September 6th - Potions Classroom

The potions classroom was in the dungeons but sadly, Ronald has never been able to inspect it closer except now , the place was , for an accurate usage of terms , depressing , dull and dark .

Currently, Ron was sitting aside Theo and Blaise who were whispering to one another and shooting him some subtle looks 'I guess I'll will be having a conversation with those 2 tonight considering how much subtle glances they are shooting me " .

Before Ron could formulate a plan to save himself from the awaited confrontation , Professor Snape strolled into the room , closing the door harshly , making his way in front of them and looking at all of them harshly, he then started calling names from a roll, pausing a bit to taunt Harry Potter by calling him "our newest celebrity" and after a lengthy speech about the wonders of potion making, Snape paired them off together to brew a boil-curing potion.

Ron glanced awkwardly towards Blaise and Theo, only to be disappointed to find them both already working together. Disappointed, he let his eyes wander around to find a blonde, blue-eyed girl whom he recognized as Daphne Greengrass working alone while her usual companion, Tracey Davies paired with Millicent Bulestrode. 'Guess I'll have to approach her then'

As slowly as possible, Ron approached the pure-blooded blonde "Hey, My name is Ronald Weasley, would you mind if I pair with you today? " he felt his ears redden to an extent while he said that

She looked him over coldly and then she said " Don't slow me down " while gesturing for him to start chopping ingredients

Ron felt a surge of anger in his chest, who did she think she was ? He was studying third year potions , but soon he was proven wrong, if he was a good brewer, then Daphne was a genius, she knew of ways to improve the potion, different methods to deal with the ingredients and even ways to shorten the time needed to finish the potion .

It was halfway through their double lesson when he and Daphne have finished their potion, the latter smirking slightly while looking at how much notes Ronald had taken from her instructions only.

"Um, sorry if I'm intruding but would you tell me how are you so bloody good at potions ? " Ron asked with an exasperated expression

"My father is the richest man in Europe, we made our fortune mainly from trading in potions, all the hospitals, ministries, and so forth in the world buy from us" Daphne said with a smirk

Ron was about to gawk at her but he was interrupted by Snape strolling towards them and taking a sample from their potion and murmuring "Excellent" and then he paused then looked at the two first years then said "Miss Greengrass, you're dismissed, Mr. Weasley, please join me in my office"

Ronald followed Snape silently through the door leading to his office, which looked for lack of better word ; plain, it was an extremely dark and dull office, much like the potion master's presence, speaking of the man , he had strolled sitting on the chair behind his office and levelled Ronald with a look then said "Sit"

Ron took a seat in the sole chair in front of Snape and then the Potions master started talking with unbearable coldness " Professor Flitwick has approached me with the notion of teaching you Occlumency, I have accepted only because I owe him a great deal, he was once my professor myself and he has protected me from certain individuals who meant me harm at times, thus I will be giving you a book and my notes on the subject, you will find that the hybrid way of teaching Occlumency both through meditation and the attacking method will be the best way to tackle this, I expect you to apply the meditation exercises in the book for at least one hour daily, when we meet, we will spend two hours weekly together in which I will be trying to invade your mind and you will try your best at stopping me from doing that , do you have any questions ?" he finished as coldly as he started

"Sir, are there any other applications for Occlumency other than keeping out intruders and increasing the precision of spell casting and deflection ?" Ron asked

Snape's eyebrows shot up momentarily, surely surprised that a first year knew about deflection but in less than second, they were back in place "Yes, it has, you will find as you advance in Occlumency that it can provide you with a near eidetic memory, you will be able to memorize complete textbooks from the first reading, it will also provide you with assistance in sensing wards,spells and magical cores, both of humans and magical creatures. The most important item though, is that Legillemncy will be taught when you reach an appropriate level as it is the extension of Occlumency, in a way " Snape said

Ron nodded slowly, then Snape just waved his hand, producing a thin book and a white stack of parchment, Snape gave them to Ron without looking at him and then he coldly said "I expect you to be present every Friday after classes, starting from next week, if you miss your exercises, or slack ; I will know and I will abandon teaching you and Filus will agree with me, you are dismissed"

Ron then left quickly, he had mixed feelings, especially since Mad-Eye told him that Snape was a death eater..

6th September ,7 pm

Ron found himself at the end of classes, heading towards Cedric's study group, he didn't feel it necessary but he certainly wanted to know how to reach the kitchens, once he reached the library, he found himself greeted by a smiling Cedric at the library's entrance "Welcome Ronald, come in, I'm sure you'll love our little group" cedric said

After taking a few minutes to admire the amount of books in the library and going inside, he was surprised to see a large number of students, mostly older ones, from each and every house settling down to study together in what could be considered odd by most .

His line of thought was cut off by Cedric nudging him a bit and smiling at him "I know you haven't started homework at earnest but it's a standard procedure in our group to start studying Runes early, Calypso here will walk you through the first few chapters of runes" he said while tilting his head towards a black haired, dark eyed girl who had green robes which indicated her house.

"Hello there, my name is Calypso Rosier, I'm a fourth year Slytherin, pleasure meeting you ,Weasley" She said in a monotone voice.

She then went off explaining the significance of runes, runic casting which was done by the pharaohs and considered to be much more stronger than normal casting, and how runes were used to craft spells,wards and enchant objects. All of which, made Ron genuinely interested in the subject.

She ended her long introduction by saying " We start teaching it to younger students early, as you will mostly spend your third year and a portion of fourth year familiarizing yourself with the meaning of each rune, so why not memorize them early and start on some of the advanced work such as spellcrafting and curse breaking, which aren't touched till NEWT level, much earlier ?" She said with a smile, Ron's eye brightened at that and he promised himself that he will be craft his first spell before taking his OWLs.

The Day passed fast enough, and although Ron thought it was unavoidable, Theo and Blaise have not approached him that night after classes and before he knew it, he was fast asleep.

7th September

The next morning, he made his way to the headmaster's office where he flooed to The burrow, strangely, he didn't meet his parents, only mad-eye was waiting there in front of his trunk.

"Good morning sir, I have missed you" Ron said with a bright smile

"Me too, lad, we have a bit of catching up to do, let's go in" Alastor said with a near-maniac grin spreading over his scarred face

As they got in, he asked him "Which house are you in ?" Alastor asked

Ron hesitated for a moment, fear of being abandoned by the only person who took care of him and showered him with attention due to his sorting lurking within his chest, he then let out a shaky breath and said "Slytherin"

He turned around and looked at Alastor who had both his magical eye and 'good' eye fixed on him and then he said " A snake then ?" he let out a roar of laughter , it was scary seeing his mentor laugh, probably cause his voice was similar to the voice of the Angelina ford's engine which his father kept but at this instance, it made Ron relax considerably, as he was extremely afraid of Mad-Eye's reaction.

"I was a puff myself, my best friend though, Rufus, was a Slytherin" Alastor continued with his crazy smile " Can't say I didn't see it coming, you're extremely dedicated, which can be considered as a good quality of your house, now that this is resolved, we will be working on detection spells besides our usual fighting regimen"

That stunned Ron into silence as he never considered the grizzled, hardened Moody to be a Hufflepuff, and he was left staring at the veteran with wide eyes, eliciting another scary laugh from the man, but the he adorned a serious expression.

"Stop staring at me like that, Rufus is one of the most intelligent people I've met, I expect you to match his detective, tactical and strategical mind if you set the par high for yourself by being sorted into the house of the cunning " Alastor said, almost harshly.

Ron nodded dumbly to his mentor, who had started explaining the concept behind detection spells and cursed items. they were going to work mostly with basic detection spells until Ronald mastered Runic language in his 5th year-it pleased Alastor greatly that he told him he started learning them already-.

Ron would by lying if he didn't notice Alastor was pushing much more knowledge than usual into Ron's mind, not to mention that he was quite ruthless in their mock duel, using both his wand and magical staff, which he was slowly starting to use in their last few sessions but not as much as he did today as Ron's skill wasn't even enough to make Alastor move from his place . All of which, resulted Ronald being drained by the end of their session, he was also suffering from a nasty cutting curse in his leg which he was holding while panting on the floor.

"Heal yourself, you did well today, your deflection is already better" Alastor said while tossing him his wand

"why was today so brutal" Ron asked with a groan

"Because you're in Hogwarts now, and you're a Weasley in Slytherin, I know people will try to hunt you" Mad-Eye said with a dark look on his face

8th September

Ron made his way to Professor Flitwick's classroom after doing his morning regimen, so far is occlumency training was proving to be beneficial, as that lone hour before going to bed in which he tried his best to clear his mind was proving to be helping his stress, he still heard Draco Malfoy's remarks about 'purging their noble house of filth' on dinner and lunch the day before which didn't exactly help his stress levels especially that some older students nodded their agreement while casting him glances.

Once he knocked on Flitwick's door, came the Professor's sound "Do come in, Mr. Weasley"

He entered , surprised to find the whole classroom transfigured into what looked like a dueling arena, the tiny professor smiled at him and said " Today, we will be covering European rules for dueling and I will be evaluating your progress in different subjects, I know Alastor has been teaching you to fight, not to duel, So we will mostly cover that in our weekly sessions"

"The first thing to understand about European dueling is that only wand magic is allowed, no other means of magic casting is allowed, the second important rule is that killing an opponent will result in you spending he rest of your life in Azkaban, competitive or not, the duels are heavily monitored so any foul work will be detected at once" the professor continued.

"The only spells not allowed are the unforgivables and other spells which will lead to the immediate death of the opponent, so extremely dangerous spells will not be allowed" Flitwick continued

"Now, let's get to work" Fillus said with a happy smile.

The next 3 hours of Ron's life could be described as hectic, the professor had prepared him a quiz in each of the subjects Ron was studying so far and he even gave him a timetable for the next few years, in which according to it, Ron was supposed to finish his NEWT material by his OWL year.

"I promise you Mr. Weasley, if you do manage to finish the material in the fashion I have described, I will personally tutor you to become a charms master in your final two years at Hogwarts, even a veteran auror like Alastor has extensive magical knowledge, not only in combat and dark arts but also on charms and transfiguration" he said "I'm so far impressed by you, be sure to keep your current level and enthusiasm and you will do great" he finished with a smile

"Can you teach me how to use a magical staff ?" Ron blurted the question while feeling the pleasure of being praised by the charms master, but then realized he had no business asking the kind professor for anything, causing his ears to redden and to cast his eyes down .

"Magical staffs require a much larger magical core to work with, the same goes for other magic loci like swords which are used by wizards in Japan, So I will refrain from teaching you that for now as it may hurt your magical core, I will however begin teaching you wandless magic, as mastering wandless casting will make it much easier to pick up the usage of different loci for casting" Fillus said "Wandless magic ,of course, is much harder to learn but if you manage to master a few spells using it, it will enhance your non-verbal casting and the usage of a staff which I can teach you by your 5th or 6th year" He finished kindly

"Now, brandish your wand, it's time to see your dueling skills" he ordered

Ron took his place in front of the charms master, who bowed respectfully, Ron imitated him, assuming the true purpose behind this mock duel was to teach him the rules of European dueling and he assumed that bowing was a common procedure.

The charms master started the duel with 3 well aimed stunners which Ron dodged while sending a banishing charm towards the professor, who with utmost skill sent the spell back at Ron, the redhead gaped at the proficiency of the deflection but started chaining spells, which hoped would overwhelm the tiny professor, Flitwick simply raised a shield, to which Ron tried sending an ice spear at, Flitwick's eyes widened then he smiled, dispelling the shield and side-stepping the spear gracefully, he began his own chain of spells which Ron couldn't help but to be overwhelmed with, his shield simply cracked and broke and then Ron saw nothing but darkness.

Ron awoke with a jerk and looked at the charms professor who had just rennervated him "Well done Mr. Weasley, I can't say I have met many 11 years old who can last the 10 seconds that you lasted against me " he said with a cheerful expression which caused Ron's cheeks to burn with shame .

"Now, Mr. Weasley, have some self-respect, I'm after all many years your senior, with years of experience and knowledge on my side, learn from your mistakes and improve, that is how you can surpass me one day" he said "Now onto our next item of business, wandless magic"

Flitwick started explaining the concept of casting without a wand, how it required you to get a feel for your own magic, allowing you to move it outside of your body, by using your own body as a locus, he told Ron that his daily exercise will make the process easier as it had no doubt caused his magical core to mature much faster than his peers and would allow his body to endure magic passing through it, he ended the lesson by instructing Ron to keep up with his studies, and to train his wandless magic by both the levitation and summoning charms till they met next week.