So, I ran into a Dino King (or Speckles the Tarbosaurus by most) fanfiction story that had Speckles' mate Blue-Eyes live. The story's author Reconzilla117 deleted it because A) it wasn't getting enough reviews and B) they lost interest in writing it. With their permission, I'll be taking over the story and uploading the chapters not because of the reviews, but because I want to. It may take awhile to publish new chapters, but I promise you all it will be worth the wait! Without further or do, here's the first chapter of Going After Junior!

Disclaimer: I don't own Speckles the Tarbosaurus aka The Dino King, nor any of its characters. I only own the OCs.

Late Cretaceous period, 80 million years ago

South Korea

The Late Cretaceous, a time where special types of creatures were at the peak of their existence: the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs pretty much dominated everywhere in the world. And they were not the only ones to have laid their claim on Earth. Different kinds of marine reptiles that looked like sea monsters out of a sailor's novel ruled the oceans while high above, flying pterosaurs that you could almost mistake as dragons soared the skies.

Atop a plateau, the wind blew ever so softly against the brush while the calls of the creatures still awake rang out across the tranquil environment. Resting underneath the shadow of a massive tree trunk laid two Tarbosauruses, nestled together lovingly. One sleeping Tarbosaurus was as green as the leaves and shrubs, with the only exception being the darker green spots that were scattered all over his face. Those spots on his face are what gave him his name; Speckles. Next to him, a slightly smaller Tarbosaurus coated in brown was also asleep, curled up against her companion. Her name was Blue-Eyes. Despite her eyes being closed at the moment, the Tarbosaurus had the most beautiful orbs of blue that any dinosaur had ever seen, which was what earned her namesake.

Shifting slightly, Speckles grunted and turned his head back-and-forth, his mind clouded in a dream... of course, 'dream' would be cutting it too close. What Speckles was witnessing in his head was more like a nightmare.

Dream starts:

Speckles woke up to see himself surrounded by crumbling mountains, dry cracked soil, and burning plants. The sky was covered in smoke, blocking out the sun and turning the normal blue into a hazy pink. Scattered all around him were the rotting corpses of dinosaurs of all species.

"You cannot escape me, hatchling..."

Speckles' blood ran cold when he heard that voice. The very tone of malevolence and sheer terror that had haunted him since the day he first laid eyes on the owner of that voice, the same one who killed off his whole family without mercy when he was still a little hatchling.

"No matter how many times you get rid of me, I will always return. And I will always take away everything closest to you..."

Speckles turned to see a large silhouette menacingly walk out of the flames. When the figure stepped into the light, it revealed itself to be a Tyrannosaurus with pale-red skin riddled in scars and gashes across its body. The most distinguishing feature was that one eye appeared to have been gouged out during a fight, which earned him the name One-Eye. What set One-Eye apart from other dinosaurs was the fact he never killed others for food. Rather, he liked-no, he loved-to kill for sport, to prove he could do whatever he pleased. It was behavior like this that disgusted Speckles and fueled the hatred he had towards the out-of-place theropod even more.

One-Eye charged towards Speckles and bit down on his neck. Speckles struggled to pull himself free from the larger opponent. Glancing at One-Eye's arm in front of his view, Speckles took that opportunity to bite it, making the Tyrannosaurus release his hold to roar out in pain and allowing Speckles to escape. Speckles turned to face his enemy as he roared out ferociously before charging head first (literally). One-Eye roared back and bashed back against the Tarbosaurus. The bloody battle between predators continued until One-Eye tripped over Speckles to the ground. Laying a foot on Speckles' windpipe, the sadistic Tyrannosaurus smiled a sickening smile at his fallen foe as he prepared to deliver the killing blow.

"I will never stop," One-Eye snarled. "I will continue to kill everyone, kill EVERYTHING until there is nothing left..."

One-Eye opened his mouth to reveal jagged mismatched teeth and lunged the gaping maw at the downed Speckles.

Then, everything went black.

"Speckles? Hey, are you okay?" a soft voice asked.

Dream ends:

Speckles abruptly opened his eyes to reveal golden-amber irises and turned to see the glorious blue eyes he had come to enjoy staring at him with love and concern.

"Were you having that dream again?" she pressed on. "The one about him?"

Speckles heard the disgust in her voice when she mentioned his name. He knew that she despised him just as much as he did.

"I just don't know if I can ever escape him, Blue-Eyes," he answered somberly. "Every day and every night, it feels like he's still out there, like his presence still lingers over me."

Blue-Eyes rubbed her mate's neck comfortingly.

"He's gone now, Speckles," she soothingly said. "He can't hurt us or anybody else anymore."

"Maybe not anymore, but he's taken away so much from us before he died," Speckles replied. "And he almost took away the last of our children, our next generation."

Both Tarbosauruses turned their attention to the stump and looked at the hole that housed the last of their offspring. Nestled inside was a small Tarbosaurus hatchling who looked like a miniature version of his father; green scales, similar arrangement of facial spots, and all. However, one thing that separated the little Tarbosaurus from his father was that he shared the same beautiful blue eyes like his mother. His name was Speckles Junior, or 'Junior' for short. At first, Speckles and Blue-Eyes had three hatchlings, Junior included. Unfortunately, they lost both when they were still very young; one of their hatchlings was killed by the debris from a volcanic eruption that destroyed their home while the second hatchling was thrown off a cliff and into the ocean by One-Eye when they encountered him one last time. Ever since then, both Speckles and Blue-Eyes had become even more protective of their now-only son and started to train him even harder then before.

"I don't even know what we should do now," Speckles said. "I don't want our son to be put through all of this pressure, but I don't wish for any harm to come to him."

"All we can do is be there for him," she said wistfully. "Help him continue to grow and prepare for this world."

Speckles silently nodded as he and his mate continued to stare at the slumbering hatchling inside the tree stump before they eventually fell back to sleep.

That's the end of the first chapter. The explanation on how Blue-Eyes lives in this story will be explained soon. When I get enough time, I'll be able to upload the next chapter. Stay strong everyone!