After their sandwiches and cookies they started making out. It continued for 5 minutes until they broke appart panting.

Amy then straightened her tank top and black denim skirt.

This is a lovely picnic russ Amy told him.

Thanks Russ Jr said giving her another kiss.

These chocolate chip cookies are making me thirsty russ jr said.

I got some lemonade right here amy said.

Russ jr got out some cups and poured them both a cup.

Cheers they said clanking the their glasses together and drank the lemonade unaware that it was the shrinking potion and in a few minutes another tiny adventure would begin.

I thought this was lemonade Amy said. Me too Russel said. It tastes better though. Yeah Amy agreed.

They sat there for a few minutes until a duck and her ducklings came over to them.

Look ducklings! Amy said running towards the edge of the pond. They grabbed some leftover bread and handed it to the ducks.

Suddenly they both felt lightheaded.

Do you feel lightheaded ? Amy asked Russel. Yeah I do Russel said as they both leaned closer to the lake.

they stared down at their reflections in the lake when they noticed that their clothes were getting bigger.

My clothes are suddenly feeling a little big Russ jr commented. Yeah mine too Amy said.

Suddenly they noticed that everything was getting larger.

Oh no ! Were shrinking! Amy screamed as their clothes dropped to the ground and they landed naked in the water.

They both surfaced and looked around them and saw everything was bigger.

They felt themselves being pulled down the creek out of the park.

Hold on ! Russ jr told amy as they held hands tightly as they struggled to not get separated by the creek.

To be continued.…..