Happy holidays everyone, the festive month has come around once again. This time, we're going into the Trillion Dimension as it's Callum's turn to host the event. So expect a few nods from my other Christmas stories to be featured, and if you haven't seen them, I advise you to go and read them, or most of this won't make any sense. ;)

The OC's Underworld Christmas

For any normal person, celebrating the festive season in the Underworld would seem unnatural and crazy, but not in this Underworld. The entire world where zombies, mummies and various other creatures live in, was enjoying the long period of peace which had long settled for many years after the fallen angels were permanently defeated. But that was a distant memory from the view of one family who lived happily together.

The family home consisted of Callum Jackson, a human who became a hero not once, but twice. Next was Levia, an overlord who used to live in the castle that belonged to the ruler of the Underworld, Zeabolos. She was in love with Callum, so much so, that a long while later, she fell pregnant and then gave birth to a healthy and lively girl named Sapphire. The years went on by since then, and now Sapphire was a young girl attending school, whilst Callum and Levia had their responsibilities to protect the world, along with the other overlords.

Life for the three of them was good, and it was more than Callum ever wanted. Those memories were what brought Callum to the early evening. He and Levia were busy adding the finishing touches to the decorations around thier family home and the buffet they had worked on all day. Whilst their daughter was on a Christmas field trip with her school and her class wouldn't be back until the next day.

Callum was busy tying up the mistletoe that hanged above the front door, whilst Levia was in the kitchen, ready to bring out the last of the buffet dishes.

"There we are, done and dusted." Callum declared, boasting that he had done a good job with the decorating. "Levia love, I'm all done on my end."

Levia then came from the kitchen with the buffet dish. "Oh, how wonderful, dear. I also have the last dish made."

She went over to the long tables and placed the dish on the part of the table that was free.

"Heh, looks like we may have over prepared with this one." He rubbed his head. "Still, it shouldn't be long before the others turn up."

"I hope so, it would seem like such an inexcusable waste if they didn't show up." Levia then put her arms around him.

Callum smirked and did the same before they kissed together.

The others they were referring to, were Callum's many friends from across multiple dimensions. You see, it had become a long welcoming tradition that after every Christmas party, one of the others would be selected to host the next one playing 'spin the bottle'. And this year, it was Callum's turn to host after being chosen during a game of 'spin the bottle'. Callum sneakfully lowered his hand down her back, just stopping above the waistline.

Levia was already able to tell what he was doing, and she playfully moved away from him.

"Ah ah ah, not until after the party, my dear." She winked. "You might scare our guests away."

"Nah, I think the rest of the Underworld would gladly do that." He replied. "But that's the reason why we're having the party here."

"Indeed. We could've hosted the party at the castle, but you know how Lady Perpell is, when it comes to food."

"Yep, she would eat and eat and eat, and never get tired of it."

She giggled. "Anyways, if you really want to, you'll just have to wait."

"Okay, my love, but I'll remember that."

Just then, there was a knock on a door and Callum checked his watch.

"Right on time, let's see who's the first couple to make it here."

He went over to the door and opened it, being greeted by two people.

"Evening, looks like you got here without any issues." Callum greeted.

The two in question were Arnold Williams and his wife, Milfuelle Sakuraba, from the Galaxy Angel dimension.

"Yep, those dimensional gates are a real benefit to all of us." Arnold replied.

"Welcome to our large and sweet home." Levia said.

"Hey there, Callum and Levia." Milfie replied. "Wow, looks like you two went the distance to set all this up."

The two of them went on inside and then a few minutes later, there was another knock on the door.

"Oh, Mike and Tiffany, now there's a surprise." Callum said, as he greeted Mike and Tiffany who were from the Huniepop dimension.

"Hi, Callum and Levia." Tiffany replied. "I'm glad we were able to make it here."

"Yeah, although I wasn't exactly fond of those...strange beings looking at us." Mike added.

"Well there won't be any of that in this house." Callum assured. "Anyways, come on in, we're expecting a lot of guests this time round."

Next to arrive at the door were Darin and Ethel from the Fairy Fencer F dimension.

"Hello." Ethel greeted.

"Ah, the adorable Ethel, please come on in you two." Levia said.

Callum then whispered into Darin's ear. "You brought it with you?"

"Yeah, I feel the time has come." He whispered.

He and Ethel then joined with the others by the dining room, the door was knocked again and two pairs of guests were there.

"Evening Blanc and Gary...and, who are these two?" Callum asked.

"Wassup! The name's Randy Peters and this is my love, Noire." Randy answered.

"Hello." Noire greeted quietly.

"She's a little shy, because of those monsters we saw earlier." Blanc said.

Gary nodded. "Yeah, what she said."

"Well, welcome to the Christmas party, come on in you lot." Callum replied.

The four of them went inside and Arnold was the first to notice.

"Well, now there's a face we haven't seen for a while." He said. "I hear things are back to normal in Gamarket, right?"

"Yeah, we even hitched a ride with Gary and Blanc from the other Neptunia dimension." Randy replied.

The next to arrive were another two pair of guests, they were all from the Danganronpa dimension.

"Evening, Callum, we made it at last." Dylan greeted.

"Oh, Dylan and...who's this with you?" Callum asked.

"Ah, this is one of my other girlfriends from the harem, Kizuna Tomori."

"Heya! Looks like this party is coming alive!" She said happily.

"Also, we brought along our newcomer and one of his girlfriends from a harem he has as well."

Callum blinked. "So both of you have harems of your own? Matthew's gonna be quite jealous when he comes around."

"I'm sure he won't be. This is Owen Rogers and Yoruko Kabuya."

"Hello there." Owen greeted.

"Hi, nice to meet you." Yoruko added.

"Come on in, we'll make sure you'll feel welcomed into the group." Callum replied and stood back to let them in.

"Ah there they are." Mike said. "And do we have a newcomer?"

"Oh yeah, I was meant to tell you all. That's Owen, Dylan's friend from his dimension." Arnold said. "They met several months ago, and speaking of months and years..."

"Oh right, so how did it go for you, Tiffany?" Milfie asked. "The pregnancy I mean?"

"Well, it was a big surprise to see my baby bump grow towards the end of when I was due." Tiffany replied. "But it all worked out well in the end, Mike and I have welcomed Christopher Jones into the world."

"So you had a baby boy, congrats to the both of you." Blanc said.

"Hehe, thanks."

The door was knocked once more and in came the last two pairs of guests.

"Well if it isn't Matthew, and I see you brought someone else along." Callum said.

"Yeah, most of my other girls were busy, but Rin was free to come along with me." Matthew replied.

"Hi there." She added.

Callum nodded. "Anyways, come along in, we're just about to start the party."

The two of them went in and Callum closed the door, and just like that, the Christmas party was underway with the music playing in the background.

"So, is this all of us?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, I heard that Martin and Sophie couldn't make it this year, he's spending Christmas with Sophie's friends at a party in Risenburg." Arnold replied. "That's from the Atelier dimension in case you're wondering."

"And Mark and Nene couldn't make it either." Gary said. "But at least we have Randy here with us after like what...a few years?"

"Hey, I had to go through a lot of shticks so that I could come to one of your Christmas parties." Randy replied. "And there was no way I was going without my babe here."

"Randy..." Noire blushed.

"I see, is it the same with you?" Blanc asked.

"Yeah, although it's weird to see you here, even though you're not the same Blanc I know."

"That's what dimension travel does to you."

"So anyways, it's always good to have newcomers joining us." Matthew said. "Wait a second, where's Alex and Emma?"

"Oh about that..." Arnold rubbed his head. "...unfortunately, there's a major situation going on in the Trails of Cold Steel dimension, and because of that, they're unable to make it this year."

"Is there a reason why?" Mike asked.

"I wasn't told of the details, but from what I heard, it sounded very serious."

Darin hummed. "I wish we could help them."

Arnold nodded. "Yes, but we'd be screwing up the dimension paradox, if we started intervening in each other's dimensions."

"What's a dimension paradox?" Callum asked.

"It's like a time paradox, but it's much worse. Too much intervention would result in the dimension's galaxy collapsing around itself, becoming a huge black hole. It's the main reason why we agreed to spend time in other's dimensions for Christmastime only. Or unless, one of us is needed at someone's wedding."

"Your words are hard to understand." Ethel muttered.

"Speaking of weddings. Congrats to the both of you, Callum and Levia." Tiffany said. "Sorry we weren't able to come."

"That's all right, the wedding was such a wonderful moment between me and my dear." Levia replied as she hugged Callum.

"Oh I'm sure weddings are a real blast, but that won't be happening for me." Matthew said. "Nonetheless, I have no regrets on creating a harem relationship, the love I get to share Rin and the others girls back home, is all I ever need."

"Hehe, that's not the only thing you ever need." Rin smriked.

"Sounds like you're already far ahead." Dylan said. "As for me, I'm taking it slow with my harem."

"And mine too." Owen added. "Although, I haven't gotten to the third stage...yet."

Yoruko blushed. "Y-yeah, we don't need to rush it..."

"Speaking of others, Henry seems to have disappeared, haven't heard from him or Altis in a long time." Mike pondered.

"But despite some of us missing, we're all still doing well for ourselves." Callum said. "We're all at various stages of relationships, such as popping the qeustion, getting married..."

Randy winked. "Turning in our v-cards."

"Randy!" Noire elbowed him.

Tiffany giggled. "Boys will be boys."

"Yeah, agreed." Milfie nodded. "At least I don't have to think about that since I have the family I always wanted."

"Same. Our family is complete as well, now that we're married." Levia said.

Ethel sighed and Darin could see it on her face, she was feeling left out, but at this party, he had made a plan with Callum.

"Psst, Darin." Callum tapped him on the shoulder. "Your suit's in the kitchen."

"Thanks." Darin replied before we he went off to the kitchen to change.

Callum was the only other person who knew about Darin's plan and he agreed to keep it a secret until it was time.

"Well for us girls, being able to share our love with a man who helped us survive a killing game is the least we can do." Yoruko said. "Of course, we did have to be apart for a while once everything was settled, but it wasn't for long."

"It totally the same for me and Dilly." Kizuna added. "Although we were able to stick together, I do feel proud that I got to sleep with him, two nights in a row."

Dylan blushed. "Umm, Kizuna, not in front of everyone, please?"

She then hugged him. "Aww, but what's wrong with body contact?"

"Wow, she's a wild one." Noire muttered.

"I kinda feel bad for him." Milfie added.

As the party continued with the buffet added, Callum noticed Darin peeking from the ktichen, he nodded as if to give the signal. Callum wento ver to the music player and switched the music from a Christmas song to a ballad that Darin chose. When it started playing, Callum cleared his throat and made an announcement.

"Attention, boys and girls." He spoke. "First off, I wanna say a big thank you to all who were able attend, and that we also celebrate for those who couldn't make this year. Now the reason why I've asked for your attention is because something special is gonna be happening tonight. Darin, the floor is yours."

Darin then came from the kitchen, now dressed up in a fancy suit with his arms behind his back, and a small box pocketed away.

"Darin?" This got Ehtel's attention.

"Thansk, Callum." He replied before he went over to Ethel and held her hands. "Ethel, first off, I wanna say that I love you and that I'm sorry...I'm sorry that I took so long. I didn't mean to make you wait for so long, I just wanted to wait until the moment was right for it. And tonight, I believe that it's time for you and I to take the next step together. But if I want us to do that, I need to ask you something very personal."

Ethel felt emotional as Darin held her hand and went down on one knee, before taking out a small box with a blue diamond ring inside.

"If you ever feel down and if you ever feel alone, do remember that I will be always be there for you...so I must ask you...Ethel...will you marry me?"

That did it, Ethel cried a little, but she smiled and she nodded quickly. Darin stood up and placed the ring on Ethel's figner before the two of them hugged each other close and shared a deep kiss together, not caring about the huge cheers that were going on around the whole room. Callum then changed the music back to Christmas songs, and the mood of the party resumed again, but with much more happier spirits.

"Thank you, Darin." Ethel said. "I am...a happy girl."

"And thank you for accepting me, Ethel." He replied. "I'll stay in love with you."

"Well, it was simple, yet still romantic in a way. Congrats to the two of you." Mike complimented.

"What's the ring look like?" Tiffany asked.

Ethel held her hand up to show the ring to the others.

"Wow, it's sparkly." Milfie said.

"The blue color matches you so well." Blanc added.

Ethel nodded. "Thank you..."

"Congrats on the proposal, Darin." Arnold said. "Told you you'd be fine."

"Yeah, but it was thanks to Callum who kept that as a surprise." Darin replied.

"Ah, it was nothing. I was given a chance to propose to my wife, I figured it was better to return the favor." Callum said.

"Anyways, looks like its time to do the group ballad dance, let's find our loves." Matthew declared.

The music changed to a few romantic songs and all of them slowly danced with each other. Callum and Levia looked around the other couples as they danced close together, sharing a soft kiss. All of the other couples were happy and in love, but none more so than Darin and Ethel who were the happiest of all as they made out whilst dancing. Once the slow music was gone, the party continued on for longer until it was getting late for all of them.

"Well everyone, looks like our evening may be up, but there's still one last thing to do." Callum said. "Do we have any empty bottles?"

"Here's one." Mike replied as he gave it to him.

"Time to see which of us men is hosting the next one." Matthew said.

Callum placed it on the table and spun it in a circle until the bottle eventually stopped with the top part pointing at one of the guys.

"Well well, looks like we're heading to Zelwinds next year!" Gary declared.

"Getting engaged and being chosen to host the next one." Randy added. "You're a lucky man, Darin."

"Yeah, but that'll mean I'll have my work cut out." Darin replied. "Since Ethel and I have yet to find a house of our own."

"What about your sister, Tiara?" Blanc asked.

He nodded. "Yeah, I'll have to see if I can get her help. Anyways, I'll let you all know when I can, since it might take a while."

"In any case, I declare this Christmas party a success." Arnold said.

"Yeah, I think it's time for us to head back to our own dimensions." Mike added.

As Levia and Callum began clearing up, the others exchanged their farewells and one by one, they left the house.

"Well, that was an eventful evening." Levia said.

"Yeah, but at least it ended on a high note." Callum replied. "And Darin has his work cut out, if you ask me."

"I'm sure he will be all right, once he and Ethel are able to have a wedding."

"Agreed. That means Martin, Mark, and Alex are the ones who have yet to propose to their girlfriends."

"Speaking of love, I believe the bedroom is in need of our attention." She then blushed. "I'm not asking for too much, am I?"

Callum smirked and took her hands before they went into the bedroom to have their own 'Christmas party'.

"Merry Christmas, my darling." She said quietly.

"Same to you, my love." He replied back.

They continued to make out as the festive season came to a close in the underworld.


There we are, folks! A simple one-shot Christmas story as always, to close the year out.

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