Five years later…

"Mama… Daddy…" I heard being chanted in echoes right before the bouncing began.

"Sissy, poke him," Charlotte ordered Madeline.

"You two know it's too early for pokes," Bella grumbled, pulling Madi down to cuddle her.

I sleepily reached for Charlotte pulling her to me. At four years old this girl was a force, she was also the biggest surprise of our lives.

After being conceived at my parents' Christmas Eve party five years ago. All thanks to an expired fourteen-year-old condom and Bella's lack of the pill due to celibacy, Charlotte Renee Cullen made her very lively entrance on an early morning in August.

"Edward, she's ripping me in fucking two," Bella grunted after her last push.

I kissed her head. "I know, babe, but she's almost here," I encouraged.

"We're having you snipped," she grumbled.

Dr. Pierce let out a snort as I glared at her. "Okay Mommy, your baby is crowning. I need you to give me another big push."

Bella groaned before barring down and crushing the bones of my hand. Two huge pushes later we had a daughter and an hour later I sat in a chair beside my girlfriend holding our daughter.

So much had happened in nine months. Bella interviewed me for her article, where I gave her everything. It was the first interview that I ever discussed my grief of losing Jasper and Bella handled it with such respect that she had job offers from multiple publications from Rolling Stone to Vanity Fair.

Due to the take-off of Bella's career and my busy schedule, we had only been able to see each other a handful of times in three months. It was when Bella spent a week throwing up and a positive pregnancy test that had me flying to Seattle.

"What are we going to do?" Bella asked as I held her on my lap.

"I'm supportive of whatever you decide," I murmured, knowing I wanted the baby, but it wasn't only my decision.

"How are we going to make this work? I'm here and you're in California," she sniffled.

"I can move here. I'll keep my place in Malibu for work, but I want to be here for this," I said honestly.

"We're really going to do this?" she asked in disbelief.

And we did. I moved to Seattle weeks after Bella told me about the baby. The media had a field day with my move, but when they found out why, the cheating rumors surfaced again. We ignored the bad press and she agreed to move in with me when she was seven months pregnant.

"We have a blonde baby," Bella giggled tiredly from her bed.

"We do," I smiled, running my fingers over the baby's peach fuzz. "Are we going to name her?"

"As much as you pushed for Charlie," she rolled her eyes. "I think she's a Charlotte, we can call her Charlie and your favored Chuck, but she's a Charlotte."

I nodded because even though I wanted my Chuck back this little girl was not her.

The more I woke up the more Charlotte's brown eyes stared into mine. "Why in such a hurry to wake up, Chuck?"

"Santa came!" she yelled.

Bella groaned, running her fingers through Madi's strawberry blonde curls. "So early," she mumbled.

Even though Bella threatened to have me snipped during Charlotte's birth we had Madeline Lucille Cullen two years later. The girls were a mix of both of us. Charlotte with blonde ringlets and brown eyes, the kid got my nose. Our precious little Madi had loose strawberry blonde curls and bright green eyes. Her face is identical to Bella's as a toddler.

"I think Mommy and Mads want to sleep," I pointed out.

"Sissy, is up," she argued, but with one look at Madi's drooping lids, I could tell it was Charlotte who dragged her in here.

Shifting Charlotte, I kissed Bella's head. "I'm going to get this one out of your hair," I told her.

"No, it's Christmas, it's part of the job title that these monsters wake us up," she giggled. "Though this one I'm really fond of," she squeezed Madi closer.

She was, too, because Madeline was her baby and I wondered how much longer she would remain the baby. Bella hinted at wanting another one and I was fully on board.

"Daddy, I'm waiting," Charlotte declared impatiently.

"You're also pushing for a time out, Miss Bossy-Pants," Bella told her, giving her the Mom look.

Charlotte huffed.

I scooped her up before she could get into any more trouble with her mother. Quietly we made our way downstairs being sure not to disturb our guests.

We had created a life in Seattle. Bella and I got married a year after Charlotte's birth and both our careers were thriving. It was Charlie Swan's death a year ago that was the catalyst for the move to Malibu.

Unlike my departure eighteen years ago we have visited Forks several times since we left. Bella said it was important to her that the girls knew their family.

I opened up the sliding doors letting the breeze from the beach come in. It wasn't long before Bella came down with Madi. She made coffee while the girls ripped into their presents. Much like the Bella I met in an alternative timeline, my wife was passionate when it came to the environment and sustainable gifts.

"Dada, open, pease," Madi asked, handing me a gift.

I smiled helping her open her gift. I almost dropped it when I saw it was the doll Charlie got so long ago.

"Oh, a dolly," Madi awed, hugging it close to her.

"She's a cutie, Madi," Bella said, breaking me from my thoughts as she handed me my coffee.

Taking a seat on my lap Bella giggled at the girls' excitement. Now that they were getting older it was funny to watch them celebrate holidays.

"To have babies again," Rose sighed walking in with Emmett.

"You're jealous because you have a moody teenager," Bella teased.

Moody was one way to describe Lily. Emmett liked to call her spirited. Speaking of my spirited niece, both walked in grumbling.

"Looky," Charlotte squealed, getting in her mini Range Rover.

"Kid's going to be driving before you," Emmett teased, nudging his oldest child.

Lily scowled looking much like her mother, but her cotton candy pink hair made her far less intimidating. Gracie thought it was funny as she laughed hysterically bending over the couch.

After Mom and Dad came down we finished opening presents. Bella was sad that Sue couldn't make the trip, but it was her granddaughter Claire's first Christmas; so she spent it with Seth, Leah, and her husband, Sam.

"I think I'm going to take a walk," I told Bella with a kiss.

She smiled sadly knowing that even though I've come a long way that this time of year had its moments for me.

"Dada, up?" Madi asked as I picked her up.

"I can take her," Bella offered.

"No, I'll take her with me," I said as Madi cuddled close to me.

Bella always jokes that Madeline was my twin soul and Charlotte was hers. She wasn't wrong. Madi was quiet… thoughtful, where Charlotte was bold and stubborn. Now if you would have told me in high school that Bella Swan was bold and stubborn, I wouldn't believe you, but my wife was that and more.

She was an award-winning journalist, but also the greatest mother and wife. Though there were times when we were both busy, Bella made sure to make both our schedules work for us and the kids. She also didn't take shit from the paparazzi and I think when a lot of them saw her out they stayed away.

A little ways from my property Madi's head lifted. "Look Dada," she said.

I saw him a ways away. Still wearing the same Pink Floyd t-shirt, jeans, and scuffed boots. As he got closer, Madi giggled, but I held her to me afraid he would somehow take her away.

"Relax, man," Jasper chuckled.

"Who he, Dada?" Madi asked curiously squinting her eyes at him.

"I'm a friend, Miss Madeline," he said, poking her Belly.

"She…she can see you?"

"Remember how Alice once told you Chuck's soul was tethered to you?"

I nodded slowly, glancing at my Madi.

"Bella calling her your twin soul is like hitting the mark," he chuckled.

I gaped at him.

"Doesn't matter though," Jasper shrugged. "You love both your girls the same."

I did, he was right Charlotte and Madi were my world.

"This is real?" I asked.

"Yes, this is your life. I'm not sending you back or anything of the sort, I got curious, wanted to see the kid," he grinned, brushing Madi's curls back. "Also, Ali couldn't be more proud of herself."

"Where is she?"

"Nearby," he shrugged. "I can't believe she got you to open your eyes. I like that you ended up with this Bella. She has you by the balls, you've softened."

"Not in front of the kid," I deadpanned.

He snorted. "You know what I mean."

"I still miss you," I choked out.

"I know, but look at the life that you've built. You have a beautiful and healthy family, bro," he grinned as he shoved his hands in his pockets. "Well, I just wanted to say hey."

"Jazz," I had so much more I needed to say.

"You keep your old man on his toes, Miss Madeline," he smiled leaning in to place a kiss on my daughter's forehead.

With that, he walked back down the beach towards a familiar figure. Alice. She waved big, throwing me a kiss. Madi started to giggle at her antics.

"That the pitcher man, Dada?"

"The picture man?"

"On-wall," she said innocently.

I tensed knowing she was talking about Eclipsed by the Moon's album cover on the wall in my office. Not knowing how to respond and hoping she'd forget before we got back, I let it drop.

I set Madi on the deck when we got back-patting her diaper padded bottom to go back in the house. My Dad was sitting on the steps taking in the beach.

"Did the insanity inside get to you?" I joked sitting beside him.

He laughed and shook his head. "No, I love the chaos. Wanted to enjoy the beach before we have to leave tomorrow."

"It's one of my favorite things out here."

"Was that a neighbor you two were talking to?" he asked, gesturing down the beach.

"Uh yeah, a good friend of ours," I covered. At least I now knew I wasn't completely crazy.

I sat beside him looking out over the water. We sat quietly until he nudged my knee with his knee.

"I know that I gave you a hard time when you first met Bella, but I think even Charlie was proud of the husband you are to her," he said.

"I'm kind of really in love with her," I teased, nudging him back.

"Don't make it lite," he chided. "You both had a lot of obstacles in the beginning, but to see the four of you settled here says a lot about the man you've become."

"It was an adjustment, not having guys around, but I'd like to think all the trips you have made out here makes up for it."

"Your Mom and I can't stay away from those two and you know it," he said pointedly.

As I sat with my dad I stared out into the beach I realized that even through all the sacrifice and work that Bella and I now had an extraordinary life.

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