Note: Dreamworks and Netflix's She-Ra and the Princess of Power was created by Noelle Stevenson and is based on Filmation's She-Ra show and Mattel's toy line.

Adora and Catra were relaxing in their new room in the kingdom of Brightmoon. They had started living there after leaving the Horde. Suddenly, Adora and Catra heard a ominous voice say, "Adora, we need to talk."

Catra raised an eyebrow and looked at Adora, while asking, "Did you hear that? It sounds like some creep's trying to talk to you."

Adora casually replied, "It's probably just somebody, who works at the castle, that has to tell me something about the war. I'll see what this person wants and be right back. Try to avoid spilling milk all over the place."

Catra sighed and responded, "Fine."

Adora stepped out of the room and closed the door. She looked around, to see who was trying to talk to her. However, the hallway appeared to be empty. She paced around, while asking, "Is anybody there? I'm Adora. I heard somebody call my name."

Adora figured she better go back inside, but suddenly, Shadow Weaver appeared in front of her. Adora nervously raised her eyebrows, while asking, "Is that you, Shadow Weaver?"

Shadow Weaver explained, "Technically, I can't transport myself to faraway places, but I can transport an illusion, that has my likeness. Although the body standing before you is a fake, my words are my own and my words are more scary than the power of a hundred soldiers."

Adora asked, "What is your illusion doing here?"

Shadow Weaver said, "I want to have a little chat with you, dear child."

Adora angrily replied, "I'm not a child, anymore. I also don't work for you."

Shadow Weaver was tempted to push Adora, but her illusion couldn't actually touch her. She paced around Adora, while trying to make her former pupil feel intimidated and scared. She said, "Adora, I raised you. You could of been raised by a poor family, who had nothing to offer you, but I decided to raise you, because I saw potential in you. I gave you all the motherly love, that I could muster."

Adora replied, "Then I'm glad you're not a real mother, because you were a poor guardian to both Catra and me."

Shadow Weaver said, "Hordak's a strong leader, but he doesn't always make the best decisions. One of his most foolish ideas was having Catra be the one, who would bring you back to the Horde. I haven't heard from Catra, all day. Do you know where she is?"

Adora folded her arms and replied, "She's here. She and I share the same home and room, once again. Despite you not believing in Catra, she's just as important of a person, as I am. Together, we're going to stop the Horde."

Shadow Weaver responded, "Adora, out of all the warriors I trained, you were the one I had the most trust in. That's why your ignorance and dumb decisions disappoint me. Before leaving the Horde, you were promoted to Force Captain. Do you know what a great honor that position is?"

Adora replied, "The Horde's Force Captains lead battles against innocent people. It's nothing to be proud of."

Shadow Weaver shook her head, in disappointment. She said, "Adora, you let me down."

Adora replied, "You let me down. I used to think you were a good leader, but more importantly, I thought you cared about me."

Shadow Weaver said, "I do care about you. I want to help you accomplish your potential."

Adora replied, "I have the potential to help others and that's what I'm going to do. I'm not going to be Hordak's henchgirl."

Shadow Weaver said, "Don't make me threaten you."

Adora scoffed and replied, "Give me a break. You're an illusion. You can't lay a finger on me and if you actually come to Brightmoon, I'll have an entire team of warriors, who will stop you and lock you up."

Shadow Weaver said, "Adora, don't try to disobey me."

Adora put her hands on her hips, while replying, "I don't care what you want me to do or what you expect of me. I know you raised me and because of that, there's a part of me that still cares about you. However, I will not do anything you command me to do."

Shadow Weaver angrily responded, "You're being a fool and Catra's acting like an even bigger fool!"

Adora said, "A foolish hero is still better than a smart villain."

Shadow Weaver replied, "You claim you're a grown-up, but you're talking like a child. Hero and villain are such simplistic titles, that have no real meaning. The only title you should be thinking about is Force Captain, the job you earned."

Adora responded, "I no longer want that job and I no longer want your guidance. Goodbye, Shadow Weaver."

Shadow Weaver shook her head, while saying, "This is not the end, Adora. I'll come back, but the next time you see me, I'll be in my true form. I'll give Catra the roughest punishment of her life and I'll force you to watch the whole thing." The villainous sorceress chuckled, before her illusion faded away.

A moment later, Adora walked back into the bedroom. Adora had been gone longer, than Catra was expecting, so Catra looked at Adora and asked, "What's up? I was starting to get worried about you."

Adora looked a bit gloomy, while saying, "Shadow Weaver visited me."

Catra nervously asked, "What? She came?"

Adora said, "It was just an illusion she sent, but she spoke to me and she's not happy to hear about us leaving the Horde."

Catra angrily sighed and replied, "I knew she would make a big fuss about this. I can't stand that woman."

Adora put her hand on Catra's shoulder and said, "If she tries anything, we'll stop her."

Catra asked, "How? She's a sorceress. She knows all kinds of spells, that we know nothing about."

Adora replied, "True, but we have Glimmer, who has magical abilities."

Catra said, "Maybe we should just go back to the Horde."

Adora's eyes widened, while asking, "How could you say such a thing?"

Catra said, "Shadow Weaver might go easy on us, if we apologize and start doing what she asks of us."

Adora replied, "Catra, you're suggesting we let a manipulative bully tell us what to do. We can't listen to her, anymore."

Catra said, "You told me you won't make me do anything, so if I wanna go back to the Horde, you won't be able to stop me."

Adora replied, "True, but I will ask you to do something."

Catra sighed and asked, "What is it?"

Adora said, "Don't do what Shadow Weaver wants you to do. Do what you want to do. I truly doubt you want to go back to the Horde, but I'm not you, so I can't confirm that. Tell me what you want, Catra."

Catra stared at Adora, while trying to get her thoughts together. She wondered what she truly want. Did she want to submit to Shadow Weaver's demands? Did she want to be a part of the rebellion? A few tears came down her eyes, before saying, "I grew up in the Horde, so I barely know the difference between good and evil, as well as the difference between following commands and achieving happiness. I just want to feel free and I don't want to lose you, ever again."

Adora replied, "Then stay with me. We'll stop Shadow Weaver, when she returns. I believe in both of us, along with Glimmer and Bow. We can defeat our evil mentor." Catra pulled Adora closer and gave her a big hug.

Catra rested her head on Adora's shoulder, while saying, "I feel so tired."

Adora replied, "Then we'll go to sleep, early. I'll tuck you in." Catra smiled.

Meanwhile, Shadow Weaver reported to Hordak. Hordak had heard rumors, that Catra had attacked some soldiers and abandoned the Horde. Shadow Weaver bowed to Hordak and said, "I'm afraid having Catra be the one to bring Adora back to the Horde was a miscalculation."

Hordak slammed his fist on his chair and gritted his teeth. He said, "You raised both Adora and Catra. It seems your lessons are full of miscalculations. Where are they?"

Shadow Weaver said, "They both went to Brightmoon. They're currently living in the kingdom."

Hordak angrily asked, "What? Are you going out of your way to bring people to betray me?"

Shadow Weaver said, "Of course not. I'm afraid Adora and Catra are a based influence on each other."

Hordak replied, "And you're a bad influence on everything the Horde stands for, so find me a Force Captain that's dependable or you'll be sent to Beast Island."

Shadow Weaver bowed to Hordak and responded, "I'll fix my mistakes, Hordak."

Hordak replied, "Whatever."

After walking out of Hordak's throne room, Shadow Weaver said to herself, "I will make Adora become the new Force Captain and if she keeps refusing, she'll lose her precious Catra." She did an evil laugh.

Adora and Catra quickly got ready for bed. Adora changed back into her unicorn pajamas, which led to Catra snickering at her. As for Catra, she was given a pair of kitty pajamas. She thought they were a bit too cutesy, for somebody her age, but she hadn't brought any spare outfits with her, when she moved out of the Horde and neither did Adora, so they both had to settle for the leftover pajamas the Brightmoon kingdom had. Adora laid down, while Catra laid on the end of the bed and curled herself into a ball, like a cat. Both women felt comfortable. Although they were in a different home and were sleeping on a different bed, they were still with each other.

The next day, Adora opened her eyes before Catra did. Adora looked down and saw Catra napping at the edge of the bed. Adora was thankful that Catra hadn't fallen off the bed, considering how dangerous napping on an edge of the bed can be. Adora stepped off the bed, grabbed herself some breakfast, brushed her teeth and visited Brightmoon's gift shop. After she had finished her breakfast, Catra was still sleeping. Adora said, "Seriously? My girl's still sleeping the day away? It seems like I'll have to wake her up." Adora put her hand on her chin, while wondering what she should do in order to get Catra to get up. A sneaky thought popped into her head. A mischievous grin came upon her face, while she picked up Catra and started kissing her.

Catra seemed to be enjoying the kiss, until she woke up and realized she wasn't dreaming. She quickly moved her lips away from Adora's lips and angrily asked, "What are you doing?"

Adora casually answered, "Waking you up."

Catra said, "That's not an acceptable way to wake me up."

Adora replied, "Sorry, Catra, but I couldn't resist."

Catra folded her arms and said, "You can't kiss me, whenever you want, just because you feel like it."

Adora replied, "You're right. I was probably being a bit immature. I'm just so happy to be your girlfriend."

Catra said, "You're not my girlfriend."

Adora jokingly asked, "Do I have competition?"

Catra said, "I'm not dating anybody."

Adora replied, "You're the cutest of liars, Catra."

Catra had an amused look on her face, while asking, "Do you really think I'd want to date you?"

Adora said, "Well, yeah. If I was somebody else, I'd have a crush on myself." She paused and asked, "Does that make sense?"

Catra replied, "No and your lack of understandable sayings is a regular thing."

Adora heard Catra's stomach growl. Adora said, "You better go eat some breakfast. It's being served in the dining room."

Catra replied, "Okay. Are you going to be eating breakfast, too?"

Adora said, "I actually already had my breakfast. You were sleeping, for a long time."

Catra sighed and replied, "It seems like you're on top of things, while I'm being pretty slow."

Adora put her hand on Catra's shoulder and said, "You'll get quicker and more comfortable, as time goes on. I got to Brightmoon, before you did, but I still haven't been here for very long, so I'm still getting used to how this place works. I think you'll learn to really like this place."

Catra yawned and started heading to the dining area, while Adora changed into a bathrobe and started heading to one of the kingdom's many bathrooms. Catra walked into the dining area and sat down. Glimmer was sitting in the dining room, as well. She waved to Catra and said, "Hi."

Catra replied, "Um, hi glittery person. I'm sorry. I'm not the best at remembering names."

Glimmer said, "I'm Glimmer. This is your first Brightmoon breakfast, so grab whatever you want."

Catra looked down and saw that the dining tables were filled with lots of food, including toast, cereal, eggs, muffins, bagels and donuts. Catra was surprised to see all the options, because she was used to the Horde only giving her one or two options, for most meals. She grabbed a bit of everything and started eating her large breakfast.

Since Catra was the rebellion's newest team member, Glimmer wanted to make Catra feel welcomed and liked. She tried to start up a conversation, by asking, "Did you enjoy your first night, in your new room?"

Catra said, "Um, yeah. I was able to get plenty of sleep. Adora complained about how long I slept."

Glimmer replied, "Adora does seem to have a habit, of being an early riser."

Catra said, "She was always like that, back when she and I were at the Horde. She was usually dressed, cleaned up and ready for work, before anybody else. Shadow Weaver greatly respected that and she kept frowning upon me, because I often slept in."

Glimmer said, "From what Adora's told me, Shadow Weaver sounds like a harsh, judgmental person."

Catra replied, "She is. She's the absolute worst. I could never stand her or her biased, condescending way of treating others. I had a hard time getting along with everybody at the Horde, except for Adora."

Glimmer responded, "You two seem really close."

Catra sighed and folded her arms, before saying, "Adora told me how she said some very personal things, about our relationship, to you."

Glimmer nervously smiled, while replying, "I'm sorry about that. I'm afraid I got Adora to let out her inner feelings. For the record, I think you and her make a very cute couple and everybody's very accepting, at Brightmoon. I know two princesses, named Netossa and Spinnerella, who are dating each other."

Catra put her hand in front of Glimmer's face and said, "Hold on there, Glimmer. Adora has a habit of exaggerating the details of our relationship. We are not a couple. We are just two very close friends."

Glimmer replied, "I saw the kiss you two shared."

Catra nervously asked, "Which one?"

Glimmer had a surprised look on her face, while asking, "You two have kissed, multiple times? I thought I had accidentally caught you and Adora sharing your first kiss."

Catra shyly replied, "We've shared a few kisses."

Glimmer said, "I don't know how things work at the Horde, but at Brightmoon, friends don't regularly kiss each other, on the lips. Considering the Horde's not known for being affectionate, I doubt they have friends kissing either."

Catra looked frustrated, while saying, "You're a royal princess and your mom owns this place, so you're very important, but frankly, I barely know you. I shouldn't have to explain my relationship to you. However, you should note that Adora and I are just two good friends, who are at an awkward point of our relationship."

Glimmer said, "So, you're in that stage of your relationship, that takes place after becoming best friends, but takes place before dating?"

Catra replied, "Adora and I aren't going to start dating." She paused and said, "What am I even saying? I don't know what the future holds, for Adora and me. Both of our lives have changed so much, recently."

Glimmer responded, "If you need help with anything, I might be able to help you."

Catra said, "No offense, but considering how much you've accidentally embarrassed me, I'm not sure I want your advice."

Glimmer nervously smiled and scratched her neck, while replying, "I'm sorry. I can be a bit nosy, at times. However, I really do want to help."

Catra said, "Then can I ask you a question?"

Glimmer answered, "Of course."

Catra asked, "What should I say to Adora during our next conversation?"

Glimmer said, "You should tell her how you feel about her."

Catra nervously asked, "But what if admitting my true feelings embarrasses me?"

Glimmer replied, "Revealing your true feelings is usually hard, but there are times, where you have to let the truth come out."

Catra responded, "You're probably right."

By the time that Catra had finished her breakfast, Adora had taken a shower and changed into her day clothes. Catra stepped into the bedroom, while still clad in her cat pajamas and looked at Adora, who was in her red blouse and gray pants. Catra sighed and said, "You sure know how to be efficient, don't you?"

Adora replied, "I guess so. How was your breakfast?"

Catra answered, "Big and tasty."

Adora closely looked at Catra. She knew Catra well enough, to be able to tell when she had a particular thought roaming around her mind. Adora stepped closer to Catra and said, "Something's going on, isn't it?"

Catra asked, "What kind of question is that? There's always something going on."

Adora said, "True, but I can tell there's something bothering you."

Catra tried to look confident and reserved, while saying, "Come on, Adora. You always act like there's something wrong with me. Maybe I'm closer to perfection, than you think I am."

Adora looked amused, while replying, "It appears I'm not the only one, who has an ego problem."

Catra smirked, while saying, "I inherited an ego from you."

Adora stepped even closer to Catra, while saying, "In all seriousness, I love you and if there's something bothering you, I want to do everything I can, to help you."

Catra sighed and said, "There's something I got to tell you."

Adora replied, "From your loud sigh, I'm guessing you don't have good news."

Catra nervously tapped her foot on the ground, while saying, "It's not really good news or bad news. It's just news."

Adora replied, "Then it should be easy to tell me. There's nobody I'm closer to, than you, Catra. There's nobody in this world, who knows more of my secrets. You know my most embarrassing moments and silliest failures and none of that ever stopped you, from being there for me. I'm sure I can handle anything you tell me."

Catra was silent, while trying to collect her thoughts and think of what to say. However, she was interrupted by the sound of guards being attacked. Adora and Catra both heard the noises, so they ran out of their room and went into the hallway.

Adora and Catra looked around and saw Shadow Weaver who was standing in front of a pile of injured guards. Shadow Weaver said, "Greetings, my pupils. How's it going?"

Adora angrily asked, "What's going on?"

Shadow Weaver said, "I've come to Brightmoon. I'm not an illusion, this time. This is the real me."

Catra nervously asked, "How did you get here?"

Shadow Weaver explained, "I told Hordak about you two double-crossing the Horde and moving to Brightmoon. He gave me the finest of jets, to fly me here. I've come to bring you back."

Catra angrily pointed her claws at Shadow Weaver, while saying, "I'm never coming back to the Horde."

Shadow Weaver asked, "Do you really think I care if you come back? I had my doubts about you, since the very beginning and you've proven to be a waste of my time." Catra looked offended and hurt. Shadow Weaver said, "If you're feeling bad about yourself, I'm glad. You deserve to feel ashamed, you waste of space."

Adora pointed her sword at Shadow Weaver, while saying, "Stop insulting my girlfriend."

Shadow Weaver sounded amused, while saying, "Girlfriend?" She chuckled and said, "You left the Horde, so you hangout with your little cat-friend and pretend to be princesses?"

Adora explained, "I left the Horde, because it's an evil organization. I used to respect you and Hordak, but you've both been lying to me. You've been manipulating my emotions, so you can make me into a fierce warrior. You don't actually care about me."

Shadow Weaver replied, "I admit I'm not exactly a soft mentor, but I did what I had to do, so you could be a warrior, who's worthy of being a master of the universe. Deep down, I care about you. Hordak and I have provided you with more than Catra ever has."

Catra started looking sad, but Adora tried to stand up for her, while saying, "You're wrong about Catra. Nobody's done more for me, than she has. I'll always love her, regardless of what you think about her."

Shadow Weaver said, "If I'm supposed to feel something, you failed, because I couldn't care less." She started zapping Catra, while saying, "This young woman adds nothing to the Horde or your future, Adora. She's emotional baggage, that you don't need."

Adora looked down and noticed how badly Shadow Weaver was hurting Catra. She had a few tears coming down her eyes, while saying, "Stop hurting her!"

Shadow Weaver took a break from hurting Catra, while saying, "I wouldn't mind leaving Catra alone, but you have to do me a favor."

Adora asked, "What is it?"

Shadow Weaver said, "You have to come back to the Horde and continue being trained by me."

Adora replied, "I'll never come back to the Horde!"

Shadow Weaver coldly responded, "Then I'll destroy Catra and I'll make you watch the whole thing."

Adora said, "I don't think so. I know somebody, who is going to take you down." Adora raised her sword in the air and said, "For the honor of Grayskull!" Suddenly, Adora turned into She-Ra. Catra smiled.

Shadow Weaver felt deeply confused, while asking, "What's going on?"

She-Ra pointed her sword at Shadow Weaver, while saying, "You are going to stop hurting Catra and you'll never bother her or me, ever again."

Shadow Weaver laughed and replied, "Give me a break, Adora. Even in this alternate identity of yours, you couldn't possibly intimidate me. Even though you were raised in the Horde, you've always been a sweet girl. You wouldn't dare put me in harm's way."

She-Ra grabbed Shadow Weaver and punched her into a wall. Catra said, "Awesome attack."

Shadow Weaver got up and said, "I'm impressed by your strength, Adora. You'll be more useful, to the Horde, than ever before."

She-Ra said, "Like I keep telling you, I'm never going back to the Horde!" She ran up to Shadow Weaver and started punching and kicking her. Shadow Weaver tried to use her magic, in order to attack She-Ra. However, She-Ra's agility was so quick, that Shadow Weaver was struggling to keep up.

Shadow Weaver figured she'd have to use a big bolt of energy, in order to fight off She-Ra. She was somewhat reluctant, because she didn't want to hurt her greatest warrior, but that didn't stop her from sending a big ball of of energy at She-Ra, which knocked She-Ra to the ground. She-Ra tried to recover, while Shadow Weaver laughed. Shadow Weaver said, "You're so strong and you're capable of so much. However, you need to be aware of who the master is. The student never becomes stronger than the master. Masters only pretend that students can overpower them, someday, so they can be in denial of how weak they truly are."

Catra was furious at Shadow Weaver, for a variety of reasons and she couldn't let her former mentor overpower her or She-Ra, anymore. She ran up to Shadow Weaver and jumped on her. She started scratching Shadow Weaver's mask. Shadow Weaver angrily said, "Get away from me, you useless pest." She blasted Catra across the hallway.

She-Ra stood up and faced Shadow Weaver. She ran up to her former mentor and gave her the biggest punch, that she had ever made. The punch was so powerful, that Shadow Weaver got punched out the window. Shadow Weaver almost fell to the ground, but Glimmer used her teleportation powers, in order to safely put Shadow Weaver on the ground. Shadow Weaver said, "Well, at least I didn't crash."

Glimmer replied, "True, but you are going to prison."

Shadow Weaver burst into laughter and said, "You gotta be kidding me. No princess can defeat me." She looked around and saw that Glimmer wasn't alone. She was accompanied by Bow, Queen Angella, and the other princesses who were all prepared to fight Shadow Weaver.

She-Ra changed back into Adora and ran up to Catra. She quickly embraced Catra and asked, "Are you alright?"

Catra said, "I guess, but what about Shadow Weaver?"

Adora said, "The other members of the rebellion are taking care of her, as we speak. They'll take her to prison. Even if she breaks out, everything will be okay, because this kingdom is loaded with warriors, that can stop her. We're going to be okay."

Catra replied, "If you say so."

Adora wanted to lighten the mood, so she gently nudged Catra and said, "So, you had something you needed to tell me?"

Catra scratched her neck and said, "I'm afraid so."

Adora softly held Catra's hand, while saying, "We just confronted our old bully. I don't think any piece of news, that you have for me, will be scary, in comparison to that."

Catra replied, "Maybe you're right." Adora politely waited for Catra to speak up. After a moment of silence, Catra said, "Adora, I love you."

Adora replied, "And I love you. That isn't the big news, is it? I figured we already knew we love each other."

Catra sighed and said, "You've been right about me, Adora. I don't just love you. I have a big crush on you."

Adora smiled, while replying, "That's great to hear, but you're not saying anything I don't know."

Catra said, "Well, I'm going to tell you something, that you might not know."

Adora replied, "Okay, Catra. Try to surprise me, but be warned, because I think I know everything about you."

Catra finally blurted out, "I want to spend my life with you!" She put her hand over mouth, while hardly believing what she just said. She feared how Adora would react. She was so embarrassed, that she wasn't even looking at Adora. Catra closed her eyes. While her eyes were closed, she heard Adora's footsteps. She wondered if Adora was walking closer to her or was walking away. Catra figured either one of those scenarios would be bad. She figured she was doomed. She had a weird feeling on her hand, but she was too preoccupied, to focus on that. She just admitted she wanted to spend her life with Adora. She feared that was the type of thing, that could never be taken back and it could permanently ruin her and Adora's relationship.

In a soft, gentle tone of voice Adora said, "Open your eyes and look down."

Catra nervously opened her eyes. She looked down and saw that Adora had put a ring on her finger. Catra looked shocked. It was a diamond ring. Catra cried tears of joy, while Adora explained, "I got the ring at Brightmoon's gift shop, this morning."

Catra was blushing harder than ever, while saying, "Adora, I love the ring, but I do have a question. Are you asking me to -"

Adora knew what she was asking, so she instantly said, "Yes I am. What do you say?"

Happy tears continued rolling down Catra's cheeks, while saying, "Yes!" Adora put her arm around Catra and the two lovebirds were happier than ever before, because they knew no matter what team they were in or where they lived, they would always be together.