1st October 1991

The Classes have fallen into a rhythm and between his classes, his homework and his extra tutelage with Snape, Flitwtck and Moody, Ron didn't have time to think about the unspoken tension between him and his dorm mates, instead opting to organize his free times between spending time training, exploring the castle and spending his time with his brothers, either studying with Percy in the library or joining the twins to watch them prank others.

Contrary to what he thought was going to happen when he was first sorted into Slytherin, he had grown closer to his brothers, who seemed to be happy to spend time with him at Hogwarts, 'I'm just glad that Percy is good at runes, it would've been a nightmare to study alone, I'm actually afraid to ask Rosier any questions about it' Ron thought wistfully.

But all those dark thoughts about Calypso didn't matter now as Ron was studying runes with Percy at the Library

"I'm really proud of you Ron, not everyone has the wisdom to start studying runes this early in their schooling" Percy said with a soft smile aimed at his favourite brother

"Thanks Percy, you've always helped me through my studies" Ron beamed at his brother, who chuckled softly at Ron's enthusiasm

"What lessons do you have today ?" Percy asked

"Flying lessons with the Gryffindors !" Ron said excitably

"I'm sure it will be alright " Percy said while shooting Ron a small smile

Little did Percy know…

1st October 1991 -After Lunch

Although Ron wanted everything to go peacefully that afternoon, it seemed that things wouldn't be going his way, Draco Malfoy was making his life mission to make gestures indicating he would hurt Ronald throughout the explanation of the game that madame hooch was offering, and when he wasn't, he was taunting Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom.

His thought however were cut through by Hooch's distinctive sound

"Well, what are you all waiting for?" she barked. "Everyone stand by a broomstick. Come on, hurry up."

Ron found no problem in calling the broom upward, and that had caused him to make a connection, he was still struggling with wandless magic, both the summoning and levitation charms, with no luck so far even as he tried for one hour daily, but why did the broom obey his command that fast ? was this considered wandless summoning ? He saved the thought for later, he would ask a teacher about it later.

What happened after that was most unexpected, Neville had crashed down, hurting himself and in the process, dropped his remember ball which Draco Malfoy was holding now while the ball's owner was being transported to the hospital by Madame Hooch .

"Give that here, Malfoy," said Potter quietly. Everyone stopped talking to watch.

Malfoy smiled nastily.

"I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find, how about up a tree?"

"Give it here!" Potter yelled

Malfoy had leapt onto his broomstick and taken off. He hadn't been lying, he could fly well. Hovering level with the topmost branches of an oak he called, "Come and get it, Potter!"

Potter grabbed his broom.

"No!" shouted Granger. "Madam Hooch told us not to move you'll get us all into trouble."

Expectantly, after a brief aerial battle between both Harry and Draco, the former prevailed after Draco opted to drop the remember ball from a 50 meter height but Potter still caught it .

Draco slowly descended to the ground, his face flushed with anger, he dismounted his broom and brandished his wand, aiming it to Potter's back, who was surrounded with cheering gryffindors, the blonde shouted loudly "Stupefy"

Something snapped in Ronald's mind and he leapt in front of the spell, deflecting it to the ground.

"You blood-traitor dog, did you just defend Potter so he'd give you a few galleons, your family looks like the need some ?" Draco screamed at him

Silence descended upon everyone, Ron felt his ears redden, and the anger swelling in his chest was too much to contain, he felt the need to hurt Malfoy as much as possible but before he could aim his wand at him, a distraught Professor McGonagall came screaming "HARRY POTTER"

She had taken Potter and Madame Hooch was accompanying her and so, Ronald couldn't hurt Draco.

1st October 1991 : Dinner

Ron was still glaring at Draco by the time dinnertime had come, he still wanted to hurt him as much as possible, yet, the chance didn't present itself, Ronald was still glaring at Draco when he saw him, along with Crabbe and Goyle move towards a smiling Harry Potter, he moved towards them to hear him taunting Potter.

Having a last meal, Potter? When are you getting the train back to the Muggles?" Draco said while smirking

"You're a lot braver now that you're back on the ground and you've got your little friends with you," said Harry coolly. There was of course nothing at all little about Crabbe and Goyle, but as the High Table was full of teachers, neither of them could do more than crack their knuckles and scowl.

"I'd take you on anytime on my own," said Malfoy. "Tonight, if you want. Wizard's duel. Wands only- no contact. What's the matter? Never heard of a wizard's duel before, I suppose?"

"Of course he has," said Ron, wheeling around. "I'm his second, who's yours?" Surprising both Draco and Harry.

Malfoy looked at Crabbe and Goyle, sizing them up. "Crabbe," he said. "Midnight all right? We'll meet you in the trophy room; that's always unlocked."

"Good, I'll meet you in the Common room and accompany you there" Ron said, smirking at Malfoy, whom he saw fear flashing across his face.

"You know a wizard who goes back on his word is one with no honour, correct ?" Ron continued, trying to ensure Malfoy wouldn't go back on his challenge.

"You'll see Weasley, I'll put you two filth in your place tonight" Draco said as he stormed away with his friends.

"Um..I never dueled before" Harry said, unsure of what to do

"Don't worry, I'll handle the fighting, just be there" Ron said, a malicious grin spreading across his face.

'Time to test my training against my dear colleagues ' he mused

9th September: quarter to midnight

"You shouldn't go you know" Theo told him lazily from his bed as he saw Ron changing into his training outfit to get read for the duel.

"He insulted my family, I have to go" Ron said, still seething from anger

"I'll come with you then" Theo said, surprising Ron

Ron eyed him suspiciously "Why would you do that ?"

"To watch your back, you don't think Draco,Crabbe and Goyle would play fairly do you think, I'll just balance the numbers" he said "but I need something in return" he finished slowly

"Go on" Ron said

"We'll talk after this" he said, gesturing to Blaise who was observing aloofly " Us three, there has been alot of words waiting to be spoken and we need to figure out an alliance "

"I don't need one" Ron said stubbornly

"You need it, like it or not, we're dorm mates, we'll remain like that for the next seven years, so far, we've been civil but you can't deny that it will be much easier for us if we work together, plus, you fascinate us both, clearly you're a good student and the dueling move you pulled today proves you're well-versed in interesting types of magic " Theo told him sharply

Ron hesitated for a moment, he did feel lonely for a bit after each day, he did have his brothers but the moment he entered the common room, everyone ignored him, no doubt busy to give some of their precious time to the Blood-traitor.

"Okay, I agree, but we will keep our boundaries, if I'm not comfortable answering something, then I won't " Ron said as he didn't fail to recognize how easily Theo figured him 'I'm stupid, I shouldn't have protected Potter, now I have attracted attention' he thought

Theo nodded dumbly then he and Ron made their way out to meet Draco and his bodyguards, Draco seemed on edge in the common room, and they nodded at him and they made their way to the trophy room in silence.

The tension was palpable.

Arriving at the trophy room, they found Harry Potter accompanied by Longbottom and an angry Granger, Ron couldn't help but notice that Harry relaxed visibly when he saw them.

" You want to hurt me, right ?" Ron said while looking directly at Draco

"You bet, filth" Draco said with a vicious smile

"then how about a little change in rules, let's make it a two on two duel, both me and Crabbe will join the duel, this way you get to hurt us, right ?" Ron said quietly

Draco looked at Crabbe who shrugged and the he nodded towards Ronald.

"I will be monitoring the duel" Theo announced "take your positions"

Harry and Ron stood on one side, while Theodore stood in the middle and Draco and Crabbe stood on the other side, Longbottom and Granger were standing on the far side behind Ron and Harry, no doubt hoping to not be caught in the crossfire. The room albeit cramped, was large enough to provide them with a sanctuary .

"Start" Theo said

Immediately , stunners were hurled from Draco and Vincent's wands, while Ronald erected a shield, Harry shot out a Flipendo which genuinely surprised Ronald ' where did he learn that ?' but then an idea sprang into his mind.

"You work offence , I'll work defence" he signaled Harry

Harry gave a nod, and then started hurling Flipendos at their opponents, which made Ron reach a conclusion; Harry had time to learn only one spell.

However, as both Draco and Crabbe both didn't know how to cast a proper shield, they were both knocked back by Harry's relentless barrage of spells .

Ron dropped the shield immediately and hurled two disarming spells at the groaning boys on the floor, catching their wands easily .

"Potter and Weasley win" Theo announced, Longbottom screamed out a cheer at that .

Ron didn't have enough yet, he walked towards Draco and Crabbe, he wanted to hurt them badly, to punch them and make their faces bloody.

Suddenly, he remembered Mad-eye's words "Anger can lead to mistakes" after Ron lost control during their duels and Snape's words echoed within his mind "Discipline your mind" after he easily overpowered Ron during their Occlumency lessons.

Ron hesitated for a second and then he simply handed the boys their wands and whispered " No more fighting for tonight"

He and Theo made their way to the dorms and as soon as they entered their room, Blaise asked Theo " Did it go as expected ?"

"More or less" Theo said with a smirk

"Now onto business, I'm Blaise Zabini, he is Theodore Nott, we'd like to be your allies, what do you say ?" Blaise said in a monotone that sounded awfully like Calypso's way of speaking during the study group.

"Allies or friends ?" Ron asked

"Friendship is built upon trust, we can help each other and get acquainted first, if we do come to trust each other, we can be friends" Blaise said calmly

"I see, what would you like to know about me to get acquainted ?" Ron asked hesitantly

"where did you learn to cast the shield charm? that's very advanced " Theo asked while eyeing him critically

"I was taught by a tutor, a friend of my family, I aim to be a duelist" Ron said

"No offence, but I thought the Weasleys couldn't afford such tutoring, we're pure-bloods as you know and we've been tutored before arriving at Hogwarts, it wasn't exactly cheap " Blaise said

"Like I said, he's a friend of my family, he didn't receive any money" Ron said, while Theo and Blaise nodded slowly

"Are you two bigoted like Malfoy ?" Ron asked causing Blaise's eyebrows to shoot up

"I don't care about muggles if that's what you're asking, I am not a fan of them nor am I a fan of Dark Lords, I didn't grow up in England and where I grew up, Grindelwald is very much hated" Blaise replied

"My father was a death-eater" Theo said grimly then he held up his hand before Ron could reply " I don't usually concern myself with what he does, my mother, um, she died when I was a child, I usually concern myself with books and herbology " Theo finished

Ron found the sequence of the information that Theo provided him with was strange but he didn't comment, he just nodded gravely, he had noticed Theo usually concerned himself with books as he said while Blaise chose to remain silent and observe his surroundings so, he didn't object on what they both said

"I think that's enough for now, goodnight Ron" Blaise said

"Goodnight Blaise, you too Theo" Ron replied

"Goodnight" Theo said while giving Ron a strange look that Ron couldn't understand yet.

2nd October 1991- Potions classroom

The next day, Draco didn't glance at either Harry nor Ronald, although he did have a resolute look on his suspected he has a scheme to come back at them.

Ron was still partnering up with Daphne during potions and so far, he was enjoying himself, Daphne was probably an aspiring potions mistress, and Ron planned to stick with her for as long as possible.

"I heard you had an interesting meeting with Draco last night" Daphne said as they worked on there pain-relief potion

Ron turned sharply to her, he hadn't expected her to know, at least he was sure that Draco would never announce his defeat yesterday to anyone.

"Don't stare at me like that, word travels fast around the school" she said with a smirk

"I see, yes, it was most interesting " Ron said slowly

"So mysterious, you have a flair for drama, right?"

Ron's ears reddened at that and he focused on cutting down the newt eyes .

Daphne let out a soft giggle at his reddening and then she handed him a parchment "Professor Quirrell told me to hand it to you"

The parchment had 2 words " First meeting today after dinner"

Quirrell 's meetings proved to be interesting, as he met his 3 brothers there and even Harry and Calypso were there, the latter of whom introduced him to a few of her year mates who were also in attendance

"This is Cassius Warrington and these are Hestia and Flora Carrow" she introduced him to a brow haired boy and 2 identical twins who were eyeing him curiously.

"I'm Ronald Weasley, pleasure meeting all of you" he said with a little smile.

"Same here, I'm on the Slytherin Quidditch team, do you play ?" Cassius asked with an excited tone

And like that, they both drifted into a long debate about whether the Cannons or Puddlemore united were to win the league this year.

The meeting itself was somehow relaxed .

Quirrell gave them a list of spells to each year for them to practice and announced that this will be what they will be trying achieve by the end of the year, but since Harry and Ron were the only first years present, Quirrell motioned them to join him .

"I will be working with you two, I didn't expect any first years when I first had the idea of this club but you two have proved yourself competent in the classroom, so I will be monitoring your progress, here is your spell list" Quirrell said

Ron couldn't help but notice that most of the spells were second year spells with even a bit at the end being third year spells which he had started studying recently. Yet, as they started working, Ron came to a conclusion : Harry Potter was a prodigy at defence , he could cast the first few spells after a brief explanation by Quirrell and while Ron didn't struggle when he first came to practice those spells, Harry was casting them from either the first or second time, which genuinely impressed Ron.

The session was coming to an end, when Ron asked Professor Quirrell to stay behind as he had a question for him and as the class became devoid of all but both Professor and student, Ron asked his question " Sir, I was trying my hand at wandless magic and while I never managed to use the summoning charm, I couldn't help but notice that brooms shot up immediately when willing them to , are these two occurrences related ?"

"Indeed Mr. Weasley, first allow me to congratulate you on your enthusiasm, wandless magic is a very handy skill to obtain and it's easy to obtain as you are younger, young wizards in Africa begin learning it early as it is their preferred method of casting, people in wanded countries refrain from trying it due having wands or due to not willing to put in the greater effort which increases as they grow older" Quirrell said

"Why so, sir ?" Ron said

"Your body grows accustomed to channeling your magic through your wand, using your body itself as a focus for casting becomes increasingly hard" Quirrell answered

"Have you read the book that I recommended for you ?" Quirrell asked

"The first few chapters, the later chapters were hard to understand" Ron said

"Understandable, it is a hard book, now would you tell me how intent relates to magic ?" Quirrell asked

"it is one of the components of casting a spell, besides incantation, movement and imagination in the case of transfiguration " Ron said

"But people can cast non-verbal magic, and point casting doesn't require wand movements, as for transfiguration, we both know that imagination is only required in the first time of casting a simple transfiguration spell, afterwards, only will is required, and as you get older, you will discover that larger transfigurations do not require much imagination as they require intent, so I repeat my question again, what is intent in relation to magic ? Quirrell finished

"Intent is magic" Ron said while gawking at the professor, he intended to ask Flitwick about it, but he chose to ask Quirrell, whom he couldn't help but admire his skills and knowledge, he felt as if he dealt with magic at a more intimate level, and he certainly wasn't regretting it now.

"Indeed, Ronald" Quirrell smiled "Intent is the will to cast magic, the motivator behind all magic, he avatar of transformation within the outside world or even within ourselves, as you had put it simply, Intent is magic" Quirrell continued

"So as to why the broom responds immediately, it is because your intent is solely focused on summoning it, your magic reaches out and thus summons the broom, that is quite easy for most children, as it is taught while they're still not accustomed to wands, the same can't be said about your attempts, I am sure you were focusing mainly on the incantation, which is actually an anchor, rather than the true motivator behind magic " Quirrell carried on

"But as I have explained, all the magical processes translate to intent, so in summary, all magical training is a training of your intent " Quirrell was speaking softly, and Ronald was enchanted by him at this point "So, I want you to keep training Ronald, but now, with intent on your mind, focusing on what you want to happen, always remember; magic is alive Ronald " Quirrell said

"How to focus on intent ? " Ron said

"Meditation, clearing your mind" Quirrell said briefly

" like Occlumency ?" Ron asked

"Yes" Quirrell replied, looking at him carefully, how did this boy know of occlumency ?

"Thank you, Sir" Ron said

"You're excused , I congratulate you again on your eagerness, occlumency is a most useful branch of magic, now off to bed " Quirrell finished

"Thank you Professor" Ron said as he ran towards the door

That night, after Ron knew that other 11 year olds in Africa did what he couldn't do, and as he did his best to clear his mind, he was able to summon his wand wandlessly for the first time.