After 10 minutes of struggling in the movement of the creek due to their small size they were starting to get tired.

I don't know how much longer I can do this Amy told russel. Me neither but we have to keep going Russell said.

They suddenly noticed a leaf in the water. Amy I got an idea when we reach that leaf grab it. Russ explained.

Ready ? Russ asked. Amy nodded. O 3! They reached out and grabbed the leaf.

Phew they said as they collapsed in exhaustion.

You alright? Russ asked Yeah amy said . They both lied there for a few minutes.

How did we get small ? Russ asked. Amy sat up and gasped. The drink ! It must of been the shrinking formula my dad was working on ! But why did he put it in the fridge ? Amy asked.

I don't know russel said getting up. But we need to find a way to get back. He started to stare at Amy.

Amy realized that he was starting at her body and quickly put her arm to cover her privates with her arms.

Stop staring ! She said. Sorry Russ jr replied. Its just your body is very beautiful.

Thanks Amy said.

Where are we ? Russ asked. I think down the creek a bit. Amy said dropping her arms.

What do we do ?Amy asked.

Guess we will have to head back to The park and wait for them to start looking for us. Russ suggested.

Okay Amy said.

They got up and started to head back in the direction they came.