Hi everyone. This story is based upon a scene from a movie entitled "Silver Linings Playbook" in which the husband in the movie caught his wife cheating in the shower and brutally beat her lover, but goes off into its own short story. I thought I'd try it out for fun but with Barry.

In regards to his wife here, I'm not going to name her and instead will give all of you, my readers here, the choice to imagine her as to whom you wish her to be.

For me personally, she'll be Becky Cooper but you can give her any identity of your own choice.

Disclaimer: I don't own "The Flash" or the character known as Wilfred Malick from "Agents Of Shield".

The young CSI specialist for the Central City police force, Barry Allen, was currently on his way to the home that he shared with his lovely wife, who he loved deeply.

Today had been a really great day in that he'd helped the CCPD solve one of its biggest criminal cases yet and it had been a massive win for all of them and had also led to the dismantling of a highly dangerous drug trafficking network operating in the city. And now he wanted to go home and share his success with his wife and take her out to celebrate.

As he was headed home, he made a quick stop at the flower shop and had purchased a beautiful bouquet of daffodils, his wife's favorite flower, figuring that she'd love him.

Smiling and whistling to himself, he arrived at his front door and unlocking the door, stepped inside of his home but then his smile turned into a frown as he looked down and noticed a scattered set of clothes strewn about the floor. As he took a closer look, he saw that the clothes were a mixture of his wife's clothes, a pair of pants and a shirt and tie that he knew were not his, and strangely enough, an aqua colored feminine shirt and a pair of brownish grey feminine pants, which did not belong to his wife.

Barry began to feel a sinking feeling in his gut as he slowly followed the trail of clothes, which also included two pairs of shoes, one masculine and one feminine, as they led towards the direction of the master bathroom, his heart beginning to beat faster and faster with each step.

As he got closer, he began to hear music and soon noticed that his record player was on and playing "Haven't Met You Yet" by singer Michael Buble. The song that so happened to be his and his wife's wedding song.

Very soon he arrived at the master bathroom and slowly pushed open the door, noticing that the shower was running and saw through its curtain what appeared to be the silhouettes of three individuals, one of which was his wife.

His heart hammering now, Barry immediately marched forward and, reaching out his hand and flinging open the curtain, took in the horrifying scene before him, the bouquet dropping from his hand.

There in the shower before him and to his horror stood his wife, entirely nude, and sandwiched in between a man and woman who were just as nude as she was. The man, who was tanned skinned and with dark hair and a beard, stood behind her, pressed flush against her and his lips against her neck while his arms were wrapped tightly around her midsection. Barry immediately recognized him as Wilfred Malick, one of NASA's most prominent officials and was currently being investigated by the CCPD and the FBI on suspicion of corruption and ties to terrorism.

As for the woman, she was a very beautiful woman with long, slightly thick, medium brown hair and Barry recognized her as Eva McCulloch, the owner and CEO of McCulloch Technologies. Currently though she was wrapped around both his wife and Wilfred while her lips were attached to the former's nipples.

As soon as he'd flung open the shower curtain however, all three individuals quickly leapt away from each other in surprise and turned to look at the distraught young man standing before them.

"Barry", his wife gasped out in shock at his presence while holding a hand on her heart. "I, um, it's, uh, it's not what it looks like honey," she stammered and tried to explain the incriminating scene her husband was currently witness to, a hint of fear in her eyes.

To her horror however, Eva stepped closer towards Barry while still remaining in the tub.

"Listen Barry. I'm so sorry that you had to find out about the three of us this way but your wife is in love with both Malick and myself and we're in love with her and you'll just have to accept it," she said to him soothingly as though trying to talk down an unruly suspect, no shame or embarrassment in her voice or on her face. "She belongs to us now and us to her and I hope you'll someday be able to move past it. And now that it's all out in the open, it might be best if you leave so that we can continue making love to this wonderful woman. Alright sweetie?"

Barry stood there stunned, slack jawed at what Eva had just said to him and the sheer disrespect from it. Especially her last few words. And her calling him "sweetie" irked him to no end. And what made her words and this entire situation even more deplorable was that this was HIS wife, HIS bathtub, HIS wedding song, and HIS, dogone, house and she actually had the audacity and the temerity to let all of that crap from her mouth and also the nerve to tell HIM to leave?!

It got even worse when Malick addressed him next.

"She's right man. As a matter of fact, you should probably go right now," he said to him and with a hint of a condescending tone in his voice.

At that point, Barry saw nothing but red as he was engulfed with unadulterated fury. Jaw set, and his hands now tightened into fists, he immediately leapt into the bathtub and grabbing onto Malick tight, began raining brutal blows onto the other man, repeatedly punching him hard until he began to bleed while the former's wife and Eva both scrambled out of the tub and away from the enraged young man before them who was savagely beating their shared lover while pleading and crying out for him to stop.

"BAR, HONEY STOP. PLEASE STOP!," "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STOP NOW YOUR'RE SCARRING US!," was heard from his wife and Eva respectively, the two women screaming in terror and imploring him to stop. He paid them no mind however and took it further by next wrapping the shower curtain around Malick's neck and used it to strangle him for a bit before slamming his foot into the latter's midsection and sending him almost flying out of the tub and onto the hardwood floor, Malick crashing onto his back with a hard thud.

Eva then rushed forward and grabbed his arm as he advanced towards Malick once more, trying to restrain the former but Barry, still in a haze of rage, ripped her off of him and flung her to the side, causing her to fall against the bathroom counter and bang her head against its side and then slide to the floor.

At that moment, Barry came to his senses and froze, comprehending as to what he had just done and especially in regards to Eva. He was not a violent person and never in his life had he struck a female, and nor had he meant to hurt the woman and even though she was one of the two sleeping with his wife. Soon his face paled and his hands began to shake while the rest of his body started trembling as tremendous guilt and shame washed over him. He then collapsed to the floor and allowed his face to fall into his hands as he began to sob due to the entire situation overwhelming him.

The sound of footsteps was then heard at that moment followed by two beautiful blonde women rushing into the bathroom. Those women happened to be Felicity Smoak and Patty Spivot, both of whom were two of Barry's closest friends and good friends of his wife. They were also bisexual and dating each other. They'd decided to go and hang out with their good friends that afternoon but on arriving at the couple's home, they'd noticed the door unlocked and slightly ajar. Curious, they had entered and like Barry, noticed the clothes strewn across the floor and leading towards the bathroom.

As they had made their way towards it, the sounds of someone being beaten along with screams of terror were heard and the two women quickened their steps and as they neared the bathroom, they heard the sound of someone being thrown onto the floor and shortly thereafter followed by the sound of someone else making impact onto another surface.

They then arrived at the door and upon entering, took in the site before them, their eyes widening in shock.

There was Barry, sitting on the floor and with utter desperation and heartache written upon his face as he sobbed like a baby. Next to him laid a bloody, almost beaten to a pulp, completely nude man, who they recognized as Wilfred Malick, fading in and out of consciousness.

Nearby was Barry's wife, also fully nude herself, tear streaked and looking shaken while clearly putting as much distance from her husband as she possibly could. And slumped right next to the bathroom counter, a bleeding cut on the side of her forehead, was another woman who they also recognized as the famous Eva McCulloch, groaning in pain and just as nude as the wife and Wilfred.

Looking at the scene before them, Patty and Felicity were able to ascertain the situation and their hearts broke painfully for Barry while they found themselves filled with fury at the three other individuals nearby.

They could not help but feel a bit disturbed though at what looked like the possibility that Barry had also struck Eva, but they also knew that their friend was not the type of guy that would hit a woman, no matter what. And frankly, they did not feel any sympathy for her whatsoever and a small part of them even felt that she could've used a wallop for sleeping with another man's wife.

Not that they condoned a man striking a woman for any reason other than self-defense, but still.

Not paying them any mind, they quickly made their way towards Barry and knelt beside him.

"Barry, honey, it's us. Felicity and myself. Are you alright?" Patty asked him soothingly and with a hand on his shoulder while Felicity placed her own hand on his arm.

The young man was unable to respond however except for a slight shake of his head, still feeling overwhelmed by everything while heavy tears continued to steam down his face. His two friends exchanged a sad look between themselves and then Felicity addressed him.

"Listen, we'll go over to mine and Patty's place and away from all this. Would that be alright?" she softly suggested.

Still weeping, he responded with a nod and then the two women helped pull him up and, after nestling him between themselves, helped gently escort him out of the bathroom. As he passed his wife, she moved to say something to him but was silenced by the sharp glare Patty and Felicity sent towards her.

"Don't bother. You've already done enough," Patty angrily to the other woman, causing her to shrink back. She, Felicity, and Barry then left the bathroom, exited the house, got into the car the two women had driven there, and made their way towards the women's apartment, Felicity driving while Patty and Barry sat in the back seat, the former holding the latter close to her side and allowing him to lay his head onto her shoulder.

To Be Continued

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Also, I personally don't condone men striking women in real life, with the exception of self-defense. Having said that, Barry did not mean to strike Eva. He was in a haze of rage and therefore his mind was not thinking of anything except that there was an obstacle in his way of dealing with Malick. And his shame regarding Eva is genuine.

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