Later: Abandoned Warehouse

Zoe came to and looked around frantically. She appeared to be in the old Tesla warehouse on the edge of town. After Nick, the owner, got blown into orbit two years ago, it had been empty. Surprisingly enough, it didn't look too bad. There wasn't a speck of dust anywhere. All the furniture was new and bright red. The floor was polished and covered in new, red rugs. There was even a stage that hadn't been there last time she visited with her dad.

Not seeing anyone, she started creeping towards the door. Her heart stopped as hideous marionettes leapt out from behind curtained doorways to her left and right. They resembled life-size puppets with wooden, immovable features, tacky striped suits and ties and, oddly enough, tap shoes. They whirled and jerked around her, forcing her back until she bumped into the stage.

Click, click, click, click, click. Zoe spun around at the noise to see a maroon creature in a crimson zoot suit tap-dancing. He looked very different from the puppet-men in front of her. The shine of his skin reminded her of a lobster.

After a minute he opened his mouth and started to sing. "Why'd you run away? Don't you like my style?"

With a snap of his jacket, crimson transformed to royal blue. Zoe's eyes widened a bit. What technology had the power to do that?

"Why don't you come and play? I guarantee a great big smile. I come from the imagination, and I'm here strictly by your invocation. So what do you say? Why don't we dance a while?

"I'm the hottest swing. I'm the twist and shout. When you gotta sing. When you gotta let it out. You call me, and I come a-runnin'. I turn the music on. I bring the fun in. Now we're partyin'. That's what it's all about.

"Cause I know what you feel, girl. I know just what you feel, girl."

"So, are you a good guy then? Bringing the fun in?" Zoe asked hesitantly.

The monster laughed.

"All these melodies, they go on too long. Then that energy starts to come on way too strong. All those hearts lay open that must sting. Plus some customers just start combusting."

A door suddenly appeared out of nowhere and connected to nothing. It opened by itself and a burned and quite obviously dead body fell out. Zoe gasped and stumbled backward.

"That's the penalty when life is but a song.

"You brought me down and doomed this town, so when we blow this scene, back we will go to my kingdom below, and you will be my queen!"

He snapped and Zoe's pants and shirt transformed into a flowing red dress. Her skirt billowed as she sneezed. Oh, great! Now she smelled like her grandma's perfume. She could just feel the makeup caking her face. Her head started to hurt from the tight up-do she had been forced into, and she knew her feet wouldn't feel too great unless she got out of these 5-inch heels. The low-cut bodice didn't look like her grandma's frock, however. This mobster fellow had a lot to answer for. And what was his obsession with red?!

"Cause I know what you feel, girl."

Zoe tried reasoning with the crazy monster. "No, you see, you and me wouldn't be very regal."

The demon went on, completely ignoring her protests. "I'll marry you, girl."

Zoe began backing away. "What I mean, I'm a teen, so this queen thing's illegal."

"I can bring whole cities to ruin, and still have time to get a soft-shoe in," it continued.

"If I were you, I'd want to, forget me at once," she tried.

"Something's cooking, I'm at the griddle. I bought Nero his very first fiddle," he sang.

"He'll shoot you, if you do, anything to hurt me!"

He stopped and looked at her. "You think a bullet will hurt me?" He smirked at her.

"Well, maybe not a bullet. Are you immune to lasers?" Zoe tried to act superior. She wasn't sure if it was working.

He raised an eyebrow. "A laser?"

"Yeah, you see my dad? He's the sheriff of Eureka. And he's faced a whole lot worse than some song guy!"

"Oh, really?" She wasn't sure if he was really convinced or if he was just playing with her.

"Yeah, really. He's stopped wormholes, meteors, robots, anti-gravity stuff… You would be a piece of cake!"

He turned to a minion. "Go, bring the sheriff. Tell him- Tell him everything! Let's see if he's as tough as she says he is." The monster grinned at her. "Now we're partyin. That's what it's all about."

Elsewhere at Global Dynamics…

Zane strolled into Jo's office. He stopped dead at the sight that greeted him. Piles of gleaming guns surrounded her. By the looks of things, she'd been cleaning all her guns, a sure sign she was worried about something.

"Jo?" he questioned. "Are you alright?"

"What?" Her voice sounded slightly choked. She was totally not okay. "Why wouldn't I be okay?"

He looked at the firearms around her. "How many have you cleaned so far?"

She looked down. "Eighteen," she admitted. "I just- People are dying and there's nothing I can do! I can't shoot ditties, and I can't even have faith that the geniuses will figure this out, because they know as much as I do!"

"Hey!" He put his arm around her shoulders. "It will be okay. We will figure this out, alright?"

She nodded and burrowed closer to him.

Slowly, Zane started singing a Newsie's tune. "Stand on your feet and seize the day. Don't be afraid and don't delay. Nothing can break us. No one can make us give our voices away. Arise and seize the day."

Jo looked up and smiled. "Now is the time to seize the day," she sang.

"Now is the time to seize the day," Zane echoed. "Together we both will join the fray."

"Together we both will join the fray," Jo sang back.

"Wrongs will be righted, if we're united. Let us seize the day!" they sang together.

"See? Even the songs think we'll win," Zane teased.

"You're right." Jo nodded decisively. "I'm going to go see what the others are up to. Can you check to make sure Will is covering the lobby? With everything that's going on, I don't want someone to take advantage of the chaos and break in."

"Good idea," Zane agreed. "As soon as I'm done, I'll join you."

At the Same Time Half a Mile from Global Dynamics

Henry strode briskly toward Global Dynamics. Whatever this song thing was, it was dangerous, and he didn't have a clue on how to stop it. He was on his way to see if the others were having any more luck with ideas. If they hadn't, Henry wasn't sure what to do.

"Hello, Henry." A brightly robotic voice next to the scientist made him turn.

"Oh, hello, Andy," Henry greeted his chipper friend. "I was on my way to find Jack; do you want to come?"

Andy shook his head with a saccharine smile. "I am on patrol." A commotion ahead drew their attention. "I must investigate this. See you later, Henry."

One of the houses in front of them was on fire. People were shouting and trying to put it out with hoses and buckets of water, but it was a losing battle. The lawn had caught fire and was smoldering. The siding of the house was melting and looked dismal. As Andy cheerfully walked up, one of the people turned to him, and a Billy Joel melody started playing.

"We didn't start the fire. Trin was turning, then the house was burning. We didn't start the fire. No, we didn't light it, but we tried to fight it…" the man belted out passionately. Henry walked on and their voices faded from hearing.

Ten Minutes Later in Fargo's office at Global Dynamics…

Henry walked into the Fargo's office. Almost everyone was there. Fargo was on the phone with someone, Allison was on the computer, and Jack was watching what she was doing over her shoulder.

"Mm hmm. Yep. Sure, see you then," Fargo hung up the phone. "They can't help." He announced. Jack nodded as if he had expected this.

"Who were you talking to?" Henry asked.

"My friend Claudia-you know, the one who works at Warehouse 13? I thought they might be able to help since they specialize in weird objects that make you do weird stuff," Fargo explained.

"I figured they'd be on vacation," Jack sighed.

"Actually, they're not," Fargo explained. "She said something about Goblin-Glockenspiel and Larry Clause and going to Hell." He paused. "I really don't want to know."

"Seconded," Jo agreed, walking through the door. Jo was dragging Taggart in by the arm.

"What's going on?" Allison asked, finally looking up from the computer.

"This guy-" Jo shoved Taggart forward a few steps. "-broke into lockup and smuggled out two of his chickens."

"Taggart! We talked about this!" Jack groaned.

"Why didn't security stop him?" Fargo queried.

Jo rolled her eyes. "They watched him walk away. All they did was lean against the wall singing 'Bad boy, bad boy. Watchu gonna do? Watchu gonna do, when we come for you?'' Jo lowered her voice in an impersonation of the guards.

Allison face-palmed. "We have to stop this thing! Not only are people dying, but it is interfering with employee efficiency!"

Just then Zane strode into the room, lugging a creepy-looking goon behind him. "Caught this guy sneaking around the foyer," he stated.

"Is this the guy who's making everyone sing?" Fargo asked nervously.

Zane shook his head. "No, he works for him. This guy has a pretty little number for the sheriff. Come on then-" Zane shoved the toady forward. "-sing."

Music swelled dramatically, the demon opened his mouth and Jack winced, expecting another song.

"My master has the sheriff's daughter hostage in the abandoned warehouse on the edge of the town because she summoned him, and at midnight he's going to take her to the underworld to be his queen," he droned.

"WHAT?" Jack jumped to his feet and would have grabbed the guy, if Zane and Henry hadn't held him back.

"What does he want?" Allison asked with her arms crossed and a hard expression on her face.

"Him," the lackey indicated, gesturing at Jack.

"If that's all you have to say then-" Zane released Jack and made to grab the goon, but the minion broke free and ran out before any of them could stop him.

"Any chance security will stop him?" Henry asked. There was a beat of silence as everyone considered the question, until they all arrived at the same conclusion. "Nah," they decided in unison.

"This is terrible!" Fargo cried. "We have to do something!"

"We will," Allison reassured him.

Zane glowered. "Who does this guy think he is? If he thinks for one second he'll get away with this…"

"We have to rescue Zoe." Jack's determination was written across his face.

"We're all behind you," Jo stated firmly. "But we need a plan.

"Agreed, but we have no idea what we're up against," Henry mused thoughtfully. "All we know is he can make people sing, and he has at least one henchman. Who knows how powerful he is?"

"I have enough guns for everyone," Jo announced to no one's surprise.

"I'll stop the songs that make the whole town sing. I'll stop the songs that are so revealing. I'll stop the songs that make people die. I'll stop the songs, I'll stop the songs," Jack sang, suddenly.

"Manilow, really?" Allison asked dryly.

"We have to stop this soon," Jack deflected, slightly embarrassed. He froze and a wicked grin came onto his face. "It's a good thing you're here, Taggart, because I think I have a plan…"

Thirty Minutes Later: In front of the Demon's Lair

"Is everything in place?" Jack asked, surveying their work. They were across the street from the monster's hideout. He was staying in the old Tesla warehouse. Fortunately, Jo knew that place like the back of her hand and was able to tell them exactly what they needed.

"All good here," Jo responded while checking her gun.

"I have everything I need, thanks to Taggart," Henry added as he fiddled with something.

"You're welcome, mate." Taggart grinned.

Fargo gave a thumbs-up from the ground, and Zane nodded as he leaned against a wall.

Allison turned to Jack. "I think we're ready."

Jack nodded decisively. A Jekyll and Hyde song began to play. "This is the moment. This is the day. When we send all those evil demons on their way! All've our endeavors we have made ever are coming in to play."

"This is the moment. This is the time, when the momentum and moment are in rhyme!" Allison sang passionately.

Fargo leapt to his feet, a determined look on his dirt-smudged face. "Give me this moment, this precious chance. I'll fix this all so fast- and make some sense at last!"

"This is the moment!" Zane joined in and stopped slouching against the wall. "When all we've done, all've the dreaming, planning, and scheming will be begun!"

"This is the day," Taggart sang. "See it sparkle and shine! When all we've worked for becomes sublime!"

They moved as one toward the door across the street, the lair of the demon.

"This is the moment," Jo sang, "our final test. Destiny beckons and I reckon we're ready at last."

They positioned themselves in front of the door; Jo, Fargo, Zane, and Taggart on one side, Jack, Allison, and Henry on the other.

"We won't back down, we will not fail," Henry sang confidently. "This is the moment, the sweetest moment of all!"

"This is the moment!" Jack took over again. "Forget the odds! This day or never, we'll fight forever, against that demon!"

They all sang the last stanza together. "When we look back, we will always recall, moment for moment, this was the moment, the greatest moment of them all!"

Jack nodded, and Jo kicked the door in.

The song demon, Sweet, grinned. "Showtime!"

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