iGibby's Head

(Opening with Carly and Sam watching a news report on 2 missing kids from Outer Banks)

Pat: As 2 Outer Banks local who known as John B and Sarah Cameron has previously pronounced dead but, it would be less likely since they had been spotted at a Beaches Resort in Nassau, Bahamas by a Bystander

Carly: How did they even survived that gigantic storm and were able to get to the Bahamas

Sam: Eh...it would probably either they landed on a shore or rescued by the fisherman. Sooooo...Chip and Beers

Carly: Yep, I...

(Carly was being interrupted by Gibby ran into the living room)


Sam: Why in the heck are you getting all hypertension

Gibby: Because...somehow I just lost my mold of my...FREAKING...head

Carly: Ummmm...let me guess, did someone talked u into selling a mold of your head

Gibby: Nooooo...I kept my eyes on it ever since Guppy took it to the show and tell without asking me first!

Sam: Ok, where did you leave it last?

Gibby: Wellll...

(As Gibby ran off, Sam scoff)

Sam: Men and their worthless stuff

(As Sam drink a beer, we are seeing the "iCarly" theme song, then we are seeing Freddie approach Spencer at his office)

Freddie: May I ask you something

Spencer: Sure, why not?

Freddie: Last night, I had this weirdest dream where a clown threatened me that I must do what he asked or...he will reveal my worst fear. Remember when you helped Sam with figuring out what her dream was about

Spencer: Oh yeah...a dream of a monster eating a soup.

(Spencer chuckles)

Freddie: So, anyway...he wants me to...

(Freddie gulps)

Freddie:...blackmailing Carly and Sam into giving up iCarly...for good

(As Spencer gasp, we are Carly, Sam, Jamie, and Gibby sitting in Carly's room)

Jamie: Sooooo...let get me straight, you want to find some worthless mold of your freaking head?

Gibby: Yep and it was not worthless, OKAY!?

Carly: Ummmm...Gibby, are you sure that you want goes hunting for your..." head"

Gibby: Yep, I had already lost an original mold of my head when you guys forced me to sell it to a couple of Japanese tourists almost a decade ago in order to bail your mom out of prison in Vegas and after I got my second mold, I got banned from making future molds right after I broke their machine.

Sam: Okay, soooo...did you check the last place that you bring your..." head"

Gibby: Yep, it wasn't at Moe's which is a bar for people who collect mold and stuff

(Jamie scoff)

Jamie: It reminds me of the time when I dated a dude who has a collection of skulls which is not actually fake and a couple of those were his wife and kids

(As Carly, Sam, and Gibby seem horrifying, we are seeing Freddie approach Sam at Scoop Ahoy)

Freddie: Ummm...can I talk to you about something

Sam: Sure...

(Sam got a spoon and threw it at Freddie)

Freddie: OWWWW! What was that for?

Sam: You literally threw me under the bus!?

Freddie:...Ummmm, what in the heck are you talking about

Sam: You have to tell everybody that I used to...collect American Girls Dolls!?

Freddie: Okay, let me explain...there were a creepy clown was apparently popped up in my dream and forced me to do what he asked me to do or he will...reveal my fear

Sam: Ohhhh...sure, some clown just magically popped up in your dream and forced you into revealing my darkest secret

Freddie: Ummmm...collecting American Girls Dolls are more of gals stuff and it technically not quite a secret

Sam: It is to cool chicks like me, Jamie, and Jade

Freddie: The point is...I am truly sorry

Sam: Ohhhh...don't be, ju...get out of my face

(As Freddie walk away, we are seeing Carly, Jamie, and Gibby entering Ridgeway High School)

Carly: Whoa...everything haven't changed since I left for Italy...

(Carly approached Sam's old locker and sniffing)

Carly:...and they still couldn't get the freaking smell out of Sam's old locker

(Miss Briggs walk out of the teacher's lounge)

Briggs: Hello, children...it's been a while

Carly: Miss Briggs! How was...life

(Carly laugh nervously)

Briggs: It been ups and downs...first, Randy Jackson has left American Idol and I had to call in sick. So, that I would be sobbing in peace. The next things you know...Mr. Howard's wife somehow found dead in a lake...and we went on a couple of dates and eventually got married at a drive-thru chapel in Vegas and such. Soooo...what are you, hooligans, been up to

Gibby: Well, I am in an Alumni-Student mentorship program and I basically brought a mold of my head to school. Soooo...Jake has this art project where he wanted to create a mold of his own head

Briggs: Who in the heck does that!?

Jamie: Ohhh...tell me about it

Briggs: Well, well, and well...look who here, a low-life and uneducated who has dropout for some freaking idiot who apparently got killed during a bar fight, is that correct!?

Jamie: Yes...why you little...

Carly: Ooookay...

Gibby: So Miss Briggs, did I accidentally leave my head here

Briggs: Ohhh...heck no...you actually left the school property with...the mold

Gibby: Alright...thanks

(As Carly, Jamie, and Gibby left, Miss Briggs groans)

Briggs: I totally loathes those children

(Then, we are seeing Freddie standing in the dark voids)

Freddie: Where the f...

(Freddie was being interrupted by a mysterious person)

Mystery Person: Hello, Fredward Benson

(As Freddie Benson slowly turn around, he spotted no other than Pennywise the Clown)

Freddie: YOU...

(Pennywise chuckles)

Pennywise: Oh yes, I am Pennywise the clown who basically lives in a sewer system and like to eat people as well

Freddie: Whoa, whoa, and whoa...wait a minute...are you the one who kidnapped that poor kid

Pennywise: Yep, the one and the only...but, more...of feasting

Freddie: Y...y...you monster!

Pennywise: Welp, gulity as charged...

(Pennywise giggles)

Pennywise: Anywho...you got a blondie gal starting to hate you even more than usual after you posted her darkest secret on Twitter

(Pennywise chuckles)

Freddie: Okay...what do you want

Pennywise: Weeeelllll...I has decided went ahead and send a blackmail to that sister of your

Freddie: What in the heck did you write!?

(As Pennywise grinned, we are seeing Carly checking her email)

Carly: OH, NO HE DIDN'T!?

(Then, we are seeing Gibby spotted a mold of his head sitting on the top of a trash can)

Gibby: Ohhh...there you are

(As Gibby reach for his head, he was being teased by a FBI agent who were wearing a mask and took it off which revealed Jared)

Jared: All right...let take this moron into the transporter van and take him to Area-34

Harry: You got it boss.

(Harry and Jared carry Gibby into the van and closed the back door and they took off. Then, we are seeing the text that read; "To Be Continued...")