—Two Days Later, Kuoh Town, Human World—

While his clone was enjoying teacher's lecture in the classroom, Naruto was thinking a lot about the offer of Infinite Dragon God. It was tempting, very. For his purpose, that was the golden ticket. Yet, even though the shape-shifting dragon god would come to hear the answer in less than three weeks, Naruto had not prepared a solid answer. It was too soon. He planned to stay in this world at least until Sona got half of the Devil Clans' approval.

Should he reject her? Well, admittedly it was too rash. He might not get such offer ever again. Besides, Ophis had done half the deed. She had helped him in awakening Asura's power. Rejecting was not wise. But, accepting at the time was not plausible. Could they delay the time to confront the Great Red? In less than a month was just too soon.

Defeating Great Red needed time and preparation, which was not plausible in the short of time.

"That's right." Naruto decided after a moment of deep thought. "It is stupidity to reject such offer, but I will reject it if Ophis doesn't want to delay the time for us to confront Great Red. These people have helped me a lot. I will at least return the favor before leaving."

When the thought about returning to elemental nations fully grasped his mind, a new question arose: why would he want to return? Aside of that was his world, the world where he was born, what else?

Obviously there're people who would miss him: Pervy Sage, Tsunade Baa-chan, Konohamaru, Iruka, perhaps Hinata as well. He also had good relationship with Shikamura, Kiba, and even Neji. Kakashi…would he miss him? Would Sakura? And to be a hokage, was that truly a dream he wished to fulfill?

Naruto shook his head and avoid such thought. It was no use burdening himself with such question. He would think about it when that time came. For now, he could live in this world as he already did.

Nodding to himself, Naruto shifted his eyes to a television—a television which was way better than the one existed in Konoha. But, before he managed to stand and switch on the tool, he felt his consciousness being pulled.

Naruto didn't try to reject it. Hence, now he was face to face with the mighty nine tails who was staring at him with a serious face.

"You didn't allow me to dive into my own consciousness before. What is the problem? What have you done? Did you accidently kill one of Yasaka's mates? Or…you have done it with her using that body? Or, Shinto Pantheon came knocking on your door?"

"…The later."

"I'm really, really not surprised."

"Good. Now, come to Kyoto."

"No. You talk here—tsk! That bastard!"

Naruto sighed, feeling irritated. That furball had left the mindscape and forced him out of it. He was tempted to force the giant fox back into its jail. But he managed to calm himself after a few minutes. Afterward, Naruto disappeared within teleportation magic.


Enkidu raised his eyebrow as he watched two exorcists got scammed. One of them looked stupid, a typical muscle head. Another one was different, but she looked quite naïve. It was not a surprise that those two got scammed. If they're not exorcist, perhaps he would offer some help. But the exorcists were Biblical God's lackey, Enkidu wasn't fond of them. Let them be—

Wait, perhaps he could use them to make his search easier? They're two fools wandering around in this city, after all. It would not be difficult to manipulate them. Indeed he did not know why they're in this town, but it was hardly a problem. Once he got them under his thumb, they would spill it out themselves. Wasn't it better than him doing it alone?

And so, Enkidu approached those two.

—Inner Kyoto—

Yasaka growled angrily at the male ninetails before her. She didn't think that it would come to this. Well, she did think that things might go wrong if she did not consult it with the goddess of the sun. But she did not think that it was to this level? What the fucking hell did Kurama do to make Amaterasu so angry that she declared war on youkai?

"What is it, Woman?" Kurama, who was resting his head on his right palm, raised his left eyebrow at the former ruler of youkai. "If you want to seduce me, go on. Take off your clothes and dance naked before me. Though, I must warn you that I do not stick my thing inside something that has been used by the other males beforehand. To put it bluntly, I have no interest in you. Of course i have no hate for slut, but I'll never allow your kind to embrace me."

The anger in Yasaka shifted toward another direction. She was not a slut. It was true that each year she had sex with at least a male, there was one occasion she had five men to satisfy her. But, she was not a slut. She had not found a husband yet. Those males she had sex with were candidates. That was the reason she had sex with them. But, none of them was a father material. She needed a husband that could become a father figure to her daughter, not a man only to satisfy her lust.

Well, it's true that her lust was big. It's something natural among her kin. But still she's no slut.

If she was a slut, she would not have any problem opening her legs to any useful male. Odin, Azazel, even Zeus would fly toward her just so they could stick their thing inside her for a price. But, she had never had sex with them. And she would not spread her legs for them even though they gave her a very powerful weapon or a lifetime protection. She selected her partners—a kind male that could keep secret was one of the criteria they must have, having big D was another one among many. Therefore, she was no slut.

"I'm not a slut." So she stressed that to the strongest ninetails in history.

"Is that so? Having sex with total 137 different men does not make you a slut?"

Yasaka was aghast. "Ho-How?" She asked, couldn't believe that her well-kept secret being found.

"It does not matter. Now then, go on and tell me, what do you want? It is irritating being growled at. And I have no interest in discussing what makes a woman a slut."

Yasaka controlled her breath, calming herself. It took almost a minute, but in the end she managed to calm down. She took a deep breath, opened her mouth: "I want you to consider not sending the youkai to their death. We will not win against them, and I have good relationship with Lady Amaterasu and Lady Tsukuyomi. That is something you decide on your own, so you must bear the responsibility."

"As if I'd need help from weaklings! You should be grateful that I, the mighty Kurama, decide to save you all from your pitiful fate. Now, be gone. I'm waiting for Naruto to arrive. We will put those self-proclaimed gods to their place."

Yasaka should be angry that she and her people got insulted. But, a smile appeared on her lips. "So you can't deal it alone? Afraid of losing, aren't we?" The smile curled widely, it told nothing but satisfaction.

"I-I just thought that a Supreme King such as myself should not reveal my true strength. Hmph! Go away, woman! My patience is already on its limit."

"Ara~ ara~."

Kurama flared his frightening chakra. Yasaka quickly ran away. She wasn't going to stay to see what would happen if she kept standing before the king.

"How annoying," muttered Kurama right after the weak kyuubi left his sight. "I will leak her secret to the public."

There's no one who belittled him and got away without consequence. He was the mighty kyuubi; he's afraid of no one. But he had learnt from his past. Madara. Hashirama. And that idiot masked man. He was not going to accept another defeat. His pride needed to be maintained.

"What take you so long?" asked Kurama as soon as the blond he's waiting appeared from magic circle.

"I got lost on the road of life. On my way back, there's a black cat standing in my way. So, remembering my teacher's advice, I decided to take a detour so that I'd not be swarmed by misfortunes."


"Anyway," Naruto stopped his mouth as he sat comfortably on a golden throne that appeared from the golden ripple in the air. The throne then floated about two meters above the floor, making it higher than Kurama's throne. "You can start explaining," said the blond with right cheek rested on his right palm, looking down on the supreme king with cold eyes.

Kurama had to admit that he was a little intimidated by the brat. There's no warm radiating from the blond. His body was shrouded in cold-kingly aura. That arrogant blond spirit from back then flashed before his eyes. So was Asura. It looked like those two memories already become one with the brat. Kurama didn't know if Naruto did that intentionally or by instinct, but perhaps he really got influenced by those two.

"I make no mistake," started Kurama, looking mockingly at the blond—he was not going to accept being looked down upon, regardless of who did it. "I bring hope and freedom to these poor youkai, but those self-proclaimed gods wish to chain them back with the servitude they do not deserve. I reject their wish, and they declare war on me. It is not my mistake, is it?"

"I see."

"So, will you join me, Naruto? Your job is only to hold Izanagi; that is if he comes. I will handle the rest. I will face Izanagi after I'm done with those fools."

"You seem confident. You think you're stronger than Izanagi?"

"After testing the power of leyline and think deeply about it, I believe I can gather enough senjutsu to surpass it. The more chakra you have, the stronger you can become with senjutsu. I have way more chakra than any of my siblings."

"You can use senjutsu?"

"I have not tried, but nothing I cannot do."

Kurama had lived long enough to understand how to gather nature energy. His father was a sage. Hashirama was a sage. He had seen summon-animal using senjutsu. Besides, using leyline's energy was similar to being in senjutsu mode. It made him one with nature. He just needed to stay calm and force himself to be one with nature. Even though he had never tried it, he should be able to do it. He is the mightiest bijuu; if a giant animal can do such thing, why couldn't he?

"I see. Then, I will assist you. But, I have two conditions. First, prepare a costume and a mask for me to wear—mask that hides my devil's presence. Second, you will teach me your senjutsu style after we're done with Shinto Pantheon."

Oh, right. Asura was not a real sage. He got power from Hagoromo. It's no wonder that Naruto couldn't learn senjutsu on his own.

"Fine." Kurama had no problem with teaching the blond. "Your conditions accepted."

"Very well." The golden throne disappeared, Naruto landed gracefully. "Anything else?"

"I plan on creating a shinobi system in my kingdom. I will teach those ignorant fools how to use chakra properly. In not so far in the future, I will have shinobi/kunoichi and recreate Anbu of my own. What do you think?"

Naruto stared at the strongest tailed beast for dozens seconds, but after that he smiled faintly. "You are taking this 'supreme king' seriously." He said, kinda amused at the ninetails.

"Are you mocking me?"

"No. I was praising you."


"Then I will take my leave. Make sure that you tell me first before forcefully summoning me."

Kurama didn't say anything as a response. He watched silently as the blond entered a dimensional portal. Soon after, Kurama was alone in his throne room.