And then there was this freaky horseman, if you can even call it a man…

Merry and I quit fooling around.

The freaky cloaked rider jumped off his/its horse and came over to the tree. It grabbed one of the tree roots above us and started sniffing around.

It had this really strange black armor on, in addition to the cloak. Its hand looked kinda like a claw.

All of these bugs came out of nowhere.

Then Frodo started acting really freaky and messing with something. I couldn't really see with what. Maybe I didn't want to see. He stopped almost as soon as he started.

Merry threw some of the vegetables from Farmer Maggot's off into the distance. The freaky horse rider chased after the food. Then we ran away.

After a little while, we stopped.

"What was that?" Merry asked Frodo.

Frodo didn't reply.