Skyrim Morgan and other's Backstory

So...we all know how Morgan's life was. Merlin advises the father(Uther Pendragon) to deny her her inheritance. Mostly the throne. Then has him send the baby Arturia(Future King of Britain and Wielder of Caliburn the Sword of Selection and Golden Sword of the Victorious and Excalibur the Sword of Promised Victory, The literal crystalized hopes and dreams of humanity given phisical form, and Holy Sword of the planet which saves the world...and also female)to be raised by his most trusted knight. Also Father gets killed. Also part of Merlin's plan. Make Child Arturia get raised to be a boy and king. Succeeded. Ofcourse Morgan knows this is gonna happen. Can't stand her sister's naievity but it was how she was raised so she can't exactly blame her for that. But for blindly following the plans for a kingdom which she knows will only cause her and herself pain because human nature makes it so said kingdom(Camelot) is doomed to fall? Yeah, she can blame her for that. Her sister practically gets everything that she was supposed to get to begin with. Once on the throne, she could of most likely gave her sister a better life without the burdens of betrayal and most of all, her little sister could be normal. But a certain wizard of flowers is not having that. And knows that the kingdom is doomed to fall. And has doomed an innocent little girl to a tragic end. That's the MAIN reason he is trapped in Avalon's Dungeon. So yeah she was bitter. And grew jealous. And mad at herself for her own role to shatter her sisters dreams and bring Camelot to ruin. Mordred(Mordred the Knight of Betrayal in Arthurian Legend/King Arthur's Son...and is also female and a clone of Arturia. Merlin basically gave Arturia a working Dick using magic to get Guenivere pregnant but it was actually Morgan in disguise. Arturia wasn't aware of it.)was just a unfortunate victim in all that disfunctional bullshit. All Mordred wanted was to be acknowledged as Arturia's son and be seen as worthy in her"father's"eyes(Mordred mostly saw herself as a boy and hated to be called a girl and got pretty shy embarased and angry when complemented on her beauty or teased by her fellow Knights of the Round saying she would make for the perfect wife someday which resulted in a Tsundure blushing face and her laying them on their ass knocked da fuck out by an armored fist to the face)/daughter. So Merlin gets Exiled from the world to Avalon as punnishment for his meddling. Mordred gave a leathal blow to Arturia. Arturia killed Mordred with Rhongomynaid. Mordred is dead. Arturia is dead. She's immortal. She eventually got tired of immortality. Much like Scathach the Queen of the Land of Shadows(the original Wielder of the Cursed Spear which always pierces the Heart-Gae Bolg, which was later passed on to her student Cu Chulainn who was a famous Irish Hero). Misses her family. Want's to have a chance to start over and hopefully see them again in wherever she ends up. She offs herself. She's reborn as a dragon. Later finds out that Alduin is her Sister. By the way, Arturia is reborn as Alduin AFTER The events of Shirou and the 5th Grail War but was summoned as a Lancer Alter Bodied Saber Class Servant because of a shard of Rhongomynaid-The Lance that Shines to the Ends of the World and the spear used by The King of Kinghts Arthur/Arturia Pendragon to kill Mordred at the end of the Battle of Camlann being near the summoning circle along with Avalon the Everdistant Utopia and is the Sheath of The Last Phantasm Excalibur-The Holy Sword of the planet that saves the world inside Shirou and the cursed mud of the grail from Angra Mainyu-Zoroastrian/Persian God of Evil/Darkness and holder of All the World's Evils in the end of the 4th Grail War, allowing her to have two Noble Phantasms. Anywho, Morgan and Arturia start their relationship from scratch. They get to know one another. Mordred comes along. Doesn't take to long to identify her just by how she used to act. Also helps she walked in on one of their private conversations. They work out their issues. They become an actual family. Morgan figures out how to make a shout to gain the form she had in her previous life so she could experience life with the humans of their new world. The other two follow not to much later. They go out to do things other families do. They deepen their bonds. They also keep their human forms secret from their fellow Dovahs. Arturia tries to rule much like her previous life. Morgan and Mordred think scence this is a new world with no Merlin so they think that her atempt might succeed. Things are good for a time. THEN Many of her subjects start horrid rumors which leads her people under her rule to rebel and betray her. She can't stand the fact that despite her reign being fair and just and trying to make her subject's lives as happy as possible, they betrayed her. She changes completly. Arturia becomes a Tyrant. Starts killing those who oppose her. Mordred tried to stop her from going too far and changing to a person she can't recognise by fighting her. She failed. Mordred couldn't stand what her father has become. She left. The innocent people start to suffer under her rule. Morgan couldn't stand seeing her sister's people like that. It went completly against what her sister's kingdom stood for. She rebeled. Mordred stayed out of it. Everything happens like in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim past events. Alduin gets sent through time. Morgan tells Mordred what happened. They both grieve. They both prepare for Arturia's return. Nords and Dovahkins get drunk with power and start wars using The dragon Duo's teachings. They get sick of Human Nature. Morgan secludes herself on the throat of the world. Mordred does her own thing. Morgan goes through the Paarthurnax Style Meditation. Becomes more laid back, wise, and less like angry and bitter like her former Fateverse self. Years go by. She gets bored. Gets frusturated her sister has still not emerged from the Time Wound. Decides to shout it outloud just how she feels for the crap of it. Her prayers were answered. But not the way she expected. Infact she knew that Arturia wasn't supposed to be shot out of the time wound with enough speed to destoy the Mountain Top. Or not get shot out at all. The timing and unlikeliness of her sister's misfortune caused Morgan to laugh. She distracted Arturia's immediate verge for confrontation with crude humor and food. Gave Arturia a chance to realise they are not in a battlefield anymore. She laughed at her sister's expression because she found it adorable. The rest is self explanatory. She is a different person mostly because the conquering of her baser natures and personality and because she had a chance to have a good life and fresh start with her family. And she was happy. All those things were denied to her mostly because of a certain wizard of flowers. Now she doesn't have to worry about that. I hope I gave a satisfactory explanation for why this Morgan is so different from her former life counterpart. And also give a little story backround for Mordred and Arturia as well. Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep Ulfric alive so I can save most of the Skyrim Storyline intact. Ain't THAT gonna be fun. But DON'T WORRY! I've got a plan. I already PM'd one of my reviewers about a certain character that's gonna be a shock in how everyone veiws him or her as a person. And this person is gonna save him. Don't have a damn clue how there is gonna be a ceasefire without a dragon outbreak. No evil Alduin. I'll think of something. Oh and there is The NON-DEAD NPC's that now need a part of the story. Can anyone tell me what the non-destoryed buildings were or who lived in them? I already mentioned in the previous post notice thing that I'm lazy so I RRREEEAALLY Don't want to have to do research, find nothin, and have to do OC character insert bullshit. That's just gonna make the 4th chapter take longer and I definetly don't want to do that to all of you. If you've got some info which I can use to help me out on those details of the Skyrim game backround details for Helgen, PLEASE include them in this charater post's review. I'd really appreciate it. That said I wish u all a Happy Jingley and a Merry New Year. Expect Chapter 4 soon. Readya Laters.