After successfully bringing down Ivy and Madeline, and stopping the ZIP bomb the team are reinstated and cleared of all charges. However, Jane doesn't know where she stands with the team. Now that they are no longer focusing solely on the tattoo cases she feels like she is no longer part of the team.

Bringing down Madeline and Ivy felt like a weight off of their shoulders.

'Okay, I think we need to celebrate' Weller said as the all stood in the change rooms at the NYO. They all agreed and headed back to Jane and Weller's for drinks.

They all went separate ways each picking up alcohol along the way. Jane and Weller reached the apartment first. Opening the door, they noticed that the apartment was left exactly the same way as the day they went on the run. The dishes used that morning for breakfast were sitting beside the sink after they had been washed yet left there to dry. Their jogging shoes left messily by the door. Usually they would clean them up when they got home. Their bed left unmade because they may have spent a little too long in the shower and were then running late.
Yet there was one thing they could agree on was that a window needed to be opened. There was a thin layer of dust set across the apartment and a musky smell from the apartment being locked up for close to five months.

They were yet still some what stunned at how the apartment was exactly the same. Yet why was that a surprise. It wasn't like they let the neighbour know they were going out of town and to water their plants. They were on the run from being arrested on criminal charges.

They were both off in their own little worlds when there was a knock at the door. Jane was pulled from her thoughts and opened the door to see Paterson and Tasha standing at the door. Paterson had a six pack of beer, a bottle of wine and a bottle of scotch. Tasha on the other had was holding a box of tea bags and a cake.

'I though we make this a real celebration, so because I'm pregnant and can't drink I brought tea and cake. Paterson has beer, wine and scotch. So, I think we are set'

Jane jerked her head towards the living room where Kurt was just brought out of his own world. They both walked in dropping their coats by the door. They all walked further into the apartment, they dropped their new purchases in the kitchen Kurt had already retrieved a bottle of his favourite Pennsylvania beer for Jane, Paterson and himself as Tasha made herself a cup of tea. They sat themselves around their dinning room table all with a drink in hand.

'I would like to purpose a toast. To the people, we love, to the people we have lost and for bringing down Ivy and Madeline. But most importantly to Reade ' Tasha said raising her mum as the others raised their bottles all clinking them together as a silent salute to Reade.

They were quiet for a big trying to slowly process the fact that they have been cleared of anything they were accused of.

They all then chatted about random things before getting to the topic of Reade. There were telling stories and laughing. By this time, the alcohol was flowing everyone getting a bit tipsy. However, then the room plunged into silence.

'Okay, so what do we do now?' Jane asked. This topic had been on her mind since they were reinstated. 'I mean there are still tattoo cases, but they are not solely our only focus anymore. So, it is not only a matter of what do we do know but what do I do know?' She asked the group

'Well you could always go to Quantico and become an agent' Paterson said more as a joke than a suggestion however she didn't say.

'Well, I think we take some time off gather ourselves and then regroup. I think we need to continue to work the tattoo cases as they come up. Reade would want us to do it. There are still more cases and more corruption to expose. But I don't think we could do it straight away. Let's take some time and gather our thought before going back.' Kurt said. Even though she has had the same amount to drink than the rest he is somehow the calmest out of the group apart from Tasha.

'I agree with Weller. Take some time and gather our thoughts. Spend time with our families. Then we come back, and we continue where we left off until we have sold them all. And Jane I think you should go to Quantico. I'm sure if we talk to Grigoryan she might be able to fast track you through Quantico and who knows you could be a full-fledged agent.' Tasha said agreeing with Kurt.

'Okay, so we take time, spend it with our families and then we come back and pick up where we left off. Most importantly we need to support each other and stay a team for Reade,' Paterson said. With that, they raised the drinks in a silent toast.

They continued to drink the night away in celebration about a job well done and reminiscing about Reade and telling stories about him. However the whole time Jane couldn't stop thinking about the comments that were made about Quantico.

It was about 1:30 am by the time they managed to get Paterson into a cab with the help of Tasha, she also agreeing to go home with her and spend the night not wanting to go back to Reade's. And it was pushing 2 am before they both fell into bed completely exhausted from their day. It didn't take long for Kurt to fall asleep however for Jane it was a bit harder. She had a lot of different things swirling around in her head.