1st of March , 1989

Ronald knew he wasn't the most favored between his siblings by both his parents , he also knew he usually felt lonely despite having six other siblings . Bill -who was a curse breaker for Gringottis - and Charlie -who was in his sixth year and the captain of Gryffindor's Quidditch team- were always too busy to be considered his friends , choosing to spend their summer together mostly instead of spending time with him even they coddled him in their free time , Percy -who was in his third year - was always closed off , mostly opting to keep to himself and his ambitions -which Ron was sure being the Minister of Magic was one of them -as the twins made it their life mission to use him as a guinea pig for their pranks ; which lead to the twins who mostly kept each others' company while they experimented alone in their room with pranks and using the called pranks on Percy and Ron , Not only have they killed his cherished pet when he was barely 6 but they have also tried to force him into an unbreakable vow to become their slave at a very tender age but for all their love for adventure , the twins never dared to prank Bill and Charlie as it would lead to them being roughed up by both of them and never dared to prank Ginny ; their youngest sister who was considered the princess of the house ; Ginny spent most of the day with her mother , being coddled and played with , treated as a snowflake and given all the love which Ronald dearly wanted a piece of . His father mostly cared for his muggle toys , opting to spend his time playing with his muggle instruments and devices in favor of spending time with Ronald and his siblings while his mother devoted most of her time to her responsibilities as a housewife and what little time she had outside of that , she usually spent it playing and laughing with Ginny . Yet despite the loneliness and feelings of inadequacy Ron felt within his heart , he never once hated his family or felt he needed to put his needs before their needs , Bill and Charlie , despite being older and segregating themselves a bit from their younger siblings were caring always trying to be the best brothers they could be , Percy despite being pompous and closed off to his books always yearned for connection with anyone else and Ron realized after a while that his pompous remarks were actually his attempts to a connection with anyone else as he also felt a feeling close to the loneliness that Ron felt deep within the recesses of his heart , the twins despite being ruthless pranksters were also caring and loving brothers and Ron suspected they wanted to bind him to them out of love and a desire to always look after him not out of a twisted sense of humor . Ginny despite being spoiled and getting all what she wanted -no matter how expensive it was - was also very tough-headed , refusing to let her status as a girl prevent her from joining her brothers at chores and even whining when she wasn't allowed to play quidditch with them - Ronald also wasn't allowed due to his age - and his parents were certainly the best parents ever , his mother despite caring solely for Ginny was the most caring and loving mother out there and his father despite his eccentric interests was a sensible man who did his best to provide for his family .

All of that combined solidified a belief in Ronald's mind , that he was less than his siblings , Bill was the head boy at Hogwarts , Charlie wad the athletic quidditch captain , Percy was the most academically accomplished student at Hogwarts despite his young age , the twins were brimming with creativity and brought joy at any place they went to , and Ginny was a girl which in itself was an accomplishment provided the fact that the Weasleys never had a female in many generations .

However , none of that mattered today , cause it was his birthday and it was his special day ; today he felt special.

The lovegoods who lived over the hill close to the burrow were coming for his birthday , Pandora Lovegood and her daughter Luna were joining them today .

Ronald couldn't wait to play with Luna and to talk with Mrs . Lovegood as he stayed plastered in front of the fireplace , waiting for them to floo over while his mother prepared his birthday cake , he loved spending time with Luna despite her weird beliefs about imaginary creatures which she inherited from her father and Pandora -who worked in spell creation- was absolutely a genius who always had something to add to any conversation with keen insight and a warmness that she developed towards Ron which made him feel special .

Suddenly , the fireplace roared and green flames erupted with Pandora and Luna emerging through the fireplace , Luna ran towards Ron smiling to give him a hearty hug

"Hello Ron , Happy birthday ! " she screamed in his ears while hugging him tightly

" Thanks Luna " Ron said with a smile as he saw Pandora smiling at them both while hugging and he felt his ears burn a bit with embarrassment

Luna let go of him and at that particular moment Ginny appeared from the kitchen and screamed "Mummy ! Luna is here " and then she proceeded to grab Luna by her hand and drag her off to the stairs so that they could play in her room .

Ron felt a wave of jealousy wave over him as this was supposed to be his birthday and he always loved to spend time playing chess and exploding snap with Luna . However , Pandora seemed to notice the change in Ron's face and gently approached him .

"Hello Ron , Happy birthday to you " she said with a kind smile

" Thanks Mrs. Lovegood " Ron replied with a shy smile of his own

" Do you want to play some chess after I greet your mother ? " she asked trying to lift his sadness

" Of course " Ronald beamed at her , he has never lost a game of chess and he was sure he could beat her !

Moments later after Pandora greeted his mother , they were both seated across each other , preparing for their match which lasted a few minutes with Pandora losing rather easily when challenged with Ron's superior talents .

" that was very good Ron , I see you are very talented at chess " she smiled at him

" Thanks " he said as he felt both his cheeks and ears heat up

" have you considered becoming a professional chess player when growing up ? " she asked

" Not really , I play chess because I like it , I want to become an auror ! " Ron never forgot his father's stories about the legendary auror Mad-eye , Ron has even named his puffskein who was killed by Fred and George after him and despite being a fan of the canons who never really won , he found being an auror was his true calling , Charlie was already a quidditch player which meant that Ron won't be special after all , but being an auror wouldn't only provide him with a special place but would also allow him to protect his family whom he cared about more than anything despite his jealousy of them .

Pandora appraised him with her eyes for a moment before she smiled at him and said " That's great Ronald but aurors are also great duelists , have you ever been interested in dueling ? "

"I love dueling , it's really cool , with spells flying from your wand and -" Ronald stopped talking as his ears reddened as he discovered his childish outburst was probably embarrassing

Pandora laughed softly at him and told him " Go on Ronald I'm listening"

" I um I don't know anything about it though , my only idea is that it is necessary for both aurors and in tournaments although I have no idea how the tournaments are organized or when " Ron said with red-beet ears

" Well , I do have a work trip abroad with some clients of mine to present a spell I have been working on during easter break and then I will be leaving with Xeno and Luna on a trip where they both want to search for the origins of nargles which might drag on for months , how would you feel about coming over after we return whenever you feel like it ? I think I have a book somewhere which introduces dueling for beginners " she said with a warm smile

" Of course Mrs. Lovegood , i"ll be sure to come over" Ron said , beaming at her

Later that night , after the birthday was done and when his father returned to the burrow from work Ron announced that he would become a duelist and an auror which surprised both Molly and Arthur yet they both smiled at his excitation and told him they are sure he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to .

12th February 1990

Almost a year has passed by since Ron has set himself to his new goal , whenever he felt his will was weakening , he remembered how great his brothers were and reminded himself that he needed to use such feelings of jealousy to fuel his ever-growing aptitude for learning as the book Pandora gave him explained that champion duelists were accomplished in all areas of magic particularly Defense against the dark arts , charms and transifugation as all three were mainly used in duels so Ron has taken to reading his brothers' old textbooks and studying them and when Percy was back home , he even asked him to walk him through the parts which he felt were too obscure or advanced for him to understand on his own , and even without having a wand , the theoretical knowledge of magic would be a great aid to Ron as Percy said even making casting the spells successfully require less practice and would provide him with ways to use such spells in duels which made Ron think carefully about the uses of each spell and how to deploy it in a duel .

" Can we modify Lumos to use it in a duel to blind the opponent ? " Ronald asked Percy as they were going over the first year's charms curriculum which they have almost finished before Percy headed over to Hogwarts as the Christmas holidays were coming to an end

Percy blinked at his youngest brother and then beamed at him while saying " That's correct Ron ,there isa variation of the spell which cause temporary loss of sight due to how bright the light produced is I expected nothing less than you considering your skill in chess ! "

In reality , Ron loved the praises Percy showered him with whenever he successfully answered a question of his , came up with a creative use of a spell during a duel or studied hard enough by Percy's standards and it made him realize that his theory about Percy yearning for a connection with any of his siblings , he was extremely kind and much less pompous when Ron actually put in an effort to get to know him .

Charlie was the other sibling that Ron became closer to as after Charlie learnt of Ron's new goal , he told Ron that the better the wizard's body , the stronger his spells are which would make him a much stronger duelist with much larger stamina and he dragged Ron the morning afterwards with him to make him run to and from the creak which was a few kilometers away from the burrow and then he pushed Ron even further by asking him to do 40 pushups , sit ups , shoulder presses and various other exercises which trained the whole body and even told him to add 5 more reps each time he felt the exercises were becoming too easy !

Although Ron was tired after each study session he did and after each morning exercise he completed , he always felt a sense of fulfillment flow through him and each day he felt the jealousy he felt because of his brothers fade as he saw how proud his mother and father were with his progress and work .

Even better , he became much closer to Pandora as she always told him about spells and duels she watched before . Today , he was going to surprise Luna and Pandora with a visit as Luna's birthday was tomorrow , he prepared a journal in which he wrote a few spells , techniques and a heartfelt letter to Luna telling her how great of a friend she was . He felt that all 3 were necessary as he saw how much the spells and techniques he learnt from Pandora's book , Percy and Charlie have benefited him and made him feel much better about himself and how the letter would make Luna feel happy much like he felt happy when his family told him how much he mattered to them . The two other reasons he wanted to go over to the Rookery a day earlier was because he was too embarrassed to give Luna the journal during the party as Ginny would certainly read the entries and would tell the twins who would prank him till death over writing something so 'girly' as they would describe it and the other reason was that Pandora had promised that she would show him a book that she bought about dueling techniques .

It was almost noon when Ron ran down from his room with the journal clutched into his chest when he saw his mother in the kitchen while Ginny checked the latest muggle device his father brought home with him in his shed , he approached his mother slowly

"Mum , can I go over to the rookery ? I wanted to surprise Luna as her birthday is tomorrow " Ron asked shyly

His mother looked over to Ron , a bit startled by his sudden appearance beside her and while she would normally tell him to wait till tomorrow to give Luna her gift , she was extremely proud of Ronald's change in behavior over the last year and was willing to give him a chance to surprise his friend earlier than usual

"Of course Ronnie dear , you know how to use the floo right ?"she asked with a smile

"Yes mum , thank you ! " He beamed at her

He ran to the floo and quickly took a handful of the floo powder and shouted "The Rookery" on top of his lungs while the journal was clutched into his chest , and as his vision settled down on the rookery's familiar outlet , he moved out of the fireplace but he was surprised he didn't see neither Luna nor Pandora within sight , he moved a bit forward searching around with his eyes and saw the door to Pandora's workshop slightly opened ' Maybe they are both in there' Ron thought to himself

He moved forward opening the door and he stopped , freezing in his place .

No matter how many years passed after that moment , Ron would never forget the sight he saw in front of him , Pandora was on the floor bleeding from a scar across her abdomen while being unconscious , her sharp beautiful features which were similar to Luna's features were now pale ,

Ron froze for a moment as he took in the situation and he felt tears pouring through his eyes and then he turned around and bolted back to the fireplace , he took a handful of floo powder and screamed " St. Mungo's Hospital" and he put his face through the floo like he saw his father do numerous times and screamed " HELP HELP , She's dying "

He saw a healer run towards the floo and asked him to take a step back and the moment Ronald did , the healer along with 3 other healers came through the Floo

"Where is she " asked the healer who was now panting with her face red

" Behind that door " Ron said between his sobs as he pointed towards the Lab's door

The healers rushed through the door while one of them stayed with Ron while the others transported Pandora through the Floo and as they all disappeared through the Floo , Luna's voice came " Ron ? "

"Why are you crying " she said as her worried voice got closer to Ron and the healer

"Your brother is just worried but he's okay , come here sweetie let's go join your mum " the healer said gently as he directed Ron and Luna towards the Floo while trying her best to answer Luna's questions about where her mum was without worrying her .

A few hours passed by before his mother and father and Mr. Lovegood came to the hospital , Mr. Lovegood was in tears as he thanked Ronald for saving his wife as the healers told them that if Ron was a bit late , Pandora would've died due to blood loss as the spell she was attempting backfired .

2 aurors came to take Ron's statement about the accident and to Ron's amazement , one of them was Mad-Eye Moody , Ron kept staring at his magical eye which was focused on him as he imagined how much battles the man went through judging by the unearthly number of scars on his face but he was broken out of his thoughts as his father nudged him gently " Ron please answer the auror's question " and Ron discovered that the younger auror -by the name Robert Greene- who came with Mad-eye was asking him a question

After Ron answered the questions about the incident Mad Eye looked at him closely and said " You did well Lad , I hope to meet you soon "

" I want to become an auror … and a dueling champion too" Ron blurted out while flushing due to Mad-Eye's praise

Mad-eye's face distorted into what Ron thought of as a smile or the best that Mad-Eye was capable of .

" I see , I think we'll see each other sooner than expected then " Mad-Eye said cryptically with a twisted smile appearing on his face .

1st march 1990

Today was Ron's 9th birthday , he never expected things to go as they happened .

It all began when early in the morning , he found out a package sent by Mad-Eye Moody himself as a birthday present , it contained a book and a vest with a note which said :

" Happy birthday Lad ,

I met your dad the other day at the ministry and he told me that you like to exercise and that today was your birthday , this vest is based on a muggle tactical vest which muggles use for military operations , however this one is magically altered to add weight to the person's body when wearing it based on levels , use it when exercising , it will make it harder and be careful not to increase the level much cause you might tear some muscles . I want you to memorize all the spells in the book I sent you too . We'll be seeing each other soon . "

Ron tore through the book's package and found the book's name " 50 non-fatal spells to win a duel ! "

He was happy , ecstatic actually , not only has he met his idol nearly 3 weeks ago but his idol has sent him 2 birthday gifts ! He couldn't believe himself , this was better than Ron's farthest fantasies of meeting with Mad-Eye

but the day only got better .

Around Midday , his father took an early leave from his work to join them at the burrow , surprising Ron by asking him to go change his clothes as they were going to have a trip to Diagon Alley , Ron has went there once with his family but has never really bought anything as he wasn't allowed to buy anything due to their poor financial status .

Ron raced to his room and put on his best clothes , this was gonna be great ; he felt it in his bones .

As soon as the group of 4 - both his parents , himself and Ginny- reached Diagon Alley , they began making their way through the crowded alley , Ron didn't know which shop they were heading for but he simply didn't care as he was too excited about the visit to think about such ideas.

His unasked questions were soon answered as they arrived in front of an old shop which had wands in the showcase

"Dad are you or mum buying a new wand ? " Ron asked confused as to why they chose to visit the infamous wands shop .

"No Ron , we're buying you a wand" Arthur smiled at his son

Ron blinked in confusion " Why ? amn't I supposed to get a wand before going to Hogwarts next year ? '

"Some changes have happened Ron , You'll need a wand to adapt with these changes " Arthur said with a glint of mischief in his eyes

"What changes ? " Ron asked becoming increasingly worried and confused by the moment

"Mad-Eye decided he wanted you as his apprentice in dueling" Arthur said while Ronald's brain crashed "You can enter junior dueling tournaments at the age of 12 and he thought that beginning your training 2 years earlier would increase your chances of winning" Arthur explained to Ron .

Everything afterwards happened in a blur as Ron was still processing what Arthur said , completely unbelieving what he was told , he knew that no dueling champion no matter how great they were started their training even before they started their magical education but he was cut off from his thoughts as he was greeted by the sight of the quirky wand-maker who was surprised to see him

" Mr. Weasley , I am surprised to see you , I thought our meeting was due to next year" Olivander said with a mystical smile on his face

" I thought so too " Ronald said still in a daze

The wand-maker chuckled at Ronald's vague answer and proceeded to make the necessary measurements and afterwards went to the back of his shop and started handing him wands , asking him to wave them , but sadly none of the wands caused any reaction except for a Blackthorn wand which caused a small explosion in one the shop's shelves which prompted Olivander to ask him " Do you have any particular interests Mr. Weasley ? " this surprised Ronald as the man was jumping around the shop with excitement and grinning like a madman the more the pile of the wands increased .

"Dueling " Ron said

" aha , I know what will fit you then " Garrick said with a crazy glint in his eyes while he ran to the back of his shop

Olivander came back with 4 wands in his hand , the first 2 caused similar dead sensations to pass through Ronald's chest , like he was holding a dead wand but the 3rd one suddenly filled him with a feeling of warmth and golden sparks shot out of the wand

" Aspen wood and Phoenix's feather core , A wood which chooses only the best of duelists and a core so powerful that it is only attracted to greatness " Olivander said with a smile

Ronald beamed at the man as the warmth of holding into his wand filled his chest .

He had a wand suited for duelists .

He was being trained by Mad-Eye.

He was going to surpass his brothers.