrond, who was eminently wise in his own right yet he held her in higher esteem and felt the gem would be safest in her keeping.

Jon observed his three creations with satisfaction; he had never felt so proud as he did now.

"I think it's time for dinner ... Perfect, now I have to get ready."

During the dinner that followed in Durin's Halls, the dwarves needled him eagerly, wondering what he would forge with this new metal, but he paid them little mind instead; he gazed at Galadriel lovingly.

"Is something wrong, my love?" Galadriel asked.

"Nothing, I'm merely admiring your beauty, my beloved star", Jon said, pleased when Galadriel turned scarlet.

Galadriel smiled heartily, pleased with the affections of her beloved. "Thank you for your words ... My beloved wolf."

"You don't have to thank me, they are true after all and what's more, I lastly concluded my work in the forges, and I shall show them to you once we sojourn to our chambers; I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised, my Star of the West". Jon said in a honeyed tone, and Galadriel arched an eyebrow suspecting that her love had ulterior motives.

"Are you planning something, Jon?"Asked the Lady of Light in a haughty tone.

"Seduce you with my gift and take you to bed becoming my wife next to Lalwen in the eyes of the Eldar", Jon said freely, enjoying enormously how Galadriel's face turned as red as a ruby.

"You have indeed become bold, my beloved wolf", Galadriel said nervously.

"Quiet, my beloved star, we are enjoying a delicious dinner; it would be a shame if it got cold," Jon said with a wolfish smile.

In the end, he grew weary of the dwarves curiosity and told them he would share the fruits of his labour ere he departed their halls.

Finally, after the feast had concluded and all had sojourned to their rooms, Jon cornered Galadriel in the doorway to their bedroom.

"Jon?" The noble elf asked excitedly, but he busied himself with claiming her in a fierce kiss.

Oh, and she loved that Jon was possessive of her because often in Galadriel's fantasies, there were thoughts of Jon taking her as a spoil of war, and she, despite her power, was subdued by the wild wolf.

The mere act filled her belly with a fire of lust that coursed through her very being, and soon, her small clothes were dampened by desire.

At last, she will share Jon's bed just as her aunt Írimë which means that she lost her bet, although to be fair since Jon recited the "Namerië" and sang "Eldamar" to her, she had cared little for their wager and simply yearned to be with him.

Yet, he had suddenly ceased his tender caresses and gazed at her with a fierce love.

"Jon?" Galadriel asked, confused.

"We best go inside, my beloved star", Jon said, caressing her pale cheek, and she leaned into his touch, eager for his affection.

"As you say, my dear wolf," Galadriel said excitedly, taking Jon by his hand and leading him into the room before hastily shutting the door behind her.

"Here ..." Jon said, handing her a wood box adorned with many gems and patterns; clearly, it was his gift to her.

"Open it ..." Jon said lovingly, and she eagerly did.

Galadriel slowly opened the box, wanting to enjoy the moment, and when she finally opened it, she was blinded by a silvery golden light that flooded their chamber with its radiance.

There rested a Carcanet of gold, and set therein were many gems. It was was like to twin wolves, whose eyes were emeralds and seemed to shine with the radiance of a flame though he cared little for the wolves, for clenched in their fangs of diamond was a gem.

"Jon… You can't .." Galadriel said, surprised by the gift of her love.

"Of course I trust you with this great gift above all other my Star of the West for none are as wise nor as fair as you, I know the gem shall be safe in your keeping from this day unto the ending of the world", Jon said taking the necklace out of the box and Galadriel with tears in her eyes nodded and allowed him to put it on her neck.

At that moment, Jon was mesmerized by the vision of his beloved, which was enhanced by the light of the Silmaril, and her hair shone like a stream of stars.

Before, his beloved was the fairest maiden in all of Arda, but with the Silmaril, she is truly lovelier than Varda herself, akin to a living star.

"Whoever said that Lúthien was fairest among men and elves truly never thought to gaze upon you, my beloved Star", Jon said, striving to speak in the face of such beauty.

"Oh, Jon…" Galadriel said, deeply blushing just like a maiden in love and captivated by the gift of her love; he not only gave her one of Arda's most beautiful jewels without hesitation but also compared her beauty with that of Valar.

It was both a gift of love and a test of trust.

"I will be worthy of both; I swear on my honour, my love," Galadriel thought with tears in her eyes, touching her new necklace.

At that moment, Jon knelt, surprising her.

"Galadriel.." Daughter of Finarfin" with this Silmaril, I show my love to you, you are a beautiful spirit for your wisdom, kindness and compassion, despite being a Queen you are humble and playful ... I want you to remain by my side with Lalwen and the others until the time comes to leave Arda May this gem be the proof of everything I just told you," Jon said, and Galadriel widened when she understood the meaning of Jon's words.

"He proposed to me oh my beloved wolf", Galadriel thought, full of love and crying with happiness.

"Yes, yes, yes! ... I will be by your side, my wolf, until the mountains crumble and the star gives way to the eternity of night", Galadriel said in great happiness though this was stained by bitterness as she knew they must be parted.

And now she kissed Jon with all her love and ferocity, seeking to remove the air from her wild wolf, pleasantly surprising him.

At the end of the intense kiss, Jon took her arm gently and kissed her again; he took the beautiful elf to the bed, causing her to tremble with excitement.

"Will this do, my sweet Galadriel?" Jon asked, trying to keep his spirits light, but Galadriel's cheeks glowed with embarrassment or excitement, or maybe something of both, and she nodded with a smile.

They both walked quickly to the large bed, and she reached behind her back to begin undoing the laces of her beautiful pure white silk dress.

Jon stepped up behind her and pulled her hands away, rubbing his thumbs in gentle circles over the base of her neck like an impromptu massage, something Galadriel thoroughly enjoyed.

"There's no need for that right now, Galadriel", Jon hummed into the beautiful elf's ear with his chest pressed firmly against her back, letting vibrations of arousal course through her.

"Oh" was the exciting response from Galadriel, who was enjoying her massage.

Taking advantage of the fact that she was enjoying his caresses, Jon lowered his hands to the hips of the Princess of the Noldor and ravaged her mouth again; Galadriel did not protest or struggle when Jon's tongue claimed her mouth as his; in fact, she had hoped to make Jon submit to her, but he was far too skilled the arts of passion.

"Jon, I can't wait any longer ... Take me," Galadriel said, trembling with desire, separating after a few minutes of passion.

"Celeborn's kisses were never so intense", Galadriel acknowledged.

Jon grunted affirmatively and again assaulted the beautiful elf's mouth. He used his hands to caress her back and the nape of her neck as he slid his lips over hers, occasionally wetting them with his tongue, enjoying her warmth.

Galadriel fell in love almost instantly with that way of kissing and again began to insert her tongue into Jon's mouth.

The young Targaryen let her take control of their union and parted his lips to allow Galadriel's tongue to enter them.

The passionate advances she made into Jon's mouth were quite intense, and soon they were both consumed by her desire. Jon, in particular, felt as if a fire had welled inside him once more, and they would quickly be consumed by it.

Galadriel pulled away shortly after with a haughty smile.

"This is ... strangely exciting, isn't it?" She asked with a smirk and arching one of her thin eyebrows.

"Aye, my beloved star, after all, I won our wager," Jon said excitedly, and Galadriel blushed.

"Yes, he beat me, as he said he would," Galadriel thought excitedly.

It was there when Jon did something she did not expect ... He threw her on the bed and began to remove her dress gently but without saying a word ... And Galadriel understood that he had kept his word ... He had caught his prey.

He had captured her.

Galadriel smiling nervously, spread her legs instinctively, allowing her skirt to fall over her legs and exposing her silky thighs and pure white underwear.

"Jon .." Galadriel muttered excitedly, biting her lip and although for a moment the modesty of the Lady of Light inhibited her desire for Jon made her ignore her shame, that was when Galadriel made her decision.

The beautiful elf decided to take the initiative and removed her lover's hands from her suspenders and removed her small clothes, exposing her gleaming mound, swollen lower lips and golden curls finally arranged in the air in front of her beloved wolf.

Jon had no difficulty expressing his approval.

"Galadriel, you ... Your femininity is beautiful", Jon uttered as he slid his torso between her legs and lowered his head to her groin.

Galadriel, at that moment, became nervous and confused.

"Jon, what are you doing down there, and why are your breeches still…? Oh, Jon… JON! "Her protests quickly dissolved into moans as Jon stroked the inside of the beautiful elf's pearly thighs, nipping gently along the way, and blew in a tight warm stream of air across her wet lower lips.

"This is how the lords in Westeros are supposed to kiss their Ladies, my sweet Galadriel", Jon said in a low voice laden with lust before running the flat part of his tongue from base to apex along with her sacred place.

And Galadriel's eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she felt her lover's beard between her thighs and Jon's tongue touching her most ... intimate part.

Most of her pubic hair was above her pussy, resting on her pubic bone. The outer lips were red and tumescent but not too thick.

It was as if her pussy was made for a feast, and Jon sucked a swollen lip into his mouth and ran his tongue along the pink inner rim from bottom to top. Galadriel gave a very feminine moan and grabbed his head tightly, twisting Jon's curly dark hair in circles with her delicate but strong fingers. Jon repeated the treatment on the opposite side, intensifying the beautiful elf's joy.

"Jon ... Jon..No, don't lick ... Aaassshh", Galadriel tried to say, but the burst of pleasure stopped her.

She had always had such pure feelings ... Galadriel would never have thought that one day someone would lick ... There.

Jon shifted his attention to the smaller, petal-shaped inner folds, which stuck out a little each time he pulled back. He parted her outer lips with two fingers and ran his tongue over the slippery folds. As he did this, he used the middle finger of his other hand to play with her entrance with force but not yet penetrating it.

Galadriel was breathing profoundly but seemed to be able to control her reactions. Something primal inside Jon wanted to change that; he wanted to break the ecstasy of the enormously wise and prudent elf, who was practically a Queen; he pursued this aim by sliding his tongue into her opening above his finger and tracing the tip upwards. Through the smallest salty hole and against the hood that covers the pearl of her pleasure.

His nose was buried in the soft curls of her pelvis, and the musky scent he found there was intoxicating ... Like flowers. Then, with the hood pulled back, Jon began to assault her folds.

"Jon!" Galadriel gasped, clenching her fingers and tugging at her hair taught. Jon ignored the discomfort and continued licking, quick movements with the focused tip of his tongue. Jon bent the finger inside her upward and stroked it slowly along the ridged interior of her cunt.

"Eeeerghh, Jon, aah, oh", Galadriel moaned as Jon increased the intensity of his caresses in the most intimate area of the noble elf.

Jon could feel Galadriel's legs tighten around him, and the hand that rested on her belly to spread it felt her stomach contract. Now she was on the brink, and Jon wished to help her climax.

Jon added another finger to the one that caressed her slippery insides and placed the index and little fingers of the same hand between the inner and outer lips of her pussy; now, when he pumped up and down against the tender spot inside her, Jon rubbed her inside and out. The splashing noise that accompanied this movement sent shivers down Jon's spine and straight-up his cock.

"Galadriel, you're so wet for me," Jon said, speaking with the indurated pink bump as he teased her with his lips.

"It's ... It's...Your fault...Oh!" Galadriel said, closing her eyes as she had a look of pleasure on her face and tightened her grip on his curls.

"This is how I knew you would be, you dripping with excitement, your pussy craving for me," Jon said proudly when he saw the state to which he had reduced the most powerful of the Noldor and returned to lick his most sacred area.

"Don't be… so arrogant Jon, I've never felt like this before, UNGH! I feel like ... like you're about to break me in two, please Jon, don't stop ... Oh Jon! "Galadriel cried.

Galadriel's pussy clenched around Jon's tongue, and her knees crushed her arms against his chest. She screamed incoherently as her thighs and pelvis trembled under her mouth, and her fluids flooded into Jon's mouth, who revelled in the most intimate taste of Galadriel.

"She's so beautiful when she climaxes... But, hmm, she tastes like ... Honey?" Jon thought, walking away as he looked at Galadriel's face, neck and chest wholly flushed.

"Jon, that was absolutely amazing. I didn't know you could do something like that, "Galadriel said between deep breaths. Her skin felt damp and clammy where they touched, and Jon belatedly realized that he never took off her pure white dress, soaked in sweat.

"Galadriel, you must be suffocating," Jon said, satisfied with himself when Galadriel pulled away, standing up while she gazed at him coldly.

She observed him for some moments until he began to smile and slowly began to take off her dress in front of her lover, who was captivated by the naked body of the fairest of the elves.

She was ... Heavenly, divine, pearly white skin, immaculate, perfect, tall, endowed with the correct proportions; Galadriel was very much like Lalwen in build, with large, firm breasts with rosy nipples.

And the beautiful elf was all for him now ... At that moment, Galadriel approached him and began to undress him eagerly.

"Come on, my beloved wolf, it is not fair that you are dressed, and I am not ... Besides, I have to fulfil my part of the bargain ... I am all yours ..." The beautiful elf, in a seductive tone, kissed him gently and repeatedly on the lips.

"Don't provoke me, woman ..." Jon growled now, totally naked while Galadriel smiled lustfully at the sight of her husbands' sculpted form.

He was robust, and battle wore with a nest of dark curls on his chest indeed a fair man if there ever was one.

"Do my body please you, my star?" Jon asked smugly.

Galadriel did not answer and smiling with some malice, she kissed her wolf furiously and then threw him on the bed. Jon wanted to reply with some witty comment, but all thoughts left him when she suddenly lowered herself onto his cock and shoved it into her mouth.

"Galadriel ..." Jon said, surprised that she did something like that and feeling the warmth of her mouth, Jon almost came; it took all of his willpower to resist.

He wouldn't give up so easily.

The beautiful elf's tongue began to push the foreskin out of his head before bringing it to the base. She briefly choked before backing off and starting over, leaving his saliva-soaked member glistening in the firelight. Jon brushed the lock of silver-gold hair from her beautiful face, and she smiled sweetly at him.

Then he was surprised when she took her own large breasts in hand and wrapped the large porcelain mounds around his cock. The fluidity of her saliva, mixed with the natural lubrication leaking from her tip, allowed Galadriel to slide her large breasts up and down Jon's cock. The beautiful elf's breasts were very soft and quickly yielded to his stiff cock, but the constant sliding motion she provided was heavenly.

"Galadriel uggh, mmmmnn!" Jon struggled to contain his pleasure.

"That's right, my silly wolf, you can have fun with my body, I'm pretty sure that anyone who seems as ... virile as you will be able to regain his vigour in no time ... Besides, did you think I would have no experience in the arts of the love? Or I would be a docile and meek lover .. Hmm, besides that, I wanted to have you like this since I got rid of your tent at the beginning of our trip? Jon could only moan in surprise, and Galadriel raised an amused brow.

That's when Jon understood it all ... Galadriel had manipulated him from the beginning; this was the plan of his beloved star from the beginning of his journey.

"You were wrong then, my lustful wolf ..." Said the beautiful elf, pleasing him.

Jon leaned forward slightly to try to run a hand down Galadriel's third back, struggling to stroke her as deftly as he could, considering the situation.

For her part, Galadriel moved his cock away from his sternum, now using the peaks of his chest to massage his cock, rubbing her large pink nipples around his veiny exterior. The new position also allowed her to take his cock head into her mouth once more with the downward motion of her breasts, where she teased the opening at the tip with her graceful tongue.

When the sensation became too much, and Jon could feel his release approaching, he tried to warn her, but this only led to quicker teasing of her until it all became too much.

When he began to throw his seed into her mouth, she moved her lips to the edge of his head and moved back and forth in that sensitive area, her tongue continuing its exquisite caress.

"For….Aaaah!" Jon yelled.

The next time Jon could remember, he saw Galadriel with her seed in hand, putting it in her mouth and enjoying it like a delicacy; the sight of such a 'pure' woman doing that helped Jon immensely to resume the flow of blood to his penis one more time.

At that moment, smiling sweetly, Galadriel stood next to her lover.

"Did you enjoy it?" Galadriel said in a honeyed tone.

"I didn't think you could…." Jon said, struggling to catch his breath.

"There are many things that you wouldn't believe I'm capable of, Jon. I hope you liked my breasts," Galadriel said melodiously, gently caressing Jon's chest, but he noticed that her face was deeply flushed.

And Jon grinned wolfishly.

"It makes me want to enjoy the rest of you, even more, My star of the West ", Jon said in response and did something unexpected ... He squeezed a buttock of the noble elf, who jumped in surprise.

"Eep!" It was the succinct response from Galadriel, who had never been touched that way… Jon was… Possessive and treated her like… Like his property.

And despite her pride, she loved it; Jon was right; she liked being ruled.

"Do you have a death wish?" She asked with false anger, and he merely laughed.

With that in mind, she leaned against her lover, starting to kiss him fiercely, and Jon could feel Galadriel's huge and firm breasts pressing against his bare chest.

Galadriel had plump buttocks to match her beautiful and divine breasts; her stomach was firm yet soft, her thighs were thick and muscled, but her lower legs and arms were thin and delicate. Her long neck and her round face and eyes gave her a wholly divine and beautiful appearance, especially crowned in gold as she was by her soft tresses.

She seemed to enjoy looking at his hard, muscular body as much as he enjoyed gazing at her.

"Could I be the one on top, Jon?" Galadriel asked with feigned shyness as she was gloriously naked on top of him.

Jon, who was very familiar with this method from Arianne, Daenerys, Rhaenys, Ashara and Shiera, nodded.

Jon lay down on the fur bed with the fire behind his head and guided her on top of him. The flickering light cast little dancing shadows in the little folds made by the skin of her breasts and waist.

That, and the gleam reflected in his eyes as he looked down at her form, completed the excitement Jon needed to move on to claiming the Lady of Light as his own.

Galadriel rose from her position and used her graceful hand to guide Jon's cock into the increasingly dripping entrance of her pussy. Once in position, she flopped down, and Jon groaned as the warm, wet lips of Galadriel's pussy wrapped around his shaft.

"Oh ... Jon is too big, hard and wide!" Galadriel thought, closing her eyes from the sudden pain; she had thought she was ready, but not even she was prepared for this.

Jon's cock had been sheathed inside her, as wet and ready as it was, she could feel his hard, throbbing member move inside her. In both girth and length, it was larger than Celeborn. Entering her brought immediate joy but also momentary pain. A pain she hadn't felt since her first night with her first husband.

When Jon saw her, he was concerned.

"Are you well, Galadriel? May I ..." Jon asked, and she nodded, pressing a hard kiss against his mouth, preventing him from finishing. It had only taken a few moments to get used to its length. Now the pain was subsiding. She didn't want him to see her as weak.

"Yes, just give me a few moments ... Continue ... Continue", Said Galadriel falling on Jon, who ended up with the ample breasts of the beautiful elf on his face, and he allowed himself to delight in the warmth and softness of the valley of the Lady's of Belfalas breast while gently nipping her nipples to the joy of the beautiful elf.

Soon Galadriel pulled her chest away from his face and began to ride him.

Jon allowed her to set the pace however she wanted while he enjoyed stroking Galadriel's soft thighs, massive breasts, and firm rear as it suited him.

Soon Galadriel began to moan loudly, and her screams began to be heard.

Sometimes she bounced up and down, while at other times, she sank until he thrust into her before grinding the apex of her pussy back and forth, reaching Jon to kiss her uterus with the tip of his cock, causing Galadriel to no longer moan but to scream with pleasure.

On another occasion, Galadriel even twisted her hips in a circle above his, causing them both to moan with pleasure.

However, finally, Galadriel leaned forward to kiss her wild wolf as she leaned her hips toward the small of his back and pumped her butt up into the air, swallowing his entire cock with her pussy with each descent accompanied by a hit when his flesh collided.

"Jon, yeah, it's better this way ... Aaah, it feels much better this way", Galadriel pronounced in her mouth when her tongue was not invading hers, and at that moment, she took her wolf's hands with hers tightening them gently.

"Come on, Jon, you said you desired to see my womb swell with your child; I want you to; I will give you many children of my body, something that no other elf or man deserves!" Galadriel screamed in pleasure when she felt that she was about to finish as she closed her eyes, narrowed her eyes and tightened her pussy around Jon's cock.

"Oooohhh!" She screamed, suddenly reaching for her release.

When she came, Jon couldn't help but grip her hips to hold her steady, pumping his hips against her until his release tore through him, launching what seemed like a roar claiming the woman over him as his own, which seemed to cause her to more spasms.

Jon filled her womb with hot seed, and she moaned in joy as it filled her belly with a warmth unknown to her.

"There is so much already surly I will be carrying his child now oh by Yavanna let it be so," Galadriel thought joyfully as she slid off of her beloved and laid her head on his chest.

Jon was also exhausted; Galadriel was as passionate as Lalwen; if he had been an ordinary man ... She would have broken him.

Soon the fatigue of forging and the extertions of their lovemaking was finally too much for him and taking Galadriel, he covered them both with sheets full of sweat and fluids.

And it was in this moment the union of men and elves was sealed for Jon of Arnor and Galadriel of the Utter West consummated their love that night and were gladdened for it.