Yep you heard right! This fic is goin on Hi-PftFf-Ff-PFFFhuhuuhhAAHHAHAHAHAHAhaha! YO, I couldn't even WRITE that shit with a straight face! I can literaly see 1/4th of you guys readin this jump for joy, another 4th cry in outrage, the 3rd 4th shake their head in disapontment, and the FINAL 4th about to cause Irreplaceable destruction to whatever innocent device you are reading this on! Chill Da Hell Out Bruhs and Bruhdettes! I am NOT about to put this fic on Hiatus fuckin EVER. ALSO I'm too lazy as fuck to do a Rewrite. I already almost screwed the WHOLE DAMN Skyrim Storyline JUST BECAUSE Helgen was NOT destroyed and Alduin will NOT be the Final Boss at the end of the main story line. IF THERE EVEN IS ONE! That's not counting the Main 3 DLC Storylines for Consule. Do you people even realize just how many things branch off and effect the Gameplay and Missions and Lives of the Whole Skyrim Game itself where Helgen is NOT Destroyed and it's NOT glitched or fucked to all hell?! A whole. Damn. Lot. Ulfric and the other Stormcloks will have to find a different way to escape IF AT ALL to avoid not getting Executed in the BEGINING of the game. That means Jagged Crown Quest might get shot to shit. If the civil war even continues at that point AFTER Ulfric's Execution, that means I would have to make a WHOOOLE New Plot and Storyline for the new Jarl of Windhelm, which could effect The Windhelm Butcher questline, The Empire Storeroom questline, The Dark Elves, The Argonians, The Summerset Shadows questline with the Thieves Guild, Possibly the Dark Brotherhood questline, AND most important of all...SOFIE! Not including that the new Jarl is most likly gonna be Stonefist in da Bear General Outfit Righthand Man of Ulfric Stormcloak Gumar. THAT'S a whole can of worms I don't even want to get into. Not counting the kid that Hadvar saves-ish from getting roasted and has to get sent to live with his old as hell relative in the mountians, whose parents are STILL ALIVE now, which could effect the KYNE's Token Storyline cause the boy has no reason to go live with the lonely old guy. He can literally DIE up there without anybody fucking knowing or if he even will want to have a damn reason to keep fucking living in the first damn place because he has nobody to pass his knowledge and old teachings of Kyne to. AND THEN there is the whole Angi's Hut miniquest in the mountains for quick archery skill leveling to which Shirou would have a chance to show off his skills and maybe teach Angi a thing or two. That's not counting the fact that there are NON-DESTROYED BUILDINGS and NOT dead NPCs that now need a character backround and insert to the storyline. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT MOST OF THE GODDAMN BUILDINGS EVEN ARE or WHO THE HELL LIVED IN THEM! I'M PRETTY SURE IT'S A DAMN TOSS UP SAYING IF THE FORMALLY METIONED KID'S HOUSE IS EVEN AN INN OR NOT! Anyways, I just wanted to notify people that I'll be posting a mini character profile and basic knowledge description for what has changed concerning Skyrim Morgan and WHY she is so different from her former Fateverse self that everyone is basing there knowledge and opinion from. I'm pretty sure I also could have worded things differently about certain things to make them make sense. For example. It was ARTURIA who snaped when the people around betrayed her when she was in rule. AGAIN! And it was ARTURIA who prayed for her new father Akatosh to send Shirou to their new world because she loves him and misses him. Plus the Time Wound is not supposed to shoot Alduin out like a cannon into the Mountain Peak and destroy it in the prossess. Not to mention the one time Morgan is truly bored and wishing to see her sister after so long and decides to announce her boredem outloud only to have her sister be shot out of the Time Wound at such speeds to Obliterate the Mountain Peak when she knows that is definitly NOT supposed to happen? And the timing? I'd laugh at the obsurdity of the situation too! It's not like anger will really solve anything. And she most likely would have cried about her sister's absence a shitton amount of years ago. I'll also be posting the 4th chapter sometime after the Skyrim Morgan Character Backround post. It's just a matter of finalizing how I want things to go. Until then. Readya laters! AND REMEMBER THE CREED:

I see Nothing, Hear Something, Know All, and deny EVERYTHING! That is the key, to Plausible Deniability, and the little subsection, of Selective Disorder of Memory. If you see a harmless prank for where no one will cry...DENY! DENY! DENY!