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The path the two Sonics took was a pretty straightforward primarily because it was just a hallway making their progress very linear, but this was better for them because that meant that any attacker would only approach at the front or behind them, nothing else. But at the same time they wondered what they might find at the end of the one-way path.

"Ugh, I hate hallways," said Boom "They make the place look so boring and bland".

"It's just a hallway… what's the deal?" replied Archie.

"Eh, I don't know, you could… make it wider?"

Archie dismissed the comments letting him be and just walking without saying anything, this counterpart was weird to say the least and also curious, he was the one who was comparing them and trying to sound as the 'better' Sonic for some reason but Archie was not annoyed… not yet. It was him after all and he could see part of himself on Boom, y'know, that wacky side that tends to annoy some people.

"I bet that at the end of this we will find some type of robot" explained Archie "Eggman does that like once a week".

"Heh, they do seem like filler don't they?"

It was just a nice walk between the two; although the longer the hallway was the more uneasy it felt as if something would jump right on them at anytime from anywhere.

Meanwhile from the side of the other their hallway was much shorter before heading into a wide area with many stuff that one would qualify as 'scrap' or 'junk' with a staircase at the end of it.

"Are you familiar with any of this?" asked Bunnie

"Well, I didn't explore all of the Death Egg but I think that I should get some sort of orientation after we go up… That is, of course, if this place hasn't really changed at all" Sally answered Bunnie's question.

"So ze plan is relying solely on ze possibility of the entire Death Egg layout not changing?" Antoine followed.


"I would expect better from you Sally-girl" Bunnie said a bit disappointed.

"Honestly? Me too… but there aren't much choices and it's not safe for us to stay here for too long".

Antoine and Bunnie looked at each other silently agreeing and continuing to follow Sally up the stairs and preparing themselves once they reached the top in case there was something lurking around, and while they did that Sally seemed very relieved.

"I got it!" she said catching the attention of the other two.

"What?" asked Bunnie.

"I know this section, what we're looking for shouldn't be that far".

"Can someone remind me zat last part?" the coyote asked still en guard.

"Quick version? Find all the information we can on his 'Mecha Sally'" his wife explained.

And maybe about more. Sally thought.

His search for this guy called Tails was quite exhausting; right now he wanted to just lie down on his bed because he was still confused about this whole situation and this little thinking moment also led him to question who the doctor was, he was suspicious of him but not knowing anyone or anywhere he needed he had to trust him, at least for now… That scary robot made the trust harder though, and the doctor really didn't talk about it.

So now returning to the Death Egg the holo-lady told her that Tails would be there but he wasn't exactly sure if he had to find him specifically or if there's was something that would give him a hint. However, that thought was interrupted when something else caught his attention. It looked like a ship, but it could easily be a house suspended in the air by column, anyway, it was a new –and visually appealing- thing and despite the Death Egg was right there, the new visually appealing thing captivated him more.

He approached under the carriage being quite shocked despite it just being just the part below a ship that was randomly there; of course the view changed when the ramp lowered down with someone coming to greet him… A walrus, it made sense, he was in the north after all.

"You're not wearing a scarf" he said surprised.

"I really should right, yeah, but I haven't been able to do many things recently and in case you're wondering what I'm doing here I just thought you have a cool really house-ship but yeah I think I'll just leave now".

Sonic walked away leaving the walrus still in an 'analyzing' status that made him return back to the ship without closing up the ramp… Once Rotor arrived back at the main lobby he was received by everyone else inside it.

"So..?" asked Amy "Where's Sonic?"

"Um, I think he was the Sonic we know, I mean- uh- Boom Sonic. But I could assure he was Sonic".

"What do you mean by that? Was it Sonic or not?"

After a few seconds of thinking, Rotor came a wonderful conclusion.

"Well, he looked like a Sonic but not like a Sonic we know… And we're currently dealing with interdimensional stuff so maybe he's a different type of Sonic" the walrus stood there for a few seconds silently after his theory.

"And where is that Sonic anyway?"

"I think he left".

"I'll try to bring him back," she said after shrugging "I'm pretty sure the team would like to be aware of him" and with that Amy went back to the entrance where she tried to see if he could spot anything that resembled a blue hedgehog… and she did spot something but it didn't look quite blue, in fact, there was something odd about the figure, it looked like it was hovering above the ground.

Sally, Antoine and Bunnie had reached a peculiar part of the hangar –if you'd like to call it like that-, they were standing in a platform that was separated from the other side a large and deep metallic trench, it look as if there was a bridge missing but it was not, this was the actual design.

"Do I cross us ovah'?" asked Bunnie who could easily do that with her rocket shoes.

"There's no need for that," explained Sally "We're right where we need to be… this platform would be normally used by Eggman, with some sort of activation of course, to reach every direction possible of this place and inside these walls should be what we're looking for".

"Inside these walls? Do you mean that-"

"It's one of those things where the tiny and valuable object is not-so secretly hidden waiting for us to grab it… Last time found my way to climb this thing but maybe you can give me a lift, Antoine, keep an eye around us".

The coyote wasn't entirely pleased about it but it wasn't a big deal either. As for Bunnie, she and Sally proceeded to fly around the room following Sally's directions.

After long minutes of walking, Boom and Archie Sonic reached nothing more and nothing less than a hallway with a dead end, all of this just nothing but a wall.

"You gotta be kidding me!" said Archie

"Eh, it's nothing; can't you turn into a ball..? You can do that right?"

"Of course I can but you don't know what may be behind that door".

"Then I guess we'll have to try one of the many doors".

"What? Which doors?"

"Um, the doors that have been all around this hallway?"

Archie looked at him very concerned, shocked and annoyed all at the same time with Boom just wondering what happened.

"You didn't bother to tell me?!"

"I thought you were just passing by them because you didn't care… guess I was wrong".

Archie face palmed but ultimately had to return from where he came from in order to check the doors ignoring Boom's presence.

"Geez, you don't like me, fine, no one does it the first time," he said to himself "You'll get used to it".

The figure quickly went out of sight the second Amy spotted it, she didn't even managed to fully grasp what it was, it wasn't what she was looking for but it was intriguing enough to switch her attention and made her go look for it, something she only did for like six seconds before hearing a terrible sound that definitely came from the Sky Patrol, more specifically, the metal receiving a huge hit something that meant an uninvited guest had just boarded the ship. Amy rushed inside to see what or who was the intruder and once she reached the main room the only ones there where the ones already there but just as 'on-guard' as her.

"What was that?" asked Rotor but with no answer-.

The only people in the Sky Patrol were Amy, Rotor, Nicole, Boom Tails, Tom and... that's it, and out of those five, one of them was not at the lobby, one of them was a computer -although physically- and I'll let you figure out who those could be, the only thing the four of them could was to pay attention to their surroundings, waiting for the next hit to strike at any moment and when it did it didn't happen as they expected to, the roof being ripped apart and landing in the middle of the room,Mecha Sally had arrived and wasted no time in execute her mission with the element of surprise being of huge advantage for her, randomly firing laser shots all around the second she landed allowing for more confusion between them.

Unfortunately for her not everyone was instantly stunned as Nicole also took rapid actions given that she was expecting this moment, quickly grabbing her handheld and staying as far as she could from the robot. Despite not having the initial hit, Amy pulled out her hammer and charged against Mecha Sally not without forgetting that Tails told them that whenever they fought her it was only meant to knock her out, disable her or something not destroy her. It was understandable and it wasn't nothing she wasn't used to, using her hammer she managed to land a few shots with Mecha blocking them with her metal arms taking the opportunity of grabbing her hammer instead and fling her straight to Rotor who was approaching to land his respective hit.

But those weren't the only ones waiting for their turn as Boom Tails took this little distraction to cling on to her by surprise.

"I got her! I got her!" he said proudly not realizing that he was pretty much behind the booster on Mecha Sally's back that she quickly activated it causing Tails to yelp out mostly on his lower area. Right after that Mecha was going to shoot the fox but her left arm went down, completely dead, she looked towards Nicole with rage having the feeling that she did it but instead of going after Nicole herself, she charged against the handheld and crushed it with her functional arm looking directly into the lynx's eyes annihilating the physical form of Nicole. Mecha received a solid punch right after that from Rotor that caught her attention back again firing up her ring-saber from her only-operating arm at the moment to try and attack the walrus who was now avoiding the energy sword.

Amy soon joined the fight along with Rotor being able to quickly overpower the robot with her one-arm disadvantage making quick combos between the duo having Mecha Sally in the ground in no time... A time that didn't last long as her left arm came back online finally activating her second sword-blade and attacking the second she ignited to avoid any reaction time and it worked as she used their guards down to strike them with one blade each slicing off Amy's hammer and striking Rotor on his right shoulder thanks to his reflexes dodging a worse slash. Now that they were both defenseless, Mecha punched the walrus all across the room and grabbed Amy by the neck also preparing to deal a powerful blow.

However, there was yet another newcomer that had just arrived at the Sky Patrol.

"Put her down" he said with determination.

"Sonic?" said Amy struggling realizing who was the new fighter; it was a blue hedgehog alright but she knew it was different, unfortunately she couldn't make a deep dive analysis because Mecha Sally obeyed Sonic's command dropping her with force to the ground getting ready to charge against the hedgehog.

A charging impact that despite he pretty much challenged her to it, he did not expected at all. Mecha's strategy was just grabbing; throw to a wall, maybe pin someone to a wall, rinse and repeat, which was exactly what she did. With everyone else knocked down, it was just those two, with Mecha Sally quickly throwing Sonic to a door sending him to the next area which was a hallway.

"Okay, any doctor with robots is evil… Got it" he said to himself barely dodging Mecha's next punch "Your evil stares didn't gave a good impression either".

Mecha tried to switch it up and hit him with the lazer with passing right next to him after taking him by surprise.

"Oh, I didn't know you had those!"

But despite every major fighter was taken out, there was still one left that was up and running who although he tried to stay hidden through this whole fight, the voice that was currently taunting the robot was too familiar for him to not take action… especially when your hiding spot was practically around the corner.

"Sonic?" asked Tom spotting his friend "Sonic!"

The hedgehog was sill dodging the attacks but Tom's voice was one he had been waiting to hear since what it felt to be forever so his attention fully shifted from one target to another.

"Tom!" just like an excited puppy, his happiness was quite a big one and Tom shared it as well, but of course, this led to the crucial mistake of forgetting who he was against, something that Mecha Sally took note of and took advantage of it.

"Sonic! Look ou-!" Tom's warning did not came fast enough as Mecha shot the hedgehog straight to his back and one as a warning close to Tom's head and a third one blowing up part of the roof, grabbing a half-knocked out Sonic and leaving before Tom could even process what just happened.

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