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Shirou Emiya-Daedric Prince of the Heroic Forge

Chapter#7:I can fly now?! The light made me do it




"…Soooo…females are weak…men are stronger…", A VERY smug feminent voice commented.


"How's that theory working out?", Her teeth were shiny and them canines looked exceptionally pronounced. Like a wolf. A very smug and happy she-wolf. Grinning like a true savage. You could practically FEEL the mirth radiating from her pores.


"…Still think intuition isn't real?"

"… … …I'm naming my firstborn after you. Even if it's a boy."

An unlady like snort followed shortly after said declaration. Meanwhile, the Father of Werebeasts had the sudden urge to laugh at the foolish mortal who earned one of his newest daughter's ire. And amusement.

After quite the one-sided Bandit Chief Beatdown, one of the bandits was smart enough to realize that fighting an armored woman with creepy red-veins that practically made their Chief look like a toddler holding a wooden stick would be an incredibly stupid idea. Not to mention the Thalmor chick, Tomboy lookalike of the scary armored woman, and half'n'half man with two different colored eyes that shoot magical swords out of thin air. Nope. ALLLL kinds of nope. To OBLIVION with that! Next time they might not be so lucky. Folks in Skyrim have been KILLED for less! His partner apparently could see the future or something. She herself just calls him a moron.

Once everything was looted from the mine, the group of four plus a male and female bandit made their way back to Riverwood. The sun had set by the time they got back and Harvard was sitting on the steps, waiting for them in front of Alvor's House. He raised an eyebrow at seeing two bandits but ultimately paid no mind. They weren't attacking anybody like the usual everyday bandit so there's no need to start a fight. Plus his four new friends didn't look worried in the slightest. After the five got in the inn, Shirou immediately started the work of selling the food that he had been donated to them from the now dead bandits in the newly cleared Iron Ore Mine. The old Shirou woulda prolly gave the food away for an unsurprisingly whopping $Free.99. You might be wondering why he didn't do as such? Two reasons. #1.) Rin wasn't having him continue with free giveaways when it could be prevented. Discounts? Maybe. Outright free?! Hmmm, let me thi- HELLS NAW! JewelsPlusJewelcaft=Need Money. She showed him the error of his ways. Thoroughly. #2.) The 2for1 blackholes for stomachs that call him Husband/Mate and Papa respectively.(And if you thought he's selling more than needed to feed Five people for a prolonged amount of time, then we as readers will kill me in short order. And I'll help. I don't particularly feel like getting ganked for Christmas, fuckyouvery much. Stupid written garbo like that is unforgivable. Especially sense I'M writing it for ya. You all are pissed I took a whole year to get an new Chapter out to you all. I am too.)

After a bit of discussion with the two former bandits about not doing anything stupid and them both replying that they were goin to try their hands at protecting the town, as it has no guards to stop any idiots who would decide that everyone here is an easy mark. Not mention the rumors of vampire sighting increasing in the other holds. Frequent enough to be a valid concern. Shirou had returned looking quite satisfied at whatever was dicussed with the barkeep and tavern owner. Arturia noticed he left a little while ago. Probably to discuss the use of the Ebony Ingots found in the Mine. It wouldn't hurt to have Shirou wearing some armor. Imagination then provided some…interesting mental images. Followed by drooling. And some images varied in…stuff. *COUGHGlovesandboots*CoughnNOTHINELseCOUGH*COUGH*. Blushing was followed by outright laughter from across the inn by Mordred. " Did she see?!" " She couldn't have." "S-She just thought of a funny joke! Yep! A joke. Hehheheh~ " . She went to sleep trying to convince herself Mordred hadn't seen her father's/momma's dazed and perverted doppy lookin face.

Shirou saw it too but just shook his head at the scene and got settled under the covers with Arturia instictualy seeking warmth and hugging him close like that giant lion plushie he had gotten her at the at toy shop they passed coming home before shit went pear faced. Cuddled with one of the woman loved above all else, he couldn't help but wonder how Rin was doing. Knowing her, she'd probably Gandr da fuck out of him for each month passed trying to learn and Master the Keleidoscope. He brushed aside a strand of hair out of place and drifted off to sleep with a look of contentment. He had no regrets. This is the only path.

Shirou's POV

Solitude had been quite the pain to get to. At least it WOULD be if be if carriages didn't exist. A simple 40 Septums got us a ride near the front guides. The tour of the area helped keep everyone occupied while revealing sights that would require a revisit when free time is achieved. By time, I mean not follwing the whims of a random apparently Demon God. One that can be called a Neutral Good if anything. A lot more tolerable that beings like Hermaeus Mora and Molag Bal. From what was explained by Ryeilia. She had been kind enough to explain the presence of Daedric Princes and their domains. If it is who we expect, then doing so may grant us boon later when we complete said task.

It took a couple of minutes to reach but we found the temple. Not to mention the same voice in my head suddenly ringing through my ears like a drum was a dead giveaway.

"Look at my temple, lying in ruins. So much for the constancy of mortals, their crafts and their hearts. If they love me not, how can my love reach them?

I took out the God(essess'?) magical gem and placed it in the pedestal. I felt a semblance of approval wash through my mind before I can only described to be YEETED to the sky and brought before a great ball of light that had a divine scent and feeling of light rolling it in waves. What was even more surprising started changing into a form that resembeles a woman with long hair hair of shinning gold and a white robe similar to a priestess and large angelic wings.

"It is time for my splendor to return to Skyrim. But the token of my truth lies buried in the ruins of my one great temple, now tainted by a profane darkness writhing like snake throughout it's sundered halls. The Necromancer Malkoren defiles my shrine with vile corruptions, trapping lost souls left in the wake of this civil war raging throughout Skyrim to do his bidding. Worse still, he uses the power stored within my token to fuel his foul deeds. I have brought you here, Mortal, to be my Champion and perhaps something more in the future. You will enter my temple, retreive my artifact, and ANNIHILATE the defiler."

When I started out on this quest, it was mostly out of curiosity. Even then, I didn't expect such a situation. It reminded me to much of Dead Apostles that was hunted by the blades of his Reality Marble. Whole towns purged, just to keep the undead from spreading in numbers. "Tell me about the artifact. What does it look like?," Shirou asked.

"Mortals call it Dawbreaker, for it was forged in a holy light that breaks and sunders my foes, burning away corruption and false life."

"You will enter my shrine, destroy Malkoren, and retrive this mighty blade. You will wield it in my name."

Shirou was wide eyed as he didn't expect to potentially wield a divine artifact from this world. The fact that it was a sword was a bonus. Kill a Necromancer, Save the souls of innocent lives should die later in the civil war, and get a new blade of Divine Power. At least, this world's version of it. Daedric Prince or not, her power is still holy in nature. She also one of the few who are not wholy evil. The decision was a no-brainer.

"I'll do it."

"Of course you will. I have commanded it." She proceeded to chuckles in a melodic voice. "From what I can gleam from your fight with those Bandits you've slain and gave mercy to, I'd expect nothing less."

"Go now. Dawnbreaker must be reclaimed and Malkoren destroyed. Perferably in excruciating agony."

I was suddenly falling. From high in the sky. Without a Parachute.

sigh*"…Thank the root for reinforcement. "

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