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Shirou Emiya-Daedric Prince of the Heroic Forge

Chapter#1:Why da faq am I bound in a wagon

~~Somewhere in the Shivering Isles~~

Shegorath is bored as fuck. So bored that he decides to peer into a random world that is not Nirn, hoping to find something, anything new to cure his boredom. He finds himself looking at a certain trolling Dead Apostle Ancestor, chillin in a very comfortable looking recliner chair with the kickrest up and peering in the infinite realities made avalible to his use of his True Magic unique to him(and da countless other Zelretches out in the multiverse):Kaleidoscope-Operation of Parallel Worlds…whom is also bored as fuck. As you can imagine, that's some very very VEEEEERRY bad Juju. Oh wait. It gets better(?).

Said 4th Dead Apostle Ancestor notices the Mad God and conjures up another recliner chair with a small end table and a platter with a nice variety of expensive cheezes and a 2 bottles of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti Grand Cru(Because he's rich as fuck). "So..you gonna sit down and tell me what a Daedric Prince is doin staring at me like tha creepy fugly old man you find in some random back alley or.." Zelretch trailed off, leaving the decision up to his guest. Shegorath could tell at a glance that he was some kind of vampire-like undead, but with no connection to his rapey brother Molag Bal. And there's Wine. And Cheeze!

" Fuck caution! It's overated anyway…and because cheeze. That's reason enough. " Thought Shegorath, then appeared in the offered recliner, put up the kickrest, grabed the nearest slice of cheeze, grabed a bottle with the other hand(already opened for his convenience), and snacked his crazy ass off. Zelretch lazily conjured a glass of Pegasus Blood(Cause why not)in his hand and took a sip, patiently waiting for his guest to introduce himself properly(not that he needed it. He knew who this Daedric God was. He just likes manners...just kidding. He couldn't give a fuck at his companion's snacking. Just a glance at The Mad God tell's him all he need's to know. He's fuckin bored too.). Shegorath just got done washing the last bite of cheeze down with the second bottle of one of the most expensive wines on the planet.

He let out a satisfied sigh and said aloud"It appears you have me at a disadvantige. Judging by the fact you know I'm a Daedric Prince and know I like cheeze, I'm gonna assume you know who I am and I'm gonna introduce myself anyways because manners."Said Cwazy God stood up to walk infront of The Old Man of Jewels and took a bow."My name is Shegorath, Daedric Prince of Madness, and cheezes. A pleasure." Zelretch introduced himself and they talked..that should be ALL you need to know about what happens next to a certain red/white headed human sword we all know. And if you don't know, you're about to find out now.

Shirou's POV

So, I go to sleep thinking I'm gonna check out that new gun exhibit for Wyatt Earp's Peacemaker Revolver tomorrow afternoon when it opens. I'ma wake up, fix breakfast, fix coffee to revive Necro-Rin from the dead(She is reeeeallly not a morning person), listen to her sip her black brew"o"bean juice and groan herself to…life(?), attempt to eat her own breakfast, and I watch the whole thing, laughing in the back of my mind at her struggle to drag herself back to the land of the living. Yeeah-nope. E-Rank luck, eat your heart out! First thing I feel is a cool breeze in my face. Second thing I feel is my clothes being really itchy and NOT keeping the cold out. Third thing I feel when I try to shift in my non-existing blanket is my hands are bound. I slowly open my eyes, careful to give out no sudden movements, while similtaniously calling upon the mental blueprints of a couple nameless swords and Mystic Codes incase things go FUBAR. It took him about half a second to sum his current situation."Da Faq?!"

So this is the first time I tried to write somthing so...yeah. Let me know what you think. Review if you want. This was just an idea I had stuck in my brain.