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The three of them had finally arrived at Patty and Felicity's place and were currently sitting on the couch, Barry sitting in between the two women, and after a while of him crying and shaking slightly while they both rubbed soothing circles around his back and continued speaking to him softly, patiently waiting for his story, he finally began to spill.

"Well I was returning home after helping my guys at the CCPD win the case, and I just wanted to celebrate with my wife you know? I even purchased a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers and everything," Barry tearfully explained. "But when I came home I saw my wife's clothing scattered all over the floor along with the clothing of some other guy and also that of a woman. Clothing I know my wife does not wear in regards to the latter.

"And then I hear a song playing and not just any song but the one we played at our wedding. Our song. And then I see that the pile of clothes is a trail that leads directly into the bathroom and I go inside and pull open the shower curtain and what do I see but my wife, MY WIFE, in the shower with Malick and Eva. All three of them as nude as the day they were born and with the latter two's hands all over her.

"And get this. Eva quickly moved towards me and had the audacity to tell me that I should just accept that she and Malick were screwing my wife and that I should just get over it and that she was now in love with them. And to add insult to injury, both she and he told me that I should leave my own house and willingly let them continue with it.

"I mean that was my wife, my bathroom, our wedding song, and they had the nerve to tell me that I should go?! As though I was the problem?! And I just snapped, totally lost it. And so I ended leaping into the tub and just started raining a breakdown onto Malick to death. But I swear I did not mean to hurt Eva. No matter what, I would never hurt a woman ever you've gotta believe me. She grabbed onto me to try and pull me off of Malick but my mind was just taken over by raw anger and the only thought that came to me was that someone was in my way and so I lashed out.

"And when I saw her fall it sort of woke me up and I couldn't believe that I'd do something like that. So much was happening and very fast and I'm so sorry guys. I swear I didn't mean to and I'm so sorry," Barry finally finished and began sobbing once more.

For the second time that day, the hearts of his two friends broke for him and they each wrapped their arms around him tightly in a group hug, rocking him a bit while crying with him. And their anger continued to grow towards his wife, who they'd once considered a close friend but not anymore, Eva, and Wilfred and especially after what Barry had shared about their attitudes towards him when he caught them with his wife.

They were relieved however that he had not meant to hurt Eva though and of course knew that he would never willfully harm a lady, one of things they both loved about him. But that did not mean they had the least shred of sympathy towards that awful woman and could not fully blame him either.

"I am so sorry all of this has happened to you. You didn't deserve any of that and she most certainly does not deserve you either," Felicity emotionally responded to him and also in reference to his wife as tears fell from her eyes. "And don't worry. Both Patty and myself believe that you did not mean to hurt Eva and that you'd never intentionally hurt a woman. We also know that you're not a violent man and do understand why you reacted the way you did and agree that both of her illicit lovers received their just desserts.

"What she did to you was horrible and no one deserves to be treated like that and frankly, she does not deserve you and especially after all you've done for her and all the love you've given to her," Patty added. "Don't worry Barry. You can stay here with us until you figure out what you're going to do alright?"

Not wanting to go back home because of the mess back there, but also not wanting to be all alone during this difficult time either, he nodded.

"I'd like that. As long as I'm not a burden to either of you," he answered them gratefully but also not wanting to just barge into their space.

"Of course you won't be a burden. You have not, and never will be, a burden and you can stay here for as long as you'd like," Patty was quick to reassure him, smiling in encouragement.

Barry gave both women a bittersweet smile in return, fully accepting their offer. Afterwards the three of them worked to settle him in while his buddy Cisco Ramon, per Patty calling him up and apprising him of the situation, went over to his best friend's place to pick up the latter's clothes and other stuff he might need. And Barry's wife let him in and quietly stood by as he did so, fully understanding that her estranged husband needed space from her and that she was ultimately the one to blame for this messy situation.

She was the only one there though since Eva had taken Malick to the hospital due to the injuries that Barry had inflicted upon him.

Once he'd finished and Cisco was on his way out the door, the woman addressed him.

"Could you please tell Barry that I've persuaded Eva to talk Malick into not pressing charges against him? I just don't want him to suffer any more than he already has and especially since all of this is entirely my fault," she said to him, hoping he'd pass the message along.

Cisco turned and gave her a withering expression that caused her to shrink back, but then his eyes softened and he nodded to her in acknowledgement. And then he left and headed over to where Barry, Patty, and Felicity were and dropped off the items while passing along the message. And Barry thanked him while it helped remove some of the agonizing weight on his shoulders since it showed that his wife apparently still cared for him somewhat.

But he still did not believe he could get past her infidelity and doubted he ever would. And especially if Eva was telling the truth that his wife was now in love with her and Malick.

As time passed, a routine was established in which Barry contributed to his friends household duties which included the cooking, cleaning, purchasing groceries when necessary, and other stuff as well. Keeping busy since he did not want to take advantage of them, even though the women kept insisting he was not, and also to keep himself distracted from the mess he'd left behind.

He also spent his free time reading interesting novels, a great majority of them being Crime, Mystery, and Sci-Fi, and watching a few movies. Two of them being some very interesting and engaging movies such as "Careful What You Wish For", starring celebrity singer and actor Nick Jonas, and a simple yet engaging Sci-Fi movie known as "Time Trap", which he watched with Patty and Felicity and all three absolutely enjoyed it.

One evening Cisco, along with his other buddy Oliver Queen, decided to take Barry out for a drink in order to further help distract him from everything and they went to their favorite bar and purchased some bottles of beer, three each. And Oliver paid for everything while they just sat, relaxed, and chugged down their beers.

Barry couldn't help but admit the buzz it gave him was nice and helped him feel a bit relaxed and so he sat back and continued to enjoy his beer with his friends.

"So you know what you're going to do about her," Cisco asked him curiously in regards to his wife, taking a swing of beer. Barry shook his head.

"I honestly don't know man. It's as though my world's crumbling around me and I don't know where to go from here," he confessed.

"Hey, don't say that. Cisco and I, along with Sara, Caitlin, Patty, Felicity, and my sister are all here for you and none of us are going to let anything crumble," Oliver firmly reassured him while briefly clutching his shoulder in support. "When one of us is hurt then all of us are hurt and none of us will ever abandon the other. And that includes you as well and especially since you're my brother in all but blood and never forget that."

Barry looked at both men with gratitude.

"Thanks a lot, both of you. Your support and friendship means a lot to me and your words especially Oliver," he responded with a soft smile.

"Of course man. We'll always have your back," Cisco smiled reassuringly, followed by the three men clinging their bottles together in emphasis of their bond.

Over the next few days and weeks, Barry continued hanging out with his closest friends while still continuing work at the CCPD. Many of his friends over there, including detective Eddie Thawne, stopped by his office and enquired as to how he was doing and offering their support during this tough time while he in turn always reassured them while giving them his thanks.

He also went on plenty of outings with Patty and Felicity, the two of them doing all they could to keep his spirits lifted. The three of them went to the movies, on picnics, to the museum, the zoo, and sometimes walks in the park.

They also spent time at the beach and enjoyed frolicking in the sand, splashing in the water, and watching the glorious sunset as it cast a gorgeous reddish orange glow across the horizon.

Barry also laid back on the sand and smiled as he observed Patty and Felicity as they played on the beach and sometimes exchanged hugs and soft kisses while doing a few fun dances.

During all of this, the bond between the three of them, which was already strong, continued to strengthen and deepen between them while they drew closer and closer together.

It was as though the connection they already shared during Barry's marriage, and even before that, was expanding and reaching new heights. And it was something he would discuss with Caitlin and Thea, the latter being Oliver's sister and Sara's sister in law, while they consumed some ice cream at the ice cream parlor they enjoyed visiting.

"Are you saying that you're beginning to feel something for Patty and Felicity?" Thea asked him curiously, eyebrows raised, as she took a spoon of ice cream.

Barry sighed.

"Maybe, yes, no, I don't know," he admitted while running his fingers through his hair. "I've always been close to them and while I deeply value and love both of you and all of our shared friends, it's just that I've always felt something more with them you know? Something special. Nothing beyond friendship, or so I thought, but something was definitely was there and with them both.

"Of course they ended up together and I married my wife and so it ended up in the past for me. But now, and after what happened with who I thought was both the love of my life and my forever, the two of them have been there for me so much lately and whatever I once felt for them has not only returned but grown stronger than ever and I don't know what to do."

"Have you discussed any of this with them?" Caitlin softly asked him while swirling her ice cream around with her own spoon.

He shook his head.

"I don't want to damage the friendship I already have with them and despite how I may or may not feel about them, they're still together now and the past is the past," he answered. "And it would be way too soon and I still need time to recover from my heartbreak. Only time will tell when I'll truly be able to truly open my heart up again".

Both Caitlin and Thea nodded in understanding.

"I understand where you're coming from Barry, but I don't think it would hurt to talk to them. At least to get things off of your chest," Caitlin replied gently. "But of course you have to do what you think is best and hopefully everything will work out for you".

"One day at a time," Thea added.

Barry smiled in affirmation.

"One day at a time," he repeated while nodding in agreement, followed by the three of them bringing their ice cream cups together in a toast.

A few weeks would pass following their outing together and soon it was almost a month since that fateful day Barry's heart was shattered into a thousand pieces. Currently he was in the kitchen and helping Patty and Felicity cook dinner when a knocking sound was heard at the door. Patty excused herself with a smile and went to answer it. As soon as she opened it however, her smile immediately turned into a frown, her eyes darkening as well, upon seeing Barry's wife on the other end, the latter woman standing there nervously while clutching a very large envelope in her hand.

To Be Continued

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