The Birds, the Bees, and the Angels

Oh nature goddess Viridi,

I'll say it now, you're so pretty.

So perhaps you'd spend some time with me,

With blessings of Aphrodite?

Oh itty bitty Pitty-poo,

I'd never waste my time with you.

For the gods' sake just take the clue.

Go on, fly away and shoo.

Well gee, don't have to be so mean,

Shattering my hopes and dreams.

But okay, I'll depart from scene.

Guess we'll just wipe this slate clean.

Yeah, that's right, wing off you dove,

I'll help you leave with my own shove.

I'm a deity, and we're above,

Silly things like friendship, love…

Wait, Cactus Girl, why are you here?

I thought we agreed to stay clear.

I'm dealing with new threat appeared,

Your distractions take me down a gear.

Oh yes, I see your foe, Ares.

And I've followed all your mighty deeds.

But I've listened to the birds and bees,

And they say that my heart I should please.

…So you-

Don't get me wrong, I don't like you,

I'll just help you see this through.

Like Hades, Ares will fall too.

Then I will fade, and you'll have flew.

So you do this after everything?

Take a bath inside hot springs?

Soaking skin and hair and wing?

I bet that even soap you bring.

So what if I keep myself clean?

Why must you always be so mean?

After all we've done and seen,

I thought that we would make good team.

Oh goodness sake, the point you've missed,

But I suppose I have been remiss.

But might now I will grant my wish,

For those cherub lips to at last kiss.

Yes indeed, love's a strange thing.

But I have an inkle-ing.

That one day, for the boy of wing,

Will hear temple bells start dingle-ing.

But if not, well is it surprising,

We wondering 'bout post-Uprising?

I know shipping's thing what some despising,

But meh, this drabble gratifying.