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Barry, Cisco, and Frost arrived at McCulloch Technologies building and just as they'd feared, Thawne and Ramsey were standing guard before it. When the two villains saw the heroes appear before them, they both smiled evilly.

"Ah, Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, and Caitlin Snow, or should I currently call you Frost?" Ramsey greeted them with a grin.

"Yep, my three favorite heroes, especially you, Barry Allen," Thawne added with a delighted smile while paying the most attention to the other speedster.

"It's over, for both of you, and for Eva," Barry declared firmly.

"Oh, I think not Flash. It has only just begun and now I can finally cure this entire world of death itself, as I'd always intended, at least after Eva eradicates the undesirables of this world which will make things even better for all of us," Ramsey confidently countered. "Not to mention that during my time in isolation I have come to realize that not everyone is worthy of my gift and so there is no choice but to remove them".

Frost's eyes widened in disbelief upon hearing those words of this twisted individual before her, saddened that a once brilliant doctor and scientist, and someone her alter ego had once considered a friend, could have fallen so far while Cisco sighed and Barry shook his head. The latter then turned his attention back to Thawne.

"And you, what do you get out of all of this?" he asked his arch enemy in an attempt to understand what was driving him to help in a global massacre.

Thawne laughed.

"Don't you see Barry? It's for the same thing I've always wanted. Your end, and the end of all of your loved ones and all you hold dear. And it's something my compatriots agree upon, the good Dr. Russo especially. The three of us cannot achieve our goals until all of you are no more. And if millions of lives have to be removed to accomplish this, then it's a necessary sacrifice. Not to mention that death is totally overrated anyway and maybe turning the world into a population of zombies is what's best for it."

Barry really could not believe his ears at this point, though Thawne had always been insane and so he could not say that he was surprised that he'd fallen further in his madness.

"Oh, and for the record, I'm of course aware that you have reversed what I've done to my blood brothers and sisters but it doesn't matter since soon the entire world will embrace my cure, making your actions completely pointless," Ramsey added with a self-assured smile.

The heroes had now had enough at this point and immediately moved into a battle stance, the villains across from them responding by doing the same.

"Try and stop us," Thawne grinned. He then sped his way towards Barry, the other speedster meeting him halfway, while Cisco and Frost moved to engage Ramsey, who began to transform into his enormous, bloody, monstrous, and terrifying Bloodwork form.

What followed was a colorful array of red and yellow blurs circling around each other at tremendous speeds as the speedsters traded kicks and punches while Frost and Cisco coordinated their powers as they attempted to neutralize the imposing figure before them, sending massive blasts of frosty air and vibe energy towards him.

Staggering backwards from the onslaught, Bloodwork extended his enormous arm and with a growl, used his clawed hand to swipe Cisco and Frost to the side, sending them onto their backs with a thud. He then stomped towards them with the intent of finishing them off when they quickly removed themselves from the ground and really began to blast him with all they had, refusing to let up.

Bloodwork then slammed his fists downward, causing a shockwave that propelled the two heroes backwards from him, and then quickly stormed towards them while extending another arm forward but shifted into an extended blade type shape, from the forearm downwards, swinging it at them with ferocity. They responded by quickly rolling out the way while Frost extended her hands towards both of his arms and moved to freeze them first, followed by her laying an overwhelming blast of cold onto his entire body, from head to toe, having the knowledge of her alter ego in regards to how low temperatures affect blood.

As she figured, the layer of ice being poured onto Bloodwork caused his blood made form to constrict, narrowing and forcing it to shrink and revert back to his human form as he growled in rage at what was being done to him. Cisco then quickly moved forward and snapped a pair of meta-human dampening cuffs onto his arm, but a particular kind that was far more advanced than the traditional ones in suppressing powers while having an added element that would slow down Ramsey's blood circulation, preventing him from either transforming or using his blood powers.

"It doesn't matter what you do Cisco, what any of you do. I've gotten out of my chains once before and I will do so again. The entire world will scream my name mark my words. All of you mark my words!," the mad doctor ranted and raged until Cisco and Caitlin, having enough, together took turns knocking him out cold with a hard slug.

"Man that felt good," the young man declared and Frost on her part was inclined to agree. They then turned back to their friend as he continued to battle Thawne.

The speedsters continued to battle it out, utilizing both their speed and hand to hand combat. Barry however, while still nowhere near the level of advanced fighter, had learned some new tricks due to the infrequent training Oliver had given him in the past and using one of them, struck Thawne in the throat, causing him to gag a bit, and then took his enemy down with a leg sweep, sending the latter stumbling to the ground.

Barry then sped behind him, grabbed his arms and locking them behind his back, snapped his own pair of dampening cuffs onto Thawne's wrists.

"You may have stopped both myself and Dr. Russo at the moment, but you're too late Flash. Eva's plan has already been set in motion and very soon those who do not deserve this world shall perish. Our success, or should I say my ultimate success in eliminating you and your pathetic loved ones since I set in motion all of this and smoothed the way for her, has been assured. I, always, win," Thawne boasted with an arrogant smirk, an evil glint also in his eye and Barry, having enough, copied his friends in knocking the insane speedster unconscious.

"Alright you guys. Both of you stay and guard Thawne and Ramsey and let A.R.G.U.S. know that they've been neutralized. I'm going to go inside and stop Eva alright?" he turned and instructed his friends. They both nodded.

"Go get her Barry," Frost encouraged him with a smile to which Barry smiled back and with a nod, raced into the building before them and searched throughout it, trying to locate her. Soon he was able to uncover her whereabouts and found her inside of a dark room which was lit with advanced looking tech and also had a black targeting screen with a map of the United States and other countries around the globe, along with blinking red dots scattered across the map and representing the targets Eva was about to attack.

Surrounding the screen were a sophisticated set of monitors which were transmitting data in the form of green text, data consisting of a list of all of the said targets.

Facing the screen was the woman herself, dressed in her complete Mirror Mistress regalia and holding her hands behind her back. Upon hearing him approach, she turned to face him.

"Well hello Barry, and I see that you defeated my two colleagues out there," she greeted with an evil smile. "It's no matter though since very soon the world shall be truly liberated from the filth and decay that plagues it".

"It's over Eva. The government is aware of what you're up to and will doubtless be sending the military to stop you. You need to stand down now," Barry responded firmly.

The villainess chuckled.

"Oh Barry, I've already taken control of our nation's nuclear arsenal and by the time the military, intelligence such as your A.R.G.U.S. friends, or anyone else gets here, it will be too late. Nothing can stop me now," she replied confidently and with a proud smile.

Barry shook his head.

"Don't you see that you're about to kill millions of people though? Innocent people? How can you say that you're helping the world if so many innocent lives are going to be slaughtered, children included? I know you were once a good person Eva and doing this, all of this? This is not who you are and you need to see that. Please Eva, please don't do this," he implored her, trying to get her to see reason.

It had the opposite effect however as Eva's face immediately contorted into a furious glare.

"I am still a good person Barry and that's why I'm doing this! I am doing what is best for humanity and it's you who can't see that!" she roared at him. "And so what if millions of innocents perish, or children even? It's a necessary compromise in order to truly save this world and frankly, this could even have the added benefit of handling overpopulation. All I'm doing is thinning the herd.

"Not to mention that since those innocents that you claim I'm murdering don't deserve to die, they're frankly just a waste of space and a blight that will probably just continue to cycle of hatred and corruption considering where they live, especially in those rogue nations that are our nation's enemies. After all, but if those nation's populations are eliminated, then those nations can never rise again to threaten us.

"In fact, humanity will be so grateful for what I've done that I'll be worshiped as a goddess and all will follow my will, their will being my will. And those that refuse to bow will be dirt that I will trample beneath my feet and they will realize that I hold the ultimate power. After all, the only way to have the responsibility of saving the world is to have every opportunity to gain all the power."

Barry could not believe what he was hearing.

"You're insane Eva," he responded in disbelief, shaking his head once more.

"Oh I'm not insane Flash, I'm just determined, and I suppose a little ambitious but what's wrong with being ambitious?" she chuckled, and then asked rhetorically.

"I'm sorry that this is your current mentality right now, and it's sad to see how far you've fallen, but as I said earlier, it's over, and I'm going to stop you," Barry declared and then raced towards her. She in turn dodged him and in the blink of an eye transferred herself into one of many mirrors in the room.

Following that, she then caused another mirror to shatter and then explode outwardly, sending shards of glass towards him. He in turn responded by quickly dropping to his knees and, bending backwards and his arms outstretched behind him, glided forwards and across the floor as the glass washed over him, leaving a yellow trail of Speed Force lighting in his wake. He then quickly got back onto his feet and looked around the room, searching for Eva, when he suddenly felt a something sharp stab his shoulder from behind, causing him to cry out in pain and shock.

Looking down at his shoulder in an attempt to find its source, he saw that there was a shard of glass protruding from it. He then collapsed to the floor due to the pain as Eva transferred herself back out of the mirror and slowly strutted towards him, the click clack sound of her high heeled boots being heard as she took each step, the room, laughing wickedly.

"Well I see that you have somehow recovered your speed and I have to say that it's a lot better than what you'd had when he'd first battled each other. But you're still not powerful enough to defeat me," Eva grinned cruelly as she looked down at him while he struggled to battle the pain emanating from the shard still embedded in his shoulder, trying to get back up. "And now you shall watch I cleanse humanity."

She then turned away from him, ignoring Barry's pleas, and walked back to the targeting screen and monitors and, using the keyboard to type in a few commands, activated the launch sequence for the nation's nuclear warheads, the silos opening as the missiles were activated and sped upwards and high into the air. Eva on her part smiled in victory while Barry's face held despair, helplessness, and horror as they watched videos coming up of the missiles leaving a trail of fiery smoke as they raced through the sky and towards their targets, ready to unleash nuclear horror upon the designated locations in the world Eva has marked for destruction, the inhabitants of those locations blissfully unaware of the apocalypse that seemed to be coming for them.

To Be Concluded

A/N How did I do, especially in regards to creating a high stakes cliffhanger and with a feeling of impending doom?

Regarding Eva's words about her planned victims being a blight, I'm borrowing it from the words of Justin Clayborne, Prometheus's father, who said the same thing to Oliver before the latter killed him.

Plus her words about having every opportunity to gain all of the power comes from the future twisted and anti-villainous version of Peter Parker, the CEO, from the video game entitled "Edge Of Time".

I just wanted to show how much this version of Eva has really fallen from grace and embraced the darkness, making her darker and far worse than the canon version.

I don't know when I'll have the final chapter available though but time will tell.

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