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Ma'am, The Baby Caused The Collision

A chill in the air arouse, due to being near the beginning of Autumn. Two heroes, Macy and Sage, were on foot in a serious mission. They were following Grey Matter's tracker with the Galvan himself riding on Sage's head while Nanomech was flying near Macy.

The female heroine was also wearing her battle suit plus Black Rebel heroine outfit underneath, just in case for this tough mission.

Sage sniffed at the ground, shaking his fur in the frosty air.

"Man, now this is my kind of weather," Sage said with a smile.

"Really? How so?" Macy asked, slight amuse in her tone.

"Summer is fun, but I'm built for cold weather and it gets too hot down here," Sage said, before lowering his head again to sniff the ground.

"Makes sense. The great part about it being Autumn again is that I might actually get to see more colorful trees here than back home in New York," Macy said, still looking around for their target.

"True. So, Grey Matter, anything on that talking box of yours?" Sage asked, stopping for a moment.

"All the data concludes that the target is here, but I don't understand why we haven't seen him," Grey Matter said annoyed, as he whacked the device on Sage's head.

"OW! Geez, what is it with everyone using my head to deal with frustrations?" Sage exasperated, as he fought not to rub his head.

Macy held back a chuckle until she took a moment to think. "Hmmm...Maybe the target isn't in front of us, but either below or above us. Like underground or on top of the clouds where we're standing."

"Hmm. It's possible, but how do we check the sky if its cloaked?" Grey Matter asked.

Sage pricked his ears, as he listened. "Even if it's cloaked, ships still make subtle noises that most can't hear and all I'm getting is a small breeze that doesn't sound like it's coming out of a vent. So, I'd say our best bet is down."

"Underground it is. Sounds like my territory," Macy smirked.

Sage rolled his eyes. "Only because you've had to deal with New York's. If we were in caves, then it would be my forte," Sage stated, as he moved over to a manhole cover; effortlessly lifted it up and plotted it on the ground.

"Alright, boys. Stay close and follow my lead," Macy replied, walking over to the manhole and jumped in.

Smiling but shaking his head a little, Sage jumped down after her. He soon found large underground passage ways and a not great smell.

Sage whined. "Uh, remind me again why enemies pick to be down here?"

"It's a puzzle," Nanomech stated, covering his face.

"Not really. It gives them pointers to hide from police activities topside, mask their scent from dogs, work on evil projects privately, and pretty much go anywhere to reach for certain places to rob," Macy explained, placing her hand on her hip while counting the possibilities using the fingers of her other hand.

Sage rolled his eyes, before stepping forward and wincing; as he took a breath before forcing air out. " nose isn't going to be much good down here."

"The tracker is also fritzing, due to interference," Grey Matter said from on top of Sage's head.

"Must be the walls and the thickness," Sage said, looking up at the ceiling.

"Another reason why baddies use the tunnels as their advantage. Not much tracking devices work well here," Macy said, activating her flashlight from her helmet. "The best way to find an enemy is looking for clues or bread crumbs they could possibly have left. See if you can spot any tracks,"

Sage bent his head down and walked down the tunnel for a few feet before an oddity caught his eyes up above.

"Rebel, over here," Sage called

Macy, along with Nanomech, quickly went to where Sage was. "What you found, Wolf Boy?"

"Looks like someone used these outwards facing corner to lean on, as they either turned or leaped over this bit of the sewer." Sage said, motioning to the large hand print before pointing to the semi large flowing water before them.

Sage leaned Grey Matter off his head and into Macy's hand before leaping over and, after a small slide landing on the concreate, on the other side.

"Looks like whoever it was jumped across. There are indentations of where they landed. This guy is packing some serious weight," Sage called over.

"So this proves that someone really has taken Albedo and is using the sewer tunnels to sneak in and out of this town," Macy theorized. "Which means we're getting close and on the right track."

"Yeah. What concerns me though is that we have no idea who took the kid or what kind of firepower they have," Sage said, moving forward to give Macy room to jump across.

Taking a few steps back, Macy ran forward and did a somersault jump to the other side and landed perfectly.

"We're about to find out soon," she said.

Sage nodded, following the foot prints down the walk way till they suddenly stopped at the wall. Moving forward, Sage looked down either split to spot an alarm beam, but found none. Raising himself onto his hindlegs, the shifter leaned his weight onto the wall before giving it a push.

"Omph! Dang, this thing must be four feet thick," Sage growled.

"There must me some kind of hidden key somewhere to open a secret passage way," Macy guessed. "Everyone, start searching for a loose stone or lever that could be our way in."

All members of the group nodded; knocking and scraping at the wall from top to bottom, but soon found nothing. Regrouping, Sage sat down with a huff.

"We might as well be yelling OPENSESAME!" Sage hollered.

Abruptly, steam and air rushed from the bottom of the bricks, as they slowly split apart in revealing a dark tunnel.

"Seriously? ...THAT actually worked?!" Macy questioned to no one, totally disbelieved.

Sage stared dumbfounded for a minute. "I honestly was meaning it as a joke...I didn't think-HUH?!" Sage said, getting up and sniffing at the entrance. "Different scents semi-fresh. A few hours, at least."

"Let's go!" Nanomech said, charging to the front before Sage snagged him by his leg.

"Easy there, tiger," he replied warningly.

"Yeah. I like your enthusiasm, Nano, but we can't just go in there. You never know what kind of traps this baddie could have set through that tunnel. Opening a secret passage may seem easy, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be inside," Macy said.

"It's what we humans say, "Out of the oven and into the fire or entering the lion's den". We need to be cautious," Sage stated letting Nanomech go before taking the lead and slowly walking down the tunnel.

"Nanomech, Grey Matter, you guys keep close to Sage and me," Macy ordered, following her wolf's lead.

Both aliens nodded.

Sage took careful steps as he walked down the hall; his ears upright and his body tense, as he stalked down the hall. With his ears, Sage could make out soft baby whimpers. Along with the sounds of electricity and turning turbines.

"Sounds like Frankenstein's laboratory up ahead," Sage thought through his bond with Macy.

"That does not sound good. Underground laboratory usually equals evil mad science work going on," Macy whispered, not too far behind from her boyfriend.

Sage nodded. "Wait here. I'll see what I can find, and then come back," he said through their bond, before moving forward quietly.

"Okay. Be careful," Macy said, stopping in her tracks.

Sage carefully crept down the hall, almost following a cat's stalking movements, as he reached the end of the hall. Laying down, the shifter peered around the corner; noticing highly advanced equipment all around before his eyes landed on a small tub where a baby laid on a table. Edging forward a little, Sage looked further finding a hulking figure with his back towards him.

"Soon, the Ultimate power of the Galaxy will be mine." the figure spoke before turning around large jumper cables in his hands.

"Vilgax!" Sage growled quietly, slowly slipping back as Vilgax clipped the jumper cables to Albedo's Omnitrix.

"Sage! What's going on?!" Macy asked, using her necklace to contact him telepathically.

Sage looked back at Macy from where he was. "Vilgax is in a large lab with Albedo in the middle on a table. He just hooked what looked like jumper cables to Albedo's Omnitrix."

"Vilgax?! As in, the same main villain of Ben Tennyson who was after the Omnitrix? He's the one who kidnapped Baby Albedo?!" Macy asked in horror plus shock out loud in a whispered tone.

Sage gave an affirmative chuff on edge. "Yep, the King of alien evil,"

"Why?! Is he planning to turn Albedo back?" Macy questioned.

"I don't know. Maybe he thinks he can take Albedo's Omnitrix and make it into an Omnitrix like Ben's," Sage thought back, as he moved back towards them.

"Yep. That makes much more sense and definitely worse," Macy replied without heat. "We have to stop him!"

"Yeah, but, Macy, I've only gone toe to toe with this guy once and got there at the tail end." Sage whispered, moving closer.

"Even so, we need a plan to stop him!" Macy said.

"Vilgax relies on strength and superior battle tactics to beat an opponent," Grey Matter said calmly.

"Great. So, all we have to do is be smarter and faster. Macy, since you have the thicker armor, I want you to take the kid and run. Tell HQ where to meet, then come back. Grey Matter, Nanotech, and I will take care of Vilgax," Sage suggested.

"Sounds like a plan. But if you three need back up, call me ASAP so I can be in on the action to kick some alien squid butt," Macy said, cracking her knuckles.

Sage nuzzled Macy. "So long as the kid and you are safe, I'll be happy. Grey Matter and Nanomech, sneak in and hide on the far side. When I wag my tail, it's your signal to attack."

The aliens nodded before sneaking in. Sage watched, as the aliens tried to be swift and quiet among the equipment before making it to the other side.

"Alright. Wait till we have him pushed back, then grab the kid and run. Don't stop or turn back for anything," Sage said sternly, looking at Macy.

"Okay," Macy said. "Just be careful."

"When have I never not been?" Sage replied with a smirk.

Taking a deep breath, Sage sauntered into the room. "Well, well, well. The great king of evil, Vilgax, going to a minor league crime. As kidnapping, you must be feeling low for you to take on a small crime as this," Sage said cockily.

"A pest such as yourself don't know power," Vilgax said. "I shall soon have the ultimate power."

"Oh, that's what you call a cheap knock off," Sage asked smirking.

Macy watched and kept herself in the darkness. Good thing she installed a cloaking device on her suit to keep hidden.

"You shall pay filth!" Vilgax roared.

"Hmm, will I? ...Umm, no, I think not!" Sage said, wagging his tail before launching at him.

Grey Matter and Nanotech attacked, as well. The Galvan tugged on Vilgax's tentacles while Nanotech scratched at his eyes.

"Now's my chance!" Macy quickly went in using stealth mode, cutting the cables from the baby's Ultimatrix, and grabbed him. "Come on, Albedo, time to get you out to safety. Aunty Macy will keep you away from harm," she softly said to the little one in her arms while moving.

Vilgax noticed Albedo moving away. "MY POWER!" he roared angrily, smashing his fists into Sage's shoulders, then kicking him away before snatching both Grey Matter and Nanotech and tossing them aside.

Realizing that she was somewhat spotted, Macy kept moving faster and tried to distract him by throwing a plasma shield at Vilgax from behind.

Sage groaned, as he got up but quickly rushed out snarling, as leapt onto Vilgax's back his fangs and claws digging deep into the villain, as he roared with anger trying to grab a hold of Sage.

"FILTH! YOU WILL NOT STOP ME!" Vilgax roared.

Macy had to keep moving. Although she hated to leave her Wolf and friends behind in danger, she was not gonna ruin the plan just yet. Once it seemed like she was completely far away from the battle, Macy stopped at the corner to calm down the little one and contact HQ.

"Black Rebel to HQ. Do you copy?" Macy asked through her comm. in her helmet. "I found baby Albedo and who captured him."

"HQ to Black Rebel...can….you...better...location...breaking...up..."HQ responded in massive static.

Macy, realizing she's still in the tunnels, decided to take the nearest ladder and climbed up to open the manhole. Along with carrying the baby at the same time.

"How about now, HQ?" she asked.

"HQ to Black Rebel. The connection is better. Were you in a tunnel or something, over?" HQ command asks.

"Yes. A sewer tunnel, to be exact," Macy corrected. Just then, she heard baby Albedo crying and tried to calm him down gently rocking him. "Shhh. It's okay. It's okay, little guy. We're out of harm...for now."

"HQ to Black Rebel, are we hearing a baby? Also, the crew on hand wishes to give you and Sage congratulations on your baby boy. Over." HQ replied back

"What?! No! No, that is not what is happening here nor why I called!" Macy nearly yelled over the line in her helmet com. She was practically blushing. "That was Albedo! Sage, Grey Matter, Nanomech, and I have found baby Albedo at some hidden lair underneath the town of Staybrook created by Vilgax! He's the one who kidnapped Albedo so he can remove the Ultimatrix from the young one and take the power for himself!" The Brunette said it in a fast but sensible pace.

"HQ to Black Rebel. Where are you and the target now? Also, where are Sage, Grey Matter, Nanomech and Vilgax?" HQ questioned, as hurried and worried voices sounded in the background.

"We're near a coffee shop at Eastman Drive, next to a back-alley way. Already sending you the coordinates on the place and a recorded map cam on finding the lair from my visor now," Macy replied, taping some buttons on her gauntlet. "The others are still down there fighting off Vilgax. Please send in back up, as soon as possible."

"HQ confirms data received. Reinforcements on the way in ten minutes. Over and out," HQ stated.

Meanwhile, Sage was still at odds with Vilgax his body covered in claw marks and rubble along with being soaking wet. Breathing heavily Sage snarled before launching at Vilgax again his teeth sinking into the back of Vilgax's neck.

"You're not going anywhere!" Sage stated through his mouthful, as his claws scraped at Vilgax.

"YOU ARE A WORM COMPARED TO ME!" Vilgax roared, snatching the back of Sage's neck before tossing him hard into a far wall; smashing the concrete blocks and making a sizeable whole.

Macy looked down at the manhole in worry. There's no way that her friends would last ten more minutes with that giant squid alien.

"Sage and my friends need me! But I can't go back with Albedo alone!" Macy said, turning her direction back to the baby that's already napping. "What am I going to do?!"

"Hang tight till back up arrives. We have Heatblast, Shocks, Whampire, and Vamps heading your way. ETA three minutes," HQ responded.

"Ok. Thanks, HQ. Over," Macy said, still staring at the manhole in complete worry. "Oh, please be still okay, boys."

Sage groaned, moving out of the whole to the pathway, shaking his head of the dizziness when finding blood dripping from his jaw and head.

"Ugh, Mace is going to kill me later." Sage muttered, as he ran after Vilgax being a few paces behind him Sage soon spotted what the villain sought out, however, upon seeing Macy hop down at that moment the blood in Sage's veins turned to ice.

"REBEL, LOOK OUT!" Sage shouted launching into a tackle.

After her backup arrived and she gave baby Albedo to Whampire, Macy wasted no time going down the manhole.

She just didn't expect being pushed away so fast by her Wolf.

"I will have my power!" Vilgax roared, as he reached for the ladder.

Moving from on top of Macy, Sage growled; snatching Vilgax's leg in his teeth shaking heavily.

"Not gonna happen, Kalamari Man!" Macy exclaimed, lunging forward and used a front flip kick to get him to stumble backwards away from the ladder. She activated her katana blade and shield to get ready again.

Sage backed up disoriented, as he moved forward.

"He's just a child," Sage growled.

"And my power," Vilgax said. "And you are in my way."

"Typical Alien Scumbags! All you care about is being high and mighty!" Macy retorted, pointing her blade at Vilgax. "You'll have to go through us, first! And we're not gonna let you hurt a defenseless infant!"

Sage snarled, his eyes flaming yellow. His body pulsed with a glowing aura, as he stalked forward and his rage filled his emotions plus his body turned feral. Fangs glinting in the small shafts of moonlight.

"Okay...That's new," Macy said, still not letting her guard down from what Sage just did.

"No child will deal with abuse again!" Sage snarled, lunging at Vilgax in blind fury.

Macy stared in slight shock. "Guess that's the signal to fight. Works for me!" She shrugged with a smirk, letting out a battle cry while lunging into the battle field.

The two worked as a synchronized team when one ran left while the other ran right. When one went high, the other went low. Fangs and steel combined into glinting flashes till all three were breathing exhaustedly.

"Your power is nothing compared to me." Vilgax roared.

Sage snarled standing defensively.

"That's what you think, Squid Face!" Macy replied, as she finished catching her breath.

"Macy, let's try something here. A combo move," Sage thought to Macy.

"A combo move? Like what?" Macy thought back.

"My power through both of us. Your ultimate move and mine." Sage thought, moving forward slowly.

"You mean my signature move combined with yours? Well, I've never done anything like this before. But it's worth a try," Macy thought, following her Wolf's lead.

Sage focused on his heartbeat, listening carefully as he reached out for Macy. Slowly, the aura began to grow again; slowly enveloping both of them in gold and silver color flames.

"The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf and the pack!" Sage growled, as he picked up his pace rushing forward towards Vilgax.

"Together, we stand and defend! The bond within us shall bring your end!" Macy exclaimed, running faster for the combo move.

Leaping into the air, Sage moved head over tail in a rotating saw-like fashion with the energy turning into blades.

"Zetsu Tenrō Battōga!" Sage snarled.

Then, Macy did her signature move when doing a big jump over her target, spinning around fast to throw her plasma stars at Vilgax.

"Silver Star Death Spiral!" Macy shouted.

Vilgax was pinned by Macy's plasma stars to the wall.

"I AM-!" Vilgax roared.

Sage cut Vilgax roar to silence, as he slammed down into Vilgax; smashing him deep into the wall before releasing the power before backflipping back to Macy's side and breathing hard.

"...Wow! ...I've never...done intense before!" Macy managed to say through her constant panting, laying her hands on her knees tiredly. "You okay, Street Wolf?"

Sage panted heavily, his legs shaking and quivering underneath him.

"Yeah. After I have about five truckloads of aspirin," he groaned, his whole-body throbbing.

Macy chuckled at that statement. "Same here. That combo seriously did a number on me," she said, her entire body hurting in pain as well.

"Come on. Let's go topside and get the kid home. Then, you, me, bed for four days," Sage said, reaching for the lowest ladder rung.

"Wait...where are Grey Matter and Nanomech?!" Macy asked, looking around for them.

"We're here," Grey Matter said weakly, revealing himself and Nanomech hidden in Sage's fur.

"Oh, I think I'm going to lose my lunch," Nanomech, said putting a hand over his mouth.

"Don't even think about it," Sage warned. "If you need to lose it, go for the ground. Not me."

"Thank goodness you guys are okay, too. I was beginning to worry," Macy said.

"We grabbed on to Sage as he left the lab, but we were too damaged to do much." Grey Matter said.

"We're sorry we couldn't do more." Nanomech replied.

Sage shook his head. "The mission is a success and the kid is going back to where he is going to be loved and live happily."

"And the most important thing of all is that we stayed in one piece from such a very life-threatening situation. So, to me, I'd say the whole thing was a win-win," Macy assured.

"Now, let's go see how much I get yelled at, and then get the kid home. Luckily, the parents are waiting at the Grant Mansion," Sage said. "Then, I vote junk food and sleeping for a week. Along with a truck load of aspirin."

Macy raised her hand weakly. "I second that motion,"

An hour later, Sage and Macy walked into the Grant Mansion; exhausted from the mission. Looking to his side, Sage found a very cheerful Albedo bouncing in the special harness strapped to him. To Sage, it looked like he was wearing a harnessed saddle bag to his flank. Entering the living room, the two found Aunt Rachel and his mom talking to two large colorful aliens. One had a red body with black claws and a blue face, while the other was purple with pink claws and a yellow face.

"ALBEDO!" a female voice cried, as the purple alien ran towards them; followed by the red one. Sage side stepped to allow access to the wiggling child on his side.

"AHHH! What in Lady Liberty?!" Macy jumped.

The two Atasians flinched back at the sudden scream. Stifling a yawn, Sage became the mediator.

"My apologies. My courted was unaware of what species Albedo's adoptive parents were," Sage said, nodding his head for the two to go ahead and take Albedo. Albedo giggled and laughed, as he curled into the cradling arms of his parents, as they cooed over him. "Macy, these are Albedo's adoptive parents. Mr. and Mrs. Foehrkolb."

"Um...Hello. It's nice to meet Albedo's new family," Macy said, mustering her friendly smile while looking at the aliens. "So, uh...excuse me, but aren't you Atasians? As in..." she tried to think of a gentle way to put it.

The red and blue Atasian looked at Macy, but kept a relaxed form.

"The alien species that turned humanity into aliens? Yes, we are. However, our people are whole now and complete," Mr. Foehrkolb said in a regal voice.

Sage gave a smile. "The war with the Atasians ended years ago, when Uncle Ben visited them. He, along with another Atasian called Reinrassic the Third, were able to talk to the Highbreed Supreme and stop the war."

"Good to know. Sorry if I brought that up," Macy said sheepishly.

Mrs. Foehrkolb shook her head. "It's fine, dear. We often have to deal with such issues, but they are becoming less and less, since we have been helping the Plumbers."

"We were wondering if you could tell us about who and why someone stole our little hatchling from his nest?" Mr. Foehrkolb asked with concern.

Sage straightened. "It was Vilgax. An enemy of Earth and of my Uncle Ben."

"He kidnapped your charge so he can take the device still on his wrist," Macy explained.

Mr. and Mrs. Foehrkolb looked at the device on their son's wrist.

"I wish we could remove it and destroy the silly thing," Mr. Foehrkolb sighed.

"Plumbers HQ has heightened security around your home so no one will be able to enter from now on. Also, the Plumbers changed a lot of the documents. So, now, Albedo is untraceable." Sage replied.

Mrs. Foehrkolb handed Albedo to her husband, before hugging Sage. "Thank you. Thank you both so much."

"It was our pleasure to help out, Ma'am. But Sage and I can't take all the credit. The aliens you should also thank are Grey Matter and Nanomech," Macy said. "They were the ones who helped out a lot. My Wolf and I were just another part of the team for this investigation."

Nanomech landed on Sage's head with Grey Matter climbing up, as well.

"Well, then, thank you for finding him and helping to bring him home," Mrs. Foehrkolb said, offering the tip of her claw to both of them.

"All in the line of duty, ma'am." Grey Matter said.

"It was our pleasure," Nanomech replied.

"Come, my love, let us get our hatchling home. I believe he is due for some nourishment," Mr. Foehrkolb said, giving a nod to the Plumbers. "Thank you, once again."

Sage nodded back. "Always willing to help."

"Indeed," Macy agreed, smiling.

The two Atasians nodded, before disappearing in a transport beam.

Seeing them gone, Sage collapsed to the floor with a huff. "Oh, I ache in places I didn't even know I could ache."

Macy got down on her knees and gently petted him with concern. "Let's just call it a day and rest. We did a lot today."

Sage nodded, struggling to his paws before moving to his room.

"I'll bring you guys some food in a bit," Sasha said, stroking Sage's head. Sage nodded.

Once upstairs, Sage sat down on the floor. "You can have the first shower," he offered to Macy.

Macy smiled. "Great. I heard that your mom will be bringing out some hot chocolate and chocolate chip marshmallow cookies just for us. I'll be sure to hurry up on that shower to have them," she said, quickly taking the room leading the shower.

Sage smiled, as he unbuckled the harness with his teeth before shifting to human form. His body showed a collective number of bruises and scrapes. Looking in the mirror, Sage sighed.

"I look like something the cat dragged in," Sage muttered to himself, as he pulled out some sweat pants from a drawer.

Thirty minutes later, Sage and Macy laid on Sage's bed snuggled clos.e Sage's arm relaxed around Macy's shoulders while her head rested on his chest.

"Remind me again, why do boys have to be protective?" Sage asked with a chuckle.

"Don't know. It's a mystery to me," Macy smirked.

"I didn't hurt you when I jumped you, did I?" Sage asked in concern, leaning up to look at Macy a little more.

"No. Thankfully, the armor was able to keep me from getting hurt," Macy answered, looking at her boyfriend with concern. "I just wish you had the same protection."

Sage smiled, kissing her forehead. "That wish might come true soon."

"Oh? And what's that supposed to mean?" Macy asked with a smirk.

"Well, while you were getting Albedo to stop crying, the pilot told me that HQ sent a message with him. Basically, they have a prototype armor they want me to try, after my forced vacation," Sage said, laying back again.

"Seriously?! That's great news!" Macy said, smiling.

Sage smiled. "Yeah, its great. Apparently, they have been working off the size dimensions of Transyl's demon device. Seems to have given birth to a new project."

"Hopefully, it more pleasant and awesome than the last armor you wore," Macy said.

"From what I've been told, it's going to be more like what police and military dogs wear." Sage replied.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"It's open." Sage called.

The door opens to reveal Sage's parents, Sasha and Whampire, and an alien Macy has not seen before. He looked like a black, green eye cyclops creature with plugs on his hands, two long antennas, and tail.

"Hey, guys. What's up? And who's the Black Cord Guy?" Macy asked.

"Names Feedback. Nice to meet you," Feedback said with a smile.

"We came up with the food I promised and to check on you two." Sasha said, setting down a tray of goodies.

"That, and you avoided the medical checks," Whampire said, giving Sage the 'you know better' look.

Sage sat up, grimacing at the pain in his back. "I'm good, dad. Just bruising."

"Thanks for the treats, Miss Sasha. And...Feedback? Why does that name sound familiar?" Macy said, looking at the Conductoid curiously.

"Probably because I mentioned him, two days ago. Albedo hurt his daughters' feelings and got major payback by Aunt Rachel." Sage said.

"Come on, squirt, let's get some of this salve on you before you eat." Feedback said, sitting on Sage's desk chair. Sighing without argument, Sage got off the bed before sitting on the floor, as Feedback rubbed the salve over Sage's bruises and cuts. "Vilgax sure put you through the ringer."

Sage nodded, sighing in relief about the pain going away.

"I just wish I stayed to help, instead of getting stuck on babysitting duty," Macy remarked.

Sage looked at Macy from his position. "Hey, I heal faster than you do. Besides, there's no reason to look back. Mission went fine. Bad guy locked up, baby safe, and looking forward to a week off. All sounds like a completed mission to me."

"Yeah, I guess so," Macy shrugged, rolling her eyes.

Feedback smiled. "There. All done. Now, it's your turn, Macy." Feedback said

Sage smiled, as he went over in accepting a cup of hot chocolate from his father.

"I think you can skip me, Feedback. I didn't get that much hurt," Macy assured.

"Eh, eh. No argument from your superior. Besides, anyone who was on a mission gets a Feedback checkup," Feedback said, patting his knee.

Macy sighed heavily. "Fine."

Feedback smiled, as Macy sat in front of him; allowing the Conductoid access to her arms and shoulders.

"So, are you two going to go trick-or-treating or do parties?" Feedback asked.

"Eh. I don't know. I barely do parties back at home. And I'm not sure if I'm still up for trick-or-treating," Macy answered honestly. "My little brother and his friends seem interested in that last part. Especially with the costumes they get from my fashion-forward friend, Tina."

Sage smiled. "Well, maybe we do a big trick-or-treating event here. The kids could go to each door in the Grant Mansion where they could say 'trick-or-treat'," he suggested. "This way, even Sparkle and the others could join in without having to wear that restricting mask."

"I guess. But honestly, I was planning to just do the usual at night: go on patrols and protect people from scumbag idiots," Macy cracked her knuckles.

"Well, how about we do it for a while then we join the Grant Mansion party," Sage suggested, as Feedback finished handing her a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie.

"Hmmm...Okay. Do I have to wear a costume?" Macy questioned.

Sage shrugged. "We could go as ourselves. Only thing I was planning on doing was dropping a sack of flower or paint on me to be pure white for a ghost idea," he said, chuckling.

Macy held back a laugh. "You? As a ghost? I'm surprised you haven't thought of wearing a white blanket sheet as your amateur costume option," she remarked, smirking slyly while folding her arms.

"Hey, white wolves are known as the 'phantoms of the woods' and I declare I can scare just as well as my uncles and dad," Sage stated, puffing out his chest.

"Right...If you say so," Macy scoffed, rolling her eyes. "You're already the coolest, scariest wolf I know and love. Why do you need some silly contest to prove it?"

"No reason. Just fun, plus it's a little bit of fun to see if you can out scare your father," Sage said with a smile.

"Heh. Love to see that," Macy smiled.

"It's not uncommon around here. We usually have to keep up the haunted mansion bit to keep snoopers and unlawfully away." Whampire said, snuggling with Sasha.

"Fair enough. You guys do know how to, as my little brother would say, scare the pee out of people," Macy smirked.

Whampire chuckled. "That we do."

"Well, I think you two should get some rest. It's been a long night," Sasha said, getting the tray and Sage's mug.

Sage smiled, as his folks left standing up the Wolfblood stretched his arms and flexing his muscles.

"Sounds good to me," Macy said, resting her head in a relaxed position.

Shifting to wolf form, Sage jumped up onto his bed; nestling beside Macy with his head on her stomach.

"I'm sorry I lost it earlier." Sage said through their bond.

"Lost what earlier?" Macy asked through her bond.

"Lost my control...lost my temper." Sage said, pushing more into Macy with a whimper.

Macy smirked, giving her Wolf a gentle petting. "Sage, if anyone's gonna understand bad temper plus control, it's me," she assured.

Sage sighed. "When he said all those things about the kid...guess I just flashed back to those days."

"I can kind of relate to that in the past," Macy said.

Sage nodded, but gave a yawn as he fought to keep his eyes open.

"Wish war and hurt weren't a thing...wish peace could really live as we dream." Sage thought as he yawned revealing his fangs.

"Yeah, me too...But then we wouldn't have any fun," Macy reasoned, before letting out a small yawn and resting her head next to Sage's soft back like a pillow.

Sage chuckled before falling asleep. Fighting villains was fun, but peaceful nights were good, too.

And this concludes another collab story. Hope you all enjoy. No flames please.

Also, the story about Albedo being a baby is from GoldenGuardian2418's story called 'Phonies Are Not Welcome Here'. Be sure to check out her story board because she has so many good tales to tell.

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