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Lily and Grover

Stupid Labyrinth. Remind me why I'm down here again? Oh right, Chiron sent demigods down to look for some Percy. Idiots. No one, not even Percy would be down here. Not after last time.

" Ahh," a strangled scream escapes me.

I look down to see that I had tripped over a tree root. Why in Hades is there a tree root down here?!

" Hello?" I hear a voice yell.

" Over here! I yell.

When they walk around the corner of one of the halls I smile. Grover, one of the greatest satyrs ever found me. I had known Grover for about 3 years. Ever since I was 14 Grover and I have been really close.

" No Percy?" he asked.

" Nope."

" Then lets head back to camp and clean up that cut on your leg."

I hadn't even realized the tree root had cut me until Grover pointed it out.

" Yeah," I say.

" You run into any monsters yet?" Grover asks.

Just after he asks we hear an overwhelming roar echo through the Labyrinth.

" You had to ask," I said, unsheathing my sword.

Soon enough a baby minotaur finds us. I fight with my sword and Grover uses nature, but every time we kill it, it reforms.

After the 4th time it reforms it rams straight at me, and due to the narrow hall, I didn't have enough room to sidestep from the horn. I feel it impale my stomach before I stab it one last time and Grover sweeps all of the gold dust in different directions to keep it from reforming for a while.

" Hey. It's gonna be okay. Your gonna be okay," he says to me.

" Find Percy okay. Tell him I said hi."

" Not again. Not again!" Grover cried.

" It's not your fault. It's not your fault," I whisper as I drift away.

It's not your fault Grover.

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