1st April 1990

Alastor wasn't in the mood for playing around today . When he decided to take on the Weasley boy as an apprentice it was because he was proud of the kid , a 10 year old boy who devoted most of his time to his dream of becoming an auror , that kind of strength was something that Alastor could respect and that was what he told Arthur when he offered to teach the boy .

But more than that and more importantly for Alastor , he saw the boy's dreams and fears as he used wandless legilimency on the boy while Robert was asking him questions and he had come to a conclusion ; the boy had an inferiority complex .

Even after he decided to take up his studies and training , he saw the boy's brothers mock him , the twin brothers in particular called him a 'git' and even burnt a small book introducing dueling to beginners and the feelings he felt when he saw that memory were draining to put it lightly ; they were a mixture of anger , sadness and ,to Alastor's surprise, jealousy .

How the boy felt the need to be jealous from his brothers after they caused him pain was a mystery for Alastor , one that he solved as he roamed through the other memories .

He saw the boy being pranked by the identical boys time after time and even if they hurt him , they were commended by his older brothers as funny and creative as long as they didn't cause him to cry or ,worse, bleed . They were seen as creative while he was seen as a plain young child who wasn't particularly bright nor special .

Then he saw his older brother , a boy called Percival look at him dubiously when he first asked him to help him with his studies , he thought the boy was making fun of him - which was enough to convince Alastor that the boy was the other outcast - and even didn't accept him as his student except after the younger boy completed a test so that Percival can make sure that Ronald wasn't lying .

And then his parents ; a particularly strong memory that Alastor found was one in which the boy ran down to the living room with an excited look on his face trying to get the attention of his mother as he wanted to show her his first feat of accidental magic in which he managed to light up his room with a large pillar of light in the middle of his tiny room .

His mother spared him a glance while she was teaching his younger and only sister how to bake a cake

"Mum I created a torch in the middle of my room ! " He shouted " With magic" he said after taking a breath

she smiled at him and said " That's great Ronnie , I'm very proud of you " and then looked back to her daughter who was playing with flour

" Do you want to see it ? " He beamed at her due to her unusual praise and to get her attention again .

"Maybe later sweetie , I have to look after Ginny" she said with an absent-minded tone

The boy looked between the mother and daughter and as he moved in the opposite direction , he heard their laughter echo throughout the house .

He then approached his father who was sitting on his chair and playing with what appeared to be a duck

" Dad I lit up my room with light , do you want to see it ? " he said , hope flashing through face

His dad's head moved up and looked at him , his brows were furrowed and he had an look of intense concentration in his eyes as he was trying to figure out the duck's function

"Maybe later Ronald , I have important work now " he said after a moment with a tired look on his face before he looked back to his duck .

Ron was sure he didn't even register what he boy's face fell even more , he felt broken , he ran up the stairs to his room and covered himself in all his blankets and between his tears and wrenched whimpers he fell to sleep .

His first time performing accidental magic , an event which was greatly celebrated by wizards , was dismissed by his parents as a mundane event . As if he was nothing .

Alastor grimaced at the memories he found in the boy's mind , he felt utterly sorry for the boy but he saw strength in that pain , strength which derived Ronald to train and study each day . He hasn't met many 10 year old boys who could pull such feats , saving a person and devoting most of their lives to training but he believed that Ron's will would flatter if not guided by a tutor , he already saw his will crack at times but the boy kept reminding himself that he needed to be better than his siblings .

But Alastor knew better ... He has seen soldiers burnout before under such pressure during the great war , the desire to be push yourself to the limit had to be monitored and taken care of delicately so that the will of fire would live on .

The last and most important reason that Alastor had was that he was getting old , almost retired now . He felt the need to have an apprentice , someone who would carry his legacy as the greatest auror in British history and he hasn't seen many young wizards or witches with Ronald's drive for too long .

All of those combined were why he was in Amelia Bones' office to convince her of letting him train the boy .

"He isn't even 11 Alastor , I can understand Garrick selling him a wand ; it's his business after all but I can't have aurors training 10-years old children" Amelia said with a frown on her face

"Why ? It's my own decision" Moody countered

"Cause other people , particularly rich pure-bloods , will demand that their children be trained by other aurors " Amelia said quickly

"Then no one has to know , I'll tell Arthur and his wife to keep it a secret and you can consider it me doing an activity when I'm off duty , no one needing me at that particular moment " Moody said as he felt his anger spike at the mention of pure-bloods demanding training to their children based on a random auror training a boy that he saw potential in

Amelia noticed his anger as she put down her monocle and rubbed her face , as head of DMLE she was forced to put up with both Rufus and Alastor who were arguably the best aurors in the department , one of them being the head-auror and the other being the best in history and even though they both had a sour mood usually , they were the most efficient and she knew she couldn't actually deny Alastor his request ...

"Okay Alastor , I agree but you have to keep it a secret , only you and the boy's family will have to know about this " she said with an exhausted voice

"Good " Moody grumbled under his voice as he picked himself and began limping out of the office

Later that day in Moody's expanded trunk

"Okay lad , I'm glad you memorized most of the spells but you haven't yet started actually casting them so get your wand out now " He said as the boy impressed him

The boy took out his wand with a smile plastered to his face but was surprised when Moody extended his hand , asking the boy to give him his wand , nevertheless , the boy complied and gave him his wand and after a few minutes of pointing his wand at the boy's wand , Moody gave him his wand again .

" What did you do ? " Ronald asked with a curious face

"I removed the trace from your wand , the trace would only pose an issue near muggles meaning that you can actually use your wand at home for training as long as it is a magical household or area but I'm training you to become an auror , not only a duelist so I expect you to have your wand with you at all times and to be always VIGILANT , do you understand ? " Alastor shouted the last word

"Yes " Ron said in a spooked voice as he thought 'Bloody hell , he's crazy !'

" Now boy , I expect excellence from you at all times , slack off and I'll drop you , you have to show me why I have to keep training you , do you understand ? " he narrowed his eyes at the boy

"Yes " Ron answered again with a slight stutter in his voice

"Okay , today we'll work on both the stunning and disarming spells , you know both the incantation and the wand movements right ? " Moody said

"Yes sir" Ronald said

"Good then aim at the dummy in the middle of the training area and try to produce the spells"

By the end of the first training session which lasted for almost 4 hours Ronald was able to produce the 2 spells albeit weakly . Mad-Eye took in his haggard appearance and gave him a sadistic smile " Good job boy , training your body was a smart choice as the stronger the body , the stronger the magical core , not many people would be able to get the 2 spells down on their first attempt , now show me your room so I can give you your training ground " Moody said

" Alright sir , let's go " Ronald said

Ronald and Alastor climbed out the latter's expanded trunk and made their way to Ronald's room on the 5th floor , once inside the room , Moody took out a trunk which was shrunk in his pocket and returned it to its normal size.

" Okay kid this your own training trunk , while it doesn't have a bed and bathroom like mine , it has dummies and a couple of tomes I thought would be useful for you particularly the auror guidebook , I want you to memorize that book and all of the techniques and spells in it , if you fail to do , I'll make you run 50 laps around this home of yours , understood ? " Moody said while his magical eye scanned the room for any threats

"Yes sir but um my parents won't allow me to have the trunk " Ron said as a matter of fact 'they'll probably think it's some form of charity' He thought

"Then you should start leaning the shrinking and engorgement charms , practice makes perfect , the incantations are reducio and engorgio simultaneously , the former's wand movement is a 'v' from left to right and the latter is an inverted 'v' from left to right , understood ?"

Ron gaped for a moment at his tutor while he took in the information and then whispered " Yes Sir"

"Good , I expect you to make some progress on them by next week , practice on a piece of paper then a pillow to get a hang of it and don't slack off on your other assignments , I expect you to be able to produce passable stunners and disarming spells by next week " Moody said as he turned around to leave Ronald's room

"Bloody hell" Ronald muttered to himself after Moody left his room and then he started practicing .

'I have to work even harder now ' he thought as he winced from exhaustion .

1st March 1991

It has been almost a year since Ronald had started his training with Mad-Eye , he has already been able to master the basic dueling spells (stunning , disarming , shields , etc.. ) and was now working on 2 particularly advanced yet useful techniques ; chaining and deflection and although Mad-eye ensured him that he would be able to perform them flawlessly by the summer of 1992 just in time for his first dueling tournament , Ronald found them both incredibly hard .

On an academic side , he was able to complete the practical curriculum of the first 2 years at Hogwarts , while he was a bit behind on the theoretical portions especially in history of magic , he was sure he'd be able to complete a sizable portion of the 3rd year's practical curriculum before he started Hogwarts on the 1st of September .

His 11th birthday party wasn't as spectacular as his 10th birthday when he got his wand but it was nonetheless great by all means , he got a wand hoister from Moody with a note saying he was to put his wand inside of it at all times as to not break it or ,worse, blow up his bottom .

The Lovegoods gave him a spell scheme which was to be applied on any particular piece of cloth to create an invisibility cloak and while all the charms were way out of his league at the moment , Ronald was optimistic that he could with enough practice create his own invisibility cloak one day .

His mother and father have bought him a training outfit for both his tutoring sessions and for his physical training sessions which had both the fitting charm which would allow him to use it for many years to come as it grew with his size and his mother offered to teach him a few cleaning spells so they can be used daily .

31st august 1991

Ron deflected a stunner which Moody had sent at him and dodged to the side while sending a chain of flipendo , incraneous and stupefy at the veteran auror , all 3 of which Mad-Eye had easily parred with his magical staff due to the slowness by which Ron had produced the chain and before could get back on his feet , Moody sent a glacius on his feet and easily disarmed him with a smirk on his face .

Most of their duels didn't last more than a few minutes at most as Mad-Eye was still his superior in every aspect but Ronald was improving greatly and was now able get Mad-Eye to use his magical staff as he was faster than Mad-Eye due to the prosthetic leg which inhibited Mad-Eye's movements greatly .

"Good work lad , you're getting there " Moody commended his apprentice

"Thanks sir " Ron said then he looked at his feet before looking back at Mad-Eye and asking " Is there a particular way to increase the speed of my chaining ?"

"Practice ; constant practice which you're doing and Occlumency " Moody said

"Isn't occlumency a branch of magic to protect your mind ? " Ron asked , intrigued

"Yes it is but occlumency allows you to have mastery on your mind, body and magic which allows you to move faster , think faster and control your emotions and it even allows you to control the exact power of each spell you cast " Moody said

"Can you teach me then ? " Ron said , already eager to learn such a useful branch of magic

"No we don't have time , we have to focus on your other skills. However , when you are at Hogwarts , I'll give you a letter asking Filius Flitwick to teach you , he will be your charms teacher and he is a dueling champion on a European level , not to mention that he was part of the Order of the Phoenix in the Great war , you can give him the letter and he will be your tutor " Mad-Eye stated bluntly

'That's awesome , I'll learn from a dueling champion ' Ron thought as he felt his brain lit up with excitement but then a particular realization hit him ..

" Will we keep meeting weekly when I'm at Hogwarts ? " Ronald said fearing that it won't be the case and that he'll have to keep training alone

"Of course not , I talked to Albus and we'll be meeting each Saturday , you will have permission to return home each Saturday morning and I'll be here as usual so we can continue our training " Moody said

Ronald let out a breath out of relief as he was worried and smiled at his disfigured tutor who suddenly narrowed his eyes on him and spoke

" I don't want you to showcase your abilities nor your knowledge at Hogwarts , answer correctly if a teacher asks you , do your assignments perfectly and aim to get the highest marks in exams but I don't want you to show your abilities to anyone , you're an aspiring auror and I'll bet that you're going to be an unyielding dueling champion within your age group , I don't want the wrong kind of people to know about how good you are , not even your family " Moody said

"I am not asking you to become paranoid but I'm asking you to trust only the right people , you're a bright young wizard and I expect you to only improve from now on , so stay vigilant and don't let your guard down around anyone " Moody continued

Ronald looked at his tutor for a few moments before nodding and saying " Yes Sir "

One of the first lessons Mad-Eye taught Ron was to stay vigilant and to not disobey orders as long as they were morally correct , he thought that this was a form of deceit to the professors and his fellow students at the moment but upon later reflection , he would find out that the only reason he would show his talents was to give himself an ego-boast , something which he needed to stand above .

' I need to be better , tomorrow I start Hogwarts and I have to keep improving to accomplish my goals' was the last thought that Ronald had on my mind before he closed his eyes that night in bed .