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"While what you two did was brave and commendable, it was also rash and irresponsible." Glynda scolded as she paced in front of the table of the police interrogation room. But while Ruby was looking down at the ground in shame, Leo wasn't having any of it.

"The fuck were we supposed to do, just sit there while a gaggle of idiots robbed the old guy?" he complained, and Glynda gave him a look that only made him grunt in annoyance. "Asinus." He muttered, low enough that Glynda didn't hear, but Ruby did, and she reacted with a look of confusion.

"You should have contacted the authorities and let them handle it instead of playing vigilante." She said, and Leo looked like he wanted to say something, but Ruby gave him a pleading look so he stayed silent.

"But, there is someone else that would like to see you." As if on cue, the door opened and a man they both recognized walked in, cane in one hand, and platter of cookies in the other. Ruby's eyes lit up as Ozpin set them down, but Leo only tensed up slightly upon seeing his future headmaster.

"You are Leo Inculta, correct?" He questioned the young man, and he nodded.

"Yeah, that's me. I'm not getting booted out of Beacon, am I?" He said with nervousness in his voice, but Ozpin chuckled.

"No, of course not, you have nothing to worry about." Leo sighed in relief as Ozpin turned his attention instead to the young girl currently devouring the cookies he'd brought.

"You have silver eyes." He said with interest, stopping Ruby.

"Yeah." She said, not sure where this was going.


Ozpin sat down at his desk while sighing in exhaustion. Today had been stressful to say the least. First the monster within Glass, the Wretch, made itself known by nearly killing one of the 2nd year teams, then he and Boris had a battle, completely trashing the library before the Wretch escaped the school despite Boris's best efforts.

Boris had been distraught as he thought Glass had committed suicide with his jump off the cliff, but after Amber told him about the extreme durability of his body, he felt better about the whole thing. Speaking of the strange man, he was supposed to come to his office with Glynda and Qrow to explain just what the hell was wrong with Glass.

Speaking of, the ding from the elevator indicated their arrival. The doors opened and the three walked out, Boris with his LMG strapped to his back and a clear glass bottle in his hand. It looked like it was filled with what was likely hard liquor, but he didn't recognize the label, which was just a piece of paper taped to the side with "Яд" written in sharpie.

"Ah, Mr. Boris, thank you for being able to come." He said, but the large man only grunted before sitting down with Qrow taking his place against the wall and Glynda beside Ozpin. Boris sat in silence for a moment before speaking.

"I want to make something extremely clear to all of you." He said before popping the cork out of the bottle. His tone was uncharacteristically serious, and it put them on edge. "What I say here will never leave this room, under any circumstances. If you do, I will hunt you all down and kill you myself, along with whoever you told. This is not a threat, it is a promise meant to protect others like me."

"So there are-" Ozpin began, but he was cut off when Boris slammed his fist on the desk.

"This is serious, be silent!" He said, taking his sunglasses off and giving him a hard look, his blue eyes staring into his. Ozpin nodded, and Boris leaned back. He lifted his balaclava enough to take a swig of his drink, not even reacting to whatever it was.

"We call ourselves Hosts, and the beings living within us are called Guardians. There are multiple kinds with various mixtures of the types, and from what I've seen, Glass's Guardian, the Wretch, is an Intelligent Savage. Capable of rational thought while contained within his Host, but losing any and all control once outside."

"And what type would your Guardian be?" Ozpin asked, and Boris thought for a moment.

"Volk? He's a Mad Active. He's normally under complete control of himself, but loses himself when I get drunk, which luckily is pretty difficult for me to do." He said with a chuckle. "Anyway, we all hear our Guardians in our heads, but some are more talkative than others. No two Guardian's are alike, though a few are similar in some ways. That's the gist of what Hosts and Guardians are. If you have any more specific questions, shoot. Just don't be upset if I don't answer it."

"Is there any way to remove a Guardian from the Host?" Ozpin asked, but Boris shook his head.

"People have been trying for years, with no success. There was one case of a Host dying but the Guardian living on, but that was a long time ago, and I don't know if the Guardian is still alive." Now that piqued Ozpin's interest.

"Would you happen to know who this Guardian was?"

"No, as it all happened before my time. I've asked some of the older Guardians about it, but they never go into specifics. And don't ask about the identities of other Hosts, because you're not getting them." Well, there went two lines of questioning. But Ozpin still had a few more.

"Where do Guardians come from, and what binds them to a Host?" Boris looked like he was contemplating something before making a decision.

"We aren't from Remnant." He said suddenly, and everyone in the room froze. Surely he was kidding, right? He scoffed and took another swig. "Don't give me that look, it's annoying. Each and everyone of us died there, then woke up somewhere on Remnant with a new guest latched on to our souls. Our memories of the Old Land vary from person to person, but two things remain consistent. We never remember the real name of the Old Land, but we always remember how we died." Shaking off his shock, he wanted to ask so many questions about this Old Land, but he should start with the things that Boris definitely knew.

"If it isn't a touchy subject, how was it that you died?" Unexpectedly, Boris started chuckling like he remembered a really funny joke he'd heard a while ago.

"Oh, now that is a story. I don't remember specifics, but I was visiting friends in another country, or Kingdom for you guys, and we had a huge party that went way into the night." He started laughing a little harder. "I got the drunkest I'd ever been and I thought it would've been a great idea for me and some buddies to go break into a zoo!" By this point he was laughing pretty hard as he recalled the event. "After some wandering around, for reasons that I still don't know, I climbed into one of the pens and got into a knife fight with an alligator while they cheered me on!" By this point he was crying with laughter, which made them a little uncomfortable. He was acting like he was telling the greatest joke in existence, not recounting his own gruesome death.

"I'm guessing it didn't go too well for you?" Qrow interrupted, and Boris calmed himself down.

"It didn't, no, but yebena mat' did I give it a run for its money. I got a couple good stabs in, even took out one of its eyes, and had I been sober I probably would have beaten it. But, in the end, I slipped on some mud and it clamped its jaws around my neck before twisting and snapping it." The ending was fairly brutal, but alligators were vicious creatures so it was only fitting.

"Your friends must've been mortified." Glynda said, worry on her face, but Boris waved her off.

"Bah, this was years ago. They've probably gotten over it and, knowing those bastards, probably tell my story in whatever bars they go to." He finished with another chuckle. Well, at least he went out in the way he wanted to, he doubted many of these Hosts could say the same.

"Well, do you remember anything about this Old Land?" Boris stopped his laughter and thought for a moment, but he eventually shook his head.

"I'm one of the few who remembers everything but the name, but I don't see the point of talking about it. It'll only make me miss it, and that's the last thing I want." So far this conversation had been very informative, but there were yet more things that Boris refused to answer, like the identities of other Hosts. If he could recruit some of these powerful men and women, he was sure he'd be able to win against Salem. Unfortunately, it seemed the large man was set in his ways of not telling him. But he still had one last question.

"What types of Guardians are there?"

"Now that's a good one. There are Savages, Guardians that completely lose themselves and attack anything in sight when they are released. Alongside that, there are others called Actives. They are in complete control when released, though some, like Volk, become Savage when put in certain situations. Then there's the third, the Dormant. They only come out when the Host's life is truly in danger, but are easily the most powerful of the Guardians. I've only ever met one, and I pity any man that faces them in combat." He chuckled again, but didn't continue.

This was all very fascinating to Ozpin. If he could somehow gain access to this other world, there was no telling what kinds of resources he'd find, or allies he could make. But for now, he'd have to settle for tracking down these Hosts and then going from there, though it sounded like they were a very secretive people if a drunk like Boris took keeping them serious enough to threaten them.

Ah yes, that little wrinkle. This would be very valuable information to share with the others of his Inner Circle, but with the way Boris stated his intentions should he betray the man's trust, he was a little hesitant to do so. He'd have to gauge his combat ability properly, both him and Volk, before deciding whether to share this information.

"Thank you for this, I don't have any more questions for you." Ozpin said with a smile.

"Good." Boris said as he stood from his seat. "I'm going to the city to see if I can find Glass."

"I would greatly appreciate it, as school starts in only a week." Ozpin thanked him. He walked to the elevator, but stopped just short of it.

"And don't forget what I said." He reminded them before entering the elevator and riding it down, leaving them with his promise.


Glass walked through the dark alley, blood still pouring from his mouth and leaving a trail on the pavement. The homeless people residing there gave him a wide berth, if not for his fucked up appearance, than for what he did to the first guy that tried robbing him. He hadn't seen the wicked ax he was dragging behind him, and got his skull split open as a result.

His jaw had finally begun to regrow, but it was only halfway there, giving him the appearance of bloody mandibles. He tried muttering, but it only came out as incoherent growling to everyone else.

The girl with the silver eyes, her soul had shone like no other he had ever seen. It was like a beacon in the darkness, and for a moment even the Wretch remained silent to bask in its beauty and warmth. Then he saw the black hearted bastard threatening her, and he felt unimaginable anger, even more anger than when Amber had been threatened by that woman and her minions.

He had killed one of the sinner's men, taking his head off and leaving the corpse to rot. But that boy, the one with the trident and buckler, and stopped him from finishing them off. He'd felt a strange sense of familiarity with him, but he couldn't quite place why, all he knew was he'd left him tied up in the street, the razor wire on Agony being the only reason the bindings were severed.

He knew what he had to do. He had no place in civilization, and he had to escape this concrete prison. He'd rather lock himself in the green, lush one. At least people left him alone there. All the sin permeating this damned city made the Wretch ravenous, and it was only because he hadn't been sufficiently threatened that the monster hadn't come out to feast.

He didn't know where the exit gate was, so he figured he'd just walk until he reached the wall surrounding the city, then go from there until he found it. It would take some time, but he didn't care, he just wanted out.

He wandered through the streets upon being sure they were clear. There was one late night couple that passed him, so he hid in an alley until they passed. But as they did, chatting and being loving with each other, the Wretch began rambling faster and louder about them, more specifically the man. He spoke of his soul being soaked with sin, and his mind overflowing with malicious intentions. Of the woman's imminent danger she was oblivious to.

Glass knew he was saying these things to get him to draw blood, but while the Wretch was many things, a liar wasn't one of them. That combined with the darkness and the isolation of the street, and he figured he could listen to the Wretch once more. He began to follow them, hefting up his ax so as not to make too much noise. They were so distracted by each other, they didn't notice he was there until he was near. Right then, there was a break in their conversation when they were beneath the only working streetlamp, upon which they could hear him, his footsteps and gurgling breath.

"Um, hello? Who's there?" The woman asked, but the man hushed her.

"Don't worry about a thing, I'll take care of it." He said with a smile, but he could see him scowl and roll his eyes as he turned away from her. "Whoever the hell's there, back off. I know how to fight, so don't-" he was cut off when Glass threw his ax from the darkness, the tool of pain embedding itself in his chest. He stumbled back, his eyes wide with shock, while the woman gasped and put her hands to her mouth. The man grasped at the ax while Glass walked into the light, illuminating his bandaged face and split jaw. The woman was now frozen with fear as she watched the bloody man walk up to the dying one. He looked up at him as the blood drained from his face.

Glass looked at him with nothing but hate before tearing the ax out of his chest and bringing it down on his skull, splitting it wide open and ending him. He pushed him off his weapon, letting his corpse slump to the floor. He turned his gaze to the now horrified woman, who saw him stare at her before screaming and running off into the darkness.

He looked down at the corpse and saw something white sticking out of his pocket. He pulled it out and found, with some confusion, a small roll of gauze. There was no note or anything explaining why it was there, but it was good for him to wrap his jaw up. He felt comforted with his head now fully bandaged again, so he continued on his way, the woman undoubtedly having already called the police on the madman. But he didn't care.

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