Space, Time, Reality, Power, Mind, Time and Soul... These are the building blocks of all worlds in the Multiverse. I am Uatu the Watcher and my kind have been watching over all that has ever happened and ever will in each of these worlds, never to interfere and to only observe. We have observed events in the universe and watch as incidents unfold. However if events unfolded differently, more possibilities come to pass in these various worlds. Join we as we examine various worlds and question... What If?

15 year old Peter Parker had been bitten by a special spider while attending a public demonstration at General Techtronics Labatories East, leading to him becoming the one they call Spider-Man. But how could have events carried out if he had not been bitten and instead it was who would have become one of his harshest critics?

What if J. Jonah Jameson was bitten?

J. Jonah Jameson Jr the aged owner, founder and publisher of the Daily Bugle newspaper which has survived through restructuring in modern times as an online news media as well as newspaper known as Daily Bugle Communications, was disgruntled as he trudged through the crowds to watch the science demonstration as Dr Eric Schwinner led the demonstration. He couldn't believe it as most his field reporters were on different assignments and it would take too long to find someone to cover this demonstration and get pictures for the Bugle. His days on field as 'Jigsaw' Jameson were over but he was here.

He was struggling with the high tech camera that he had brought and bumped into nearby Peter Parker who asked if he needed help. "You know how this camera works kid?" Jameson asked as Peter nodded as Jameson tossed him the camera and a fifty dollar note, "help me get some pics for the newspaper and the website, may credit you for them." Jameson said suddenly as Peter accepted it thinking on how he could use the money.

The spider that had been destined to bite Peter instead went down and got onto Jameson's neck and bit him, he shouted as he flew the spider away and snapped at Peter that he was fine when the teenager asked him if he was alright in concern. After getting the camera back he went to his office to write the article of the labs for the Bugle. He felt weird and gotten home to his wife Martha, thinking he would be better in the morning and he could focus on the public for his astronaut son John.

He felt weird as well in the morning and was stunned when he leaned against the wall and he could stick up it and climb up and down. He jumped down and wondered how he could be that athletic as it had been years since he had even stepped foot into a gym.

He went to his limo and was stunned when he had a bright alarm feeling in his head and stepped out of the way of a skateboarder on the sidewalk who would have crashed into him. He pushed it aside as he got to work and found himself strong when he accidentally broke his desk, soon after work he told his driver that he wanted to keep fit and walk home. He could run fast and tried out his climbing up the walls of an alley.

By chance Peter Parker was walking by on the way from the library and heard the sound and watched Jameson climb down the wall. Peter looked amazed and soon they recognised eachother, Peter asked what happened and Jameson remembered the spider that bit him on the neck and Peter was amazed that Jameson got spider powers.

Mr Jameson walked Peter to his home and deciding to keep an eye on the only other person who knew of his abilities; came back the next day saying he was interested in giving Peter an internship at DBC. Peter's Aunt May and Uncle Ben were thrilled at the idea and the opportunity for Peter, especially how they were long time readers of the Bugle. Peter was driven by his Uncle Ben to meet Jameson at the building so the could talk in his office. Peter thought that Jameson could be a wrestler or a hero but Jameson scoffed of going about as a masked vigilante. However he got an idea...

"Green what Mr Jameson?" Peter asked as Jameson grimaced muttering about the ignorant youth.

"Green Hornet! A newspaper mogul who spotlighted as a masked vigilante under the guise of a criminal mastermind to the public, so he could infiltrate the criminal underworld from the inside, I listened to reruns of his adventures on the radio all the time when I was a lad with my father. I could use these powers against the lowlifes and I have the resources to make sure that my new identity is seen as a menace! So you want to be my secret ally in my new crusade?" Jameson explained with a grin and Peter nodded excited at the idea and was sworn to secrecy.

Jameson got a costume ready and Peter even decided to put his scientific knowledge to work creating the Web-Shooters and webbing that he had created in various other realities, hacking into police radios to find their first crime to react to.

Jameson was in a red suit, a bulletproof suit underneath a red shirt, a red longcoat (modified so it wouldn't interfere with his moving about) with a black spider logo on it, his web-shooters with red gloves and a red mask with lenses and a voice changer. Clinging to a wall he was at the back entrance of a TV studio as a robber escaped through the back door.

Jameson jumped down and pushed him to the wall and told him to his face "Listen here, I am leaving you for the cops and you will give this message which will be sent to all the other criminals out here. New York belongs to the Spider-Man now and I don't want to hear anyone doing a racket, counterfeit, sell drugs or even rob a deli unless they work for me!" he then webbed him to the wall and escaped leaving him to be found by the chasing police officers.

After unintentionally preventing the murder of his new sidekick's uncle, Jameson got to work beating up criminals and used the Daily Bugle to hype Spider-Man up as a masked menace and criminal. As Spider-Man he managed to save his son's life but used the incident to blame his alter ego and bring his campaign into overboard. Soon Spider-Man was the most feared criminal in the city, taking jobs for various mobsters to take down while betraying employers.

He brought various gangs to heel working for him and inflicted a strict no kill policy and got them only to steal resources and money from their rivals. All money that he had made as Spider-Man would be anonymously donated to various charities, homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

Jameson set up a lab for Peter to work on his invention ideas and would come up with gadgets for Spider-Man to use along with his army of unwitting vigilantes, Peter would go on to excel in his studies and was made valedictorian in his High School graduation.

Jameson was smiling along with Ben and May Parker as they posed behind Peter in his graduation photo.

Spider-Man found himself against dangerous villains and got them taken down to in the pretence of eliminating any competition and found allies in the most well intentioned foes that he had faced.

In the headquarters of Spider-Man's organisation, Jameson as Spider-Man was celebrating as he had framed up a headline of a large muscular bald headed man with a black eye and in handcuffs being led into a prison transport truck as the headline read "WANNABE KINGPIN CONVICTED!" he was with Frank Castle a retired military veteran whose family were having a picnic in the park when they accidentally witnessed a mob execution but they were saved when Spider-Man and his enforcers took them down for the police when they arrive and they escaped. Frank grateful for Spider-Man saving his family's lives managed to track him down and offered his services since there were worst criminal masterminds to serve and he was keeping crime under control. He was now the chief enforcer of the organisation.

On the other side of Spider-Man was Hobie Brown a gifted inventor and served as a masked cat burglar briefly as the Prowler before being stopped and upon hearing of his motivations instead took him on. Hobie now served as Spider-Man's right hand man.

However of course Spider-Man's opponents included those of the police, the FBI and even the masked vigilante of Hell's Kitchen known as Daredevil who was determined to bring down Spider-Man. Jameson lamented that because he had to retain a cover as a criminal mastermind, he had to have enemies in those who should be allies and didn't know that they were really on similar sides. Especially when his idol Captain America returned and had a go of trying to apprehend Spider-Man. Still Jameson managed to persevere with the help of his sidekick who would go on to great things in his life.

Jameson was happily serving as the one to officiate the wedding of Peter and Gwen Stacy who he had met in college.

J. Jonah Jameson using the Daily Bugle to smear the name of Spider-Man and calling him a masked menace. An idea that sounds incredibly familiar and yet so different in how things had played out differently. Many scenarios can come to pass when you ask what if...

What If is by far the Disney Plus show I am looking forward to the most and I hope the show can get merchandise. I will get my bank card ready at any solicitations or announcements of a Marvel Legends T'Challa Star Lord. I am open to suggestions and ideas for what ifs but please send them by Personal Message please. I may put in possible pairings and shippings and I am partial to Spider-Man ones as well.