'Christmases in Moose Lake'

Well, its December and that means a few things, but Christmas is one of them. So even though it isn't Christmas, I decided to write some one-shot story about Christmas. (and hopefully a good one this time) A very happy, cheerful one…

Also, I apologise for my long period of absence. I have been writing some stuff for Ao3 that I don't want to publish here. Blame that and personal things for my absence.

Anyways, without further ado, let's get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.


It was a cold winter morning in the small town of Moose Lake, Minnesota. But it wasn't any old winter morning, it was December 25. A very special day for many, including the Gunderson family.

A 12 year old red haired girl opened her eyes, and it took a few moments before she realised what day it was. She lit up in excitement, and quickly rushed over to her bird's cage, and took out an immature blue macaw named Blu.

Blu was special, as he wasn't just any old blue macaw, like a hyacinth. No, he was a Spix's macaw, although they didn't know that yet. That day would come though, but just in a few years' time.

Blu let out a joyous chirp as he was held by his owner, Linda. Linda gave him a quick kiss,

''Morning Blu. Ready to open our presents?'', Linda greeted excitedly. Blu propped up and let out another joyous chirp. Linda smiled, ''Well, lets go!'', Linda quietly exclaimed, and she rushed to her parents' bedroom. Although it was only occupied by Linda's mother, since her father left when Linda was younger.

''Mum!'', Linda exclaimed, shaking her mother awake, ''It's Christmas!'', Blu decided to join in and chirped as well. Not that his input would be necessary, but he didn't care that much. Despite Linda's age, she was still like a young child on Christmas morning. It didn't even matter to her that she knew the truth in regards to Santa; the spirit of Christmas was still strong with her.

''Yeah, I'm awake…'', Linda's mother groaned. She groggily got up, and followed her daughter as she rushed downstairs with Blu on her shoulder.

Linda made her way to the Christmas tree, and quickly went to opening the first present.

''Let's see what this is, Blu.'', Linda said to Blu, smiling excitedly. Blu watched on as Linda unwrapped it, with her mother watching on with a smile, after she had tiredly made her way downstairs. It was a book that Linda had gotten, and it was all about aviation. Something both she and Blu were interested in.

''Thanks mum!'', Linda exclaimed, and soon went through all the others. They were a mixture of books, movies, and a few gadgets and knickknacks.

Blu was a bit sad he didn't get any, but his spirits were lifted when Linda got to a few other boxes marked with 'Blu'.

''These are for you.'', Linda said, and passed a small one for Blu to open. He chirped happily, and soon went to trying to tear it open, which he did. (with the help of Linda, who really did most of the work) It was a little bell, and Blu grabbed it with his beak, and began to play with. While the chimes were dulled from his lack of strength and the fact it was on the ground, he still played with it in delight at the chimes.

''Enjoying yourself there?'', Linda chuckled, and Blu chirped happily in response, ''Well that's good.'', Linda smiled, ''I've got some more.'', Linda said as she got some other presents for Blu.

They opened them together (Again, Linda did most of the work) and they were mostly toys, but there was a treat for Blu which he was withheld from having "until after". Whenever that is.

Soon, Linda's family came over to celebrate Christmas. Linda showed Blu to her cousins, although Blu was shy, but at the same time was happy with the attention. It was nice to see so many happy people, and have all this attention, even if he was shy.

Lunch time came, and it was Christmas Ham along with some other things. As Blu was a parrot, he wasn't a fan of meat, and so he had his own bits of fruit and the treat he had gotten, which he happily ate alongside Linda, preferring to stay close with his best friend.

But while the atmosphere around him was joyous, Blu was beginning to feel sad. The sad truth was that he felt quite lonely sometimes, and it wasn't just when Linda was at school. Its weird, because Blu was surrounded by people, but he felt so lonely.

The only light seemed to be Linda, with whom he subconsciously regarded as his mother. She cared for him, loved him and did everything for him, like a mother. It also helped that she was a girl that was older than him.

Faint memories of a time in the wild flashed in Blu's mind, which was accompanied by a pain in his chest. Those memories were becoming a bit fainter as time went on. They were fresh when he first came here, but with time they started to feel more distant, no matter how much Blu wanted to hang onto them, even if they hurt him.

Lunch eventually wrapped up, and Blu had finished his food. Blu managed to hide his sadness, or so he thought. Linda interpreted his sadness as just being shy. Blu just wished his family could visit, wherever they are. Surely, if Linda's family could, then his should be able. After all, his could fly, while Linda's couldn't.

But Blu had learned by now that it was pointless to sit by the window for hours on end and wait for his family to come, as he'd spent so much time doing that to no avail. But of course, he still wanted to cling onto the bit of hope that his parents would come. Its like a pig chasing a carrot on a stick.

Maybe one day they'll come…

It was Christmas again, and the usual parent waking, present unwrapping and wait before Linda's extended family came. Blu sat by sadly as he saw Linda's family come in, lamenting how he didn't have one.

''Blu?'', a voice called, and Blu turned around. Two blue birds just like him stood before him. They looked like a couple, and Blu recognised them.

''Mummy, daddy!'', Blu cried as he ran towards them, hugging his parents. At long last they came! He knew they would, he just had to wait. Like someone said: Good things come to those who wait. And boy had Blu waited.

''Oh, we missed you so much Blu!'', Blu's mother and father exclaimed, ''Look what we've got you!'', Blu's mother exclaimed as they parted. Blu's mother presented a present for Blu to unwrap, to which he did.

It was a little necklace with a heart figure on it, and Blu opened it. There, a photo of him, his mother and father together, sat. Blu held it, smiling happily, tearing up in joy.

''Thanks mummy…'', Blu crooned, ''You're welcome…'', his mother responded. Linda came over,

''Enjoying yourself with your family?'', Linda asked happily, and Blu chirped in joy.

''Linda told us the directions here. We owe her one for helping us back to you.'', Blu's mother crooned, and Blu turned to Linda, who was smiling.

''You're welcome, Blu.'', Linda smiled, and Blu chirped at her, before focusing his attention to his parents. His eyes were filled with tears of happiness as he raced over to his mother, snuggling into her soft, warm and comforting fluffy feather.

The feathers soon faded into a familiar soft texture. Blu opened his eyes and could barely see. But he didn't need to see to realise he was in his sleeping pouch. The sad realisation dawned upon him that it was all just a dream… At least he got to have a dream like that, and just one special moment with two loved ones he hadn't got to spend a lot of time with.

Maybe next Christmas… Maybe they'll come one day… Blu knew it, he knew that they'd find their way to him one day. Whenever that day will be… But surely it will happen one day… Yes, one day, he'll finally see them. Blu knew it, he just had to wait. After all, good things come to those who wait…

Blu sat by the window, with a faint memory of him doing the same thing as a chick. Its just that this time, he was eating, and rather than waiting in vain for his parents to arrive, he was just watching the outside world.

Oh, how happy those birds looked. They probably had families and friends, and they could fly too. Something Blu didn't have, apart from having Linda, who to him was a mother and best friend wrapped in one.

Blu saw those happy birds fly by, and the occasional car and pedestrian who was foolish enough to walk in the cold go by as well. Blu often did this, fantasising about joining them, or at least being able to talk to them.

Blu had tried to talk with them, although he was super shy and awkward, he at least tried to make friends. But he doesn't do this much anymore, thanks to every one of them rejecting him on the basis of being a domestic bird. Blu never failed to feel wronged every time that happened. After all, it wasn't his fault he was a domestic bird.

''Hey Blu, come on! Let's watch some movies together!'', the joyous and excited exclamation of Linda broke Blu away from his thoughts. At least the sappy Christmas movies will distract him from the crippling loneliness.

Linda had been doing some cleaning and adjustments in the bookstore, and Blu had simply come down with her.

Linda put her arm near Blu so he could perch on it. Blu perched himself on Linda's arm, and he climbed onto her shoulder as they went upstairs to the loungeroom to watch some sappy Christmas movies. Or just end up watching Die Hard.

Linda had gotten a bowel of popcorn for them both to eat while they watched the movies on TV. So, the usual stuff they play every Christmas was on. So, Blu kind of zoned out, but something still got through. Family.

The same stuff that happens every Christmas, and no matter what Blu couldn't seem to avoid it. Especially since family is an important part of Christmas. Its inescapable. Blu rested against Linda and became lost in his thoughts.

Blu still could remember that fateful day he was smuggled, and it was still painful every time he recalled it. He often remembered it before going to sleep, reminding him of his desolation in regards to relationships with other birds.

Unfortunately, the other memories had faded to time, and all that remained of them were brief flashes of abstract shapes and a feeling of sadness.

He felt these feelings whenever he sat by the window, wishing he could have a friend that he could talk to and that would understand what he says. Blu fought back tears, so as not to worry the light of his life: Linda, his best (and only) friend and maternal figure in his life.

Blu remembered all the times he was rejected by the other birds, and he felt a mixture of anger, sadness and loneliness. The anger came from how they'd reject him for something that wasn't his fault. Why were they so judgemental? He wasn't a human, so why would they hate him?

The sadness came from all the pain from being rejected, and the pain from being a laughingstock. And well the loneliness was self-explanatory. It all was a trifecta of negative emotions that stemmed from something he couldn't control.

But like how he clung onto the hope of his parents one day returning, Blu still clung onto the futile hope that he'd one day make a friend. He just had to try, he just had to wait. After all, good things come to those who wait…

Blu sat by his beautiful mate, Jewel. Blu was smiling widely, not just because he was snuggled with (or more so Jewel snuggling into him) the most beautiful bird in the world, but he was with his adorable little kids in the place he'd grown up in. Moose Lake, Minnesota.

It had been a difficult journey, but he persevered and can finally say he has a family to call his own, and friends and loved ones who were birds like him. It was a dream come true.

''I don't know why I was so against coming here, this place is great!'', Jewel exclaimed as she cuddled up against Blu. Blu smiled and planted a kiss on her head. It was snowing outside, and Blu was happy that his mate and children had gotten to see snow for the first time in their lives. But most of all, he was happy to spend it all in Moose Lake.

''You enjoying yourselves here?'', Blu called out to his children. They're beautiful little darlings. Blu remembers their hatching like it was yesterday. They were so little and cute. That memory never failed to bring joy and happiness to him. He finally felt complete, for the most part. Still some bits to fit with jigsaw pieces, but for the most part he felt like a complete little jigsaw puzzle, which is nice.

''Yes daddy!'', they responded with joy. Blu smiled happily; they are so adorable. Blu noticed Linda coming over with some hot chocolate. Blu squawked in joy, as Linda placed it down.

''Here it is, Blu! Made just how you like it!'', Linda spoke, and Blu went over to them. He inspected his drink, and sure enough it was perfect. He turned over to Jewel,

''You gotta try this, Jewel, its soooo good!'', Blu enthused, and Jewel nodded, ''Alright then Blu.'', she responded and Blu let her try his cup of hot chocolate. She took a few sips and started gulping it down greedily.

''Hey, don't drink it all!'', Blu laughed, and Jewel took her beak away from the drink, and her beak was covered in hot chocolate, like a milk moustache.

''But its sooo good!'', Jewel exclaimed playfully, smiling. Blu laughed,

''See? I knew you'd love it.'', Blu smiled, and he looked at his family. At long last, he could spend Christmas with his family, and not just Linda's family. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without his best friend, Linda, who was still apart of the family as far as Blu was concerned.

But Blu remembered his parents, and the feelings of loneliness he felt every Christmas. He missed them, even if he didn't remember them. But he looked at his family, and he remembered that he at least had them.

Blu went over and cuddled into Jewel,

''I love you so much, Jewel.'', Blu crooned, as he snuggled into her beautiful, soft cerulean feathers. His eyes were closed, and he soon reopened them and realised it was dark.

Blu was snuggled beside the most beautiful bird in the world in a dark nest box. She was sleeping so peacefully as always. Blu felt a bit sad, but still remembered that there was a chance he could go to Moose Lake with his family next Christmas.

Their kids were too young to go last time, but maybe this time they could all go to Moose Lake for Christmas. He's sure they'd all love to see snow, especially as they've spent all their lives in a tropical environment.

And Blu also remembered his parents, and the life he had before he was with Linda. Blu moved and held a necklace with a heart shaped locker, and opened it. Inside a precious drawing laid, drawn by him as a chick. It was like that dream he had once, and although the drawing was crude, he still held it close to him.

Blu sighed gently, saddened. That necklace was him grasping onto something that may no longer be there. But he still had hope like he always did. He just had to wait, just like he always did.

After all, good things come to those who wait…

Well, that wraps up this story, I hope you liked it.

I decided to do something different from the usual Christmas stories, I hope it turned out well.

Anyways, I don't know when I'll publish something else, but I hope its soon. I'm working on chapter 2 for my creation stories and myths story.

Until next time, goodbye.