Hello everyone thank you for checking this out 'cause I come with yet another Sonic fanfiction.

Because of Sonic 30th Anniversary I decided to make this type of fic that had been around my head for quite some time, a crossover between many Sonics from different 'dimensions'. Just in case you're wondering, here's the list of Sonic Universes that will have some sort of role in this story:

Modern Sonic & IDW Sonic – Follows the plot from the games and Post-Issue #32 [they will be the same because they're highly similar and IDW never contradicts canon so I'll take them as one].

Archie Sonic – Pre-Genesis Wave

Archie Sonic – Post-Genesis Wave [that for the sake of this story we'll assume that they are two separate timelines without any sort of relation]

Sonic X Sonic – Prior to the 3rd season.

Boom Sonic – No introduction

Movie/Paramount Sonic – After the movie

Underground Sonic – After the last episode

I won't add AoSTH Sonic, SatAM Sonic or Fleetway Sonic because I simply haven't watched their shows and Classic Sonic is not going because I have no use for him and he's been used too much

And as you have read from the summary Standard Archie will be the epicenter of this story that is exactly the same as you know it including the 'Endangered Species' arc the only thing that's different is the issue #247 (Super Genesis Wave), that one will be modified here along with a few more things that will be explained. If you're unfamiliar with the Archie Comics, then don't worry, i'll try to explain it as better as I can

So… hang on and enjoy the ride, this introduction is long enough as it is.

Days ago – Tails' Workshop

The little young fox had been in his garage for a long time at the moment currently fixing his Tornado which had been recently damaged from their most recent fight against Eggman. This was nothing new and it could be considered usual but in this scenario it was anything but usual, could maybe be the opposite.

Sally Acorn had been robotized and weaponized and now Antoine D'Coolette sacrificed himself to stop Metal Sonic when the latter suddenly blew up sending the coyote straight to a coma.

He was trying to hide that all of this was affecting him and working on the plane should also be a good distraction for him to stop thinking in those events but not even that was enough. None of them was used to losing, their biggest lost was when Eggman managed to destroy Knothole but even then every single one of his friends came unharmed.

Even his own robo-dog companion, T-Pup, was noticing that Tails was definitely not right.

"...Balance looks about- quiet T-Pup, I'm fine!" he said the little dog after he tried in vain to call his attention.

"Are you?" said a very familiar and comforting voice and maybe the one he needed right now "You haven't been home in some time. We're… we're worried about you".

It was Tails' dad, Amadeus Prower that decided to come to check on his young boy knowing what he was going through.

"I'm sorry, really, but I have work to do," Tails replied trying once again to distract himself "I need to get the next Tornado finished, then we can go after Eggman and then we can save Sally and then help Antoine and then things will be fixed and fine and-".

He was cut off by a wrench that accidentally landed on his feet while moving a box of tools. It didn't hurt that much, it was an inconvenience at much but enough to bring him back to the real world.

"Y-You… You fought in the great war…" Tails began to tear up "How… how do you handle it when someone so close to you…"

It was at that moment where he reached a certain point where his body acted faster than anything else, letting himself fall on the hands of his father and embracing the hug completely.

"You take it one day at a time," Amadeus replied with even himself tearing up as well "You live your life as best as you can and you pick up where you left off".

"Where… where's-" said Tails between sniffs.

"Your mother? She's dealing with government business. It breaks her heart because she'd much rather be here for you".

The two fox stood there alone hugging and comforting each other for a couple of minutes before being able to speak again.

"Rosemary may be busy for now but… I can stay for as long as you need me to be".

The little fox cracked a light smile still through tears and sniffs but now being a bit more calmed.

"You can stay… for as long as you want," he smiled "I just wish we knew what to do… how to save them".

"Hm, I guess that's up to you to find out… Do you mind if I…"

"Yeah, you can leave if you need to, just…" he gave one last tight hug before wiping his final tear "Thank you".

With one small nod Amadeus left the workshop hoping that this visit had been enough to encourage his son.

After he left, T-Pup barked with his tongue sticking out wagging his robotic tail now that Tails had 'recovered'.

"Yeah, sorry about that T-Pup, I didn't meant to cut you out like that, it just has been difficult, but that's because I don't have all the answers even when people expect me too and… I wish that someone could teach me how to save them or-"

He cut himself out after a lightbulb switched inside his head, a very crazy idea had just crossed his mind… a very crazy one without certainty if it was a good one but it sounded too convincing.

"Sonic! Are y- There you are! We've been looking for you everywhere!" Tails said coming down from the main stairs upon finding Sonic sitting on a couch in the insides of Freedom HQ.

"Sonic! Bunnie left a note in the hospital saying she's leaving but we don't know where!" said Amy that was currently with Tails at the time also looking for Sonic at the time.

"I know" said Sonic as carelessly as ever completely uninterested in the topic.

"You already- then what do we do?!" asked Amy worried.

"Sally's been robotized, the city's turning against Nicole, Antoine's in a coma, and Bunnie's leaving, the team's falling apart!"

"Falling apart?" Sonic replied in the same downbeat tone "The doc beat us, Naugus is king. The Freedom Fighters are done. So…"

Tails and Amy looked each other for a few seconds being partially disoriented by Sonic's weird behavior before finding the right words to reply.

"Cut it out! We don't have time for those types of jokes!" said Amy being the first one to snap.

"Because you are joking right?" Tails added a bit more calmed but also with a firm tone "You'd never quit, especially when your friends need you the most, right…? We didn't learned to be a freedom fighter from anyone y'know".

"You didn't quit when you got arrested! You didn't quit when Robotnik came back! You didn't quit when we lost old Mobotropolis or Knothole or any other time! So, get up! We've got freedom fighters to save!"

Sonic smiled and got up from the couch, not as energetic as usual, but he did.

"You're right Amy, I'm not gonna let all get to me, and it's good to know you two are still in this all the way. What I was gonna say is that… We lost the old F.F. so we've got to come up with something new, we're gonna have to seriously brain-storm though. We're in rough shape and we got a lot on our plate right now".

Tails looked at Amy for a sec making a light nod, given that he had already told her about his idea.

"Well, Sonic, I have… part of an idea" the fox said.

"Heh, of course you do" he replied.

"No, this time is different, you see… What if there was more than one Sonic to help us?"

The hedgehog adopted an expression indicating that the message wasn't clear.

"You'll see," continued Tails "There's this line that says that there's an infinite number of universes, some of them exactly like our own except for one or two events, and I was thinking that maybe one of those events that has already happened to another Sonic may be the same or similar to what is currently happening to us".

There was a small pause with Sonic trying to process what Tails just said and he seemed to have get it.

"You wanna bring a Sonic from another dimension?"

Tails nodded.

"I know our experience with alternate dimensions hasn't been the best," said Amy remembering the invasion from Moebius leaded by Scourge "But we shouldn't forget that anti-Bunnie and Dr. Kintobor gave some help as well… and Tails says that he can pick the 'good' Sonics".

"Not quite pick thembut if I work on it we may be able to at least exclude the 'evil' or monster Sonic".

"Hm," Sonic tapped his foot thinking through the idea "Well, as I said, we have a lot in our plate right now-".

"I hate to pile it on…" a different voice said that came from the stairs "But it just got worse today".

"Yo- Rotor, I didn't even know you were here, aren't you supposed to be working with the council right know?" asked Sonic cheerfully.

"That's the thing, I resigned out of protest" the walrus replied.

"This is that 'getting worse' thing isn't it?"


"Okay, I'll bite- why?"

"The council approved King Naugus' order to have Nicole exiled from the city's systems" Rotor explained.

"What?!" shouted Amy in shock as Sonic sighed while Tails realized the situation.

"You mean my mo- she voted for this?!" the fox said mostly to himself as Rotor continued

"I just finished touching up our server for her here to give her a little more 'room', I wish it was as sophisticated as her hand-held form but…"

"One step at a time, Rote. On the bright side that means we got you back on the active roster, right?" added Sonic.

"Right, except that just the four of us can't keep watch over the city and chase Doctor Eggman".

Tails and Amy exchanged looks with Sonic as if the fox's plan suddenly had way more sense.

"Well, Tails here managed to come up with… part of a plan".

I'm gonna leave it here for now, wanted to do more but I wanted this chapter to be more as the introduction to the Archie-verse and the next will be the execution of the plan itself.

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