Miss Fisher hosted a gala dinner, one hot January evening. Around 20 people attended it, including Inspector Jack Robinson and Constable Hugh Collins.

Dinner was served at 7:00pm. Mr. Butler served rack of lamb, which was well liked by everyone present.

Afterwards, Phryne and her maid/companion Dot excused themselves. They went upstairs together. The party went on without them.

At 8:55pm, Mr. Butler maid an announcement:

"Ladies and gentlemen, there will be special entertainment in the drawing room. This way, please."

He led them into the room. A woman was seated at the piano.

At precisely 9:00pm, she began playing Debussy. Phryne and Dot entered the room. Both wore delicate white dresses, had flowers in their hair, and were barefooted. Their fingers and toes had red polish on them. In short, they looked like elves.

They danced together. Their dance was very much Isadora Duncan-inspired. Sometimes, they danced together, and sometimes they separated and danced solo. The dance was well put together, as the ladies spent the whole afternoon rehearsing. The dance lasted for ten minutes. At the end of it, the guests gave a round of loud applause.

Afterwards, Phryne and Dot received congratulatory hugs and kisses from the guests.

Hugh walked over to Dot. "Dot, you were so amazing!"

"Thank you, Hugh. I did it for you."

"I'm honored!" They kissed.

Phryne walked over to the Inspector. "What did you think, Jack?"

"I don't quite know what to say, Miss Fisher."

"Well, please say something!"

"It was…the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!"

"Coming from you, that was true praise!" They kissed.

Dot changed back into her regular clothes, for the rest of the evening; however, Miss Fisher kept her dance outfit on, and even stayed barefooted!

The party ended at midnight.