Here's the final chapter to wrap this story up, also be ready of other surprises waiting at the end…enjoy!

Chapter 06: Begin Life's Test…?


The scene shows someone slowly waking up to realize they were in some medical place. And that someone, turns out from where the camera angles from to be…Chell. As the mare was in a hospital bed, slowly waking up with a beeping noise of a life box. And there were some folks nearby her to see…she was awake!

"Chell!" Yep, it was the gang that had escape from Aperture Science & waited for their mute friend to wake up.

"Oh darling, your awake!" Rarity smiled in great joy of who came around.

"Oh thank goodness, we feared the worse." Fluttershy signed in fearing for the worse.

"Ah, I wasn't worried…" Phobos waved off in not being completely bothered.

"Says the guy that was biting his nails with worry?" Spike slyly stated about how worried the moon dragon was.

"HEY!" Phobos yelled off in having been addressed as a worried sick victim.

"Welcome back Chell, how do you feel…" Pinkie Pie smiled in asking the mare of how she's doing.

"Pinkie Pie, she can't talk, remember?" Applejack narrow her eyes to remind the pony, Chell is incapable of speaking.

"Oh, well in that case, one nod for yes, two nods for I think so, & three nods for no." Pinkie Pie replied off to simply state this little idea.

"Shouldn't there be only two different nods for yes & no?" Rainbow Dash raised a puzzled eyebrow in what the pink pony was asking.

"Dugh, I'm giving her more choice options." Pinkie Pie rolled her eyes in stating what she's actually doing.

"Doctor Horse, how is she?" Ben asked in seeing the doctor that was helping their friend look over the charts about the patient here.

"Well, in my years as a doctor, it's astonishing to say the least. No normal pony could have survive such hardships as this one, even more so…from the data you brought back." Doctor Horse stated in looking over the research that was brought to him thanks to those that ventured into Aperture Science & uncovered what Chell had experienced. "Chell having been a Test Subject, & worse…had close encounter in an environment meant to push one's physical limitations, polluted toxin waters & exposure to some parts of Neurotoxins…by Princess Celestia, it's no wonder she has such a resilience even with the lose of her voice." The doctor was quite shocked that any normal pony could have survived any of that.

"Guess the data we pulled out from those old Test Records of what Chell did as a human proved useful, but not enough about her entire life." Pinkamena stated to mention about what they came across in knowing about Chell, but only about test active moments, no background history, nothing…

"Which leads us on what to do now, Chell was a human being, & she was finally free before she got dragged into another mess." Twilight rubbed her chin in pondering what can be done for Chell after all that happened.

"It's almost like what happened when a Sunset Shimmer came from EQG Universe to our own, but now's made Equestria her home now." Ben stated in remembering the human version of Sunset Shimmer that got sent to their world, & made it her home while the pony version stayed in EQG Universe.

"So, can we find a way to send her back?" Nyx asked in thinking they can get Chell home.

"I'm afraid that maybe…with no memory, & what GLaDOS may have done in her world, there might not be anything left for her? I almost felt like that, until I found a place to call my home, but for Chell, well…what else is there?" Starlight shook her head in feeling that Chell has no memory, or how long the years have been of what happened that the mare was a test subject; is there anything left for Chell back in her old world.

Chell was hearing much about what her future was gonna be like now that Aperture Science is gone, she was human, she probably had a home where she originated from. But she has no memory of anything, zip, natta, nothing, so even if that's where she belongs, would it be better then where she is now. Chell reach for a piece of paper, then began to doodle something in which she smiled to give to Twilight, who upon noticing it said; 'This World…Is My New Home Now' to which could meant one thing…

"Wait a second, your saying…you wanna make your new life here…in Equestria?" Twilight stated in following what Chell wanted to say to them; the mute mare nods with a smile in saying 'yes' in response.

"THAT'S AMAZING! We can start by getting together a Welcome To Your New Home Party Celebration!" Pinkie Pie cheered with happiness & joy in what this meant; Chell is gonna be a resident in their world.

"BAMfruvhmm…" Suddenly without warning, something crashed through the walls of the outside room to which as the smoke cleared; everyone saw a weird metallic cube.

"Alright, which of you caused that?" Nurse Redheart appeared to lecture of anyone that made a hole in the wall to the outside.

"Hey, it wasn't us?" Phobos stated in seeing that eyes were looking at two baby dragons that could have pulled that stunt.

"This thing came out of nowhere, but…where did it come from?" Spike rubbed his head in not knowing where this thing came from.

Suddenly the metallic cube protected a hologram of something, or rather…SOMEONE! It had the features of a mare alicorn, only it's body was all silver coated steel, black-gray on a lock of mane & tail, & dark tan yellow optic eyes. The dark-gray marks were seen on design on the wings top spot, around the bottom hooves, the ankles, & beneath the belly. Finally, there was a light-blue perfectly rotating circle to which unknown to many, is actually the Aperture Science Logo for any product made by such a laboratory facility. Finally, this figure gaze down to express a blank emotion of a machine, but with an AI far more intelligent then some may believe…

"Hello Chell, so nice to see me, isn't it." The voice sounding like GLaDOS responded in making a strange vague expression.

"GLaDOS!?" Everyone gasped in knowing that voice, the original enemy from Aperture Science was…STILL ALIVE!

"But dat can't be, we saw ye were…" Applejack protest in knowing they saw GLaDOS was finished off by Grimmy when that turncoat took over the science facility.

"Destroyed & reduced to an eye spec, no…I found a way out…into the new body you see before you." GLaDOS issued off in making this claim in having to let everyone marvel at the new body she now exists in.

"Great, well at least your our size." Rainbow Dash rolled the eyes before trying to make a snarky comment.

"Not quite, I'm actually five times bigger, this image is just for…settle appearances." GLaDOS issued off to mention this that shock everyone, especially from a change in size imaginary of GLaDOS being almost giant-like in the whole room.

"Great….not too happy to hear that she's as big now as her last body?" Rainbow Dash signed to roll her eyes in seeing that now they got an enemy AI with a big body to worry about.

"Well what can she do, the facility blew up?" Rarity narrow her eyes in knowing that GLaDOS was dangerous in Aperture Science in running the whole facility, but what can she do now.

"True, the significate blow of losing Aperture Science was a heavy lose, but I been busy. Meet my two new assistants, Atlas & P-body." GLaDOS stated as more images reveal two more bots with cores inside them, as they serve the Central Core.

"Holy Smokes! It's the two robots from the Co-Op part of Portals 2!" Pinkie Pie broke the 4th wall to mention this, much to everyone's puzzlement.

"Your pink friend is as randomly illogically complex, as usual." GLaDOS spoke off in knowing how bizarre Pinkie Pie is that...defiles all logical sense. "But over the year of redesigning the facility, I've had my own drones find locations for several new…Testing Facility sites. As of now, my purpose for testing…shall continue in this world." She mentioned this that would leave a great shock to many…GLaDOS was far from being done in her prime function to test.

"What! Your still planning to put ponies through such horrible test?" Fluttershy gasped in being horrified by that very idea they thought was put behind them.

"Not just them, other creatures with the primordial mind, to study their ability to solve test. It will be forever recorded in records." GLaDOS explained what she will be doing to study & test any creature that can solve test. "And to think, none of this would have been possible, without that unique shard that caused all of this to transpire." She mentioned something else here that would also, catch everyone's attention.

"What shard?" Ben raised an eyebrow in what type of shard did the AI mean?

"This shard…" Suddenly, GLaDOS made a tiny image of a shard for many to see, something which was familiar to the Sparkle gang. "It had came into Aperture Science that held a unique energy, but it responded to transport the facility along with those around it to your world." GLaDOS explained how a simple shard managed to perform so much when it was discovered & left in the world Aperture Science came from.

"Oh my goodness, that must have been a shard from Grimmore? It must have travel across space & time, into a different reality of Chell's world?" Twilight gasped in realizing what that was, when her family was in the Time Realm, & caused a chain reaction in time in the earlier events with Starlight Glimmer, the heroes had to stop Grimmore which the result sent thousands among thousands of his evil shards across the space-time continuum & reaching alternate worlds & realities.

"But it looks so small, could it have really caused that much?" Nyx raised an eyebrow in being puzzled here about the shard's actual size.

"I bet'cha that shard somehow made an evil function that made Grimmy, but it gave him the personality of Wheatley? But by the looks of it, only a tiny inch of evil was there, but the power…seems to be in GLaDOS control." Pinkamena randomly was breaking the 4th wall in guessing what truly happened that Grimmy became an evil version of Wheatley while the leftover power became something GLaDOS took control of in the end.

"Correct, & now that I have this unique energy, my intelligence has grown wider on more possibilities. I can create my own test facilities, record everything & continue to prowl for the next unknown results of testing. But this message is not about me…" GLaDOS explained much about what she's now able to perform with the power she now controls. "I am simply presenting a gift to the one that killed & gave me such trouble. You murderous mute, monster." She spoke as all attention was focus on Chell, as the metallic cube glowed suddenly without warning…

"Watch out, that thing might be a bomb!" Ben warned everyone that this could be a bomb meant to take them out.

Suddenly without warning, the cube metallic box pop down it's sides to reveal something…surprisingly shocking no one expected. It was just a Weighted Cube, only this one had a pink heart in it's center on all sides, followed by a birthday cake with a lit candle. In truth, it was not an enemy's death trap, it was actually…a surprise gift no one expected a killer AI to perform.

"Surprise…I bet you thought it was something deadly, if only I had recorded your expressions. Oh wait, I did. Enjoy your reward Chell, & get well soon, you never know…what new test awaits for either of us to gain results. Goodbye…" With all of that said & brag off in a sly motion, GLaDOS' holographic image faded away, leaving many to sign as if feeling their hearts had stop for a brief moment.

"Okay, I did not expect that?" Rarity raised an eyebrow in finding that, was beyond many thigns they encounter.

"You think she poisoned the cake?" Rainbow Dash asked in not even going near a cake that was given to them by the enemy.

"Nope! My party senses do not sense any tampering with the items, they're legit." Pinkie Pie stated off in having check everything, even sniff & took a quick taste of the frosting; it's all in the clear as the group's official party tester.

"Oh dear, I guess GLaDOS is going to become a resident in our world?" Fluttershy meekly felt concern about a new foe running around in their world to keep track of them.

"It's one thing fer good folks, but it ain't so good when bad guys make their setups here?" Applejack sternly stated about her own thoughts in the matter.

"We best make some plans when that future comes up?" Twilight suggested what they do to insure, that folks can be ready if GLaDOS tries any off sight attacks as apart of her 'testing' moment or kidnapping.

"But how's about we just be glad, everyone's safe." Starlight smiled in trying to change the mood back to where they were happy before GLaDOS showed up.

"She's right Twilight, we are to celebrate Chell's recovery. Not worry about a new foe sticking around. Am I right?" Ben patted Twilight's back to cheer her up to know what they are truly here for.

Everyone was in agreement to that, & not let the news of a loose AI get them down. But while everyone else was chatty, Pinkamena seem distracted with other things in mind.

"Hugh, I just wish Fila can wake up soon to, then we can really have a grand time." Pinkamena signed in wondering how their other friend is doing about now.

The scene begins to shift away while everyone was still focused on Chell…


Elsewhere the scene focuses on where Omega was waiting nearby the tech bed as Fila seem to be resting while much of her old fur skin seem torn a bit off while bandage up. Suddenly, all things flash out when zooming to the mare, as she begins to open her eyes to find herself not in a hospital room, but on the shores of a beach. Another thing was that her exposed metal parts were not seen, & when she touch that spot felt…soft, almost like she was not a cyborg. Then some steampunk cloak wearing stallion was seen sitting on a stone looking at some seashells before noticing…the company.

"Wh...Who are you?" Fila asked off shuddered in not knowing who's here, but...he seem familiar, why?

"Do you not recognize me, my dear child?" Then the mysterious steampunk cloak figure was revealed to be…someone that was familiar to Fila. "It is I, Hector Steampunk, stallion inventor of our Steampunk technology, &…your father." He was shown wearing casual clothing of the steampunk era, top hat with goggles, he had a mustache, & had steam gear shifter image on his hat which might be a cutie mark.

"Hugh, your my...D-D-Daddy! What are you doing here? I thought you were…" Fila was completely lost, how is her father here when he died so long ago.

"I'm not really here daughter, yet I'm very real. Inside of your mind, I'm an AI program of myself which was installed into you, should you ever be near the end stage of your body's function to live. And since you're here, you must of done something really intense to push your body to end up where we at last meet." Hector Steampunk exclaimed off to mention a bit of this for the mare to follow along.

"I don't know how long I might stay, but I will tell you what happened." Fila stated off with a sad sign; as she explained her story to her father as time seem to pass before she was done.

"I see, that explains what happened." Hector Steampunk responded in sounding serious.

"At last, the nightmare is over." Fila sign in feeling at last, the nightmare they suffered is gone for good.

"I'm afraid not child, you managed to end the place that destroyed our world, but the one that still inflict much pain…remains loose." Hector Steampunk shook his head to sadly regret the fact, all but one loose end remains at large.

"GLaDOS…but, she's gone?" Fila gasped in shock, the AI should no longer be around…

"No, when you force yourself in the Aperture Science system, a tiny window revealed…GLaDOS escaped her demise, & now roams. And from what she learned, she may find new test subjects to acquire results on an endless data for her prime function." Hector Steampunk signed to shake his head, stating that GLaDOS is very much alive, & will continue her directive; find test subjects & perform test weather that subject lives or dies to get results.

"Then, it was all for nothing…but father, let me ask…am I…dead?" Fila looked down in regret while asking…if she's truly dead now.

"Not quite daughter, but you came close after what happened from stressing your cyborg parts too far beyond their capabilities." Hector Steampunk

"Is there anything you can do, fix me, replace my parts? Anything?" Fila asked in concerns in how she can be fixed.

"How I wish I could, I did so much to help you survive when we left our dead world, but there is nothing else I can do." Hector Steampunk explained with a heavy sign; this caused Fila's ears to lower, until her father pats her back. "Chin up daughter, there may still yet be a way, a chance for you to survive. Perhaps with the aid of a certain group of new friends you've come across." He stated that perhaps there may yet still be a way Fila can survive, with the aid of her newfound friends.

"You think so father." Fila at first was sounding excited, but then…she realized something else. "B-But if I do, I might never see you again"

"I may be just an AI of the original serving my own function before departing, however…No matter what happens, I'll always be with you in spirit. Just know, that no matter what, live your life no matter what you are or what others say you become." After having said all of that, Hector Steampunk puts Fila into hugging her father while lightly crying some tears out.

"I'm happy the nightmare is over with, now…our kind can be at peace." Fila smiled a bit to say while tears began to develop.

"I'm glad as well." Hector Steampunk spoke as he broke out of the hug to dry the mare's tears. "Now go & awake yourself, there are those waiting to see you…& someone, who may not be flesh & alive, has a soul & cares for you. Goodbye, Fila…" After having said that much, Hector Steampunk began to vanish in steam while always showing a caring smile of a compassionate father to his daughter.

Everything begins to blur out around this time, as the scene returns to the current events in a hospital room where Fila slept. But during the process, Fila's eyes made tears stream down as she began to wake up, which someone took immediate notice.

"Fila, you're awake. But, are you alright…your eyes appear to be emitting a leakage?" Omega asked off in seeing the mare awake, but was crying; why?

"Yes, I'm alright. I just had a visit from…my father…in my dreams it seems." Fila stated off to say while lightly drying her tears.

"Curious, but subject on topic may wait. Let me help you up." Omega stated off to say this much at the moment.

Now Fila was being slowly helped up by Omega, so far everything was going well…

"Ugh…" Fila yelped from feeling herself lose balance, luckily Omega caught her.

"It would seem even with some patching work, your normal function of movement is slightly off?" Omega stated in having his scans readout the cyborg components in Fila, much of it has only metal added plates & a few replacement wires.

"Omega, can you tell me…what my condition is?" Fila asked in wanting to know, how bad was she.

"Pinkamena asked for Armor Stark's tech to help understand what can help you, but…the parts needed to replace cannot be acquired. Any chance to replace cyborg parts entirely would result in you not surviving." Omega explained that as of now, Fila's old outdated steampunk cyborg parts can't be fix good as new, & a full on replacement shows the mare wouldn't survive.

"I see…so, I'm…out of action, hugh?" Fila looked down in fearing that with her condition like this, she'll be out of action & fights.

"Given enough time to rest, you can continue to live an active life, but the doctors suggest staying out of battles as much as possible. Pushing yourself any harder will result in shortening life-span on how long you have left after suffering from that last adventure." Omega explained the condition for the cyborg mare, & it's doctors orders on what Fila must do if she wants to remain alive…given for how long.

"Then…how long, can I live?" Fila asked in wondering, how long she has.

"At the best, one to two more years." Omega spoke off in stating the number Fila can live up for.

"I see…so in the end, my selfless act did have consequences I have to pay for?" Fila looked down with a sign on how long she can live, Omega seem just as down, until she patted him. "But don't discourage Omega, perhaps…we'll find an answer…my father believed it to be so." Fila stated in believing that she'll find something that can save her life.

"If you feel so strongly, then I shall also put my trust in your dream father." Omega replied off in also wanting to believe as well.

Fila laughed a bit while Omega helps her to move out so they can join the others. The scene begins to darken now, as much is effecting many after such a battle against GLaDOS & Grimmy of Aperture Science…


After much work of reporting about what happened to Equestria, & with Stark International removing the Vault to not cause any problems or the tech to be used for evil, life seem to move on. But at the edge of Ponyville, Chell was seen with a few things packed in a bag tied to a stick, as the Mane Six, Ben, Nyx, the baby dragons, Pinkamena, & Yugo were there. Apparently Chell was about to leave town, her reasons, werebecause of GLaDOS being out in Equestria, & has to be the one to stop the AI wherever she may setup.

"So, your sure about this?" Nyx asked Chell about this action about heading out.

"Couldn't you stay here, Ponyville's a great place to live & everyone's very kind?" Fluttershy asked that Chell could live here in their nice town.

"Unfortunately guys, Chell has made up her mind, as long as GLaDOS is out there, she could try to do some testing that will either imprison or kill the subjects." Twilight stated to explain what can happen with GLaDOS on the loose, Chell's the only one that can stop that AI.

"Chell's the only one that survived, still…it's gonna be sad seeing you have to go in alone." Starlight stated in hating to see that Chell has to face such dangers all alone.

"Maybe not, I just happen to have a surprise. TADA!" Pinkamena came up to present as she revealed from behind her mane were…TWO CORES!?

"Wait! Aren't them things those Corrupt Cores?" Applejack asked off in recognizing the eyeball Cores made at Aperture Science, one that had a green & the other a violet color eye.

"Where did you get them?" Ben raised an eyebrow in how Pinkamena acquired those two Cores, they thought everything in Aperture Science got blown up.

"Well, after we escaped, I sorta…found these guys laying on the ground, & figured…they helped save us, so…maybe they can provide company for Chell." Pinkamena

"Yeah, sure…like carrying eyeballs will make her trip any less difficult?" Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes in seeing how two mechanical eyeballs can be helpful by rolling & carrying them everywhere.

"Well, I asked if Stark International could give them some work, & it did. Now Rick & Facto can do their functions. Well the latter needed some work in getting facts right, but other then that...they got hover function." Pinkamena smiled in addressing how getting help from Armor Stark's company, turn the Adventure & Fact Sphere into capable Cores to be companions for Chell.

At that time, the two Cores became active to begin hovering on a hover function, much to everyone's surprise. Just as the two hovered near Chell in recall seeing her before in Grimmy's lair.

"Hello there beautiful lady, nice to see you again. Remember me, I'm the guy that risked life & death to help save your pretty little face." The Adventure Sphere now called Rick addressed off in playing it the cool, lady's man of action.

"The capital of Canterlot was built during the mid date of when the first ponies came & started to construct the town known as Ponyville. It holds a record of…" The Fact Sphere now called Facto was stating off facts which were not off or incorrect, & would have continued, but got cut off…

"Oh, before I forget, here's something Az & me wanted to give you." Yugo stated to show a silver rock necklace that glimmered blue sparks from the sunlight. "It's a magic Bless stone, said to bless someone if their heart is true. Mangani said it holds some special miracle if healing magic doesn't work." He stated in wanting Chell to have this special gift.

Chell happily accepted to take the stone, but as she place it around her neck, it lightly glimmered that she felt…something strange.

"Wow, that was weird, don't you think Chell?" Pinkie Pie raised an eyebrow in what just happened.

"Pinkie, for the last time, she can't…" Rainbow Dash was about to make a rhetorically claim that Chell is mute, & can't speak until…

"Can't what?" A voice was heard that did not belong to anyone, as they turn to where it came from, & then… "What?" At that very moment, the stone glimmered where a voice came from…a puzzled Chell?

"YOU CAN SPEAK!" Everyone was surprised in having heard Chell…spoke.

"Wow, guess that Bless Stone must have allowed Chell's words to come out through the stone." Yugo smiled off in seeing that Bless Stone really helped give someone who's heart was true, the ability to communicate.

"Then it's like when Mangani speaks to us with his telepathic mind?" Rarity stated in recalling how another pony does that thing.

"Right, only this time, it's with de aid of dat there stone there." Applejack pointed off in how Chell can do such a thing.

"Well Chell, we're glad you can speak, & we hope you'll remember to stop by from time to time." Fluttershy smiled in wishing their friend to come around whenever she can.

"Thank you, all of you…I may not know what my past life was, but…I'm happy to make new memories, with all of you." Chell spoke through her Bless Stone, smiling to thank everyone for what they done & she is happy to have meant them all.

With some last goodbyes, Chell & her new Core companions left off as everyone waved goodbye. Many smiled in hoping that someday, Chell may drop by from time to time. And as Chell was far away, she check her tied bag that still had…her Portal Gun, knowing that she may need it. With that, everything begins to fad out as one brave hero goes off to face the threat that is…her natural foe; GLaDOS…This is their own story that will be told in the days passing in Equestria Prime…


We spot Pinkamena roaming around outside of Ponyville, until someone appeared from behind her that nearly gave her a fright. As she turn to stand ready, it was actually an ally, an ally known as…Chronicler, a stallion who's keeper of stories, etc.

"Chronicler, boy am I glad you could make it. Did you get my request?" Pinkamena stated in being glad to see who was here.

"I did, & are you certain about this?" Chronicler asked off in being curious about what the pony ask of him.

"I wanna know about Fila's future, you have a story for everyone, right? I know I'm asking a lot, but I gotta know…will she find a way to be saved?" Pinkamena begged on her knees for the guy to show her, what Fila's future will be like & if she will be saved before her time limit is expired.

"I suppose since it's for a friend who you learn is from another world & all she has gone through, I will be considerate. But only to allow you this glimpse in one friend's future." Chronicler stated in allowing this rare favor because of the circumstances.

That's when Chronicler revealed a glowing book, as it opens it's pages to flash before Pinkamena's eyes. The scenery blurs to reveal where Fila was laying on some mechanical table, there were two shadowy blur figures, one like a muscle figure & the other was a big bot-like figure.

"Are you ready miss?" Spoke the larger male bot seen gazing down, acting out like a commander.

"I am, so…what's wrong with me?" Fila asked off in what was wrong with her.

"According to our instruments, your body is half organic & half machine, the only thing is that it can only support your lifespan for so little." The other bot figure spoke as a muscular, but scientific male on the subject here.

"I know, I pushed myself hard that I'll more likely die in a week, I didn't want to burden my friends with this news…not after what has happened now?" Fila looked down in sadness of what is the reality that she will not have much long to live, she pushed herself to fight battles which for everyone that was stressful, shorten her lifespan enough that it all ends up being no more then a week now.

"That last battle certainly did, your steampunk equipment is nearly about to break down." The scientist spoke in stating about what happened to Fila in the last battle. "But perhaps there's a way to save you."

"Save me?" Fila responded in thinking, there's still hope.

"If our commander thinks to use it, then it's possible. We acquired the Alien Core, with it, that might save your life." The scientist stated on what they have, may save Fila's life.

"REALLY!" Fila smiled with joy, then what are they waiting for.

"However, base on what we learn, the device only works on living machines, or machines that go offline." The commander stated about what the device does for only…bots only.

"You were originally a living flesh creature, even with cyborg parts, the drive might only understand you as organic first & machine second. In short, it won't work if it detects even one organic life within you." The scientist stated about Fila's structure case, & how the Alien Core won't save one that is still more organic then machine.

"Then, that's it…my last chance is gone?" Fila looked down in regret, her last chance just got shot down.

"Maybe not. Old friend, isn't there a way the Alien Core drive can save her?" The commander spoke in asking the scientist if there is a way the core drive can save Fila.

"For that to work, there's a risk. We have to cut off her lifeline her cyborg parts provide, it might convince the drive to register her as a machine & transform her entirely with a new life." The scientist stated in what can be done that will fool the device, but first…there's a big gamble to be played.

"You mean…I have to DIE first?" Fila gasped in having heard this, she has to die right now for the device to save her; that's completely out of whack right there.

"The decision is yours to make, no one is forcing you." The commander stated in what can be done, leave the decision for the mare to decide her future.

Fila was in the center stage, would she choose what would be what she feared, dying. But if not, she will die, & that will only make everyone unhappy. Thinking this carefully, the only logical choice was clear, she'll take the BIG gamble by first dying & then coming back online, anew.

"No…if I'm scared of this, then it means I lost. I either become a machine or die as a cyborg. So, my only chance…is to be like you all." Fila spoke up with determination in knowing, she has to go through with this, she wants to live even if she is no longer what she was born as, she'll be reborn anew.

"Very well, Rhinox, prepare to cut off her lifeline. I'll do what I can on my end to ensure, the procedure works." The commander spoke off in addressing the scientist.

"Very well Optimus, preparing for lifeline deactivation…now…" The one called Rhinox responded in having heard the order, & shall begin by typing in the procedure code for the system.

"FILA!" Suddenly coming in while the system was connected to Fila, it was Pinkamena. "You Can't Die…think about what your doing!" Apparently Pinkamena was nearby & overheard the conversation, & was objecting to this.

"Pinkamena, it's alright…if this works…I'll be able to be with my friends, & Omega…for as long as I….li..ivv..vee…" Fila was trying to finish that last sentence, but sparks happened from her body as her system was slowly…shutting down.

At this moment, Fila's eyes shut down, her body went limb, as she was now…no longer alive anymore. During the moment, a blur motion makes Fila enter what appears to be the same beach as before, the place where her father's old AI memory was left for her.

"I'm back…& this time…I feel truly like…I've passed on?" Fila signed in knowing that her return, means she's truly dead now.

"I wouldn't say that much?" Then popping behind Fila was to her surprise, Pinkie Pie, except…she looked really, really old; like Granny Smith old.

"Pinkie Pie…why are you here? You aren't dead? And…your so old?" Fila asked off in not understanding why there's her friend here who looks old, but shouldn't be dead.

"Oh, you can call me Elder Pinkie Pie, I'm actually the split portion of your friend, Pinkamena." The different pink pony introduced herself of who she was.

"Okay….so, why are you here?" Fila slowly raised an eyebrow to ask the next question.

"Well, I figure you like some company, this place is about connected to where us dead spirits like to watch the peaceful waves on a beach shore." Elder Pinkie Pie shrug off to mention a bit of this about what this palce is like.

"I…see…" Fila replied in finding this so, unusual.

"But you shouldn't be afraid of change, sometimes…change is good." Elder Pinkie Pie stated this off for the mare.

"What do you mean?" Fila asked in not following this.

"Your fearing that if you don't have your steampunk tech, then you're no longer who you were. That's actually the opposite. Your 'you' no matter what you are, both inside & out." Elder Pinkie Pie explained a bit of this info for the mare to understand.

"Wow, that's…actually helpful advice." Fila stated in being surprised how an older Pinkie Pie could give such old helpful wisdom.

"Yeah, when you get older, you do get a little wiser…or a little crazier or goofier, anyway…looks like your about to return, cause your disappearing." Elder Pinkie Pie shrug off to say before noticing that Fila's appearance was vanishing in the dusty wind; looks like she's about to leave back for the living world.

"Wha…what does that mean?" Fila asked in being worried now.

"It means your gonna be reborn, don't worry, just remember to be you. And tell Pinkamena I said hi…" Elder Pinkie Pie stated this off about the mare undergoing a change, & was saying her goodbyes now.

At that time as the scene blurs out, we suddenly find Fila's body being blasted by voltage by the Alien Core & a blue energy flow from a giant metal hand. It was slowly reshaping the mare's body as much of her features shifted & what was old metal was change with new metallic & mix organic fur skin. Suddenly, the process was over, as Fila began to open her eyes as everyone saw…what she's become…

"Fila…is that you?" Pinkamena asked from nearby, pondering if her friend was now alright.

"I…think so, it's me, but…different? But, not bad different, but…good different?" Fila stated in getting some feeling about herself, she's different, but it's not as bad as she believed.

"So then, how are you feeling?" Pinkamena asked in how her friend felt.

"In a familiar quote sentence…Prime…" Fila smiled in feeling better then before. "Just call me…Fila II…"

The scenery began to fad, as much swirling stuff & flashing lights happened. Suddenly, we return to the present in where Chronicler shuts the book, as Pinkamena began to snap her eyes from having witnessed…an unforeseen future to happen.

"Woah, so that's what's gonna happen?" Pinkamena asked off in what she saw.

"Given time, for now…just act normal, & let things play out as they should. It's the only way, such a future may come to pass." Chronicler gave a piece of advice for the pink pony to keep in mind.

"You got it Chronicler. And thanks." Pinkamena replied off to say this.

"Goodbye, my friend." Chronicler responded to that with a farewell motion; as he mysteriously vanished by magic…returning to where he came from.

"Wow, I guess in the end, Fila will get to have a good life, & it'll be even better. It's like she's Transformed! Okay, remember girl, act natural. But be happy & positive, cause things are looking good now." Pinkamena replied off to say this with a happy-go-getter attitude in knowing all will be well for her friend.

Now Pinkamena gets ready to head back to her home, knowing that what she feared for, will be alright. As the scene begins to end, in the night sky within space, we see two shooting stars; one of them is yelling out 'SPAAAAACE!' in a cheery tone. And so things have reach an end, yet also a beginning, everything's been quite a puzzle. But the real puzzle to be solve, is what adventures await for everyone in the future, that remains…to be continued…



Cathy Weseluck: Spike the Dragon

Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle

Ashleigh Ball: Applejack, Rainbow Dash

Andrea Libman: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Elder Pinkie Pie

Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity,

Kelly Sheridan: Starlight Glimmer

Jason Marsden: Ben Mare

Chris Sanders: Phobos The Moon Dragon

Daveigh Chase: Nyx


Andrea Libman: Pinkamena Diane Pie

Vic Mignogna: Omega

Caitlin Glass: Fila

Peter New: Doctor Horse

Ashleigh Ball: Nurse Redheart

Jules de Jongh: Yugo

Emma Watson: Flare Tiger

*Special Guest:

Dave B. Mitchell: Hector Steampunk

Also additional voices…

Aperture Science Cast:

Ellen McLain: GLaDOS, Standard Turrets

Nolan North: Defective Turrets, Space Core Sphere, Adventure Core Sphere, AKA Rick, Fact Core Sphere, AKA Facto

Stephen Merchant: Grimmy (AKA the different version of Wheatley)

Dee Bradley Baker: Atlas & P-body

& lastly…

Julie Maddalena Kliewer: Chell (by the Bless Stone)

NOTES: The unique trait of where endings from Portal & Portal 2 make a reference. Which is both the cake & companion cube.

GLaDOS opening quote is a reference from Starscream when he spoke with Bumblebee's team in Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2015) TV Series in Season 3.

Hector Steampunk is a base figure similar to one from Monster High series called Hexiciah Steam.

A shadow glimpse of what occurs here will aid in revealing how Fila became Fila II in my story: 'MLP: Beast Wars'.

At last, the story is done, hope many of you enjoyed it. This is another completed work I had with a good theme of a CROSSOVER GAME theme that really has some good stuff to imagine. But for now, many can enjoy the entertainment of a Pony/Portal story & can look up the OC pony features on my devinatart profile site. Until then, enjoy yourselves…