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Just to stress, this is a complete summary by chapter of Weapon's Waltz, so spoilers are to be expected.

Mandatory disclaimers: 1) I do not own anything related to Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny, or the Gundam franchise. 2) As we all know, the characters in SEED are all teenagers, but they tend to deal with rather adult concepts. I have not officially aged my characters (I might take the leap someday), but have followed canon in that regard. There might be some adult concepts they have to deal with, so please bear that in mind. 3) The story is rated T, but does have some violent chapters as well as frequent swearing.

Prelude and Fugue in SEED Minor series

Book 1: Weapon's Waltz
A summary
by chapter

I am following the SEED episodes of the original release, so please be aware episode references might be off depending on the version of SEED you are watching.

Overall purpose/plot

Weapon's Waltz is a retelling of Gundam SEED primarily from the ZAFT POV. It follows the character of Lexi Rymyr, a runaway from the Orb Union who joins the ZAFT military soon after Junius Seven is destroyed. The story is mostly told from her POV with others mixed in as the story progresses. Lexi is woven in and out of the main events of Gundam SEED and the episodes have been listed below according to the chapters so that you are aware of where the plot is in relation to the events of SEED. There are places where the exact dialogue from the anime has been taken (English translated version) and altered for plot purposes if needed, but the way to approach this story is to think of Lexi as traversing the same story, but branching out from the main events and expanding on the SEED plot as she interacts and is pulled along.

Pre-SEED timeline

Chapters 1–7

These first chapters follow the main character, Lexi Rymyr (codename: Lunar Eclipse), as she navigates a new training program on Januarias Four approved by the Chairman of Defense, Patrick Zala, and the Supreme Council of the PLANTs. It's a rigorous program with the primary goal of producing elite field operatives within a short period of time. Training is exhausting, punishments for insubordination are gruesome, and survival is often dependent on ability or rank within the program itself.

Eclipse quickly befriends three others in this program by the codenames of: Firestorm (FS), Stray, and Midnight Raptor (MR). Their friendship might be brief, but desperate times drove them into a rather unhealthy friendship. Time moves along rather slowly as new things about the program are brought to light. During that time, Eclipse is called in to kill a hooded insurgent who—as she only realizes once he is dead—turns out to be her friend, MR. This incident also is a flipped switch, so to speak, for Eclipse and the first instance of her switching over to what the head of the program, Captain Vindur, aptly names her Berserker half.

Eclipse admits to FS and Stray what had happened and the three of them agree to go through the program with the goal of staying alive, whatever that may or may not entail.

Chapter 8

Jump ahead just under a year, Commander Rau Le Creuset visits the program in an attempt to recruit three soldiers to go on a mission to the Orb-run satellite called Heliopolis. There have been rumors the research facility Morgenroete has been working on some new prototype mobile suits that could possibly be fed into the Earth Forces hands. The mission is to infiltrate Heliopolis, prove the rumors either true or false and get the information to ZAFT so that they could prepare a counterattack. The ones chosen for the mission are: Eclipse, Avalanche, and Chronos.

Chapters 9–11

Eclipse, Avalanche, and Chronos infiltrate as ordered and gather intel. Eclipse's idea to get the information bears the most fruit as she befriends and then takes the identity of a minor employee at the Morgenroete facility. She confirms the prototypes are indeed being built in the facilities there, copies the intel, and flees the satellite just as Avalanche and Chronos are caught attempting to get into the facility by force. She meets Le Creuset, gives him the info, and then is ordered to remain on Vesalius. As the mission is commencing on Heliopolis, FS and Stray stage a successful coup on Januarias Four and the program is overturned.

SEED timeline begins

Chapters 12–15 (SEED episodes 1–5)

Eclipse joins the Le Creuset team aboard the Vesalius as a mechanic since she has some training from her time on Januarias Four. Also, being the one with the most knowledge of the prototypes (having been tasked with learning the schematics of the suits), she is left in charge of handling them and relaying any information to her fellow mechanics once the machines are stolen and arrive on the ships.

The Le Creuset team infiltrates Heliopolis in hopes of stealing the machines for ZAFT and, for the most part, they do succeed, managing to grab the Aegis, Duel, Buster, and Blitz. During the mission, unfortunately, the outer wall of Heliopolis was damaged and the satellite could not sustain the destruction.

Most of the breaking apart of Heliopolis is played out through a television screen as Eclipse sits back waiting for the prototypes to arrive and, when they do, she does her job and takes on the role as their main mechanic. Frustrated she cannot pilot a suit, she is left with the unfortunate duty of watching Athrun and Kira dance around each other in battle, unaware of their relationship. She makes some minor interactions with the main ZAFT redcoats while aboard the Vesalius, but her status doesn't change until the end of Chapter 15 when she is given a redcoat, supposedly, as a replacement to their elite pilot staff for Rusty (a pilot killed during the Heliopolis infiltration mission).

Chapters 16–19 (Elsewhere for SEED episodes 6–8)

Eclipse is sent back to the PLANTs with Athrun. She has been tasked with joining a mission to recon the abandoned L4 satellites because of rumors regarding some renegades held up there. She is joined on the mission by a rather animated fellow redcoat by the name of Heine Westenfluss who has the ability to both annoy and put her off guard. They are tasked with scouting through Mendel and are quickly ambushed. Two of their four-member team are killed in the harbor and both Heine and Eclipse are taken—much to Eclipse's surprise and delight—to see FS, Stray, and fellow members of their newly formed organization called SIN-ED.

Chapters 17–18 involve Heine and Eclipse sitting down with FS and Stray as they explain their side of the tale. Their coup was a success and SIN-ED is now playing the role as a third-party go-between, hoping to benefit off working with both the Earth Alliance and ZAFT. FS and Stray (along with other soldiers from Januarias Four) are joined by some deserters from the Alliance and Blue Cosmos BCPU program, so the renegade group is made up of some unstable Coordinators and Naturals. SIN-ED's main goal is to enact revenge on their once captors by escalating the war, in hopes of one side defeating the other quickly. Eclipse is asked to join said organization and she refuses, escaping and fleeing with Heine back to the PLANT Homeland.

Chapter 19 has Eclipse and Heine reporting their findings to Patrick Zala and Eclipse offers to hunt down and dispose of SIN-ED given their level of threat to the ZAFT war effort. However, she actually plans on trying to save FS and Stray and keep anyone else from killing them, vowing to make sure the three of them can leave the war together and finally live in some semblance of peace. Heine, convinced her involvement in disposing of SIN-ED is too risky, tries to convince her to not do the job alone and the two part ways on a rather sour note.

The chapter ends with Patrick Zala speaking to Gilbert Durandal about Eclipse and we see that Durandal is rather interested in Eclipse and her Berserker half because of her interesting genetic makeup. Zala promises to hand over Eclipse to Durandal for further research if the myth turns out to be true about her being a Berserker.

Chapters 20–21 (SEED episodes 9–11)

Eclipse and Athrun return to the Vesalius when they learn of Lacus Clyne's disappearance and join the rest of the Le Creuset team. Eclipse, now a redcoat, has to switch her mindset into being a pilot and the rest of the elites now have to treat her as a fellow pilot instead of a mechanic. Yzak has a new scar on his face and the rest of the team is frustrated by their losing streak against the Archangel (aka 'Legged Ship'). The Vesalius has been ordered to search for Lacus, but they run into the Archangel in the meantime and Le Creuset decides to attack the ship. Little did they know, the Archangel actually had the fair songstress on board and they use her as leverage to stop the battle, forcing the Le Creuset team to retreat.

The Strike pilot pulls a rather risky move as the Vesalius and Archangel fall into a stalemate and asks to give Lacus over to ZAFT, specifically, Athrun. Athrun goes out in the Aegis, retrieves Lacus and just as Le Creuset prepares to mount a counterattack on the vulnerable Archangel, Lacus stops his advance. Lacus bunks with Eclipse while she is on board the Vesalius, where the two of them share some rather awkward yet rewarding conversations.

Eclipse is sent on her first solo mission in Chapter 21 where she is tasked with gathering intel on a SIN-ED meeting with the EA. The meeting goes south and Eclipse ends up killing Greed, but she also manages to learn a few things: the leaders of SIN-ED have taken on the codenames of the seven deadly sins, they are possibly not as tightly knit as previously thought, and that there seems to be another assassin with a similar mission to her own. Eclipse's only link to said assassin is the name "Bob," which references a particular death at the meeting.

Chapters 22–23 (SEED episodes 12–14)

Chapters 22–23 have a few more exchanges between the Le Creuset redcoats as well as the battle against the 8th Lunar Fleet. Eclipse has been given a GINN to pilot and primarily teams up with Dearka and Yzak for the battle. Everything seems to go well until Yzak, Dearka, and Eclipse get caught in Earth's gravity and are sucked down to the surface, leaving Athrun and Nicol in space to watch helplessly on.

Chapters 24–25 (Elsewhere for SEED episodes 15–18)

Falling to Earth was not a pleasant experience and especially not in a GINN. Dearka, Yzak, and Eclipse are all forced to spend the next week or so in the hospital at Gibraltar. SIN-ED takes the stage again (on Earth now) with an exchange between FS, Stray, and the nephew of Captain Vindur, Roan, who had helped the coup on Januarias Four. There seems to be some tension between Roan and FS who are probably the highest on the totem pole in the organization. Roan wants to force Eclipse to join the organization while FS and Stray would rather her come willingly and continue on with their side deals with both sides of the war. Roan's obsession is clear and rather unnerving.

Eclipse meets Heine again in a rather unlikely place and the two catch up. Heine is also there to relay her new orders which involve her joining the Desert Tiger in Banadiya to verse the Archangel. Since her GINN is now scrap metal, she is to learn how to pilot a BuCUE. Heine sees her off and tells her that her brother, Lathan, is now a mechanic on his team.

Chapters 26–30 (SEED episodes 19–21)

Eclipse joins the Waltfeld team and is quickly embraced into the ranks along with two other soldiers who travelled with her. She learns how to pilot the BuCUE and as time passes by, her personality begins to shift. Aisha takes a liking to her and given her affinity for coffee, she gets along well with Waltfeld too. Overall, her time in Banadiya was enjoyable and the chapters revolve primarily around BuCUE training and interaction between Eclipse and the Waltfeld team.

In Chapter 26, Eclipse joins Waltfeld on his rather exciting and famous outing to a local café where Blue Cosmos attacks and spoils the nice afternoon. Eclipse also sees a familiar face, Cagalli, and spends the rest of the day hiding from her in an effort to not be recognized.

In Chapter 27, Eclipse is given a time and place to meet Roan (Envy) and while out on an errand for Waltfeld, she hears about a fight in a warehouse nearby. The scene switches to Stray and assassin who had been at Eclipse's first SIN-ED gathering. The assassin is female and goes by the name of Namarra Legund. She is involved in Roan's death and when it looks as if she was going to kill Stray as well, it's revealed that the two of them were actually working together to get rid of Roan. In order to make sure no one knew that little fact, Stray shoots himself in the side to make it look as if Namarra had tried to kill him along with Envy. Eclipse comes in at that moment and she and Namarra finally meet. They also come to the realization that Namarra is a bit more like Eclipse than in job description alone. Namarra is also a Berserker.

Chapter 28 has more BuCUE training and a rather curious Desert Tiger who provokes Eclipse to see what a Berserker can really do. The experiment is a success, but Eclipse almost kills her training partner in the process and Waltfeld essentially puts her under house arrest. She still manages to sneak away to meet Namarra where it's revealed that she is a Natural in the EA and has links to Blue Cosmos. The two agree to an alliance in order to chase after SIN-ED together and in exchange for Namarra agreeing to try not to kill FS and Stray, Eclipse has to keep her Berserker under control for the next battle and not snap. Yzak and Dearka join Eclipse in Banadiya and their trio seems to be on course for working together against the Archangel once more.

Chapter 29 is the Desert Tiger vs. the Archangel battle. Eclipse managed to get the upper hand on Kira, but, in the end, Kira proves to both have the better machine and to be the better pilot in that battle. The LaGOWE takes over the fight to a rather gruesome end, leaving Aisha and Waltfeld presumed dead along with a guilty and hysterical Eclipse.

Chapter 30 is the final chapter of the arc, which begins with a hysterical and berserked Eclipse rampaging in the hospital. The doctor stationed to Banadiya, Cale Drudger, discovers that, while berserk, Eclipse actually has no brain activity. While he doesn't know what to do with that information, he finds himself intrigued and asks her to stay behind in order for him to continue doing tests on her. Eclipse refuses.

Waltfeld was found alive after the battle, but Eclipse, Yzak, and Dearka are told by Le Creuset as they were boarding transport for Gibraltar that the Desert Tiger had succumbed to infection and died a few hours before their departure, spiralling Eclipse further into depression.

The end of Chapter 30 we get the full specs of Eclipse's new mobile suit, the Stealth, which is a MS built based off the data taken from the prototypes. It's a chimera of a unit, but has quite a few bells and whistles too.

Chapters 31–34 (Elsewhere for SEED episodes 22–27)

Chapter 31 further introduces the Stealth and the new communication program that had been installed into it. Her brother, Lathan, had been a mechanic working on the suit and he had installed an AI that Eclipse could communicate with via an earpiece. She affectionately names the program Coffee Addict and does some adjustments to her new suit. Athrun and Nicol finally make it to Earth and the Le Creuset team is reformed, though it quickly shifts to the Zala team when Athrun is named acting commander. The chapter ends with Namarra and Eclipse meeting and having that rendezvous interrupted by Sloth from SIN-ED.

Chapter 32 begins with a fight between Sloth, Wrath, and Stray and the new tag team of Namarra and Eclipse. The two girls manage to get out of the situation, but not completely unscathed. Namarra is picked up by some EA soldiers she affectionately calls her brothers, but we all know them as Orga, Clotho, and Shani, the three BCPU pilots later introduced in the series. Eclipse hobbles back to Gibraltar to be stopped at the gate and then taken to the infirmary by a rather unamused Athrun whose first bit of paperwork for her as her new commanding officer is her medical report.

Chapter 33 starts off with an argument between FS and Stray where FS basically sends Stray to space in order to get him out of the way. Things seem to be brewing in SIN-ED though there is no specific mention of what FS has planned.

The Zala team has been ordered to Carpentaria and the team gets ready for transport. Some interaction here between the main ZAFT team. They get onto their transports without much fuss, but Athrun's transport gets caught up in a battle mid-journey and is forced to bail out with the Aegis. The others don't get the news until well into the evening at Carpentaria and are forced to wait out the night before getting up early to search for him. It's a frustrating search, but eventually they find Athrun and the Aegis and return to Carpentaria. Eclipse can't really figure out why he seems a bit off since returning with them though.

Chapter 34 begins with Eclipse's first test flight in the Stealth and it ends with both her and the machine in the bay. She and Athrun take out their respective frustrations on each other, but manage to smooth things before they opt to attack the Archangel as it reaches Orb territory. The Zala team versus the Archangel in another losing fight. Eclipse does get the chance to do some lasting damage to the ship and her crew, but hesitates before she could pull the trigger, seeing Cagalli on the bridge.

Chapter 35 (SEED episode 28)

The Zala team doesn't believe the report by Orb that the Archangel isn't docked there and decides to infiltrate to find some proof themselves. Eclipse sneaks in first and uses her real surname, Rymyr, to get her some contacts in the nation to smuggle in the remainder of the Zala team. Eclipse's past is revealed in this chapter, her history and family name linked to the Athhas by marriage and a rather tasteless political ad campaign.

The Zala team is in Orb for a while trying to gather intel on the Archangel and the team plays house, for the most part, solidifying a bit of much-needed camaraderie. At the end is the famous scene with Birdy flying out and Athrun catching and returning the mechanical bird to Kira on the other side of the fence at the Morgenroete complex. Eclipse recognizes Kira from Banadiya and puts the whole narrative together given Athrun's actions, and attempts to kill Kira, but is stopped by her fellow teammates before she can.

Chapter 36 (SEED episode 29)

Eclipse and Athrun fight over Kira and what Athrun is trying to do regarding the Strike pilot. She swears he'll regret his actions later. At the same time, Eclipse learns from Namarra that FS had killed Stray. Some more calm moments with the Zala team before their fated battle with the Archangel as it finally leaves Orb territory. The Stealth doesn't fare well in the battle and neither does the rest of the Zala team. Nicol is killed in battle while trying to defend Athrun and they are forced to regroup at the end of the chapter, one redcoat and friend left behind.

Chapter 37–38 (SEED episodes 30–31)

The Zala team, still grieving, mounts another attack on the Archangel before their resolve dies away. The Stealth has a decent duel with the Strike, but Athrun steps in to finish the fight. Eclipse watches the battle as she desperately tries to get back into the battle to help out the Buster who was taking on the Archangel alone since the Duel had been shot down earlier in the battle. In the end, she fails to get to the Buster in time and witnesses the desperate battle between the Aegis and the Strike, only to be rendered unconscious from the blast when the Aegis self-destructs.

Eclipse wakes up to see the wreckage of the fight and joins Yzak, her now last remaining team member because Dearka and the Buster are also missing, on the carrier submarine. They share moments of mutual grief and worry just as Eclipse receives a message from FS who wants to meet up. She doesn't go alone, however, contacting and meeting Namarra at the desired location.

FS isn't alone either and brings the twins Melanie and Phoebe (Lust) to back him up. Namarra versus both girls in melee combat in the movie theatre as Eclipse chats with FS outside. FS reveals what SIN-ED had been up to and Eclipse also notices his sanity had taken a turn for the worst since they are now wanting the complete destruction of both armies in order to then rule over the remainder of humanity left in its wake. SIN-ED had, allegedly, stolen the intel for the N-Jammer Canceller technology and was currently selling it to the highest bidder. They also had their fingers in ZAFT helping them build a weapon in space. FS also reveals that Stray was alive and the note was nothing more than bait to get her to see him.

Namarra's retreat as she flees her battle with Lust ends the chat prematurely and Eclipse runs off with her, leaving FS and his insanity behind. Melanie shouts a name at Namarra, Kai, that sends the Natural into a fit. Eclipse tries to calm her down, but fails. She calls Yzak in a desperate attempt to have him come pick up both of them, but the phone was tapped and Namarra's three "brothers" find them before Yzak does. They manage to calm Namarra down, explaining that they really don't know what causes the reaction to the name Kai, which turns out to be the name of her deceased brother. Their care for her is clear, however, and the two groups part as non-enemies again, leaving Eclipse to wait for Yzak to pick her up as planned. He does, revealing to her that Athrun had also been found alive and was currently at Carpentaria.

Chapters 39–40 (Elsewhere for SEED episodes 32–35)

Eclipse sees Athrun again at the beginning of chapter 39 and the two talk about him destroying the Strike. His actions seem to boost his pilot status, however, and it looks as if the three remaining redcoats of the Le Creuset team are going to be split up and put onto separate teams. Eclipse runs into Heine again who reveals he has been named the pilot of the Freedom and they two have another chat over coffee while Eclipse is waiting to hear what will happen to her next. She had given her report to Le Creuset earlier in the chapter and he seemed keen to send her back to space to hunt down SIN-ED since they had been seen operating up there.

Eclipse and Heine finally part ways and then Eclipse also parts ways with Athrun and Yzak. Yzak sees her off to space and the two share a moment before she leaves Earth. Eclipse reports to her new station in the PLANTs and runs into DaCosta who takes her to see a very-much-alive Waltfeld. The three of them catch up over coffee, Waltfeld tells Eclipse about the Clyne Faction—giving her the barest of ideas she might be able to leave ZAFT and with better company than FS and Stray—and it isn't until the end of chapter 39 that Eclipse finally reports in to her new commanding officer, Gilbert Durandal.

The episode ends with Le Creuset meeting with FS and the two of them becoming rather strained allies. Le Creuset promises funding in exchange for SIN-ED services and also promises to keep Eclipse out of the picture in exchange for the N-Jammer Canceller intel.

Chapter 40 jumps to Durandal and the ex-Banadiya physician, Cale Drudger, experimenting on Eclipse in hopes of figuring out how to harness and copy her Berserker half. She's put through a series of experiments and simulations, but the research doesn't seem to be going anywhere, much to their grief. After almost two weeks in their custody, Eclipse does manage to escape, with the unfortunate help of her Berserker half, when the base goes on high alert thanks to the stealing of a particular mobile suit called the Freedom. Eclipse manages to wander over near the MS hangar and runs into a fleeing Lacus Clyne.

Chapter 41 (SEED episode 36)

Eclipse and Lacus manage to get away from the base and back to the safety of Waltfeld and DaCosta's office, from then on serving as the girls' temporary residence. There's some downtime with the lot of them, some episodes of withdrawal with Eclipse and a very risky plan suggested by Lacus. She wants to talk to Athrun and the others are roped into the plan, but at least they will be there as backup. Lacus talks to Athrun in the concert hall and the others take out the goons who had followed Athrun in hopes of assassinating Lacus. Everything ends on a positive note and Eclipse and Athrun have a conversation about what each other are going to do next. Eclipse's decision? Returning to Orb.

Chapter 42 (Elsewhere for SEED episode 36)

Before returning to Orb, Eclipse meets Heine one last time on the Eternal, the two of them sharing another quiet moment together. She learns that Lunar Eclipse is actually wanted by ZAFT and that it might be best if she reclaims her name, Lexi Rymyr, in order to have both her status and her Orb citizenry protect her from any military attempts to arrest her. The two part ways and she returns to Orb to a very angry Cagalli. After being allowed to enter the country despite her being a ZAFT redcoat, Eclipse meets Lathan, who had also returned to Orb. The two of them share a happy reunion where she then spills everything that had been happening to her and everything she knows about her sadistic other half. As their meeting ends, Eclipse runs into Kira and she punches him, not able to forgive him as easily as the others.

Chapter 43 (Elsewhere for SEED episode 36)

Despite every attempt not to, Eclipse meets her parents and the two have a very icy and hurtful reunion. The Rymyrs are pacifists and don't agree with Eclipse's chosen life path and are not afraid to share their feelings on the matter, despite Lathan's attempts to smooth things over. Eclipse receives a message from Namarra after the unfortunate reunion and meets the Natural on an island in the Orb archipelago. Namarra then challenges Eclipse to a one-on-one duel.

Chapter 44 (Elsewhere for SEED episode 36)

Namarra and Eclipse have their melee fight during the chapter where Eclipse tries to figure out Namarra's sudden interest in wanting her killed. She discovers some healing bruises on Namarra's back during the fight and the Natural later reveals that her brothers had changed drastically since Eclipse had met them. So much so, they had been physically abusing Namarra. The Natural doesn't know what had happened, only that she's determined to save them, no matter the costs involved. Eclipse and Namarra reform their truce and Namarra agrees to come to Orb.

In the background of this chapter is the destruction and breaking-up of SIN-ED as a civil war in the organization takes out most of its members.

Chapter 45 (Elsewhere for SEED episodes 37–38)

Namarra and Eclipse spend the night on the island and wake up to some panicked messages from Lathan and Cagalli, the EA suddenly on Orb's doorstep and giving them ultimatums regarding their surrender. The girls bandage themselves as best they can and join in on the battle once it begins, the two of them doing their best before exhaustion and injury finally take them out of commission as soon as the first wave of attacks ends.

Chapter 46 (SEED episodes 39–40)

Namarra and Eclipse wake up in the medic tent where their PTSD is fully on display for both. Eclipse reunites with both Dearka (once presumed dead) and Athrun (now with his new suit, the Justice) and the three of them catch up. Eclipse and Cagalli fly to the main defense headquarters at Kaguya and while they are there, the EA attacks without warning, not even responding to any attempts at a ceasefire. While at command headquarters, Eclipse takes a huge risk and attempts to contact Namarra's brothers, but gets caught by Kisaka.

Chapter 47 (SEED episodes 40–41)

Eclipse is reprimanded by Lord Uzumi and Kisaka, but not for long as Lord Uzumi reveals that they plan to send the Archangel and Kusanagi into space. Still out of commission, Namarra, Eclipse, and Lathan all board the Regean (a transport and part of the Kusanagi). As they are launched into space, they witness the mass driver's destruction and Lord Uzumi's sacrifice.

Eclipse meets Cagalli first aboard the Kusanagi and manages to comfort her before she is shooed out, only seeing glimpses of a photo near Cagalli's bedside. Namarra and Eclipse join everyone on the bridge for the meeting of what to do next and what their goals are in their newly formed alliance. Eclipse and Namarra explain they have plans to chase after SIN-ED and try to save Namarra's brothers as the others pledge loyalty to Lord Uzumi's vision of a peaceful future. The girls will help, of course, but that is not their primary focus and they needed to make it clear. The chapter ends with Eclipse learning the dreaded truth that Kira might be a blood relative.

Chapter 48 (Elsewhere for SEED episodes 41–42)

Slow chapter with SIN-ED in the background planning a terrorist attack. The new alliance is having some downtime as they head to the L4 colony cluster and people are getting used to both space and getting some much-needed rest. SIN-ED however, plans and initiates a terrorist attack against a peaceful meeting in the PLANTs between diplomats, killing Eclipse and Lathan's parents and Dearka's father.

Chapters 49–50 (Elsewhere for SEED episode 42) Bloody chapters. You have been warned…

Eclipse's Berserker takes over at the news of her parents' deaths and both her and Namarra have the fated match between them and the Lust twins.

Chapter 49 has two contrasting battles. It's Namarra vs. Phoebe and Eclipse's Berserker vs. Melanie. One is fairly evenly matched and the other… is not. The Berserker wins the rather gruesome match against Melanie, but Phoebe manages to escape after doing a fair sum of damage to Namarra. Despite the win, however, Eclipse's Berserker is still in control and Namarra tries to figure out how to get Eclipse back, calling Erika Simmons as well as Azrael to try and figure it out. Eclipse listens in and finds out that Namarra had planned on trading Eclipse to Azrael for her brothers and it's not a bit of information the Berserker is happy about hearing.

Chapter 50 is a game of cat and mouse. Days pass and Eclipse is still berserk, harassing Namarra in her own little way and enjoying her rather sadistic life in the abandoned Mendel satellite. Phoebe resurfaces during the chapter and ends up getting away despite Eclipse's desires, prompting her to finally meet Namarra to show her how angry she was at the Natural not finishing the job. Namarra and the Berserker scuffle where Namarra actually manages to use a combination of Coffee Addict and a defibrillator to shock Eclipse back into herself and forcing the Berserker dormant. The chapter ends with them returning to the ships, finding out Athrun had gone to speak to his father, and Eclipse punching Athrun for doing something that stupid.

Chapter 51 (Elsewhere for SEED episodes 42–43)

Aftermath of Mendel when everyone wants information from Eclipse on what happened and Namarra devises a plan to possibly get her brothers out from Azrael's clutches. Eclipse goes along, agreeing to help her out after her and Athrun patch things up. Everyone also reunites with Waltfeld and the now Three Ship Alliance (TSA). Eclipse receives word that her parents had exiled her from Orb before their death. Dearka and Eclipse also get into a fight because he didn't feel as if he got the revenge he was promised.

Chapters 52–53 (Elsewhere for SEED episode 43)

Chapter 52 starts off a little slow and Eclipse is also tasked with heading into Mendel to help find some resources. Ironically, she runs into Yzak which proves that ZAFT is also on their back door.

Namarra and Eclipse head to meet Azrael in hopes of exchanging Eclipse for Namarra's brothers. The plan was to have everyone come back to Mendel where they could try and figure out what to do to save Orga, Shani, and Clotho. Azrael takes the bait and shows up with the Dominion. The girls board and Azrael chats with Eclipse as Namarra tries to talk to her brothers. Azrael, come to find out, knows a lot about the Berserker and reveals quite a bit to Eclipse, not least being that the medication she had been taking on Januarias Four (as well as the similar medication she had been given while in Durandal's care) might have actually saved her life. What it had done was force the Berserker's separate conscious to form prematurely, possibly saving her. It is also revealed that Namarra is actually two years younger than Eclipse.

Chapter 53 wraps up their time with Azrael where he gives Namarra the same drug that Eclipse had been given, thus separating her Berserker conscious and Namarra's Berserker is now rampant on the Dominion, distraught for not having been able to convince her brothers to come with her to Mendel. They leave Azrael alive and Captain Badgiruel lets them leave the ship without any fuss. However, there was a tracker put on Namarra's mobile suit, the Decay, and the Dominion follows them back to Mendel.

The TSA fights against the Dominion to end the chapter and a Strike Dagger self-destructs on the Regean transport where Lathan and Erika were stationed.

Chapter 54 (SEED episodes 44–45)

Aftermath of the initial battle with the Dominion, Lathan's and Erika's conditions, and the disappearance of Mu, Dearka, and Kira into Mendel with Yzak and Le Creuset. There's the intermediary talking about what to do since they were then down three machines and the Dominion strikes again before Mu, Dearka, and Kira can return. They manage to hold off the attack, Flay is released and picked up by the Dominion and the episode ends with Eclipse getting a message from FS.

Chapters 55–56 (SEED episodes 45–46)

Final act with FS and SIN-ED. FS wants to speak to Eclipse one last time and she is allowed a plus one. She chooses Heine to come with her and has Dearka, Athrun, and Namarra come as backup. Eclipse, Heine, Stray, and FS have a similar meeting to the one at the beginning of the book, but the tone is definitely darker. FS has now become obsessed with her Berserker half and their talk involves a lot of insane talk Eclipse doesn't fall for. Their rendezvous ends with a fistfight and FS fleeing. Heine stays behind to keep an eye on Stray and Eclipse chases after FS only to lose in her duel with him and get knocked unconscious.

The beginning of Chapter 56 is Eclipse tied and in a giant freezer of sorts where FS reveals his plans to freeze her body until he can figure out how to deal with her other half and get what he wants. He manages to put a drug into her system that will stop her heart and relays the successfulness of the plan to Stray before Eclipse manages to get free and strangle FS to death. With the drug in her system, however, she doesn't have much time and soon falls unconscious, her heart stopping.

Namarra and Athrun had teamed up to find Eclipse, finding her just after she had dropped. Namarra shocks her back to life and the three of them head back to the others where they decide to let Stray live. Heine takes him to Januarias Four and the others return to the TSA. Before Heine left, however, Eclipse had asked if he could try to find information on the weapon that FS had said SIN-ED was helping with. At the end of the chapter he sends the information just as Namarra learns from Orga that Azrael has the N-Jammer Canceller technology.

Chapter 57 (SEED episodes 47–48)

Heine gets caught for sending the information to Eclipse and was about to be picked up by ZAFT military police when Durandal steps in and saves him. The two of them then form an alliance of sorts, Heine being transferred to his team and now working for him. The TSA makes a gamble where to head to and chooses to head towards the PLANTs in order to try and stop any attack by the EA on the Homeland. However, Boaz gets attacked in the meantime and nuked.

The TSA launches to head off the EA forces before they can launch nukes at the PLANTs, getting caught up in the battle between the two armies and nearly getting sucked into GENESIS's first shot. They don't have time to dwell on the implications of such a weapon for long, the TSA having to launch again soon after a quick refresh when the EA tries to mount another attack before GENESIS can replace its mirror.

The battle continues anew, forcing Namarra to witness the death of her brothers.

Chapter 58 (SEED episodes 49–50)

Battle continues as Le Creuset enters the fray. Mu tries to take him on in the Strike and fails, Namarra, now berserk, picks him up and attempts to take him towards the Archangel who was facing the Dominion. However, the Dominion seemed to have finished its fighting and was evacuating, leaving the Archangel vulnerable. Just as they were about to receive the damaged Strike into the hangar, the Dominion fires and the Strike blocks the blast, but neither the machine nor the pilot survive the attack. Archangel destroys the Dominion.

Eclipse had been with the Eternal to back up that ship as it closed in on GENESIS. Cagalli and Athrun decide to infiltrate GENESIS and leave the battlefield. Eclipse locks sight on Le Creuset in hopes of getting him and his new suit out of the battle, but Le Creuset fires and nearly destroys the Stealth, sending Eclipse and her dead suit spiralling away from the battlefield and into space. Fearing no one had seen what had happened to her suit, Eclipse panics, but her communications were down and Coffee Addict had fled for its own survival. One suit did notice, however, and she's picked up by the Duel, Yzak bringing her aboard her suit to warm her up since her life support had shorted in Le Creuset's last attack. The Stealth now space debris, the two of them return to the battlefield to find out GENESIS was about to self-destruct and, thus, fire one last time at Earth.

Namarra, still berserk, makes one last attempt to damage GENESIS's mirror. It throws the trajectory off slightly, but, in the end, GENESIS explodes in what Yzak claims was a nuclear explosion. The realization about Athrun and Cagalli comes up then as they talk to Dearka aboard the Archangel about everyone's whereabouts. The battle seems to cease then, neither side willing to engage as soon as GENESIS was destroyed.

Yzak takes Eclipse to the Eternal and Namarra's Berserker has a talk with Kira where she questions his own humanity.

Post SEED timeline

Chapters 59–60

These chapters are the aftermath. Namarra's Berserker goes on a rampage and is finally stopped by Waltfeld when he shocks her back, forcing Namarra into her gut-wrenching grief over losing her brothers and Mu. Everyone is recovering whether it be from injuries or emotional trauma and some fun activities sprout up as peace talks begin. Ends with the main cast returning to Orb where Eclipse embraces her real name, going by Lexi again.

Chapter 60 is a series of different events at different times, dates and locations setting up the plot for Sibling's Serenade (Book 2). Namarra and Lexi decide to do some research about their other halves, Athrun takes on a new name (one that, for public relations reasons, is dating Lexi) and starts a project that will hopefully put Cagalli back in higher standing with the Orb government, and Heine chooses Lathan as his new flatmate. The chapter ends with Lexi running into Yzak in the PLANTs.