As I step out of the doorway for the first time since... Yesterday. Wait, how the fuck did I notice, like, any of the scenery out here? This place is actually kinda pretty. The low-cut grass has a couple of those hardy flowers, like dandelions scattered about here and there. Some of these bushes also have some flowers, not too sure some of them are, though. It's a good thing that it's rather early, because I am sure at least one of the nobles would be trying to make a point about how I started breathing a bit heavily when I started up the stairs. Because there has to be at least 5 stuck-up shits who have 0 good traits in them in this place; where there is nobility, there is corruption.

Huh. Actually, there is a shockingly small number of students around. In fact, not a lot of people around in general. And since it is kinda early, I think I can afford to bumble fuck around a bit. Manuela is probably just now getting up... Okay, wow. That is a massive set of stairs. How the fuck does anyone actually look at this and say "Yeah, this seems reasonable. Even though this leads to a place of relaxation." Well, at the very least, it'd make the saunas more effective.

Maybe I should try it one day, it would be good exercise.

Regardless, onwards. Wonder what these trees are. They slightly resemble pines, but chances are they are different. They are really neat, though. I wonder what kind of necessity required it's evolution to have such oddly fanned out leaves. Actually, that seems kinda like an evolutionary DISadvantage; less density in the leaves and branches means that, chances are, it's gonna get delimbed more easily. Weird. Meddling from Sothis, perhaps?

Actually, I wonder how the bricks that make the monastery & it's paths were made. Can't be concrete, I know that. I remember from minecraft that heating up clay can create some form of brickery, so perhaps that? A question for future me.

Oh, wow. These are some pretty flowers. I don't give a damn if popping a squat in front of a flower bed makes me look weird, these things are beautiful. Oh, wow, that does not feel natural. I don't believe that flowers are genetically capable of being capable of having red, white, AND green petals. A genetic mutation, most likely. Something to ask about later, maybe. And they smell kinda nice too. Little bit like mint, which is kinda weird. Would explain why they have it growing around here, though. Struggle seasoning, for when there is a shortage. Whenever THAT'S gonna happen. Actually, how do you process mint to be a seasoning, or flavoring? Whichever it is. Probably won't be able to replicate it he-


I can feel myself going ramrod straight. Who was that? What did they wa- No. Stop. Breath. Assess. There is no danger here. Not yet. I turn towards the voice, putting away these irrationalities to be addressed later in the stability of my own room. From the voice, I was relatively sure that it was petra. Great. Another named character. One with connections to little miss Revolution herself.

"Ah, hello. I apologize if I disturbed you. I just don't believe I have seen flowers like this before. I was heading to professor Manuela for a check-up, and started wondering what it might be when I saw it. I must have lost track of time. I hope you can forgive me."

Petra took a moment to respond. Likely due to her needing to actually think about what she wants to say.

"It is no trouble. There are... many things of interest in Garreg Mach. I am believing it would be less troubling- I mean, less troublesome if you took some with you, to observe in your room."

"Ah. Thank you for the advice. I should be going now. It was nice to meet you."

"You are welcome. Goodbye."

That was... Fairly pleasant. I wonder how she managed to get her hair to become such an odd shade of magenta? Some primitive form of hair dye? Well, anyway, onwards to the infirmary. So, according to the map, I need to just go through these gates, then the stairs will be right next to me. After that, Manuela's office/the infirmary should be just down the block.

...Huh. These are some pretty big stairs. This very much seems like an architectural hazard in the event of a collapse. Then again, magic exists, so chances are it has more esoteric support doing more than what modern engineering can do. Does not mean I can't feel paranoid about it.

...Yeah, I was right. Thiiiis is a big fucker. Here's to hoping I don't break before I hit the peak.

...Oh god, this is abject misery. God, Sothis, Zeus, Jupiter, Satan, Lucifer, whoever is listening, PLEASE just strike me. At least then I know that I am in hell.

...Oh thank fuck, finally. I can see the entrance to the audience chamber. Good god, why am I so winded?... Fuck, did I not get Gamer's body? Piece of shit...

Well, whatever. Gonna have to lay down for a little bit, get... Get my wind back...

AN: God, why is it so hard to write characters that have difficulty speaking the main language? It should not have been hard to emulate the speech of Petra. And yet, it was the most painful part of this chapter.