Hey guys! I wanted put what each hero would say in the situation that you are dying in their arms from the pov of my OC, Lily.

Warning: You might cry

Disclaimer: I do not own PJO, HOO, or TOA

Lily and Nico

With the blade sticking out from my heart I could barely see. It hurt so...bad.

" Lily!" I hear someone yell. Nico runs over and crouches at my side.

" Oh Lily. Oh gods. Ok, I'm going to pull it out and it's going to hurt," Nico said, " Ready?"

I nod. When he pulls it out I have to hold in a scream, knowing that by screaming the monsters will find us. As everything around me everything seemed to disappear Nico grabbed my hand.

" Hold my hand," he said, " It's just like sleeping." So I did. While everything around me melted away, I could still feel Nico's hand in mine, leading my soul to the Underworld. I can't wait to choose rebirth. Getting to know them all over again.

Thank you Nico, I think, Thank you for making dying easier.

Gods I just used like 10 tissues. Jeez I made myself cry. I feel like Nico would be a great person to die in the arms of. Not just because he is son of Hades but because he would make letting go of everything instead of fighting when it was hopeless.

Ok Question of the Day: What is your favorite color

Mine is black and sea-green

Love you guys

- Wise girl