Later that evening Amy was picking out a outfit to go to the movies in. She put on a blue blouse and Jean skirt.

She then walked into her dad's lab. Hey honey Wayne said as he was working with chemicals.

How do I look ? She asked You look beautiful honey he said. Be sure to be home by ten Wayne told Amy.

What are you working on anyway? Amy asked.

I am working on a potion that can shrink a person down.

Like the shrink ray ? Amy asked.

Yeah her dad said. Except you drink it. They suddenly heard the doorbell ring. He's here Amy said walking to Wayne put the shrinking potion in the fridge with a label that said do not drink but he didn't notice it fall off as he closed the fridge door.

Ready to go ? russ Jr asked as he opened the door of his car for her.

Yeah amy said as she got in the car. Russ got in and drove to the theaters. When they got to the theater they looked at the movies playing.

What do you want to see ? Russ asked her. How about bill and Ted's excellent adventure Amy said.

Sure Russ said and they walked to the ticket booth. Two tickets for bill and ted Russ jr told the employee. The employee handed them tickets and they went inside.

They decided to get popcorn and a soda and they sat down and waited for the movie to start.

They cuddled and ate their popcorn as they watched the movie.

When the movie was finished they left the theater hand in hand and drove home.

When they got to her house they had a heated make out session which lasted for 5 minutes before they broke appart.

I had a good time Amy said. Me too russ jr told her. You want to go on a nice picnic at the park tomorrow?

Sure amy said . Okay see you Tommorow she said giving him a kiss and went inside.