The next morning, they all had to go into the NYO to formally request time off. So, Jane somehow managed to pull herself from Kurt's arms without waking him from his deep slumber. She decided to go for a run in hopes of being able to clear her head.

She pulled on a pair of her jogging shorts, a black sports bra and pulled her hair into two braids. Now that her hair was longer she was able to do it. She then grabbed a pair of socks her phone and wrote a letter on a sticky note and stuck it to Kurt's forehead before walking out of the bedroom.

At the door, she pulled on her jogging shoes plugged her headphones into her phone and took off.

Kurt woke to something obstructing his eyes. He pulled the offending object off of his head and sat up figuring out that it was a note from Jane that she had stuck to his forehead.

(Gone for a run will be back in a bit.
- Jane xox)

He smiled and pushed himself off of the bed and slipped on a pair of jogging shorts. He then walked out into the kitchen and started to make coffee and breakfast. He made himself bacon and eggs and was just putting bread into the toaster the front door opened and Jane walked into the kitchen pulling her headphones from her ears with a smile on her face. She walked up to Kurt placing her hands onto his bare chest.

'Well isn't this a nice sight to see? My sexy husband shirtless making me breakfast.' She said placing a small peck onto his lips.

'Well, your timing is impeccable. Your toast just popped.' He said as he spread some vegan cream cheese on it placing it onto the breakfast bar with a cup of coffee.

Jane made her way around the counter and sat down Kurt soon joined her. They sat in silence and ate their breakfast before Jane made her way back into their bedroom for a shower. When Jane came out they switched and moved around each other in perfect harmony.

Once jane was finished getting dressed she applied some makeup and then walked to their apartment door and slipped on her boots. At this point, she heard the shower shut off and knew Kurt was finished. She took to doing the few dishes that were in the sink from breakfast. After finishing them she moved to the fridge and did inventory in what they had making a list on her phone on what they would need.

By this point, Kurt had emerged from their bedroom wearing dark blue jeans and a dark blue long sleeve button down. Then heading over to where Jane had just been by the door he also slipped on his boots. Just as he walked back towards the kitchen Jane stood up from where she was writing the list.

'You ready to go.' He asked. She gave him a small nod.

With that, he grabbed his keys, phone, wallet, and service weapon - which Jane had gotten out of the safe for him - before they both moved towards the door Jane grabbing her things too.

They made their way down the elevator before walking into the parking garage and getting into the car. Jane was silent for most of the trip before Kurt asked her a question.

'Okay what the hell has been on your mind. You've been distant and distracted what's wrong?'

'Ah, nothing I have just been trying to figure out what to do next.

'What do you mean what to do next, were being reinstated so we take some time off gather our thoughts and then we go back to work that's what we do.' Kurt said never taking his eyes off of the road in front of him.

'Well you guys are being reinstated but I'm, not an agent with the FBI agent remember. So now that we're not focusing purely on the tattoos anymore, where does that leave me? Because right now I am really confused about that' Jane said looking over at Kurt every now and then.

'Look I know things are really confusing for you, but I am sure if you spoke to Grigoryan she might be able to get you a spot at Quantico. And with your background and previous training they might be able to fast track you through the program.' Kurt told her his eyes only leaving the road a few times.

'Yeah I might talk to her when we get in.' They spent the rest of the drive-in complete silence. Pulling into the parking garage Kurt found a parking space both getting out of the car. They then enter the elevator and make their way up to the correct floor. When the elevator doors opened there were people running all over the place. Kurt and Jane made there way over to Director Grigoryan's office. Patterson and Zapata were both already in there so Kurt and Jane walked in without knocking.

'Special Agent Weller, Miss Doe, nice of you to join us. We need to go over a few things before you are all reinstated. The biggest questions that might be on all of your minds right now is what is going to happen to Miss Doe. Well at this stage we are no longer fully following the tattoos. However, if we get anymore hits you will be running point.'

Now Miss Doe. You have a couple of options, you and either worked side by side with the FBI as a civilian liaison or we can fast track you through the Quantico Program and make you an Agent and you can then some back to the NYO and work as an FBI Agent. So, I will leave it up to you.'

'I want it.' Jane said as soon as she finished talking. 'I'm sorry ma'am. I mean I would love the opportunity to go to Quantico if I am able to have a position.' She then corrected herself.

'Okay I will get onto the paperwork and will let you know. As for the reinstatement there will be some paperwork that you need to fill out beforehand.' She spoke.

'I understand that there will be some paperwork to do before we come back, but we were all wondering if we would be able to have some time off. You know gather our thoughts and get use to not having to hide anymore? Kurt asked.

'Well, if you fill out all the paperwork needed I will happily grant all of you some time off.' Just as she said that her phone rang. They all took that as the sign to leave. They all walled out of her office and headed for the elevator after a mutual decision to get an early lunch.