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It took mere minutes for things to completely change on the human side as a countdown appeared on all the screens.

Was this real?

Was there really a place overflowing with food but not enough people to eat it all?

Should they trust the countdown?

If it really was so, this would change their whole lives.

People came out of their hiding spots and joined Camps, some were booed as they shamelessly did so.

Suddenly the world struggling to connect, mysteriously had no problems doing so with this motivation.

Everybody wanted to be present for the Selection.

Everybody wanted to get into Alius.

Alius had become humanity's hope to live on.


The town run by children and teenagers could not have looked better.

The civilians were smiling and confident in their new leaders.

They didn't know what Xene and the others where.

Perhaps, they were possessed by higher beings or they simply showed who they truly are to the world.

Either way, they were thankful for such strong leaders.

That is why, when they heard about the selection, they were nervous.

Not only were they getting new civilians, but they would also be without their strong leaders for 2 months.

Thankfully they were assured that they will come back and set up an emergency ring alarm incase something unlikely happened.

They would be monitoring the wall constantly all the time.

On the night before the town threw a farewell party for them and then the children had their real party with their new father in the dream world.

The dream world was the only place they could look embarrassed without shocking people.

Their father gave them each something and hugged them all before they woke up.

Then they woke up and had a big fancy breakfast at the best hall in town and then they left.

They all headed to the camps they were assigned too.

#Tokyo Camp#

The countdown reached zero and then suddenly an ominous purple cloud appeared above the people heads.

In a world like this, it was terrifying.

However, then what replaced the screens was a certain face.

It was the tallest person from the advert!

Desarm smiled into the camera and said. "Hello, humans. My name is Desarm and I will be your selection examiner for this week. My requirements are very simple. I want you all to make my move back from my spot. I am currently in your city square. Good luck"

And then the broadcast ended.

People saw that he was really there and looked uncertain.

He said "Go ahead. Move me back. You have 7 hours and 45 minutes to do so today. Hit me with your best shot!"

And then a lean man came up onto the grass and said. "Just a push, right?"

This shouldn't be hard.

And then the man lightly pushed him.


Not even a wobble.

The man face changed and then he put all his force into him until he was so tired he could push no more.


Not even a wobble.

"Is that it?" Said Desarm. "Next!" He threw the man yards away like it was nothing.

This was being broadcasted all over the camp.

The buff came over to push him back but before the camps very eyes, they were thrown out like the first, showing just what kind of monster they were dealing with.

Of course, a leader of Alius wasn't normal, you don't govern a town with overflowing food in this kind of world and be normal.

However, people were desperate and tried everything on him.

Some tried to appeal to his sensitive side having recognised they couldn't push him back.

Others asked him to move back.

The youngest was 3.

"Cute but no," he said.

With each failure, moral got lower and lower.

And then a man who was missing a leg and was on crutches came up, he could barely walk let alone push anybody.

People told him to get down, how could he even think of doing this?

However, the man was a hero, he had to amputate his leg because it got infected while helping others to escape the horde.

The man was up here, because he wanted his leg back, even if it meant facing a literal God on crutches.

He pushed him and fell.

However, something shocking happened.

He was caught by Desarm!

The man was then helped back to his crutches by the guy and then Desarm took a step back for the man when nobody else could.

He said. "Welcome to Alius. With a spirit like that, I'll be proud to call you my civilian. Well, take a look at your leg next week"

And then he gave him something.

It was a warm, packed lunch.

It had rice balls and meat.

It was too much.

The man broke down and cried, not caring if the whole camp could see him.

"Thank you. Thank you" he said.

Desarm said. "No problem." And then he leaned in and said. "And if your smart, you'll eat that quickly before the others jump you"

And then the man used crutches to walk and eat, regardless of temperature.

It was a blessing food.

Later, the man found a mark on him.

Meanwhile the disabled came with new energy, but not a single one of them could replicate what that man did.

And then at a certain time, Desarm said. "Well, that's it for today. It's 6 on the nose. I'll be seeing you all, tomorrow. And my civilian, I'm moving you"

And then he teleported out of there and the man shockingly did so as well.

Where did they go?

The ship in the sky.

The man was teleported to the nicest place he had ever seen.

They were at a table.

It was being broadcasted all over the camp.

A robot said. "We will be having lamb beef soy sauce this evening"

And then the food teleported to them.

The delicious hot food, with animal meat.

The camp was in shock along with the man.

Desarm said. "Sparkling, still water, grape, tropical or wine?"

"Ur, water?" Said the man.

And then a glasses with water appeared before him.

Desarm acted like this was normal as he said. "When you're done, I will show you to your new room where you will stay for the rest of the examination. You'll be living top quality from this point forward. Hopefully, you won't be the only one in the coming days"

And then the broadcaster ended with the man clearly eating like he had never had a cooked meal before.

The whole camp was silent, as they stared at their stale or canned food in their hand, then they looked at what the man was eating.

They wanted that.

Later that day, Desarm connected to the dream world to ask how everybody was doing.

He almost snorted when he heard about the idiots who tried kidnapping or waving their guns at them.

However, some camps were super nice to them and people had been picked for the first day.

All of them were now in nice accommodation.

It was amazing that kids who were lucky to get into one building was now providing nice accommodation for grown adults and families.

Things had truly changed.

Meanwhile, while they talked, in the real world, there was loads of discussions going on about Desarm, especially after they had seen what they were up against.

Nobody could believe that the guy who only appeared to be Endou Mamoru three-person move was now not even flinch backwards at grown-ass bodybuilders.

If he had such ability to stay grounded in the matches, he would have had more of a presence.

We'll now the whole of current Tokyo was seeing him and amazed by his body and resources.

But what was his test?

Why did only one person pass?

How was he so much stronger than before? How does he have so many resources at his fingertips? Why is he calling himself Desarm and why does he have the presence of somebody who has gone his whole life giving people orders?

There were many mystery's that came with Desarm showing up and nobody knew if he would answer any.

They had four more days left to turn their situation around, so they had time.

The morning was rather lively because Desarm broadcasted his and the man fresh breakfast.

Then Desarm came back to his spot showing his timing was indeed on point.

He had broadcasted himself again but this time, the people in the camp were looking at him cautiously.

He had proven himself to be quiet the wall.

Suddenly, a soccer ball covered in ice came his way and he stopped it with one hand.

As the ball was slowing down in his hand, he saw the members of Inazuma Japan and all of them had a soccer ball.

The instant the camera showed them, the camp lightened up.

Apparently, they had all found each other.

Kidou Yuuto said. "Desarm, you want to be pushed back right? Then we the Inazuma Japan will move you back. For every ball beyond our numbers that pushes you back, we want it to represent another person"

Hearing this, people went quiet.

Desarm titled his head and said. "You want to enter Alius using such an odd method?" Before he smirked and said. "Very well, then. If the number of balls exceeding your numbers pushing me back, then you may pick who comes with you"

It was Desarm vs Inazuma Japan.

No matter, where this went, somebody will learn something.