As the Gump flew off, the Doctor said, "Alright, Rose, we don't know where we are, and we only know two people here. That Lion obviously will be no help getting us back to the TARDIS. So, that leaves you, Miss Detective. How about we help you with your Lion issue, and you help us find our TARDIS, so I can get Rose home?"

"It's Petra. And you don't leave me much choice, do you?"

I slumped back in my seat and sulked the whole rest of the ride.

1900 Plumly Street. Home at last.

Stupid Lion… That's the fifth time he's nearly killed me!I thought as I walked through my door, followed by my two "guests."

And it made me wonder… Was I actually onto something big?

I'll get him one day… Aw, who am I kidding? Do the bad guys get punished these days?

Apparently, I'd asked that out loud. Rose replied, "Sure they do! Don't they?"

"Sometimes the good guys get punished, too…" the Doctor said. His voice drifted off as he wandered towards the window that took up a big portion of one of my walls.

I even lost my journal chasing the Lion around the City. He probably ate that, too. How can I be a proper detective without a journal?

And then I realized I had a spare locked away in my filing cabinet. I got the key from my desk, and then used it on the cabinet.

I turned to look out the window and shouted, "You hear that, Emerald City? I'm packing a new notebook, and I'm not afraid to use it!" The Doctor and Rose started to giggle.

Oh, who was I kidding? They were right to laugh. What was I going to use my journal for? Slapping people over the head?

Someone started pounding on the door.

"Lion, if that's you, I suggest you beat it!" I called, even though I actually kinda doubted it was him.

"I beg your pardon?" a lady asked, appalled.

"Never mind. I'll be right there." I rushed over to answer the door. Rose looked over at the Doctor as if to ask who it was. He shrugged like he had no clue.

A woman in her late forties, maybe early fifties, with blond hair and a blue dress marched in confidently. She seemed strangely familiar…

"Thank you," this lady said. "You're Petra?"

Duh. "That's what it says on the door. What can I do for you, Miss…?"

"Dee. You can call me Dee."

"Alright… Dee… What brings you downtown?"

"I'm looking for someone. His name's Anzel Baum, my fiancée. But if you already have a case…" She glanced at Rose and the Doctor.

"Oh, no. They're… just visiting," I lied. "So… Anzel, huh?" The name sounded familiar. From a past case, maybe? "And how long has he been missing?" I continued.

"I haven't seen him for several months. He likes to… travel." Yeah. Sure, lady. He travels.

"Go on…"

"Well, he got back two nights ago, but I haven't seen him. Nobody has seen him. He just… vanished."

"So, who told you he's back?" This was looking bad for her already.

"Nobody. I have a magic device that keeps tabs on him."

Yep. Very bad for her. "A magic device? Those are illegal!"

"I have a magic license. I'm not breaking any laws."

I was still suspicious. "What did this magic device say?"

"He was visiting the Gillikin Country, before entering the City. Aside from that, nothing. I have to know what happened to him! Can you help me?"

A missing fiancée? That sounds like a case of cold feet to me!

Still, a case is a case. Next month's rent was almost due, and I sure needed the Emeralds. And since I highly doubted the Doctor and Rose even had an Emerald each…

Dee seemed to sense that. "I'll give you an advance of two hundred Emeralds, and five hundred more when you find him."

Seven hundred Emeralds? Scratch the next month's rent! That would cover me 'til the summer! "Looks like you've got yourself a detective, Dee!"

"I knew you were the right woman for the job. Here's a picture of him." She handed one over.

Anzel was a sleazy-looking man about Dee's age with brown hair and a thin mustache. I passed his portrait over to the Doctor and Rose.

"How can I contact you if I find anything?"

"Oh, I'll contact you. I'll be watching. If I need to speak to you, you'll hear from me." She marched out the way she came, leaving a sack of money on my desk as she passed it.

Great. I not only had a client, but a guardian angel, too. What's her angle?

The warning signs whirled around me like a tornado, but the money was too good to pass up.

And then it hit me.

Wait a minute… Tornado?

"Just one more question, Miss Gale."

She paused at the door and turned. "Yes?"

"Aha!" I nearly shouted.

"Oh, very clever. You may solve this after all."

I showed her out.

I knew it. Dorothy Gale. The bright-eyed little girl who blew into Oz over forty years ago. What was she doing in my office? Wasn't she an honorary princess? Why did she need my help, when she could just ask Queen Ozma to wave her magic wand?

Still, I couldn't argue with a princess, and I certainly couldn't argue with seven hundred Emeralds.

"So, Dorothy Gale?" the Doctor asked.

"She's real?" asked Rose.

"Of course she is," I responded. "You met the formerly-Cowardly Lion earlier, didn't you? Anyway, you might as well tag along."

"Wait, isn't she supposed to be a little kid?" Rose asked.

"Well, it has been four decades," I told her.

Anzel was in Gillikin Country, which meant he came through the North Gate. That's where I started.

Before my visitors and I left, I went to my desk and picked up the sack of money. My hand brushed across a twenty-year-old photo of a blond five-year-old boy. I sighed and quickly turned away.